Title: In Reverse

Genre: Romance/Friendship

Rating: T

Pairings: Arceus and Giratina, Cresselia and Darkrai

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon



A hand slammed down on the open page of the sketchbook, the owner of the hand glowered at the student before him, his face fuming with anger.

She looked up at him casually. "Yes Mr Voltorb?" She spoke in a cool voice which only infuriated him even more.

"Miss Giratina," Mr Voltorb tried to regain his composure before he continued to speak knowing that he could not allow his temper to get the better of him. "This is English Literature NOT Art Class, I believe we have already discussed that you are not allowed to draw during my lessons." He gave her a meaningful look however her face still remained blank of any emotion.

"Yes, we have discussed that matter before, quiet frequently actually. I don't know why you continue to bring it up." Giratina remarked staring at him with expressionless eyes.

Mr Voltorb's face flushed with fury. "Because you seem to be unable to comprehend that you are meant to be focusing on my lesson NOT your silly sketches." His voice was forced and Giratina could tell he was desperately trying to keep his anger under control.

She smirked inwardly, it was too easy. Mr Voltorb was Giratina's favourite teacher to annoy just because it took so little effort. The man already had a bad temper, all it took was a little taunting from her and he would explode much to her amusement. The trick was to keep your face void of any emotion and never show fear. She achieved this effortlessly although the same could not be said for her classmates. They trembled in their seats at the sound of Mr Voltorb's roaring voice, eyes wide with fear and, although they would never admit it, admiration for her as she boldly pushed the boundaries further than they ever dared.

"But Mr Voltorb, I was listening to what you were saying." Giratina insisted with an innocent look in her eyes. "You were telling us about Shakespeare's play Hamlet."

Mr Voltorb was momentarily shocked into silence; he hadn't expected her to actually be listening. He stumbled to think of what to say next. "Nonsense girl, you couldn't possibly have paid attention to what I was saying and focused on your drawings."

"I'm a woman," Giratina stated as if it explained everything, "I can multitask."

"Yes, well…never mind that, you should also be recording what I say so that you can use it in future life." He instructed, now clutching at straws. Giratina was winning and she knew it, he could not allow her victory…again.

Giratina gave him a bored look. "I don't see why it's so important that I learn about Shakespeare, he's just a dead old man who wrote a load of dribble that is nearly impossible to make any sense of."

"Well maybe you could if you listened." Mr Voltorb suggested, glad to have finally thought of a good come back.

However Giratina continued speaking as if she had not heard him. "The only good thing reading Hamlet has taught me is '2B or not 2B that is the question.'" She smiled in amusement waving a 2B pencil around that she had used to sketch her picture. "No seriously which pencil should I use?" There was a mild titter from a few of her classmates but they were silenced by Mr Voltorb's livid glare.

"That's it!" He yelled furiously. The whole room fell silent, not a sound could be heard. Mr Voltorb's enraged eyes met Giratina's unwavering stare and he scowled at her. Quick as a flash he roughly grabbed her sketchbook off the desk much to everybody's surprise, and he watched with satisfaction as her cool demeanour crumbled into shock and alarm. "I have had enough of your smart remarks and your obsessive need to draw in my lessons." He flipped through the sketchbook, barely glancing at any of the pictures. "If you ask me you're just wasting your time, you have no talent for art whatsoever." He commented cruelly, ignoring the murderous glare Giratina was giving him. He carelessly tossed the sketchbook into a box on his desk labelled 'Shredder' then turned back to face the class.

"Sir, that was uncalled-for, you are a teacher and you are supposed to be encouraging you're young students not insulting their ambitions." Giratina spoke confidently, a spark of determination appearing in her eyes. This was such an out of character side to her usual playfully mocking manner that many of the spectators were taken aback in surprise.

Mr Voltorb smirked tauntingly, so pleased that he had managed to turn the tables that he didn't care how he acted. "I am encouraging you to get out of my classroom." He pointed to the door, his eyes becoming very cold. "Leave." His tone showed no emotion other than demand and Giratina felt she had to oblige.

She stood up, wearing a nonchalant expression; she strolled to the door with her head held high, determined to prove that she had not been defeated and keep as much dignity as she possibly could.

"Perhaps," Mr Voltorb began smugly believing that he had won, "This will teach you that you must respect others instead of scorning them like you do."

Giratina spun back round on her heel to face him so that everyone could see the look of fortitude she wore and the burning fire in her eyes. For a moment she just stared at Mr Voltorb, seeing a flicker of fear pass over his expression at her powerful stance. Her peers watched with baited breath, waiting to see what would happen next.

She opened her mouth to speak, everyone subconsciously leaned forward to hear what she had to say, and then…she began to quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

"Do not, as some ungracious pastors do,

Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven,

Whiles, like a puffed and reckless libertine,

Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads,

And recks not his own rede."

The class stared at her in awe; even Mr Voltorb's mouth had gone slack. She observed them for a moment, taking in their astonished expressions; then she smiled triumphantly and walked out of the room. She had won, but at the cost of her sketchbook.

Once she was out the room and the door had slammed behind her, she bolted to the Girls' Bathrooms where she collapsed in one of the cubicles, and continued to cry her heart out for the remainder of the hour. Despite the charade she had put on in front of the class Mr Voltorb's comments on her artwork had cut her deep and her strong façade had been shattered.


Giratina subconsciously swirled her fork around in the pile of mush before her as she found herself drifting through a daydream. The thunderous shrills of voices filling the cafeteria faded into serene silence as she wandered into another world all to herself.

She floated through a sky filled with broken shards of crystals. The scenery created mirror images of itself in vertical symmetry so that the tops of trees merged into the tops of trees before they disappeared from existence. The normal laws of physics had no effect in this world so that gravity became stronger and weaker as she pleased and time could not control the lifespan of all that was present. This was the only place where she felt she belonged, somewhere completely opposite to the real world where she was nothing but an outcast; here she was in her element. This was her world and her world alone.

Her dream was broken by the sound of someone sitting down next to her. She blinked rapidly as her hazy vision became clear once again, the last of her fantasy world slipped away as she plummeted back into reality.

The first thing she saw was a beautifully drawn sketch of the world she had just been imagining. She reached for it in surprise and picked it up. It was her sketchbook! She wondered how it could have possibly gotten there when she remembered the person sitting next to her and turned to face them.

She had been expecting it to be one of her brothers so she was shocked when she found herself looking into eyes that weren't scarlet red like her own but a lovely pair of chartreuse green that were filled with life.

"Hi." Arceus greeted, in a simple manner.

Giratina continued to stare at him with wide eyes. The initial shock of the most popular and godlike person in the entire school, not to mention the whole universe, sitting next to her still hadn't worn off yet.

Arceus took her silence as a means to continue. "So, I don't know if you've noticed but I'm in your English Literature Class," Oh, she had noticed, the girls in the class wouldn't stop squealing about it. "You probably haven't seen me since I sit at the back of the room whilst you sit at the front." He paused momentarily waiting for a response, when he received none he continued. "Anyway I was watching your...dispute with Mr Voltorb," Who wasn't? "And as surprising as this may sound I was actually impressed by how you responded."

Giratina was barely paying attention to what he said. Although she had finally managed to get over the shock that someone as popular as him was sitting with her, she was now beginning to wonder why someone as popular as him was sitting with her. It appeared that a lot of other people were wondering the same thing as they were attracting a great deal of questioning stares from their fellow peers, even a few glares from some of the girls. Wait! Did he say impressed?

Giratina focused her full attention back on him. "Impressed? You were impressed? You, the perfect pupil, the teacher's pet," She began to list names, "the apple of everyone's eye, the golden boy, the goody-two-shoes, the-"

"I get it." Arceus remarked with a tone that clearly said he was not amused.

"The truth must be spoken." She quipped. Arceus gave her a look and she sensed that he was about to become very unimpressed. "So," She began changing the subject and putting on an innocently sweet smile, "You were saying how impressed you were by me."

"You're very full of yourself." Arceus stated his eyes becoming harsher.

Giratina continued to smile despite it being forced. "Well with men like Mr Voltorb you have to be."

Arceus understood what she meant but he didn't like the idea of backing down to her. "Maybe if you didn't taunt him like you did he wouldn't have been so rude back."

"Would you rather I crumbled in fear." She shot back and Arceus noticed the fire had returned to her eyes. He found it strangely bewitching and felt the need to keep it burning.

"Why do you need to act so tough all the time?" Arceus retorted finding a strange excitement in the way the flames illuminated her scarlet eyes.

Giratina felt herself flare with anger. "Do you think I would still be alive after the amount of hits I've taken if I didn't have such a hard-shell?" As soon as the words left her mouth she froze, realising what she said. The flames in her eyes diminished and Arceus suddenly felt very cold. Her face hardened and she looked at him inquisitively. "Look I'm not going to start discussing my feelings with someone who I barely know and I doubt you came to hear about them, so why is someone as popular as you sitting with a social reject like me?"

The way she spoke about herself made it sound like she was being self-pitying but she honestly wasn't. The truth was she knew she didn't fit in and she accepted it, she didn't really want to be part of the in-crowd anyway. It was possible that she maybe wished she had a few friends to confide in, or that her brothers would stop being so ashamed of her, but she didn't waste time on feeling sorry for herself, life was too short for her to spend it hurting about the way it had turned out.

"Well," Arceus began, "I came to return this." He gestured to the sketchbook which she was clutching tightly to her chest as if afraid it would suddenly be snatched away from her again. "Every time I see you you're doodling in your sketchbook so I thought it would be a shame for Mr Voltorb to shred something you spend so much time on." She stared at him feeling taken aback that not only had he noticed her existence but he actually cared enough to not let her hard work be destroyed. "I might have liberated it from the shredding pile when I walked past his desk, I was going to return it to you outside the classroom but you weren't there. When I didn't find you straightaway I guess you could say curiosity got the better of me and I had a look inside," He smiled at her warmly, "I'm glad that I did save your work from the shredder. Anything as beautiful as your artwork doesn't deserve to be destroyed." Giratina's eyes widened with disbelief but shimmered with gratitude. Seeing this Arceus continued. "Mr Voltorb doesn't know what he's talking about, I've never seen someone with more talent for art than you."

Giratina's eyes brightened and she smiled sincerely. "Thank you." She spoke softly, hugging her sketchbook to her chest, so happy to have it back.

Arceus felt warmth spread through him at the sight of her smiling face but before he could return her smile a thought struck him and he frowned. "I'm sorry if you get into trouble for this, Voltorb will probably think it was you who took it…even if he doesn't have any proof."

"It's okay." Giratina reassured, confidence flooding back into her voice. "I've been in trouble for things much worse than stealing back a sketchbook and I can deal with Voltorb." She winked at him and Arceus felt his cheeks heat up. "So don't worry about me I'll be fine. Besides," She smiled, her eyes softening, "You saved my most important possession from certain doom, you don't owe me anything and I can't thank you enough."

Arceus's mouth was working faster than his mind, "How about you go on a date with me tomorrow then." He suggested before he could comprehend what he was saying.

There was a shocked silence as his words hit them both. Arceus's cheeks reddened with embarrassment whilst Giratina just stared at him with widened eyes her mouth slightly agape. She was so surprised by his sudden proposition that she would have dropped her sketchbook if she hadn't been clutching it so tight.

"You…want to go on a DATE…with…me?" Giratina asked uncertainly.

Arceus pushed aside his embarrassment and nodded, trying to appear more confident than he felt, "Sure, tomorrow is Saturday, why not?"

"And this definitely isn't a joke, right?" Giratina enquired, watching him with suspicious eyes.

"No, definitely not," He protested. He sighed and ran his fingers through his white hair which was decorated with a large grey streak at the roots. "Look I know this is sudden but you seem like a really interesting person and I'd like to get to know you more, so Saturday?" The cool, casual and confident conduct that he was known for had returned. He then added playfully, "It's the least you could do after I rescued your sketchbook from the evil clutches of Mr Voltorb and his shredder."

Giratina pressed a hand to her forehead and sighed dramatically, "My hero." She then smiled at him sarcastically.

He grinned back. "Is that a yes?"

Giratina gazed around the cafeteria, taking in all the curious and shocked faces that watched them, none were quite as shocked as the looks that her brothers wore. Dialga and Palkia watched with open mouths and wide eyes as their socially challenged sister playfully bantered with the school's alpha male. Giratina caught their gaze and her grin widened, although she knew they couldn't actually hear what was being said it was still very satisfying to know that just by talking to Arceus she had gotten such a good reaction out of them.

She turned and smiled back at Arceus. "What time?"


Giratina strolled through the streets, her hips swished as she moved. She was attracting many stares from the male onlookers as she passed them by. Although she may be an outcast at her school that didn't mean she wasn't attractive, there had been a time when many boys had approached her in an attempt to flirt with her only to be given the cold shoulder or frightened away by her bad temper. Eventually word got around and the boys had learnt not to mess with the dark beauty; however that didn't mean they didn't ogle her on a daily bases, they all agreed that Giratina was a stunning woman with adult looks and a mature hourglass figure but her personality was just too fierce for her to be tamed by any man. Yet here she was, heading to a place where she would meet her date for the afternoon, it appeared the taming of the shrew had begun.

She clutched her black leather jacket closer to her and twirled a strand of her waist-length wavy ebony hair which faded into blood red at the tips. Underneath her jacket she wore a black corset-top laced with crimson ribbon, she also had on a jagged skirt that was layered with black and red material, following this was a pair of grey tights and on her feet she wore knee-high black boots. It was possible that she had dressed over-the-top for a casual date but she felt it important to make a good impression since it was her first and she normally did dress in a similar fashion anyway.

She knew that she was early since she wasn't supposed to be meeting Arceus till noon but she couldn't bear staying in the house for a moment longer, what with her brothers continuously teasing her about "how she was finally going on her first date" and that "their little Giratina was growing up". If she had stayed for just another second she knew she would have punched one of them in the face. Of course she had a feeling that they would be waiting to interrogate her when she got home.

Giratina sighed, her brothers were so confusing at times, at school they practically ignored her existence but when they were at home they would bug her until she ended up tackling one of them to ground and starting a wrestling match.

Choosing to force her brothers out of her head she decided that she would do a little shopping to pass the time. She wasn't a big fan of clothes shopping unless it was an emergency, so whenever she went shopping and it wasn't for food she tended to check out the small shops that lined the streets that she was currently walking. A particular shop caught her eye. The store window was decorated with a rainbow of numerous trinkets and items that seemed to glow as the sunlight shone upon them. She decided to go in, taking note of the name that was printed in swirly writing on the sign located above the window; it read 'Sweet Dreams'.

A bell tinkled as she entered. The inside of the store looked just as magical as the outside only it was filled with much more dazzling items and glittering colours. Giratina gazed around in awe, she wished she could buy all the wondrous objects that she saw but she knew she had no use for them.

"Hello, can I help you." A sugary voice sounded from behind her and Giratina turned around to face a girl that looked about her age.

The girl's whole body seemed to radiate with golden light and Giratina couldn't help but stare in amazement. Her golden hair curved on her head lunate and fell past her shoulders, her fringe was dyed magenta. She wore a blue and yellow dress which reached down to her thighs, underneath she had light blue tights on, covering her arms was a translucent magenta shawl and on her feet was a pair of yellow slip-ons.

"Oh, I was just looking." Giratina replied to the girl's question. She gazed around the room. "I don't think I've been in this store before."

"That's because we only opened a few days ago." The girl informed. "Hi, I'm Cresselia."

"Giratina. So do you run this shop all by yourself Cresselia?" Giratina asked.

Cresselia shook her head. "No, my family owns the store but I tend to work here afterschool or on weekends."

"Which school do you go to?" Giratina enquired, knowing that it wouldn't be hers.

"Sandman's Academy, and you?" Cresselia queried.

"I go to Origin." Giratina replied, wondering around the store as they talked and examining the merchandise.

"Isn't that supposed to be a very prestigious school?" Cresselia questioned.

"Yep," Giratina replied carelessly as she peered at a display.

"It must be a really good school then." Cresselia remarked wishfully.

Giratina glanced at her out of the corner of her eye and frowned. "Honestly, it isn't. The teachers are way too uptight for my likings and the students are so shallow."

Cresselia cocked her head to the side in confusion, "But aren't you a student there?"

Giratina smirked wryly. "I don't exactly…fit in with the crowd." Her eyes lit up in wonderment as her gaze fell upon an item resting on one of the shelves. "That." She breathed pointed towards the item. "I want that."

Cresselia looked to where she was pointing and saw a red chain with a pendant attached to it which appeared to be a golden cross-like wheel that was decorated with four tiny gems and had a glowing chartreuse orb placed in its centre.

"Oh, that." Cresselia exclaimed reaching for the chain and pulling it off the shelf so Giratina could see it better. "This is the Jewel of Life." Cresselia informed, holding in up so that it sparkled in the sunlight. "The wheel changes colour depending on the wearer's mood. It really is beautiful and it would make a wonderful gift but it's very expensive."

Giratina observed the jewel, captivated by its shimmering green colour; she found that it reminded her of Arceus's eyes.

She tore her gaze from the jewel and stared determinedly at Cresselia, "How much?"


Arceus drummed his fingers on the café table nervously. Once again he glanced at his watch to see that only a minute had gone by since he last looked at it. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair; it was a nervous habit of his. He glanced around anxiously and was disappointed to see many faces but none belonging to the person he was looking for. Maybe she had decided not to come; she had seemed hesitant when he'd asked her. What if she didn't turn up, that really would be embarrassing. He stood up from his seat, ignoring the love-struck stares he was receiving from many of the café's female occupants, and exited the building. He wasn't too far from the café when a familiar voice called out to him.

"Leaving so soon?" Arceus's eyes widened and he swiftly turned around hopefully, his gaze fell upon Giratina whose expression what its usual sarcastic self. "I don't blame you; the cakes there are terribly dry."

Arceus grinned at her bland sense of humour. "Much like your wit I suppose."

Giratina shot him a playful glare and placed her hands on her hips. Arceus noticed that she was carrying a paper bag with the words 'Sweet Dreams' imprinted on it. His eyes then wondered from the bag to the rest of her, he scanned her over feeling himself get warmer as he took in her appearance.

She noticed, and her lips curved into a smirk. "Like what you see?" She enquired teasingly, cocking her hip to the side.

Arceus realised he'd been caught and attempted to regain composure. "I was simply wondering what you could have possibly bought, you didn't strike me as the kind to go shopping for girly things."

Giratina smiled knowingly and showed him the bag. "I arrived early due to…certain pest problems…," Arceus decided not to question it, "and thought I'd do some shopping before I met you. I came across a new store that just opened and chose to look inside. I guess I started talking to the salesperson and lost track of time, sorry if I inconvenienced you."

"Not at all," Arceus reassured, not willing to admit that he'd thought he was being stood up even if she was only ten minutes late. "So, what did you buy?"

She tapped the side of her nose mysteriously. "You'll just have to wait and see." Then she turned and began to walk off.

Arceus, who had not been expecting her to leave him so suddenly, was startled and speedily hurried after her. "Wait, where are you going?"

She smiled back at him and linked her arm through his. "There's this darling little café by the lake that I think you'll just love."

She rested her head on his shoulder and Arceus found he didn't care where they were heading as long as he had her by his side. Together they felt like they were finally in symmetry.

To Be Continued…

(I'm turning this into a Three-shot or a story of three chapters.)