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"See, I told you it wasn't that bad Guv. Just a scrape." Alex tells him as she gently eases herself into the passenger seat of the quattro.

"Suit yerself Bolly" He says as he places the keys in the ignition.

She sighs as she closed the door behind her. Sometimes he acted like he didn't care what she felt, or even how she felt for that matter and sometimes he was too over-protective. She couldn't figure him out and if she was totally honest she liked it.

He skidds around corners. Alex holding on for dear life, alothough she trusts the man sat next to her with her life. or.. Whatever the hell this is.

Sometimes he scares her with his driving. If he ever crashed God forbid, he'd do some damage and not just to the car she had grown so fond of over the last few months but to himself aswell. He didn't wear a seat-belt. Because he isn't a Vicar, he's a copper.

"Guv, slow down."

"Why ?"

"You're going to get in trouble for driving like this one day."

"Trouble, Drake. I am trouble.

"Guv ?"

"My car Drakey, my rules. Don't like it get out." He bluntly stated.

She groans. "Why are you such a tosser."

He pulls the handbreak in the middle of the road. Slamming Alex and himself forward. She jerks her hands against the dashboard in attempt to stop her face from meeting with the hard surface.

"What the hell are you playing at ?" She asks out of breath a little.

"Yer know what Drake ?. Yer confuse the 'ell out of me sometimes. One minute yer flirtin' with me, next yer callin' me. Make yer mind up women. So tell me what exactly do yer want me to do."

She's speechless. She well and truly had no idea how to answer that question. And for someone who thought she had the majority of the answers, it felt like nothing had ever been written to explain it.

"Guv.." She starts and then changes her mind. "Gene, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. " He cut her off.

"Yer didn't Bolls, The Gene Genie doesn't 'ave feelings for yer to 'urt."

"Just.. Can you take me home. I'm tired and in pain."

Gene nods and starts the car again heading towards Luigi's.

"Thanks." She tells him as she gets herself out of the car and heads up to her flat. Alone.

He sits in the car for a few minutes after she's gone and decides to head into Luigi's for an early dinner.

He sits down at 'their' table.. The others would make an appearence soon. After all it was 10 to beer o'clock. His favourite time of the day. Then his second time was at 9 in the morning when Bolly walked into CID. Bloody 'ell, Where did that come from ? He thought

"Stupid poof" He mutters to himself.

"Luigi ! Bottle of yer 'ouse rubbish." He yells across the room. Luigi returns a few minutes later with the bottle and two glasses of wine, as if he knew what Gene was about to do.

He nods, and makes his way up to Alexs' flat, wine and glasses in hand.

He pounds on the door three times, before gently speaking her name "Alex"

She doesn't answer him. But he knows for a fact she's in there. Where else would she be ?

"Bloody hormones" He whispers

"I heard that" She mumbles but loud enough for him to hear her, as she unlocks the door.

He gently pushes past her and makes his way to the living room, leaving her in a state of shock.

"Come in Gene, make youself at home Gene." She tells him as she locks the door again.

She follows his footsteps into the living room and finds him on her couch. Bottle in one hand and glasses in the other.

"I can't drink." She states.

He lifts his head and looks shocked. "If anyone can drink, it's you Bolly."

She scoffs as she picks her now cold cup of tea up. "I'm on pain-killers. You don't drink and mix tablets Guv. Even Chris would know that."

He smiles at her use of Chirs in her sentence. He gently pats the cushion next to him, gesturing for her to sit there.

"Make yerself comfy Lady B. We've got alot t' talk 'bout"

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