Boo! I'm back from the dead. Inspiration has finally struck again, and I'm ready to start writing again!

"There is no bribe in the world that can get me in that!" Kitty and Dean stood directly outside of the trailer to the woman that they had talked to the previous day; the woman who believed in the fairies. The outside of her trailer reflected the Marion's passion for fairies and all things equivalent.

Dean raised his eyebrows at Kitty, and then walked over to the door of the trailer, prepared to knock. "You're coming in with me whether you like it or not," he said right before he brought his knuckles to rasp against the door.

As soon as Marion saw Kitty and Dean, she smiled widely and with much enthusiasm as she ushered them inside of her trailer. And if Kitty thought the outside was heavily decorated, the inside was like stepping into an unorganized figurine shop. There were even tiny figurines of fairies and garden gnomes scattered on the table that they sat at after Marion served them tea in a child's tea-set.

Quickly, Dean made up some story about why they were there while Kitty tried to hold back from gagging. There were too many figurines about the place, and she never liked the ideas behind the fairies. "I get that tinkerbells are fairies," Dean chuckled nervously, pulling her back and away from her thoughts of how to destroy the trailer, "but what about the tiny Santa Claus and the troll and the-"

When Dean motioned toward a hobbit-like creature, Marion smiled deeply and revealing how much she loved the subject. "That's a garden gnome," she answered, then went about ticking off the different things that were in the room.

"And all of these little… sprites," Kitty mumbled, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. "They're part of the fairy family?"

"Yes," Marion replied. "Fairies come in many shapes and sizes. Magical, mischievous beings from the realm next door. Only people who have been there and returned to our world can see the fairies here!"

Kitty nudged Dean gently in the shoulder, and she could feel him tense up. She wanted to laugh at the torture she was putting him through – especially if it meant alleviating the uncomfortable feelings she had.

After shifting himself slightly away from Kitty, Dean asked, "So why are the fairies abducting people?"

"There is much theory to that, but little fact," Marion answered as she rested her elbows on the table and stretched her fingers. "We know that they only take firstborn sons. Personally, I think they're taken to Avalon to service Oberon, the Fairy King."

Then Kitty did laugh, and she didn't hold back. She could feel Dean glaring at her, and Marion was confused over her outburst, but she couldn't care. All the unsettling feelings that she had been swallowing up were finally flowing out of her.

"I'm- I'm sorry, but excuse me." The pregnant woman slid herself out of the seat and quickly made her way out of the cramped trailer.

Once she was finally outside, Kitty was able to catch her breath and collect herself. She couldn't figure out why it was so funny, and left it at the fact that she's been around crazy people for way too long. And thinking of Dean being abducted to "service" the fairy king pushed her over the top.

"Thanks for the tea," she heard Dean say, his voice very tight as he made his way out of the trailer. One look at him, and Kitty had to suppress another giggle. He looked as if he had just walked out of the most uncomfortable place in the world. Of course, for him, a house full of fairy figurines is probably one of them.

When Dean caught up to Kitty, he looked at her with an annoyed expression. "You left me," he simply stated. "You left me in there, and I feel like I got the crazy all over me."

"I heard crazy was contagious," Kitty replied, pretending to be concerned as she wiped some glitter of the arm of his jacket. "I also think it's fatal."

Dean gently glared at her, then pointed his finger at her and said, "That's not funny."

"It's a little funny."

He then rolled his eyes at Kitty as the two began to make their way toward the Impala. "So what's our next move? Call Bobby and Sunny? Hell, I'd even resort to calling my dad if it means giving us another step in the game."

"I'll call Skyler, and see what she and Sam got so far," Dean sighed as the two got into the car.

Surprisingly, while Skyler was babysitting Sam as they went out on the town, they discovered Mr. Brennan buying a massively large amount of cream. While the two of them continued to follow Mr. Brennan, her and Dean were going to take a look around his watch shop.

"You go in," Kitty said when they pulled up next to the shop, and Dean gave her a look of surprise. "You're the only one who can see the little shits, and if I go in, I'll probably knock something over with my gigantic-ness."

He opened his mouth to argue, but it was futile. Dean was the only one who could see him, and the space was cramped. It killed Kitty to admit that there were some things she wasn't able to do anymore.

"I'll be right back," he stated before he got of the car and headed into the building.

She leaned back in the seat of the car and rubbed her eyes. The cramping in her back was starting to come back, and she felt like she was in great need of a nap.

Pulling out her phone, Kitty quickly sent a text to Skyler to see where Brennan had gone to. Not surprisingly, he had made his way back to the pub that Kitty and Sam had tracked him to the other night. The guy's psychiatrist is his drink, she thought to herself as she watched Dean walk out of the clock shop.

"Skyler and Sam followed Brennan back to the pub," she explained as Dean got back into the Impala, his eyes fixed dead ahead. "Looks like the guy could drink you under a table." When she didn't get an answer back from Dean, she poked him in the arm. "You okay?"

He turned his gaze to Kitty and fluttered his eyes as he tried to form a coherent thought. "Little… I don't know – elves! He had freaking elves in there."

Kitty in turned gazed at Dean for a second. "Okay, that totally sounds weird. And like you're on drugs, so don't go talking about that in public."

"Not planning on it." Dean looked at his watch, then through the front windshield of the Impala. "Look, the place is just down the street. Can we walk there? I need to clear my head."

Dean had called Sam, and the two began to wonder if Brennan had made a deal with one of the fairies. With a promise – mostly from Skyler – to talk about it when they reached the pub, Dean wrapped his arm around Kitty's waist as the two walked down the sidewalk.

The evening air had a slight chill to it, which caused Kitty to pull her sweater more tightly around her frame. In her opinion, the only good thing about having to buy new clothing while she was pregnant was the large sweaters she'd have after the baby was born. The one she currently had on was of gray crocheted yarn, and it felt like she was wrapped in a blanket, it was so soft.

She was in such a relaxed state inside her warm wrap, that when Dean's arm stiffened around her, she almost didn't notice. "There's someone following us across the street," Dean whispered when he brought his cheek down against the top of her head, making it seem like an intimate gesture.

Kitty took a quick glance across Dean's frame to the opposite side of the street, half expecting to see someone slinking behind the parked cars. "There's no one there, Dean," she huffed as she straightened her frame, but when she tried to pull away, Dean guided her down an alleyway. "What the hell-"

"Go," Dean stated. "If you can't see him, then it's a fairy."

So Kitty picked up speed and Dean followed behind her, the two half-jogging through the alley. When the next street came up on them, they turned the corner and Dean pressed Kitty against the wall. "Stay quiet," he instructed, even though she didn't need to be told twice, and when a shadow started growing from the alleyway, Dean braced himself to jump.

Kitty watched as Dean landed in a pile of limbs and shouts, while she stood mortified as Dean yelled at the fairy. Finally, she found her voice and shouted his name as she pulled him off of the man. For their luck, it wasn't a fairy, but a man who had dwarfism, and the entire time, Dean had been calling him a fairy.

His back was against Kitty's legs, and Dean looked from the man and then up at Kitty with a I fucked up expression. Then he turned back to the man he tackled and laughed, "I'm just kiddin'."