Rat howled with delight as he and Icefen raced across the moor, neither looking where they were going. Of course, they thought they didn't have to. If any civilians saw them, all Icefen would have to do was breathe on them.

Rat, especially, was in an excellent mood today. He had asked Anneena out for a date and she had said yes. He was also nervous, though, wondering what Icefen would think of his companion having a girlfriend. He knew the frost wolf would notice their connection not open all the way, but he decided to wait until Icefen made his move.

Surprisingly, Icefen took his time before speaking, Companion, you seem happier for some reason, but you will not tell me why. Is there something wrong with our bond?

No, no. Rat assured him quickly, patting the thick fur on his neck, Well, I don't know.

You don't know what? The wolf's tone was that of a questioning puppy.

I don't know how you'll feel about my news. Do you want me to just tell you?


Rat reluctantly opened the rest of the bond, letting Icefen know without actually talking that he was dating Anneena. That a human girl was the cause of his joy.

Companion, I thought we had no secrets. Why didn't you just tell me this in the first place, instead of hiding it from me? I don't mind. As long as she doesn't interfere with our bond, I don't mind at all.

You don't? Rat was relieved, he had thought that would take a little more effort.

Icefen didn't have time to answer, though, because suddenly they were flying through the air. Rat landed in the snow a few feet away from him, realizing their connection had been abruptly broken.

"Icefen?" He called aloud, "Where are you?"

To the left, Companion. You must come and see what tripped us.

"Tripped us?" Rat was too stunned to use mind speech, "Something tripped us?"

Icefen sighed, Of course something tripped us. Do you think me stupid enough to just throw you?

"No." Rat stumbled through the snow, ramming into a wall of fur.

Ow. His companion said flatly.

"It wasn't that bad!" Rat exclaimed, turning to see what had looked like a large rock from a distance. Actually, it still looked like a rock from here.

"What the heck is it supposed to be?"

Silly companion. Icefen muttered, picking Rat up in his mouth and bring him to the other side of the rock. You're looking at it's back.

Rat was about to scoff at Icefen for believing a stupid rock was an "it", until he got a clear view of it's… face. He gasped, and leaned in closer for a better look.

There, curled in the snow, face blue with cold, was a human girl.