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Chapter One

It was a cool and crisp day of autumn. The sun was closer to the horizon, it basked the city in orange and red hues. It seemed like the perfect afternoon to go for a stroll in the park and walk through the foliage of fallen leaves, or maybe even go to an early dinner in a cosy restaurant. It would have been a perfect day not to go to waste.

However a certain ash-blonde girl failed to notice this day as she was too busy carrying numerous cardboard boxes that held her dearest possessions, as she ventured up the apartment complex stairs to reach her apartment. Maka grunted in determination as she cleared the last few steps heading towards the open door to her new apartment, her arms twitched in anticipation of letting the extremely heavy box drop to the floor at any given moment.

As soon as she took a couple of paces inside her new adobe she was in the living room, with her last ounce of willpower she placed the books gently next to the other varied cardboard boxes that they had placed in the corner so they were out of the way. A whole day's work of moving and lifting half a house worth of items to her new abode. She was glad that she had assistance so the boxes, but god help them if they tripped over and damaged something…


As if on cue…

Maka whipped her head towards the open door at lightning speed, her two pigtails giving her slight whiplash as she stalked outside towards the stairs, narrowed green eyes in apprehension. She heard a few muttered curses she waited a few moments before the other person appeared, she crossed her arms and scowled.

"That thud back there had better not have been a box dropping and damaging something Black Star, don't make me get one of my books!" The girl warned, staring down at her childhood friend. The male teenager scoffed as he rolled his ebony eyes at her, used to her threats.

"The great me did not damage anything Maka! If you must know I fell up the stairs but your box is safe and sound." He stated while he walked up the last few steps and past her, she trailed behind him as they both re-entered her apartment. She glanced at the box in his hands and assessed it for any visible signs of damage to warrant her to Maka-Chop him into next century.

'He's safe for now.' She thought to herself in relief.

Black Star placed the box down with a slight grunt before he stood up and stretched, once he heard a satisfying crack he turned towards her.

"So Maka is this all your crap? The godly me needs his rest too ya know?" Black Star complained as he rubbed his hands through his electric blue hair. She sent him a glare.

"It's not 'crap' and yeah, that was the last box thank god. Now all I have to do is start unpacking." Maka walked towards the boxes and picked up one of the smaller boxes as she headed to the built in bookcase that was beside the fireplace in her living room. Setting it down on the floor she opened up the tabs to reveal a box full of books. She grinned down in sudden excitement, as if reunited with long lost friends. She grabbed a handful of books and began to place them on the shelf. Black Star scoffed in the background at his nerdy best friend and her strange obsessive love for literature.

"Figures the first thing you unpack are books, not like you need to unpack clothes or kitchen stuff…" He trailed off when she pinned him with another glare. Black Star slinked back over to the boxes to help her unpack.

It was an unwise move to make fun of Maka, especially if there was a book in her hands. Her unpacking a box full of them and he was asking for a death wish.

Maka quickly finished unpacking the first box and retrieved another, content with Black Star being quiet and working diligently. For once. In the silence she revels in the feel of finally moving out, away from her disgusting pig that is her father. Her father, Spirit, worked in a high rise in the middle of the city, a fairly large corporation called Grigori. Maka recalls there once was a time a few months ago that she thought that he had finally stop his lecherous, womanizing ways and finally start working and living modestly. That was until she came home one night to hear that he had mixed work and personal life together, by seeing his secretary. That was the last straw for Maka. After one of her biggest Maka-Chop's to his cranium on record, she yelled that she was moving and she wanted nothing more to do with him. Spirit cried and begged for his 'Little Angel' to not leave him, to not have anything to do with him like her mother had done all those years ago. Maka ignored his pleas that an eighteen year old girl living by herself was dangerous if she moved to a different city. He even went to drastic measures and compromised that if she at least stays within the city he would pay her rent and other expenses.

Maka grimaced to herself, now slightly ashamed that she agreed to that proposition, begrudgingly of course.

'Though, if I was doing this all by myself I would be strapped for cash. Especially since I'm starting college in a week.' A smile crept onto her face as she was extremely happy at the thought of new life in college. She chose this apartment because it was the most affordable and that it was only a twenty minute walk from her college, so no money needed to be wasted on buses or cars, as she did not have her own transport. It was a decent apartment for the price as well. The apartment was moderately sized with two bedrooms, one of which she will use for her study, and the living room had built in bookcases and a small fireplace.

'I wonder if it will be cold come winter time.' She was interrupted from her thoughts when she saw a tan and muscled arm waving in front of her eyes. She blinked a few times before her eyes shifted from the appendage to Black Star's face. Maka raised an eyebrow in question.

"While you were off in your own little world the great me unpacked thirteen boxes! All your books are unpacked and I tossed your clothes and bed stuff in the first bedroom. However it's getting late and this god needs food and sleep! And no offense…but your living room now looks like a boring library! Catchya Laters Maka-Baka!" He grinned and motioned a two finger salute to her before dashing out of the apartment, shutting the door behind him. She frowned at his nickname but could still hear his laugh echo in the outside hallway.

Maka dismissed the temptation to chase after him with promises of harm. Instead she slowly rose up from her spot on the floor to stretch, her arms and back feeling extremely stiff until she hears a satisfying crack; it felt like they had been unpacking for hours. She glanced at her phone to reaffirm that yes, it was now 8.46pm. Surveying the room she was quite pleased that the living room was fully unpacked, neat and tidy. Black Star's words came back to her, and after a very long moment she hated to admit it…but he was actually right. Huffing at the notion that she was boring Maka thought over ways to fix that perception. Well there was no way in hell she would ever get rid of her beloved books.

Glancing towards the fireplace she noticed the empty shelf above it and she frowned slightly. Her hand glided over the polished wood of the shelf in contemplation.

'My house will not be compared to a 'boring library!' Libraries are not boring! I'll show Black Star I can have something other than books. But what should I put here? It's the only place in this room to put something up. An ornament of some sort? Something not dull…the exact opposite of dull…sharp….'She gasped as the idea clicked into her mind.

'I'll buy an ornamental weapon!'

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