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It was a VERY hot day at the office and all the editors were was starting to feel kind of sick, because it wasn't only hot; but he hadn't eaten and it was near the end of the cycle, also known as 'Hell Week'. Ritsu was still drowned in his work and he hadn't noticed that he had a stalker at the moment.

Masamune also felt like he was going to melt! It was so freaking hot and the mangaka's were as always as stupid and lazy as always; but my god was the heat worth it! Masamune had never seen Ritsu so hot and sexy as right now. Ritsu was sitting at his desk as always, but he had three of his shirt buttons opened and his tie was hanging loosely around his shoulders. There were some sweat droplets on his neck, collarbone and lips. Masamune was really tempted to just lick all that sweat right of Ritsu's sinful body. Masamune followed Ritsu's hands when he took his water bottle and drank from it. Masamune was hypnotized while watching Ritsu's throat working, while he drank the water; Adams apple bouncing up and down, up and down. Masamune felt that his jeans started to become very tight around his groan.

Ritsu looked up from his desk and caught eye contact with Masamune. Masamune noticed that he was looking Ritsu dead in the eye, he got a little blush on his face. Ritsu was quite shocked since Masamune never blushed! Ritsu couldn't help but get a bit smug over the fact that Masamune was blushing; well he knew that he kind of had some sort of power over Masamune. Ritsu walked over to Masamune and gave him his work, so that he could take a look at it.

"Here you go Takano-san" Ritsu said with a really sexy and husky voice; that didn't help on the growing bulge in Masamune's pants. Masamune composed himself while he was still having that little cute blush on his face and cleared his throat - "Thank you Onodera". Ritsu walked back to his desk again and Masamune couldn't take his eyes of off Ritsu's ass. Ritsu could feel Masamune's eyes following him and he looked over his shoulder; bingo! he was right. He walked back too Masamune, since he just wanted to tease him a bit and have some fun of his own. When Masamune saw that Ritsu was walking back towards him, he looked back at his work and tried to act cool and calm as always. Masamune's heart started to beat very fast when Ritsu bend down to Masamune's ear and whispered, no; actually sang something in his ear. Masamune's air got caught in his throat by the words and Ritsu walked smugly back to his desk, watching smugly with a smirk on his lips as Mino, Kisa and Hatori started asking why Masamune was all blushing and fidgeting in his chair.

All Masamune could hear in his head, was those 6 words Ritsu had whispered in his ear; "I'm sexy and I know it".

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