Hey, this is my first GALLAGHER GIRLS fan fiction. I have one Twilgiht one. But imma be writing another gallagher one. But this is just about strip truth or dare. There are no parents. They are spies but they don't talk about it. They are in a beach house, Macey's naturally.


Cammie's POV!

I was sitting on Zach's lap. Liz on Jonas's. Macey on Nick's. Bex on Grant's. While Zach, Jonas, Nick, and Grant were on bean bags.

"Let's play truth or dare!" I say, it was getting way to boring and silent.

"YES! But let's play STRIP truth or dare!" Macey says. We all agree.

"Someone ask me." I say, feeling confident that i will be able to do this.

"Ohkay! Truth or dare?" Nick says. His dares are pretty good/bad. But i would be safe with a truth..

"Dare." Everyone's heads turn to me. "Don't be so surprised people. I like to be adventurous too!"

"Hmmm.. I dare you to.. Full-blown make out with Grant in front of Zach." My eyes widen and I start to shake. "And Zach, you can't do anything about it." He frowns. I look at what I'm wearing. Short-shorts, 1 tank top, and my hair was up in a bun (and of course bra and underwear.)

"Cam, you can do it. But I'm not gonna be the happiest person ever." Zach whispered in my ear. I shake my head. "I can't kiss anyone besides you Zach! I LOVE YOU!"

"I love you too, Cam." He smiles. (YES, YOU SAW THAT RIGHT! Not his annoying-sexy-stupid-hot smirk he always wears. An actual smile.)

"Does hair ties count?" I ask Bex.

"Yes." She answers quickly. I take out my hair and throw the hair tie in the middle of our circle. Bex and Zach looked relieved. I turned and kissed Zach full on the lips, we stayed like that for at least 2 minutes and 21 seconds before Grant cleared his throat. We pulled apart and he smiled.

"Ohkay, Jonas. Truth or dare." His head snapped at me. He didn't seem too happy.

"D-dare." It was half surprising/half not. Bex, Zach, and Liz looked at him like he just made the worst mistake. Macey and Grant were both excited to see what i was gonna say because they had huge smiles on their faces.

"I dare you to go down stairs and get whip cream and put it on your stomach and let Mace lick it off. And then you put it on her chest, where the v-neck stops and lick it off." I feel bad, the v-neck was pretty low. But i said it, and now he has to do it.

"Uh, uh. I'll do it." Not very sure there are we, Jonas? He got up, walked down stairs got the whip cream and came up. It took him 1 minutes 19 seconds. By the time he got back, me and Zach were making out. Nick and Macey were making out. Grant and Bex were making out. And Liz was awkwardly sitting there. Jonas cleared his throat and Macey sighed.

"Ohkay let's get this over with." Mace said. Jonas put the whip cream on his stomach. Macey was really slowly leaning down and once she got there she quickly licked it all of and ran to Nick.

"No, no, no! You have to let him lick it off of you now!" I pretty much sang. Macey and Jonas sighed. Jonas put it right where the v-neck ended. He leaned down and quickly licked it off. Macey screamed and ran and sat in Nick's lap. Liz jumped up and ran to hug Jonas really tight. This is really going to be the best night! Once all the guys were sitting in the bean bags and their girlfriends were on their laps. Jonas looked straight at Zach.

"Zach. Truth or dare?" Psst, we already knew that answer.

"Dare. I'm not afraid of you Jonas!" Jonas laughed. Uh oh. This is not good. Jonas just sat there thinking.

"I dare you to go get a strawberry put in on Bex's tongue and you have to eat it off." I suddenly frowned and got really sad. I knew Zach would do it. He doesn't give down a dare. I looked up at him and he had a surprised face. I got off his lap and pulled him up.

"What are you doing?" He asked, confused.

"Oh come on. Your Zach Goode. I know you won't give up this dare so i was just giving you a head start." I said looking down at the floor and no where else. Zach apparently sat down, because he pulled me out to his lap.

"I'm not doing that dare. You're my girlfriend. I ain't going to do it to her. Only you babe." I gave a small sad smile. And i guess he could tell i was still sad about it. Because he pulled off his shirt put in the middle, lifted my chin and kissed me. I kissed him back (of course, i can't stay mad at him for long.) When i pull away, i put my head on his chest and his arms were around my waist.

"Grant, truth or dare?"

"Dude, do you really need to ask?" It's true, you really don't need to ask. We all know he would pick dare.

"Ohkay, i dare you to kiss Macey on the lips. For a minute." What is with teen's dares being all about kissing. Grant never ever gives up dares, so i kinda feel bad for Bex. But she's Bex, she'll understand.

"Uh, Bex babe. I don't give up dares." He says in a I'm-sorry-I-love-you-and-you-know-i-hate-her-I-have-to tone.

"I trust you." Bex says and gets up and kisses him softly on the lips and sits on the bean bag chair. Grant gets up and walks over to Macey. He grabs her hand and pulls her up. He leans in and she just sits there, surprised. But then she leans in and then they kiss.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0. And they pull apart. Grant goes back and sits in the bean bag chair and pulls Bex on his lap and they make out. Same as Nick and Macey.

"Liz, truth or dare?" She looks up. She looks kinda relieved that someone actually remembers her. So i get up and move over to hug her.

"I love you Lizzie. We remembered you." I whispered in her ear and she smiles and hugs back.

"Thanks. I love you too." She whispers back. I go and sit down in Zach's lap. He smirks. Surprise, surprise.

"Truth." We all knew she would pick that.

"Have you and Jonas did the deed yet?" Grant smiles. Liz AND Jonas blush.

"N-no." She shakes her head. Jonas looks down.

"Hey, I think that's sweet guys. No need to be all sad." I say in just above a whisper. Everyone looks at me. Jonas smiles and gets up and hugs me. I hug him back. "I keep getting or giving hugs today." Everyone laughs.

"Soooo.. Macey, truth or dare?"

"Truth.. but only because we haven't done those much." Total lie. I wonder if she's scared.

"Who was your first crush? And who did you lose your virginity to?" Liz asked, excited to hear the answers. Macey looked down and blushed.

"My first crush was in kindergarden, his name was Nathan Serapiglia. And then i lost my virginity to him 8 years later." She states, like it's totally okay to just go around telling people this.

"Ohkay, Bex, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Not much of a surprise there.

"I dare you to break up with grant. For a whole month. And you have to go out with Jason Kilo during that month." Bex looked like she was about to die. Grant looked like he wanted to kill Macey.

"OH HELL TO THE NO!" She took of her shirt. So now she only had a tank top and bra on..

"Niiiiickk. Truth or dare?" Bex asked. She gives some of the worst and i mean worst dares out there. Worst meaning evil genius.

"Dare. Rebecca I am so not afraid of you." Ohh shiiiittt. He did not just say that?


"Babe, calm down." Grant kissed her. And she relaxes at his touch. Thank god. She pulls away and has an evil smile on her face. Uh oh. She looks to Nick then to me. Oh no! PLEASE NO!

"5 minutes in heaven. With Cammie." I freeze. Zach tenses. Nick looks like that dare is a total nothing.

"Nick, take off your shirt and put it in the pile. I'm not doing this." I say calmly. I tighten my grip around Zach's neck.

What's gonna happen? Will Nick do what Bex said? Will he make her? What will Zach do? STAY TUNED!(: