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After we had both woken up, we wasted no time getting ready to get moving again. Now that he was rested up, Tulo was voicing his complaints about being lost in the forest again. Since I was on his back and had taken full responsibility, I had to sit through his insistent squawking. Even though he had forgiven me, he evidently wasn't finished with his grumbling. Almost everything caused at least one head to complain.

Eventually, though, he gave up for the most part, simply muttering under his breath while he trudged through the forest. The urge to make a crack at how he'd tired himself out by whining so much was tempting, but I really didn't want the bird to ditch me and leave me to die. I looked up sky (or, rather, the treetops), letting out a huff.

"Aren't you supposed to be able to fly?" I asked after some time, the left head whipping around to glare at me. "What? You're a bird, aren't you?" If the thing could scoff, it would have. Though it more than made up for its lack of the skill by giving me the dirtiest look possible. In fact, prior to just then I hadn't even known it was possible to give a dirtier look. But Tulo sure pulled it off. The three-headed bird was putting my deranged camel to shame.

Other than that, we stayed in relative silence, disregarding the bird's occasional grumbling. There wasn't much to talk about. Any topic of conversation had been exhausted when we were first lost in the forest. It was better to just keep the quiet anyway, even if it only worsened how the time seemed to bleed together to the point where I couldn't tell if Tulo had been walking for hours or years. The fact that the light was blocked out by all these trees certainly didn't help, either. My thoughts didn't go to anything in particular; my head completely blank while we wandered aimlessly.

After what seemed like about five hundred hours of quiet, I started to get a little bit worried. Okay, I probably should have been worried long before, but I figured since we'd been there once before it'd be a little easier to find the exit. Of course, last time we ended up exiting out of the forest right where we entered, but I digress. Even if both of our navigational abilities were nonexistent, we should have been able to spot someone by then. Anyone. It was right next to a major city for crying out loud. Lots of people were in big cities. At least one of them had to be in this forest. There had to be someone there, there was no way I was going to die in some stupid f-

"Hey, lady!" a voice yelled, breaking my thought instantly. I whipped my head around to see a kid looking over at me and Tulo, and the bird and I returned his look with stares. The boy was clad in shorts and what looked like a tank top with a straw hat, a net slung over his shoulder. "Are you, uh, lost or somethin'?" he asked, a little more than weirded out by our gaping. It took me a second to regain my senses, and I nodded furiously while Tulo trotted closer.

"Yes! Holy shit, yes! You do not know how happy I am to see you!" I cried, jumping off of my Pokemon. So. Yeah. I had really begun worrying I was never going to see another human being again. It's scary being lost in a bunch of trees with a senile bird. Take my word for it.

The kid looked a little nervous, nodding slightly. "You tryin' to get to Azalea? There was a big incident over there yesterday. Everyone's in a real panic." It took me a moment to fully register what he said, and I had to stop myself from answering without thinking. "Oh, I was! But then I heard about the...incident from someone else. I decided to just head back to Goldenrod, but my buddy here and I got really lost. Can you help us back to the city?" I asked, mentally patting myself on the back. Oh yeah. I was good. The boy paused for a second and then nodded. "Sure. I was just about to head home anyway, and I know the way back."

It took all my self control (not a lot) to keep from cheering, so I instead nodded with way too much overenthusiasm and grinned widely. "That's perfect!" I said, hopping back onto my bird. "You're a life saver." I added, the kid just shrugged a bit before motioning for us to follow him. I managed to sneak in a bop to Tulo's middle head when the boy started walking in the exact opposite direction we had been traveling in, the bird making a noise at me that could only be described as a demonic hiss.

I didn't try to spark up a conversation with the kid; the awkward silence was too heavy for any of that. Instead I just relaxed as my Dodrio trailed after him, starting to plan out what we'd do when we got to Goldenrod. First thing was to get a hotel as I'd be there for a couple days, and I had some cash to spare now. Sure, the Pokemon Center was nice and all, but being free the rooms weren't in too great of a condition. The walls were pretty thin, too, something I had learned from experience and greatly disliked. Beggars couldn't be choosers, but since I had a bag full of cash I could splurge and get a place at a nice hotel. Besides, I could always mooch some dough off of my friend when I went to see him in Goldrenrod.

That was, of course, the second thing. Going to meet my friend/Team Rocket member/that one guy I somehow know who never stops complaining. My mission was to meet up with him and get his report on how operations were going in that part of the country. He was the overseer for most of Johto, and happened to be my best friend. My little detour in Azalea had me running a little late, but I'm sure he'd understand. I have a certain standard of living I need to maintain. He could deal.

Either I'd zoned out like there was no tomorrow or we were closer to Route 34 than I'd thought; before long the trees started thinning out. As we stepped out of the forest I let out a little cheer of victory. We were most certainly NOT in Azalea, and a small sign near the entrance to the forest conformed it. Route 34, the stretch of land before Goldenrod City. Even Tulo couldn't help but crack a smile; all three of his heads were relieved to finally be in the right place. I looked over at the boy who's led us out, grinning. "Thanks a million." I said. I really was grateful to him. Dying in that forest did not seem all together pleasant. He just shrugged in response, and then Tulo started walking again.

Route 34 wasn't terrible long, I at least knew that much. So, likewise, the trek to the big city along it would be done in no time. Especially compared to the fiasco in the forest. I was getting awfully excited the more we walked; the city was becoming more and more visible with each step my three-headed bird took. I couldn't help it; I love cities. And who wouldn't? Big, exciting collections of buildings absolutely brimming with people. In a city it's like there's always something big happening. And, well, they made for good cover. Sure, Goldenrod wasn't anywhere as big as Castelia, but it was still the biggest one in this region. Then again, that wasn't exactly saying much, and I disliked Johto a lot because of how quiet and rural it was. Goldenrod was basically the only sign that modern technology was even known to this part of the world.

When we had gotten close enough for me to spot the sign indicating that this was, indeed, the place we had hoped it was, I hopped off of Tulo and returned him to his Pokeball, for a couple of reasons. One, the place'd be fairly crowded and adding that much more bulk in bird wasn't a good idea. Two, having him out was an invitation for trainers to come challenging me. I didn't have time for that, and there'd be a lot in a place like this. And three, he got really pissy really fast. You can probably see where this one is going.

So I walked the last dirt path on foot, watching it transition into concrete. It still stumped me that they hadn't just developed the hell out of all of this nature, but that incredibly pressing question could wait. I had a hotel to find in this concrete maze, and that was a task that was more easily said than done.

"There's got to be a hotel somewhere..." I muttered to myself, walking in a direction I assumed would lead me deeper into the city. It looked like the sun was close to setting, but there were still people. Everywhere. And not only that, but there were buildings everywhere, too- huge buildings. I ended up passing by a few hotels, deciding that it would be better to try and get closer Radio Tower. I was already way late as it was. The least I could do was show up before noon tomorrow.

The time it took to find the Radio Tower was, relatively, short. Even I could find a giant building with a hugeass satellite sticking out of it. Okay, so the city was huge. But it's a building with a giant satellite just jutting out of it like it's no one's business. Kind of hard to miss. And, like one would expect, there was a hotel not too far from it, too. A nice one at that, probably because the Radio Tower was in the nicer part of the city. I was pretty thankful for that. Oh, I could hold my own in the rougher parts. I have a homicidal camel who spits fire, not many people are willing to cross that guy. But I was above sleeping around lowlife criminals. They disgust me.

I ended up picking a place closest to the Tower, some hotel with a ridiculously cheesy name: The Golden Hotel. Creativity at its finest, no doubt about that. It was rather big, and had an intricate picture of the bird-god Ho-Oh as its symbol. The whole place just screamed 'overly fancy', but that's exactly what I was looking for. I had cash to burn, and I wanted to blow it at some place exactly like this. It was overly expensive and the people working there probably thought ridiculously high of themselves. Perfect.

I opened the doors and strolled in with an air of cockiness, walking up to the man at the front counter with a big grin on my face. He grimaced, and I really didn't blame him. I hadn't stopped to get new clothes in a while, or even washed the ones I was wearing. Simply put, I looked like a mess. Not that I cared, but someone working at a fancy shmancy hotel probably would.

"I'd like a room for three nights." I told him, pretending that I was naive to the fact that he was obviously debating on whether or not to tell me they didn't have any open. I have no idea what won him over, but he let out a disgruntled little sigh and nodded. "Yes, well, we do have a room available." he muttered, going to work on his computer, typing away it like there was no tomorrow. Much to his displeasure I rested my elbows on the counter, watching him typing and glancing around the lobby at the fancy place. After some minutes he cleared his throat to get my attention, handing me the card key. "Enjoy your stay." he grumbled, and I winked at him, taking the card and moving over to the sets of elevators.

After that, getting up to my room was pretty boring and uneventful. Standard stuff. I went up the elevators to my floor, left them, got into my room, and all but collapsed onto the bed. Arceus didn't even know how long it had been since I'd even seen a bed, let alone slept in one. It was surprising that I'd even remembered to close the door.

"I am never leaving this room." I said to no one in particular, my voice muffled due to the fact that I was face-down on the bed. Only after a few minuets of lying there did I look up to survey the room I'd bought for a few nights, whistling through my teeth. It was, to put it politely, e-fucking-normous.

To say even that was an understatement. At the Pokemon Center I was lucky if I could have one of my Pokemon in the room with me without suffocating, but this place could probably handle most of my team and still have room to spare. The bed was enormous and had enough room for a few bedmates as well, something that I could easily make excellent use of. In front of the bed sat a tv that was comparable in size to a Wailord with a respectably-sized mini fridge underneath it. Fancy paintings of the region's legendery Pokemon adorned the walls, evidently trying to give the room an elegant appeal. It certainly worked; the matching gold and white of the bed certainly looked pretty.

That was pretty much all there was to the place though. Big bed, big tv, big mini fridge. Next to the bed was some negative space with a little table shoved in the corner, but that was about it aside from the doorway that must have led to the bathroom, more than likely oversized like everything else. That, however, could wait. I wanted to break the new room in, and I knew exactly how. Digging into my bag, I produced the Pokeball I was searching for and pointed it over at the empty space next to the bed. "Licki!" came a cry as the creature was released, and the next thing I knew I had been grabbed by the over-excited Lickilicky.

"Naber! Naber calm down!" I managed to choke out, the stubby arms having pulled me into a suffocating hug. I couldn't tell if she was excited over seeing that we were out of that forest or if her excitement was caused by seeing me, but knowing her it was probably both. I sputtered more and struggled in her arms before she eventually got the message, letting me go so I could fall over onto the bed. "For the love of fuck, you have to stop doing that!" I coughed, no concerned expression crossing the pink Pokemon's face. Naber still looked overly happy, like she hadn't almost turned me into a lifeless dead weight.

After ensuring I wouldn't be attacked with affection, I filled my girl in on everything that had happened after she had last been out of her ball, which had been in the forest. Getting out of that hellhole, the Pokemart, getting lost again, and finally coming back to Goldenrod, the place we had been trying to get to anyway to meet with Vincent. "So!" I said cheerfully, clapping my hands together after the de-brief, "We should celebrate!" There was a pause that was a little longer than I would have liked before I added to my confused Pokemon, "With sex."

That got her into gear. Before I knew it the Pokemon was on the hotel's bed, and in the back of my head I barely wondered if it could support her considerably large bulk. That wasn't my main concern, though, as I had a very lovely lady cornering me against the headboard. None of my Pokemon had any problem with these hook ups, and I especially liked sex with Naber because of the fun her very long tongue added.

Naber's stubby hands managed to pull my shirt up, but I had to assist her with the rest as the lack of digits made working my bra and pants despite her experience. It wasn't long before my underwear had been tossed aside to some corner of the hotel room, leaving me naked in front of her. "Lickilicky," the normal-type cooed, pulling me into the middle of the bed. I knew this would be fun.

The first thing I felt was Naber's amazingly dexterous tongue as it came out of her mouth and rubbed up against my tits. My nipples quickly hardened while she trailed it downward, prodding my pussy with the large, wet thing. That thing could work wonders, especially when she was eager. And oh Arceus was she eager. She licked up and down me, breaking the pattern to give attention to my tits or to my cunt while I writhed and moaned under her treatment. I'm sure she could have kept going like that until I came, licking and teasing me while I squirmed and made the noises I knew she loved, but this kind of service couldn't go unreturned. My eyes, half-closed before then, moved up to lock with hers, and she got the message. The skilled tongue of hers withdrew so I could give her what she wanted, too.

I had her spread her pink legs for me, revealing her slit. It was puffy and considerably wet from the oral treatment, looking very inviting. Her nipples had also poked out in her arousal, and I gave them each a little kiss before I moved to hold onto her. The tongue of hers emerged again, this time to wrap around me and help keep me from falling on my ass. "Thanks girl," I said, giving her a quick kiss on what seemed like her cheek while I further positioned myself. Lining our pussies up, I pressed closer to her and rubbed them together, my Pokemon letting out a squeal that was probably difficult with her tongue sticking out. My eyes closed, grinding my cunt against hers as she held me and helped me move with her tongue. The thing prodded at my tits as well, a small moan escaping me.

Naber was starting to get pretty loud, her moans sounding almost comical with her mouth open. Her tongue quivered and made me quiver with me, causing my grinding and rubbing to get harder and more erratic. This subsequently got her to rub and grind up against me harder and more erratically, her tongue following suit and causing things to keep escalating. My own moans were growing in volume and frequency. The people in the next hotel could have probably heard us with how it was going, and I knew it wasn't going to be long before one of us came. I still planned to make the most of it, though.

As I pressed up to her harder and harder, humping her as best I could, I reached down and kissed at her nipples again. My own tongue, minuscule in comparison, reached out to lick at them while her moaning and squealing became almost deafening. She was never one to last long, and the nipple play was enough to send her over the edge. She cried out as she frantically bucked against me, her cum soaking my own pussy. The tongue of hers, still holding me up, wrapped tightly around me and pushed me even closer, triggering my own orgasm. I let out one last cry as my climax hit, more pussy juice spilling out and soaking us both. Bliss clouded my brain and hers as well as we came down from the high. Both of us were panting pretty hard, and I was struggling to regain my breath. "Man, that was great," I managed to get out as I barely realized that we had soaked the sheets in cum. Well, that would be a nice surprising for the cleaning lady.

"Should we rest up?" I asked after a while of sitting there. Naber nodded, her tongue retreating back into her mouth. I reached over and after a bit of struggling got her Pokeball before returning her and lazily tossing her somewhere in the direction of the bag. Too lazy to get clothed again, I laid back on the thing and closed my eyes, resolving to find Vincent in the morning.