1 – Visit to the Dentist

Sup people. You've probably noticed that I deleted "Playing by the Playbook". I didn't hit a writer's block or anything, but I was stuck in a rut. Everything was just repeating itself. I literally couldn't bring myself to write it anymore. Well here's the first chapter if my new story, it's short, but you know the drill. Enjoy!

And I apparently don't own anything other than my real world possessions, which do not include the POM characters.

The day after the events of "The Job", Kowalski was sitting on a chair in Alexander's exhibit. His flippers, legs and abdomen were restrained with leather belts and his beak was held open by a metal mouth prop. Kowalski didn't look like he was enjoying it one bit, when the monitor was working on something on the inside of the bird's beak.

˝So, let me get this straight, Doris left you after you were too nice to her?˝ Alexander asked.


˝And then you tried getting drunk on jawbreakers, which, justified their name, and broke your beak.˝


˝Man, it's like talking to Rico,˝ the reptile pulled a final layer of orange epoxy resin and then put the brush down. ˝There, good as new,˝ he released the restraints, ˝though personally I would've gone with the scarred look.˝

The penguin, as soon as he could, jumped out of the chair and pulled out the mouth prop out of his beak. With all his force, he smashed it against the ground and then felt shivers going up his spine.

˝You've got to get over your phobia, it's really something that can control your life. Besides, I'm not a dentist.˝

Kowalski calmed down, ˝I know, that's why I came to you in the first place. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to return to the HQ and inflict pain onto Rico.˝ He turned around and began walking towards the exit, ˝As a fellow scientist, you're welcome to join me.˝

˝Eh, what the hell, I'm a sadist anyway, so why not,˝ he rushed to catch up with his feathered teammate and they left together.

I know it's not much to start with, but I have to get the wheels rolling. It will justify the genre I have given it.