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Chapter 1: The Soulless Ginger

Ever had those parents who force you to read a book, believe in the book, and worship that book? I do. I have religious parents who see it fit to force me and my twin brother into reading and re-reading the bible. Now I don't have a problem with religion I in fact welcome the thought of a sweet after life with god and my many relatives; just... let me explore the world a little! I love religion; the study of religions anyway way, but I don't want to be force to study one thing. I like to voice my opinion on this, my brother on the other hand… he likes playing the good son because he wants to protect mother feelings. My thoughts… he's a little suck up who finds it necessary to be over protective for no damn reason.

My name is Rei Thomason; your average American 15 year old who is often called the soulless Ginger. Yes I am a ginger thanks to my grandmother who happened to be Irish. My hair is a Dark red; no I do not look like freaking Arial from the little mermaid my hair is not insanely intense; and I have the whole green eyes bit; they are one shade of green, I am not like those lucky bastards who eyes change color based on clothes or emotion; I am freaking too tall for my liking; about 5'8; and my breast are my worse enemy. My talents include making a person's ears bleed when I sing, getting hurt every two seconds of my life, never being on time, and getting into trouble. I one weakness is ugly looking things… like moths… oh how I hate them.

My brother however… is a total asshole. His name is Patrick Thomason and he's what everyone would call a black Irish. Black hair, blue eyes, tall, and acts cool for no reason. He's a prick I tell you! Ok, maybe he's not a prick but really. He sucks up to mom; because he looks like dad, also his teachers give him passing grades because he is such a joy to have in class, then because he plays sports every girl sees it fit to chase after him and he dates every single one of them; but yet he has the nerve to downright tell me what to do and who I can date! Just because he was a minute early! This leads to being a day early! I was born Oct.26 at 12:00am and my brother, Oct 25 at 11:59pm; a big old minute turn into a day difference!

Anyway; besides my clear anger at being the youngest I have a dad complex. Weird yes but when your dad died at an impressionable age it kind of leaves you with a bit of anger, depression. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those emo kids who cry at the drop of a dime. I just don't like talking about my dad. Anyway moving on! Mama, mama is your classic American beauty; white hair, blue yes, short but figured. Yeah my mom is classical not in the old sense but in the traditional sense. There was something about Dad's death that made her turn to religion strictly so we wouldn't corrupt our chances into a bright utopia aka the religious parent I talked about earlier.

But now my mom is on a new trip… the whole "America isn't a safe place to raise children with values." And the whole "It's much too dangerous no matter where you go." So now she has sights on someplace outside the U.S someplace quiet that crime is relatively low. She picks Japan; now I am super cool with that! Anime where ever I go, Asian clothing; j-pop; Tokyo! I was all excited…then she told us where; some god forsaken town known as Karakura town. Where the hell was that located? I never even heard of that being a town in Japan! It most likely has cows or chickens! I fear this move! I don't want to go! Some Japanese Hicksville! I know it! I'm going to be the total freak there with red hair and my brother will once again seem to be like a god!

"It isn't fair!"

"Rei! Shut up already!"

Did I mention that I often talk out loud to myself? Oh there is just one more tinny little thing. Something I enjoy having and using against my brother. I can see spirits. Well, not like a whole person but figures passing by and fazing in and out. My brother is deathly scared of ghost and unfortunately for him he can also see them and I love teasing him about it. You should see him scream like a girl, makes me happy. My mom however if she hears the word ghost she freaks out so fast it's not even funny. She thinks all ghost are evil spirits and if we see one we are being hunted down by demons. She has serious issues but its whatever. I still love my mom.

"Rei; hurry with your packing sweetie! Their picking up our things in an hour."

"I am mom!" My mom is sending our stuff a day ahead. My whole life is moving forward and all I want to do is stay here and try to fight back but I know its use less. I can't stop what's coming to me. I am moving away from friends, family, and the way of life I am use to.

"What a depressing thought."

"Well you're a depressing person."

"Shut up you jerk!"

"Ow! That hurt you brat!"

"Both of you stop fighting!"

"She threw a book at me!"



Yes this was usual in my life. To always be fighting with my brother, mom be jumping in the middle. Ah the life of a normal teenagers and a single mom.

Looking out my window I stared at the big city life going on. This will all be gone. Tomorrow this will all be a memory away.

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