She could hear them muttering as she walked by. They pretended that they weren't looking but she could see them staring at her out of the corner of her eye. Some shot her looks of pity whilst others watched her with hardened eyes, and mocking stares. They spoke in hushed voices but to her their whispers were like shouts, roaring in her ears and taunting her with every word.

"Isn't that the girl who dated Arceus?"

"I can't believe she dumped him."

"Who does she think she is?"

"She thinks she's too good to be with him just like she thinks she's too good for us."

"What type of idiot would break up with Arceus?"

"I bet he broke up with her, I mean why would someone like him waste his time on someone like her."

"He deserves so much better than her."

Every word they said was like a blow to the heart, reminding her that it was over because of her. She felt sick and wanted nothing more than to run to the Girls' Bathrooms where she could cry without anyone seeing. However she knew she had to remain strong, she couldn't let what they said knock her down. She wished she could just curl up in hole and stay there until the pain went away and the students of Origin found a new topic to gossip about.

"At least now that Arceus is done with her he will finally realise that I'm his destiny."

Giratina glared at the floor as she walked past the gaggle of gossiping and giggling girls. Despite her telling Arceus to leave her alone, she couldn't help but feel her stomach twist with jealousy every time one of the airheaded girls suggested the idea of Arceus and them being soul mates.

"No way, Arceus and I are meant to be."

The girls began to squabble over who was best suited for Arceus and Giratina rolled her eyes at their immature behaviour.

"Oh look, there he is!" One of the girls suddenly squealed causing all the girls' heads to turn in the direction she was pointing.

Giratina curiously raised her eyes and instantly regretted it as her gaze met a hardened pair of chartreuse green eyes. Arceus kept his face blank of emotion and Giratina did the same. They lowered their eyes, refusing to make eye contact, and walked past one another without saying a word or showing any signs of recognition.

As soon as she was past him and safely away she finally let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. She refused to acknowledge the way her heart had fluttered when she saw his face and supressed all the joyous emotions she was feeling. She couldn't fall in love, she shouldn't, and she wouldn't let herself.

She stopped walking and slumped against the wall wearily. Thank goodness this weekend marked the start of a week's holiday. She desperately needed to get away from this place and it's drama along with the painful anguish it filled her with. Her thoughts were so distorted and she hated it. But at least she had nothing else to worry about, what else could possibly go wrong?

The school speakers suddenly came to life, the school's secretary's voice could be heard. "Could Miss Giratina Creation please come to the Head's office? That's a request for Miss Giratina Creation to come to the Head's office please."

A few passing students turned to stare at her, wondering what she had done this time. She was wondering the same thing, for once she didn't believe she had done anything wrong. Ever since she had started spending time with Arceus she no longer felt the need to cause trouble and now that they were over she had lost the will to do pretty much anything and was too depressed to bother.

She groaned and pushed herself away from the comfort of the wall. She might as well find out what she had unknowingly done and get it over with. At least detention was a way of escaping the accusing stares and prying whispers of her fellow peers. She trudged through the corridors in the direction of the Head teacher's office and her impending doom.


"You want me to do what?" Giratina exclaimed still trying to comprehend what she was being asked.

The Head stared at her calmly. "I want you to design and paint a mural for the school."

Giratina stared at him in shock. "But…why?"

"Because I believe the school needs to be brightened up and an inspirational mural on one of the school's walls is exactly the type of thing I'm looking for?"

"No not that, why did you pick me?" Giratina asked confused as to why someone with such a bad reputation as her would be selected for such an important task.

"I spoke with the Head of the Art Department and she suggested you, have I made the right choice?" He enquired observing her with questioning eyes.

Giratina's thoughts raced as she pondered her answer. She shook her head vicariously. "No…I'm not the right choice…you should ask somebody else, I…I no longer care for art." She stood up from where she was sitting despite not being excused. "I'm…I'm sorry."

She saw his disappointed expression and felt bad for refusing but she knew she couldn't create an inspirational masterpiece, not when she was feeling so uninspired.

"Well," The Head began hesitantly, "It's your choice, but do tell me if you change your mind, I have seen your work and it is very spectacular. It would be wonderful if someone with such a passion for art like yourself could brighten this school with your art, but like I said it's your choice and I won't force you."

Giratina mumbled her thanks and left the room, without any intention of changing her mind. She just couldn't do it, not now when she felt so…so…unsymmetrical.


"What do you mean you said no?" Palkia cried after Giratina explained the reason she had been called to the Head's office.

"I mean, I refused to design and paint the mural." Giratina replied in frustration, it had been a long day and all she wanted to do was curl up beneath the covers on her bed whilst listening to some depressed singer whine about heartbreak to some sad music whilst singing even sadder and sappier lyrics.

"How could you refuse an opportunity like this?" Dialga exclaimed. "All you've ever wanted is to show the world your artwork, now you have the chance and you're not taking it?"

"That was then this is now." She spoke in a disheartening voice. "Now all I want is to stay in my room for the rest of my life…or at least until I'm twenty-one."

"You can't hide from your problems Gira." Dialga stated firmly.

"Nope," She replied with a smile which they all knew to be false, "But I sure can try."

She headed to the door, grabbing her jacket on the way out. It was obvious that she wasn't going to get any peace at home so she decided to go to the next best place.

"Wait, where are you going?" Palkia enquired as she opened the front door.

"Out." Giratina informed unhelpfully before slamming the door shut behind her.

The two boys stared at the door for a while.

Palkia sighed. "Well that went well."

"She's really upset." Dialga remarked sadly.

"I'm still getting over the fact that she destroyed all her artwork." Palkia commented gloomily.

The two of them walked over to the sofa and plonked themselves on it.

"I say we watch TV, it should take our minds of Giratina, at least for a little while." Palkia suggested.

Dialga nodded and began to search for the remote. When he couldn't find it he turned to Palkia. "Um…Palkia, where's the remote?"

Palkia shrugged and reached down under the sofa. "Maybe it's under here." He began to feel around for the remote when his hand landed on something that felt like paper. "What's this?" He grabbed hold of the sheet and pulled it out.

The two of them stared at the piece of paper, recognising the image that was drawn on it. They exchanged glances.

"This is from Giratina's sketchbook." Dialga observed in surprise. "It must have escaped the fire."

Palkia's eyes lit up with an idea. "Maybe this will re-inspire Giratina. We should take it to her."

Dialga nodded, but then his face fell. "But we don't even know where Giratina is."

Palkia smiled knowingly. "There's only one place she could be."


"The Cemetery?"

Dialga gave his brother a 'you're-an-idiot' look and pondered his sanity.

Palkia shrugged. "Hey she's freaky and morbid like that, you never know."

Dialga shook his head. "She's not here Palkia."

"How do you know?" Palkia retorted, not liking to be proved wrong.

Dialga was about to reply when they were interrupted by a shout.

"Hey! You kids!" They looked up to see a man holding a rake racing towards them.

"It's the gardener." Dialga observed nervously backing away.

"And he doesn't look too happy." Palkia noticed. They exchanged worried looks.

"Run!" Dialga ordered before they dashed through the graveyard gates and away from the cemetery.

"Okay, so Giratina wasn't there." Palkia admitted. "But where else could she be?"


"Ice cream and chocolate, the best way to mend a broken heart." Cresselia informed placing a tub of chocolate ice cream down on the desk and handing Giratina a spoon. They dug into the frozen treat.

"Well it beats drowning your sorrows with alcohol, that's for sure." Giratina commented licking her spoon. "I swear I still have a hangover."

"Well you did drink like…five bottles of wine." Cresselia recalled, scooping her spoon into the brown desert.

"Six." Giratina corrected, putting another spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.

Cresselia stared at her friend with wide eyes. "Wow, you really were depressed."

"No kidding." Giratina muttered, not liking where the topic of conversation was heading.

"So…" There was a pause as Cresselia tried to think of the right way to word her next question. "Why are you so against Arceus being in love with you?"

Giratina froze; yep, she definitely didn't like where this conversation was heading, but if she couldn't even confess her troubles to her best friend who could she?

"My parents." Giratina said, repeating what she had previously told Arceus.

Cresselia was curious now. "Your parents? You never mention them."

Giratina shrugged, "I barely know them. I have no idea where my dad is and my mum is always out. My brothers and I pretty much raised ourselves."

Cresselia looked at her with pitying eyes. "What happened between them?"

Giratina looked down, a sad glimmer appearing in her eyes. "I happened."

Cresselia was shocked. "What!"

Giratina smiled falsely. "My father never liked me; I think it was because he never wanted a daughter. That was when the troubles started. My dad would go out and not come back for days, and when he did he would just collapse on the couch. However that wasn't a bad thing because when he was awake he would be yelling and ranting. He and my mum used to argue a lot, about money, about us, about anything really. It wasn't long before they parted. That's why I don't believe in love."

Cresselia's mouth began to open and close like a goldfish, trying to think of what to say. "But…but just because your parents had problems doesn't mean love doesn't exist."

"Maybe so," Giratina replied, "But it doesn't exist for me. I don't do love because…all I do is cause pain." Her eyes began to fill with tears. "It was my fault that my parents split up, my fault Palkia and Dialga don't have parents to rely on. I push everyone away because I know…" She sniffled, "I know…I know that all I'll do is hurt them."

Cresselia gaped at her friend. Was this really the reason that she made herself an outcast, because she blamed herself for what happened between her parents. "Giratina…that's…that's…"

"Stupid." A voice commented.

The girls looked up in surprise to see none other than Darkrai leaning against a shelf staring at them with his piercing eyes. How had he managed to get in without them noticing? And how long had he been there?

"Hey…I…" Giratina began, getting defensive.

"You push people away because you think what happened between your parents is your fault." Darkrai summed up in his usual deadpanned voice. "In other words, you're afraid to hurt others so you hurt yourself." Giratina blinked, she had never put it like that before. "You want people to be happy, and you think they'd be better off without you, and yet Cresselia is happy as your friend," Cresselia nodded in agreement, "and you are happy as her friend. So if you can allow yourself to be friends with Cresselia why can't you allow yourself to be in love with Arceus?" As much as Giratina hated to admit it, he had a point. "You already know he loves you and it's blatantly obvious that you love him," Giratina tried to protest but for some reason she couldn't find the words, "So why not let yourself be happy for once and stop living in the past."

'Stop living in the past' Giratina mused in her head, Darkrai was right, maybe it was time she allowed herself some happiness. "May…be…mayb-" She began only to be cut off by the shop door suddenly slamming open, the tinkling bell rung like mad.

All eyes turned to see Palkia and Dialga standing in the doorway, panting heavily as if they had just run a marathon.

Palkia looked up and met Giratina's wide-eyed stare, "Giratina!" He exclaimed happily, his gaze travelled to Cresselia, "Cresselia!" his eyes then drifted to Darkrai. Palkia's face paled and he jumped into Dialga's arms, "Ahh! It's a demon ghost! Please don't kill me!"

Darkrai showed no emotion, Cresselia stared at Palkia in alarm whilst Giratina rolled her eyes as did Dialga who instantly dropped Palkia.

"Ow!" Palkia whined as he found himself on the floor, he then noticed the tub of ice cream, "ICE CREAM!" He made a mad dash for the tub, snatching Giratina's spoon in the process and beginning to eat.

The remaining four watched him, concerned for his sanity. It was Giratina who broke the awkward silence.

"What are you guys doing here?" She demanded, glaring at Dialga.

"We came do give you this." He replied, handing Giratina the sketch. She took it and examined the image, her eyes widened when she realised what it was. "We hoped it might…re-inspire you."

Giratina stared at the piece of paper, as if she had seen a ghost. The design was split into four sections, opposite each other was a drawing of her Reverse World and The Real World, the other two squares represented the dimensions of Time and Space.

"W…where did you get this?" She enquired sharply.

"It was under the sofa." Dialga informed. "It must have ended up under there without you noticing when you tore up your sketchbook."

Giratina hands shook as she stared at the image. Darkrai appeared behind her and viewed the picture.

"It's like a beautiful nightmare." Darkrai observed, startling Giratina who had not seen him move behind her.

"That's Darkrai's way of saying its good." Cresselia informed.

Giratina sighed and walked out from behind the desk. She held the picture firmly, her fingers scrunching the paper and yet she was careful not to crumple it.

"I'm going home." Giratina informed heading for the door.

Palkia looked up from the ice cream. "What, but we just got here. Do you know how long it took us to find you!"

"We would have been here sooner if Palkia hadn't taken us to a cemetery." Dialga remarked glaring at his brother.

"Why would you go to a cemetery?" Cresselia enquired, giving them a perplexed look.

"We were looking for Giratina." Palkia replied as if it was obvious. They stared at him weirdly. "What? She's morbid like that."

Giratina rolled her eyes. "Not that this pep talk isn't filling me with confidence but I think I'll be leaving now."

"Wait! Giratina don't go." Cresselia begged, looking at her friend with pleading eyes.

"Sorry Cress but I think it's best if I go. I'll see you again soon." She waved to a crestfallen Cresselia and exited the store, Dialga followed closely behind.

Palkia looked up from the tub of ice cream then chased after them, a few moments later he dashed back into the store and grabbed the tub of ice cream before running back out again. Cresselia and Darkrai exchanged looks.

Cresselia sighed forlornly. "I hope she'll be okay."

"She will be." Darkrai reassured. "A true artist never loses their passion."

Cresselia could only hope that he was right.


Giratina cringed as she listened to the sad song play; the depressing music certainly wasn't helping her mood. She pushed herself off her soft bed and strolled over to her desk where she'd placed the remaining sketch. For some reason she didn't have the heart to destroy it, not after she had lost so much already. She was beginning to regret burning her sketchbook and wished she still had the images, if only to look at and remember the better times.

She suddenly felt a strong need for comfort and since her brothers were terrible when it came to consoling others she went in search for something else that could provide the warmth that she needed.

She kneeled besides her bed and peered underneath it, stretching out a hand to find what she was looking for. After finding a large amount of junk she didn't even know she had her hand finally landed on the object she was looking for. Grabbing hold of the item she pulled it out and hugged it to her chest before gazing at it with childish wonder. A tatty well-worn teddy stared back at her, its beady eyes shimmered in the light, and she felt herself fill with joy.

Her eyes then drifted from her favourite childhood toy to the paper bag on the floor besides her. She recognised the Sweet Dreams logo and realised it was the bag containing what she had bought on the day she had her first date with Arceus.

A wave of sorrow washed over her as she recalled the memory but she managed supressed it. Reaching into the bag she took hold of the chain which was attached to the Jewel of Life and pulled it out. It was even more beautiful than she remembered.

She stood up, tossing the forgotten teddy onto her bed and staring at the orb as if hypnotised by its glittering glow. She suddenly snapped out of the trance as she realised how similar its chartreuse colour was to Arceus's eyes.

She felt her stomach turn; she didn't need any reminders of Arceus. She raised her arm, ready to toss the jewel into the bin when it suddenly caught the light. The orb shimmered with life and Giratina eyes widened, a twinkle appearing in them as she was hit by sudden inspiration.

Her eyes glanced between the jewel and the sketch that rested on her desk. Subconsciously she walked over to the table and placed the jewel in the centre of the drawing. Her eyes lit up and for the first time in a while she truly smiled.


"I accept."

The Head looked up at Giratina in bemusement. "What?"

"I'll design and paint the mural." Giratina explained, grinning determinedly.

The Head's expression morphed from shock to confusion before he finally broke out into a huge grin.


The holidays had finally come and the school had been deserted by all except one. Giratina had been given the next nine days of the holiday to complete the mural in time for it to be revealed on the last day. The Head had trusted her with the key to the school so she could enter without having to be let in by a member of staff. She had already located the wall and begun her work however it proved a tougher task than originally thought.

Day 1

Giratina managed to paint the entire wall white although this also meant she had to wait until the next day for the paint to dry.

Day 2

The white paint had dried and Giratina had begun to sketch the basic outline of her picture. However due to the large size of the wall she didn't manage to finish the sketch before it was time for her to leave.

Day 3

Giratina let out a sigh of mixed relief and exasperation as she examined her work so far. The wall was now entirely white with the basic outline of her design already drawn on. The only problem was she had already lost two days and a quarter of the third; she was starting to get worried about painting the mural in detail. There was no way she would be able to do it in time, especially if she had to waste precious time on waiting for the paint to dry.

"I'm going to need some help." Giratina said voicing her thoughts.

"Well then lucky for you we're here to help."

Giratina turned around in surprise to see Palkia, Dialga, Cresselia…and Darkrai! The four of them were dressed in old clothing and holding paintbrushes. They were all smiling at her minus Darkrai who never smiled.

"What are you guys doing here?" Giratina exclaimed confused as to why they were there.

"We're here to help you, duh." Cresselia explained jokily waving her paintbrush.

"Just tell us where to paint and we'll do so." Dialga informed with a smile.

Giratina was taken aback. "You guys are going to help me, but what about your holiday? Cresselia don't you have the store to watch."

Cresselia shrugged, "My parents can watch it for a while. Besides I'd rather spend my holiday helping out a friend anyway.

Giratina turned to her brothers, "Dialga and Palkia?"

"Hey, you're our sister; we couldn't exactly let you down." Dialga replied and Palkia nodded in agreement.

"Family is family." Palkia remarked.

Giratina smiled and she suddenly felt very sentimental. Her brothers used to avoid being seen with her and now they were willing to sacrifice their holiday to spend it helping her, maybe they weren't so bad after all.

"Besides, we had nothing better to day." Palkia confessed.

Giratina rolled her eyes. Well almost not so bad.

She turned to Darkrai, still trying to work out why he had come along, "Darkrai?"

"Cresselia forced me to come." Darkrai answered, expressionless. Cresselia slapped his arm in annoyance, Darkrai just shrugged. "She deserved the truth."

Giratina smiled sarcastically. "Well as long as you're here, the plan is over there," She pointed to one of the outside tables where a piece of paper rested along with the buckets of paint, "So start painting."

Palkia cheered and raced over to the paint. The others followed.

By the end of the day they had managed to complete a lot more of the mural than she could have done alone. Sure it wasn't anywhere near finished but they still had six days left. Giratina smiled to herself as they left the school, things were starting to look up.

Day 4

"AAH! I've got paint in my hair!"

"Chill out Palkia, it will wash out." Dialga reassured his overdramatic brother who was staring in horror at his once pearl white hair which was now streaked purple.

"Actually, I think it looks good on you." Cresselia remarked observing Palkia's hair.

Palkia looked at her in surprise. "You do?"

"Yeah, purple really suits you." Cresselia informed with a wink before dashing off to help Giratina.

Palkia blushed, his ruby eyes going starry. Dialga watched his brother and rolled his eyes, this wasn't the first time Palkia had gone gaga over a pretty girl and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

"It's official," Palkia stated confidentally, "I'm dyeing my hair purple."

Day 5

"Dialga what are you doing?" Giratina enquired as she watched her brother place a stereo on the equipment bench.

Dialga continued to fiddle with some of the dials, sound suddenly blared from the speakers. The others looked up at the unexpected noise.

"I figured we could listen to the radio as we worked." Dialga informed, noticing their questioning stares, "You know, to help the time go by."

Giratina grinned, "That's actually a good idea." She then glanced over at her other brother and smirked. "Palkia definitely thinks so."

Dialga looked to see Palkia dancing to the music extremely badly. They exchanged evil glances then brought out their phones and pressed the record button. The whole school would have to see this.

Day 6

"Be careful using the ladder Cresselia." Giratina called to her friend anxiously.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Cresselia reassured.

Despite still being uncertain Giratina walked away, leaving her friend to get on with her work in peace.

At that moment the song playing from the radio changed.

"Have you ever seen such a beautiful night? I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright"

"Oh my gosh! I love this song!" Cresselia exclaimed happily, suddenly she lost her balance and toppled off the ladder. Cresselia let out a scream as she tumbled through the air. Giratina and Dialga watched, frozen in horror.

"When I see you smile and I go oh, oh, oh"

"Cresselia! NO!" Palkia cried leaping forward with outstretched arms, ready to catch her.

Cresselia squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the impact. It never came. Instead she found herself being held in someone's arms. Cresselia nervously took a peek and saw Darkrai's blank eyes staring back at her. Her eyes widened in surprise. Palkia crashed to the floor at Darkrai's feet but neither of them noticed.

"I would never want to miss this, cause in my heart I know what this is"

"Darkrai?" Cresselia asked uncertainly.

"Cresselia," Darkrai deadpanned, "Are you okay?"

She nodded, a blush forming on her cheeks.

"Hey now hey now, this is what dreams are made of"

"Good." Darkrai replied emotionlessly before calmly dropping her onto Palkia's fallen form and walking away.

Cresselia let out a tiny squeal as she fell onto Palkia, who groaned in pain as her weight hit him. She blinked rapidly as she tried to comprehend what had happened, and then her face went red however this time it wasn't from embarrassment.

"You jerk! Come back here!" She yelled angrily, chasing after the Darkrai who continued to walk away calmly.

"Hey now hey now, this is what dreams are made of"

Dialga helped a confused Palkia to his feet and Giratina laughed as she watched the scene before her unfold. The lyrics of the song suddenly caught her ear.

"I've got somewhere I belong"

She stared at the people before her and realised that these were her friends, the people who she belonged with.

"I've got somebody to love"

One name came to mind, Arceus.

She had finally admitted it to herself; she was in love with Arceus.

"This is what dreams are made of"

Day 7


Giratina's eyes widened as she felt the gooey cold substance hit her. She felt the back of her head and examined the liquid that now covered her hand. It was red.

She snarled and turned on Palkia who was currently having a laughing fit.

"You should have seen your face!" Palkia exclaimed in-between laughs.

Giratina glared, then a smirk formed on her face as a wicked thought entered her mind. She reached into the paint bucket besides her and pulled out a blob of blue paint, unnoticed by Palkia who was still laughing his head off. She aimed her arm then fired.


Palkia stared in shock as he found his face covered in blue paint. His eyes narrowed and he threw a handful of green at Giratina's head. She ducked and it hit the side of Dialga's face.

Dialga turned to look at Palkia's sheepish expression. He picked up a paint covered paintbrush and fired. Yellow paint splattered all over Palkia, merging with the blue so he was now looking a bit green. Dialga and Giratina laughed.

Palkia scowled. "This means WAR!" He was about to fire a load of paint when a voice stopped him.

"Wait!" They turned to see Cresselia, "The mural."

Their eyes widened in alarm and they shuffled away from the uncompleted mural to the playground where they could continue with their paint fight without ruining the painting they had been working on for so long.

"Okay, we're away from the mural, now what?" Dialga question, he was answered by a paint blob hitting him in the face. He looked over at the thrower and was surprised to see Cresselia giving him an innocent smile. "Oh it's on now."

He chucked a load of paint at Cresselia; she shrieked and ran for cover only to be hit by a load of paint thrown by Darkrai. She turned to glare at him and for once he showed some emotion by smirking back. Palkia hit him with some pink paint and Darkrai's face went completely blank. Giratina then tossed more blue paint at Palkia who was turning into a Smurf. Girtaina giggled but the smile was wiped from her face when Dialga splattered her with green paint.

By the end of the day they all looked like a walking rainbow, but none of them minded, it had been a good day filled with laughter and paint. Giratina grinned as they exited the school gates, gaining many stares from passers-by. Who cared what other people thought, she'd had fun with her friends and that's what mattered.

Day 8

"And moving onto our next request" The DJs voice blasted from the radio, "This is from Cresselia,"

All heads turned to stare at Cresselia questioningly; she smiled shyly back at their surprised faces.

"Cresselia would like to request this song to Darkrai, so let's play it."

Darkrai eyes widened by a millimetre and a microscopic blush appeared on his cheeks. The music started to play, and Cresselia's cheeks reddened.

"Turn the lights on!"

"Every night I rush to my bed, with hopes that maybe I'll get a chance to see you when I close my eyes"

Cresselia and Darkrai locked eyes, both of them refusing to look away.

"I'm going outta my head, lost in a fairytale, can you hold my hands and be my guide?"

"How come girls never dedicate songs to me?" Palkia muttered only to be elbowed in the ribs by both Dialga and Giratina who shushed him.

"Clouds filled with stars cover your skies and I hope it rains you're the perfect lullaby. What kind of dream is this?"

Darkrai unexpectedly offered Cresselia his hand and she took it.

"You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Either way I don't wanna wake up from you. Turn the lights on!"

They then began to dance in a similar fashion to how you would in a ballroom, needless to say it did not fit in with the rhythm of the song but neither of them seemed to care.

"Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, somebody pinch me, your love's too good to be true. Turn the lights on!"

The Creation siblings watched the couple dance around with confused and unnerved expressions.

Dialga shook his head mournfully, "Concerning, truly concerning."

"Why are they waltzing?" Palkia inquired looking puzzled.

"My guilty pleasure I ain't going nowhere Baby, long as you're here, I'll be floating on air cause you're my, you're my..."

Giratina observed her best friend's smiling face as she danced with the boy she had a crush on for so long.

"I think it's supposed to be romantic." Giratina explained uncertainly.

"No romantic is sending a girl a boutique of flowers," Palkia commented, "This is just plain weird."

"You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I; don't wanna wake up from you."

Darkrai spun Cresselia around and dipped her.

Dialga sighed, "And two more poor souls are claimed by the madness of the paint fumes."

Day 9

"It's FINISHED! It's finally finished!" Palkia shouted with joy as the five of them stepped back from the wall and examined the outcome of their work.

"I have to admit," Dialga began, "It really does look very inspirational."

"It's beautiful." Cresselia observed with a smile.

"It makes me feel warm inside." Darkrai deadpanned. The others gave him a weird look which he returned with one of his emotionless stares.

"Anyway…" Palkia began, "What do you think Giratina? After all it was your design."

They looked at Giratina who was staring at the wall with a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Something's missing." She finally informed, the others looked alarmed.

"What!" Palkia cried, "How can something be missing, we followed the design perfectly."

Dialga examined the piece of paper with the design on it. "He's right; I can't see what's wrong."

"Gira?" Cresselia questioned giving her friend an uncertain look.

Giratina ignored them, her eyes glazing over. Absentmindedly she picked up a paintbrush and dipped it in a pot of black paint. She pressed the paintbrush to the bottom of the wall and proceeded to draw lines that curved around forming shapes. When she finally stepped away from the wall, she looked at it with satisfaction, breaking from her trance.

"Now it's perfect." She remarked stepping away from the wall.

The others viewed the wall and they had to agree. The mural was now complete.

"So…does anyone want to go to Miltank's Milkshakes to celebrate?" Palkia suggested.

They all nodded, tidying up the area before they exited the school chatting and laughing. No one saw the shadowed figure, watching them from afar.

"Congratulations Giratina." Arceus whispered before disappearing down the street.

Day 10

The day of the unveiling had arrived.


"Hello Arceus, haven't seen you around for a while, why the long face?"

Arceus looked up from his notepad to see Mesprit's curious and concerned expression. He was sat in the Lake Café jotting down some ideas for his 'Pokémon' designs; he still hadn't come up with a name for the creature Giratina had asked about.

Arceus sighed, feeling the need to confess his feelings to someone. "Hello Mesprit, I guess I haven't had a reason to visit."

Mesprit gasped dramatically, "You mean our delicious cakes are good enough for you!" She then giggled to show she was teasing. A thought struck her and she looked around. "Where's Giratina, she's usually with you, is she alright?"

"She's doing okay." Arceus informed. From what he had seen of her she seemed to be alright but it was hard to tell when she was so good at putting on a poker face. "We're not together anymore."

Mesprit gasped in alarm. "What! But you guys made such a good couple! You were in love, it was so obvious."

Arceus winced; ever since Giratina had broken up with him love was the last thing he wanted to talk about. "It wasn't obvious to her."

Mesprit sat down in the chair opposite him, regarding him sadly. "How do you feel about it being over?"

Arceus shrugged, he tried not to think about it and he didn't want to talk about it either however Mesprit seemed to understand emotions better than anyone he knew, if anyone could help him understand what he was feeling and what to do about it Mesprit was that person.

"I guess…I'm heartbroken." Arceus confessed. "I loved her but she didn't love me…she couldn't."

Mesprit raised an eyebrow. "She couldn't"

"She didn't want to be in love, she didn't want to get hurt…something about her parents I think." Arceus explained, finding it difficult to when he still didn't fully comprehend the reasoning behind Giratina breaking up with him.

Mesprit nodded in understanding. "Sometimes the simplest and foolish of things can lead to the destruction of something great. Love is a strong emotion but sometimes other feelings can cloud its light but that doesn't mean it's not there, you just have to push through the barrier and allow it to shine. "

Arceus blinked in bewilderment. "Uh…I'm not sure I understand what you mean."

Mesprit sighed, and her eyes hardened. "Are you giving up?"

Arceus was surprised. "Excuse me?"

"Are you giving up on Giratina and love?" Mesprit asked, pressing the matter. "Are you going to let her go? Just give up on the love you had for her?"

Arceus thought about this. "Well…I…I'm not sure" He wasn't sure what to say. He looked down at the sketch before him, it was of the nameless creature. Absentmindedly he wrote Giratina's name besides it, for some reason it seemed to fit. Arceus's counterpart, Giratina. His mind became dazed, he really did miss her

"What do you want Arceus?" Mesprit enquired interrupting his thoughts.

"I…I…" His brain whirled.

"What does your heart want? Listen to it." Mesprit ordered.

Arceus closed his eyes and listened. At first he didn't hear anything; well it wasn't like his heart was going to start talking to him. But as he focused on how he felt a thought struck him, and he opened his eyes.

"I want Giratina, I love her." Arceus stated. His eyes showed his certainty.

Mesprit smiled. "Then what are you doing here?" Arceus looked puzzled and she rolled her eyes, boys could be so dense at times. "Shouldn't you be telling her that?"

Arceus's eyes widened and then he grinned. "Thanks."

Mesprit shrugged his gratitude away, "All for the sake of love." She winked. "Now go get her Romeo!"

Arceus nodded and darted out of the café.

Mesprit sighed happily and leaned back in the chair. "Another successful couple and it's only ten in the morning, I should start charging."


Giratina fidgeted in her seat anxiously, straining to hear what the Head teacher was saying. The Head was standing before them on a podium just in front of the curtain covered mural, he was speaking to them through a microphone and although she was sat in the front row of the audience she could barely make out the words as her heartbeat drummed so loudly in her ears she was sure everyone could hear it.

What if they didn't like the mural? What if they reprimanded her for defacing the school with a rubbish drawing?

Her nervous heartbeat increased and she felt like she was suffocating. She began to desperately gasp for air, thankfully very few people noticed what she was doing as their attention was focused on the Head, and his voice that boomed out of the speakers covered the sound of her pants. However both her brothers, who were sat either side of her, seemed to notice because they each grabbed one of her hands and squeezed it in the same reassuring manner Arceus had done so long ago.

'Arceus.' She mused wishfully. How was he? Was he here? She hadn't seen him when she searched the crowds. Of course he wasn't here, why would he come to the unveiling of a mural created by her? She had told him to leave her alone after all.

Suddenly the Head's voice broke through her thoughts as she heard him say the words she had been waiting for and dreading at the same time.

"And without further ado, I would like to reveal to you Origin's new mural, created by the budding artist Giratina Creation."

The audience clapped and the Head walked off stage. Giratina felt her heart freeze as the curtains were pulled back and she held her breath. The sound of her heartbeat increased.

Boom, Boom!

Everyone was silent.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!

Did they not like it?

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!

Were they all so appalled that they couldn't speak?

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, BOOM, BOOM!

And then the Head spoke.

His expression was frozen with shock. "Well…I've never seen a mural so…" Giratina winced. Bad? Hideous? Ugly? "…Incredible." The audience broke into cheers and applause. Giratina's eyes widened and she breathed again. "This truly is a magnificent and inspirational piece of work, congratulations Miss Creation you have achieved the expected standards and above."

Giratina smiled gratefully.

The mural was centred around an enlargement of the Jewel of Life, its colours shining almost as lively in the picture as it did in real life. The golden cross-like wheel surrounded the jewel, and in each of its four sections was a painting of a different world. The Time Dimension, which was decorated blue with floating diamonds and a pathway through time, was opposite The Space Dimension, which was pinky purple coloured with drifting pearls. The other two worlds that were opposite one another was the Real World and of course the Reverse World. Sprouting from the wheel was streams of colours that were designed to look like the various elemental types; Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Dark, Steel, Bug, Rock, Ground, Poison, Flying, Fighting, and Normal.

Overall the mural was very impressive but what made it special to Giratina was because it was the first piece of artwork she had created with the help of her friends, and to her that meant a lot.


Later when the majority of the crowd had disappeared home Giratina found herself standing alone to the side. Before the recent events this had been a common thing for Giratina but now the time she spent alone was becoming a lot rarer.

After the mural had been revealed much of the audience had come up to give her their congratulations on her artistic achievement. Even Mr Voltorb who had been a member of the audience confessed it was a very fine piece of work though this still didn't mean she was allowed to draw in his lessons; some things never change. Cresselia and Darkrai had been there too, they'd both commended her although Cresselia did most of the talking whilst Darkrai just stood there. Dialga and Palkia had informed her of how proud they were of her and they'd even apologized for not acknowledging her at school, they promised from then on that things were going to be different.

A lot of things seemed different now. Giratina had not only noticed a change in her life but also a change in her. She felt stronger now, more assured, and she felt much happier than she had ever before. However it still felt like something was missing and she knew exactly what or rather whom.

She sighed inwardly. She knew she had really messed things up with Arceus but she was determined to fix them. The next time she saw Arceus she was going to go up to him and tell him exactly how much she was in love with him, it didn't matter where they were or who heard, all that mattered was Arceus knew exactly what she felt for him.

"It's a very impressive piece of work, maybe even your best yet."

The voice came from behind her. She didn't have to turn to see who it was; she would know that voice anywhere. To say she was surprised to find him there let alone talking to her would be an understatement however she managed to maintain her cool composure, the years of hiding her true emotions had paid off.

"Did you ever doubt me?" She replied calmly, keeping her back to him.

"I wouldn't have even known you were painting the mural if your brothers hadn't told me." He informed. She'd kill her brothers later. Arceus sighed inwardly and ran a hand through his hair. He wished she would face him so that he could see those beautiful scarlet eyes again, although perhaps not seeing her face would make it a lot easier to say what he had come to say. "Giratina I'm sorry."

Giratina's eyes widened; she hadn't been expecting that. What did he have to be sorry for? She was the one who had messed everything up.

Arceus continued. "I shouldn't have gotten mad at you for not being able to say you love me, I rushed you and whatever issues you have I want you to know I'll always be there for you."

"Don't be." Giratina said firmly.

Arceus blinked in surprise. "W…what?"

"I said don't be." Giratina replied. "You don't have to apologize, it was my fault and I'm sorry." She turned around so that ruby red met chartreuse green. Arceus could see the passionate determination burning in them; he had missed seeing those sparks of life. "Arceus," Giratina felt her stomach flutter; it was now or never. "I love you."

Arceus felt his heart leap and his head spin. She loved him? Giratina loved him!

"You don't have to force yourself, it's okay if you don't love me." Arceus reassured although the words pierced at his heart.

Giratina shook her head and smiled a sincere smile. "I'm not forcing myself, I really do love you…and…and…I've missed you."

That was all Arceus needed to hear. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into a warm embrace. He rested his chin on her head and she snuggled into his chest.

"I've missed you too." He whispered into her silky hair.

And then they kissed; it was a soft warm and gentle kiss that expressed all the heartfelt emotions that simple words could not describe, and to Giratina it was like the Real World and the Reverse World were combining, or in other words it was paradise.


"I vote we go to Miltank's Milkshakes to celebrate." Palkia cheered as the six of them exited the school.

"But we went there to celebrate yesterday." Dialga pointed out.

"Yes but now we can celebrate the mural being a success." Palkia explained. "Plus Arceus wasn't with us yesterday."

Arceus, who had his arm wrapped round Giratina's waist shrugged. "I don't really mind where we go, just as long as we're together." He placed a quick kiss on Giratina's cheek.

Giratina rolled her eyes playfully. "That is so cheesy."

Arceus grinned at her. "But it works."

Around his neck hung the dazzling Jewel of Life, Giratina had given it to him as she had no use for it and it really did suit him, it brought out the chartreuse green of his eyes very well.

"I think it's sweet." Cresselia remarked with a blissful sigh, she turned her gaze on Darkrai. "What do you think Darkrai?"

"I agree with Giratina." Darkrai stated. Arceus felt a shiver go up his spine; unlike the others he still had to get used to Darkrai's eerie manner.

Cresselia frowned and tried to storm away from her boyfriend however Darkrai swiftly grabbed her hand and entwined their fingers. Cresselia's cheeks went the same colour as her fringe.

"So, is that a yes to the celebrating?" Palkia asked hopefully, ruining the moment.

"I'm not going to Milktank's Milkshakes twice in two days." Dialga informed, Palkia pouted.

"We don't have to go to Milktank's Milkshakes; we could always go somewhere else." Arceus suggested. Palkia perked up.

"Where do you suggest we go?" Dialga enquired.

Giratina grinned her signature grin. "Well there's this darling little café by the lake that I think you'll just love."

As the six friends walked away a single ray of sunlight hit the mural, illuminating its colours and causing it to shine. The glittering light spread to the writing underneath, the words Giratina had carefully written glowed gold in the light of the sunbeam.

"Whether in symmetry or in distortion sometimes to see things clearly you need to look in reverse."

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