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"Is shadow talking to Rei" 'Rei talking to shadow' In head only.

Chapter 16

Title:To Be Ignored

It had been no more than ten seconds after Urahara's warning did Ichigo get knocked out of his body. Within seconds of that everyone gathered around his body poking and examining it. It was slightly funny how Orihime seemed to be the most curious about the two Ichigos. This didn't settle too well with Ichigo and yelled at us to stop playing with his body. But I could understand their curiosity; when I first saw Ichigo leave his body I wanted to know if there were any changes from his physical one.

"Come on! I said stop touching it so freely!" He yelled and within seconds Kon appeared on his shoulder.

"That's right! That body is mine from now on till all of you come back!" Kon shouted.

I still held a grudge on this kiss that little fucker stole from me and every time I saw him I wanted to pull his ears off. "Oh so you're here Kon. Come give me a hug." I went over to take him from Ichigo but he just screamed and hugged onto Ichigo.

"Ichigo don't let the dragon lady near me! Ye-yeah!" Chad had picked him up and stared at him. I wasn't sure because of all his hair but Chad looked happy about meeting the talking toy. The other two seemed a little freaked out by it.

It would seem our small moments of A.D.D were short lived as Urahara tried to grab out attention. It was weird how he went from being serious to being goofy all over again. Sometimes I wondered if this man was bipolar. Once our attention was finally caught he stood around and paid attention to what he was telling us about the frame in front of us. He explained only souls could travel to and from the soul society and since Ichigo was the only one in soul form we were the ones who needed the door specially made for us. So in short, we would be turned into souls.

"If that's it lets go-Oh shit!"

"Don't be in such a hurry!"

I covered my mouth to hide my laughter. It was funny how Urahara could just torture Ichigo like that. But then things got serious once more and we were told of how much time we had to cross. He told us about being forever trapped between both worlds like a kind of limbo without chance of escape. This worried all of us and even made us question how we would get there in time. Our questions were simply answered when Yoruichi spoke to us and told us she would be our guide. Once all was said the doorway opened and now there was no turning back.

"Stay close together. Don't fall behind, as soon as we go in the path will start to close. So keep running!" She made it very clear on what we were to do. She kept repeating that we had to keep running.

"Ichigo, are you ready?" I asked him with a smile. Ichigo gave me a side glance and just nodded. Why wasn't this boy speaking to me? Ever since we meet up tonight he hadn't said a single word and it was starting to piss me off. But for now it would have to wait. There were bigger things to concentrate one right now.

All together we ran into the bright doorway. Even when we entered into a kind of pathway we didn't stop running as Yoruichi told us not too. Yet all this running didn't stop any of us as to taking in what was around us. The walls were bubbling and oozing, as if someone left a pot to boil over. The ground was hard with many fragments that felt like bone under my feet. If this was the path to heaven you wouldn't know it since the whole atmosphere felt like a journey to hell. I ran close to Orihime and Ichigo. I did not feel comfortable what so ever. Uryu took a glance back and nearly tripped over his feet.

"It's already closing?!" His voice shrilled out.

"Closing?! How is it closing?! We just got in here!" I yelled and picked up my pace.

"Stop sightseeing and keep running! We don't have time to glance around! Run!" Yoruichi yelled at us. I listened complete and picked up my speed. I didn't want to know what would happen if the walls caught up with me but one thing I now regretted. I always hated running and not working out my legs was really starting to catch up with me. However I wouldn't be the one who would get caught by the oozing walls. Within a few seconds Uryu's cape had gotten caught and it took Chad to pull him free and through Uryu over his shoulder, but it would seem we were running to slow… much too slow. Something had suddenly come from the oozing walls and Uryu saw it.

"Something is coming from back there! What is it?!"

We all looked over our shoulders to see a massive looking train like thing heading our way. It looked as wrinkly and gross as the oozing walls. "Its Seimichio; the janitor of this tunnel, it comes out every seven days. Do not, DO NOT get caught by it!" Yoruichi yelled out. However it was moving much too quickly; we could see the exit but at the same time the so called janitor was right on our heels.

"We're going to get caught!" I yelled in a panic.

Orihime suddenly turned around and summoned the fairy like creatures from her hair. A huge triangle formed behind us blocking that massive thing, but it rammed right into it. The force of it pushed us all forward, like being on a rollercoaster we flew straight forward. If only the landing had been more painless. I felt myself smack into the ground on my back. Pain shot everywhere in my body and I really thought I couldn't move for a moment. However I wasn't on the ground. When the smoke cleared I saw we were on the large triangle and Orihime was sitting pretty smiling at us. I groaned and rolled on my side. If the recuse was starting off this bad it was only a matter of time before it just got worse. I did not like the possibility of worse. Orihime seemed to be in high spirits as we went around to everyone and asked if they were okay and she complemented on their landing poses. I had to say Ichigo had the most interesting one; I didn't think a guy could get their legs over their head like that.

"To think..." Uryu started as we all got up. "I have to use the spare already." Pulling out another cape, Uryu applied it to his outfit.

"You are a very strange boy…" I commented.

"Strange is an understatement." Ichigo added.

"Ah! So you finally register what I say?" I asked him with a smile. However he just turned away and looked at Yoruichi, she was currently busy attacking Orihime for being reckless with her powers.

"So this is the soul society?" I was close to steaming. Again he ignored me. I didn't do anything and here he was, completely acting like I didn't exist nor mattered! I know we are here to save Rukia but how can we work together when he can't even talk to me!

But I did give a good look around. It was weird. Our backs were directed to this area that looked like village life of federal Japan. With wooden homes, straw like roofs. Had to be around mid-1400-1500 hundreds this place was based off of. Way before England made its impact on Japan. However the other side… it was like an invisible line. Right in front of us was this place that looked like the rich lived there. Yeah it was the same federal Japan theme but it wasn't the same. The buildings looked solid for the most part, maybe only the doors were wooden, and the roofs made of some kind of clay or plank. I wasn't sure. Why such a huge gap in the design? Right next to each other no less. Then again even back home such things can happen. Ichigo pointed in front of us to the nicer looking side of the area. Asking Rukia would be there; Yoruichi explain the two main parts of the soul society. I felt bad for whoever had to come here for a moment. Upon death to treated like a lower classman because they aren't a soul reaper and live in poorer conditions. How horrible. But that made me wonder; is my dad somewhere around here? Ichigo broke my train of thought when he let out a loud "hurry up!" and headed towards the direction of the soul reaper city; I almost giggled when Yoruichi yelled at him to stop warning him of danger. Good, that jerk got whatever punishment was coming to him for being so absent minded. Just as long as he didn't get killed I would be happy with him getting a good hit. A jerk that ignores their friend deserves it! However what happened next shocked the hell out of me. The ground rumbled and large rectangular block like things fell from the sky. What really drew my attention however was the large man that appeared. He looked half ape, half man. He even had a hat on his head that looked like the old meat grinder's monkey hat. And don't get me started on that funky looking bread, I never seen anything like it before.

"Finally, something to do." It, he, whatever you want to call the giant spoke to Ichigo. "I promise to treat you well. I am Jidanbou; the Gatekeeper!" He raised a large axe and crashed it down next to Ichigo. "Attack however you like."

"What on earth is he?" I asked slightly unaware of my own voice.

"He's huge!" I wasn't sure if it was Chad or Uryu who said that. My total attention was toned onto the giant ape like man.

"He is Jidanbou, an elitist and the gate keeper of the four gates leading into the Seireitei. I didn't want to face him…. This is very bad…!" Yoruichi explained. I bit my lip, if Yoruichi was worried about us fighting him, did that mean our journey ended here? No it couldn't! We had to do something! I was glad to know I wasn't the only one who thought that way; Chad, Orihime, and I took off running towards Ichigo. Unfortunately we were stopped by Jidanbou's axe crashing down in front of us. The ground before us broke upward leaving Ichigo and us on two different sides.

"That is not how warriors behave!" The giant yelled at us. "There are rules you have to follow! Otherwise it is unfair and holds no honor!" He held on his hand. "Rule one! Wash your hands when you come home" Wait… he was kidding with that right? "Rule two, no eating food off the ground" Was this guy a huge idiot with super strength? "And the most important rule, rule three! All dueling is one-on-one. Nothing more!" He pointed at Ichigo, at least I think he was pointing at him. "My first opponent will be spiky orange head."

I groaned. This was bad, how could we help if there was a huge wall between us!

You could always use me to make a ladder. Go save your prince charming. My shadow giggled.

"Shut up…" I muttered to myself.

"I can make a hole in the wall. " Chad spoke softly and pointed to the wall. "You can take a chance to attack then." Well, now that was a clever idea. Orihime and I nodded; we were ready for this!

"Are you three planning a sneak attack?!" I nearly jumped from his voice. Damn, for a giant he had good hearing…. Then again in Jack and the bean stalk they all had good hearing.

"Rei, Chad, Orihime!" All three of us looked up ears perked from Ichigo's voice. "Just stay there, don't do anything stupid. That means you Rei!" I turned red with anger. Since when did I ever do anything stupid?!

"What the hell do you mean by that Orange-boy?!" My temper sometimes got the best of me. "Here we are worried about you and you go insulting us?!" I yelled through the stone at him.

"You are too loud."

I nearly flipped out and tried to climb the stone but Chad held the back of my shirt keeping me from moving.

"Can you fight?" Chad asked behind me.


"What the hell do you mean by that!?" I yelled out. "It's you can or you can't!"

"Don't worry about me. I can fight; just let me show you."

Before we knew it a gust of wind shot out from above the rocks pushing me into Chad. It was clear that Jidanbou had attacked Ichigo. Then the least expected happen. Jidanbou started to stutter as he spoke, Ichigo clearly did something the giant did not expect. He must have blocked the attack somehow. But that all changed, soon the giant was laughing and complementing Ichigo on his skill. This only made us worry more. If he was speaking like that, did that mean he was really holding back? Was the whole ground smashing just a common thing he does like killing a fly? That's when he started attacking again; we could hear the metal smashing onto metal. Over and over again, each time the giant was counting his strikes, Orihime grabbed my arm clearly worried about how many Ichigo could take before he would get smashed to pieces. When he got to seven in counting he seemed to have… started to slip up. Jidanbou started to recount the same numbers and even started shouting out random numbers. Then with one large thrust of his axe, he cut in half the wall he had created and sent us all flying onto our back and rocks to crash behind us. We all got up and we could now see Ichigo standing there with his large sword draw, unharmed by the attack.

"Are you done yet?" It was almost as if Ichigo was taunting him. "I believe it's my turn."

This really set off the giant's temper. Shocked and angry at Ichigo, the gatekeeper pulled out another axe. He sent them thundering down towards Ichigo who seemed completely unfazed by this. What was going on through his orange head? How did he expect to make it out of that attack alive? He gave me such a surprise. With just one swing of his own blade, he cut off axe from its handle, shattering it to pieces. It was unbelievable to witness. For someone, whom just a few days ago was injured and now, to even top someone whom was considered an elitist in the soul society? The ground rumbled when the giant fell backward, as for the gate itself, it now held a large scar.

"He-he really did it?" I asked just above a whisper.

Uryu swallowed the lump in his throat. "He couldn't have. That giant… it was…" Uryu too seemed to be in a kind of shock.

Orihime pressed her hand against her chest. "I hope, no one was hurt." `

I climbed up the broken ground and looked over. Sure enough the Giant was knocked back but he didn't look hurt. "I don't think Ichigo is out of the woods yet! The giant has no injuries from what I can see."

"What about Kurosaki-kun?" She hurriedly asked.

"No a scratch on him!" I called out to her.

The giant suddenly span to his feet and started laughing at Ichigo. Telling him how good of a job he did knocking him back and for an outcast he knew what to do. The usual taunting crap but he kept going on about how powerful his axes were. Did he not realize they were smashed yet? Ichigo didn't raise his sword and stood there facing the giant. From the laughter and the look of glee coming from the giant as he got back into position he thought he was still in battle; that was until he looked at his weapons. I ducked down the moment he started freaking out about his axes. For a moment I thought he was going to start smashing the ground and try to turn Ichigo into a pancake. However I didn't expect to see large tears come from his eyes. Like damn! Who knew a giant would be such a baby?! When the others walked around the broken ground I lifted myself up again. I guess there was no real threat in giant tears… But what really blew my mind was when he looked like he wanted to hug Ichigo for saying sorry. I guess even giants have feelings and know good manners when they see it. It was like watching an over-sized kid! This giant wasn't like the ones you played against in Skyrim…. Expect… maybe peaceful is a trait all giants have. Hmm, I miss that game. My attention was snapped back to reality when the words "You can pass" came from the giants lips. I grinned and the others appeared just as happy about it. Getting off the rock I went over to Orihime who had joined Ichigo's side.

"Are you serious?!" Ichigo asked shocked.

"I, Jidanbou, recognize my lost. Since I lost it is only fair that you pass through." We all cheered at the giants words. Well this was an easy break! We watched the giant turn to his back to us and lift the large white gate. We rushed to his side once it was completely lifted. It was amazing watching it. But my question was this; if he can lift a gate with little to no effort, how was Ichigo able to with stand each of his hammering attacks. Just how much did Ichigo train? However our amazement was short lived. Jidanbou suddenly looked panicked and I looked forward.

Creepy? That was an understatement. The first thing that caught my attention was the large grin that curled wickedly as if teasing you without words. Eyes that looked mostly close, as if looking at you secretly. Silver hair and a white cape over his robe. How could such a small man make the large giant look so scared?

"Who the fuck is this?" Oh well isn't Ichigo polite.

"The third division captain, Gin Ichimaru." Captain? Like a military rank? I bit my lower lip. If he was someone important did that mean we had to fight him?

Wouldn't you like to finally show me off? I glared down at my shadow. 'Shut. Up.'I thought angrily. Part of me still didn't want to tell Ichigo about my little friend. Afraid of being judged by him but sooner or later I was sure I would have to show my power.

"Now I thought a gate keeper was to keep the gate close. Not open it up to those who trespass."

Jidanbou started to shake and stutter over his words as he explained how Ichigo won; and since he won we would be granted entry. The white haired man just lifted a finger and waved it around.

"Tsk, tsk. You see if you can not stand guard nor defend the gate." Before any of us could blink a dust of wind rushed at us and Jidanbou's left arm was cut clean off. "Might as well not be a guard at all." He chuckled a cruelly as he watched the giant fall to one knee. Was it so easy to just kill off one of your own here?

Dashing in front of us all, Ichigo blocked another attack aimed at Jidanbou. I didn't even know he was going for another attack. Were the soul reapers really this powerful?

Ah, but what you can't see I can. Let me be your eyes and ears. Allow me into battle!I grabbed my arm as if that would fight that itching feeling to enter combat. It was as if her voice was trying to put me into a bloodlust trance. I shook my head. I had to regain control. 'Just stop already. This isn't our fight.'

No, you don't want it to be your fight.

Before I could even react Ichigo and Jidanbou went flying pass me crashing into the ground behind me. What had I just missed? Was I that caught up in my thoughts that I didn't even notice. I just watched as the gate started to the drop and the white haired man waved goodbye at us all.

We missed our chance.

I rubbed my forehead in pure confusion and anger. I didn't want her, it, whatever it is, to do this the whole time I was here. I would rather deal with the hair pulling pixies Orihime had then this creature who didn't shut the hell up no matter how hard I tried. Looking over at the group I watched as they gasp over all the people who crowded the area suddenly. Looks like this place wasn't a ghost town after all. They were normal people. Normal people who I hoped wouldn't get dragged into our fight. I bit my lower lip and watched as Chad was greeted by the once parakeet known as Shibata. Chad was reunited with his little friend, so, did that really mean I could find father here? If I searched hard enough would he honestly be here waiting for us? I felt my stomach knot up and excitement build. Could there really be a chance to see him again? I grew since he last saw me, maybe he would be surprised. Maybe he would already know how I changed? So many questions were running through my head. Maybe, maybe just if I can wonder off a little bit. Maybe I can find him right?

The odds of that are slim to none. I sighed at the voice in my head. 'Doesn't hurt to have faith.' I watched as the towns people pulled Jidanbou's arm to his body so Orihime can heal it. 'It doesn't hurt to believe in something no matter how slim the chances. Just to hold him again.'

Wouldn't you rather hold onto someone else?

My eyes wondered to Ichigo who was talking to the towns folk. Something such has that would be impossible.

Why not try? 'Lets just go train.' I turned and walked off behind one of the buildings which the people had abandoned to watch Orihime heal their friendly giant. There were three things I loved turning my shadow into, and I admit, video games and manga inspired me a bit. One was a claymore. She would take a solid form in this shape, but any damage done to her would still reflect on me. Only if my spiritual pressure was equal or better then my enemy would I not be hurt. Another was spiked chain, again, depending on my strength would it be able to hold my enemy. Lastly was a simple old english blade. Defense wise she I always allowed her to do what she wanted, but it was Yoruichi who suggested making her take shape. Would help me in controlling her she said. So far, she would take the shape until she was bored of it and then do whatever she felt like it.

Before I knew it, the sun has set. "You are much to stubborn. Why can't you just listen to me?"

"Who the hell are you taking too?"

I jumped nearly ten feet at the sound of his voice. I was not expecting him to be suddenly behind me. "Haha! No one!" I laughed as i turned to face the orange haired wonder.

"Let's go. Yoruichi has place she wants to to meet." With that he just turned and walked away. So, he was still avoiding me for reasons unknown. Great.

I hurried to catch up to him. "Ichigo, is something wrong-"

"Just go off ahead I have to go get Orihime." I stopped walking and stared at his back. What did I do wrong?

Feeling nothing but hurt I went to the building I saw chad entered. Soon after Ichigo and Orihime followed and we started talking about how it was nearly impossible to get into the Seireitei using the gate. Then Yoruichi started talking about a different way. A way that would be quicker and help us avoid battle. Turning to the old man she asked most seriously if he knew where the location of someone called Shiba Kuukaku. How where ever they lived was once around here and should be near by. The old man seem taken aback by this and even a little afraid? Something about she couldn't possibly mean to enter the Seireitei in 'that way' which ever that way was. But the way he said that mad me nervous.

A crashing and the falling down of a wall make everyone in the room job. Nearly snapping my neck to turn towards the sound and person we all saw a boar at the now created entrance with a young man on the floor in front of it. He was wearing not so old fashion clothing like everyone else is. He had on what appeared to be normal pants, a sleeveless shirt and a vest. And what the hell was with the sun glasses? It was the evening what on earth could he be wearing sunglasses for? However he quickly stood up and faced the old man in front of us, explaining, as if he was cool which with that entrance he wasn't, on how he wanted to see the old man. The old man just yelled at him telling him to go back home as if he was some bad seed. This, Ganjyu as the old man called him, acted as if he had done nothing wrong like break down a wall and casually walked around the place as if he owned it. That was until his eyes landed on Ichigo.

"What the- what the fuck is a punk ass Shinigami doing here?" I blinked at the word Shinigami.

Tapping Orihime on the shoulder I asked her. "Did he just called call Ichigo a paper art?" I asked confused. She shook her head. "No he called him a soul reaper in old Japanese with a insult at the end of it." I blinked in even more confusion. They had formalities for even insults?

"Oh." I looked back and nearly gasped in shock! Was this guy really picking on and tormenting Ichigo? "H-hey! Stop touching him you moron!"

The guy looked at me and snickered. "So the punk ass who can't say a thing has to have a women speak for him. So that's the knew form of bing pussy-" BAM! Punched right in the face. Well I tried to warn him. There is only so much Ichigo could take before he got violent.

"Why the fuck did you punch me bitch?! Are you trying to pick a fight?!" Was this Ganjyu guy a complete idiot or something? He was the one picking on Ichigo and putting his hands on him! Why the hell would be try to say Ichigo was picking the fight?! God damn morons. They need to all be shot. And what was even more moronic about him was the way he was explaining who the hell he was. Like he was some kind of self entitled soul reaper hater who should be given an award for how much anger he had towards them or something. To even go as far as to bring Ichigo outside, what a complete idiot. Not that I completely mind anyway. Nor did Orihime for that matter. It was pretty hot seeing Ichigo fight like that. I knew he had combat skills but to have such good hand to hand combat was insane. Urahara have to had really taught him a few tricks and his speed. I wouldn't want to get into a fight with him any time soon. But the fight was short lived. A sudden cry out about what time it was and the pig-man had summoned his boar to him, got on it, insulted Ichigo once more and took off. Now not that I don't blame Ichigo for being mad but hey at least he won the fight.

I laughed a bit. "Come on Ichigo, its not like you lost the fight." I saw him stiffen before turning a heel and going right inside and pass me like I hadn't said a thing. Completely ignored like before. Completely...

Build your rage, it will only help us.

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