Ok, So I'm not exactly sure where this story is heading. I just don't want A2A to die out :(

I must have read every story once, maybe even twice.

So enjoy what you've got while you've got it, right ?

First Ashes story, so i'd really liek to hear what you think

This is probably set before series 2.

He throws himself behind his beloved car. Bullets fire left, right and centre. Literally. He throws his hands up to his head engulfing him in some sort of protective cocoon. Not sure what good it'll do when a bullet finds its way to him.

The bullets stop and he gently lifts his head. Trying to locate the twat that's firing at him and Bolls.

Bolls ? Shit !

He looks around frantically searching for her. When his eye meets hers. She's found refuge behind some crappy plod car. If she'd have asked nicely he'd have happily let the quattro protect her.

She nods her head telling him she's fine. And then she nods it again making sure he knows what to do. He watches her as she stands up from behind the car and makes her way across the parking lot, that's when the bullets start up again. He watches he rmake her way to the entrance of the high rise flats and he knows she's made it. Now it's his turn to run.

The bullets stop just for a few seconds. that is.. until he runs acroos the same stretch of land and makes his way towards Bolly. He's never run faster and he can't help but think about all the scotch he's drank or all the bloody bacon barms he ate.

He groans as he reaches the safe point.

"Prick" He mumbles and he doesn't even have to look at her to know she's rolling her eyes at him.

Alex runs for the stairs after letting the Guv catch his breath back. He follows;

Six flights of stairs later and Alex is already at the door in question. Waiting for him to make an apperaence.

She hears the Guv shout "Why couldn't the twat, choose t' fire at us from the first floor"

She knows he's only on the 4 floor.

"Just c'mon" She yells back, still trying to catch her breath back too. Damn heels she moans.

"I'm comin', Just keep yer knickers on will yer" He yells back. She almost expected that response or atleast for the sentence to include the word 'Kickers'

Alex withdrew her gun from the holster, and aimed it at the door infront of her. If the knob inside is firing at coppers from the sixth floor window then he's got some balls.

She kicks the door open all while thinking she should be in the FBI not CID

"Drew Willis" She shouts, She enters the dingy flat and considering it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon the flat's dark, cold and mouldy.

She makes her way to the bedroom door and pulls on the handle, not really knowing what to expect when she's inside.

Gene had just made his way to the open door, presuming Bolly had already entered, he rested himself against the door frame trying to catch his breath "Bolly ?" He whispers

The flat remains silent "Bolly" He whispers a little louder.

He hears a scuff in the other room, shame he can't actually see the bloody other room, He thinks.

He takes the chance to grab his gun incase he needs it. And attempts to follow the sound.


"Shut up! " A posh voice rings out.

He's not exactly sure where she is. But he knows she's safe and that's all that matters to him. He'll kick her arse later for telling him to shut it.

"Charmin' There's moi worryin' 'bout yer and yer tell me t' shut it"

"Seriously, Shut up!" She yells.

"Oi!" He yells back.

"Where are yer ?" He askes changing the subject

"That doesn't matter"

His left eyebrow rises. What the hell was she talking about. Of course it bleeding mattered.

"Bolly ! Where the 'ell are yer ?" He demanded

She didn't reply and that scared him a little. And the Gene Genie doesn't get scared. At all !

"Bolly !" He yells while moving around the dark flat only for his foot to make contact with something hard. He yelps as the pain drives into his foot.

"Bloody bastard. If yer've ruined me best shoes, i'll bloody throw you out the window." He yells

He hears a light chuckle coming for the room facing him and he would have bet all his money on it, Bolly-kecks was in there, he searches for a door and find it, particually annoyed he didn't notice it before.

He slowly placed his glove covered hand on the door knob and turned it, only to find it was locked. He groaned.

"Little pig.. Little pig let me in or i'll blow a 'ole in yer head'.

He stepped back and charged towards the door, shoulder first. It flew open easily. The room was lighter with the window being open and he could see clearly now. And he saw Drew Willis pointing a gun, not at him though. He saw his Bolly too. The gun being pointed at her.

Dun Dun Dun...