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There is some SimonxJeanette fluff in this for that? Enjoy!

Words remained unspoken when they arrived at the Seville residence. The eerie silence was taking its toll on the youngest of the three brothers, and he finally spoke up as Dave was unlocking the front door.

"Simon? I'll cook your favorites for dinner tonight if you want." He stated, trying to retain his usually cheerful demeanor.

"Thank you, Theodore." Simon replied, attempting an obviously fake smile.

When the family -plus Jeanette- entered the house they all went to do their own thing. Theodore went to the kitchen to start on his brother's favorite meal, to hopefully cheer him up, if only a little bit. Alvin walked upstairs, to do who knows what.

Everyone else stayed in the door for a moment. Dave looked down at Simon, a look in his eyes that can only be found on a parent with a hurt child.

He scooped him up in another hug, but this time the young boy didn't cry, nor did he even hug his father back.

David knew his son's lack of emotions was a bad sign, and the fact that he was being so cold terrified the man. He was glad, though, that Simon was safe and alive. He was, however, dreading the talk he knew would have to come, for Simon's sake.

Simon said not a word after the hug broke, he just held up a finger to Jeanette as a signal to wait just a few minutes, and headed upstairs.

Jeanette and Dave shared a worried glance. He put a hand on the young girl's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze before he, too, walked away.

The Chipette heaved a sigh as she headed over to the couch, climbed up on it, and turned on the television. It was muted, but she didn't bother to turn the volume up. She just stared at it while absentmindedly munching on a cookie that Theodore had given her. When, she didn't remember.

She had gotten her opes up for Simon. He had seemed almost alright in the hospital, but when she managed to steal a glance at him on the car ride home she lost all hope in her heart that he would ever be the same again.

Simon stood in the shower, crying once more. He was trying to be strong in front of his family and friends, he couldn't let them see him cry. He knew he had every reason to cry all he wanted, but he wouldn't.

Being cold was the only way to prevent his tears from falling. It was very hard to be so rude to the very people who cared more about him and his well-being than anyone. Worrying them, though, he just wouldn't do. Little did he know, being so distant worried them more than anything.

Alvin was sitting in the Chipmunks' room, trying to figure out why he could know longer read his bespectacled sibling.

Simon was usually so easy to figure out, sure, half the time he had no idea what his brother was saying, but he usually had a pretty good idea of what was going through the other boy's head.

The red-clad chipmunk had never seen Simon so cold. He was usually an over-emotional person, whether it was anger, happiness, or sadness. Now there was nothing in his eyes, and that scared his trouble-making older brother.

The program Jeanette had been 'watching' went off and she stared at the credits as they rolled up the screen, far too fast for anyone to actually read. If someone were to watch her, sitting there, they would most likely think she hadn't blinked in quite a while. The small girl was, yet again, lost in thought. If someone asked her what she was thinking about, however, she would have no answer for them.

Her thoughts involved Simon, of course, as many of her thoughts did as of late. But what was running through her mind was unknown to her.

The quiet Chipette felt the weight shift next to her, but acted as if nothing had changed. She didn't look over until the presence made himself known by clearing his throat.

Jeanette looked over to see Alvin. She hadn't noticed earlier that he had large bags under his eyes. She guessed they were from stress, worry, and guilt. They couldn't be from lack of sleep, as Simon had only been missing one night.

As long as she had known Alvin, he had cared way more about himself than others. However, she knew that he had a profound love for his brothers, such was often found with triplets. Brittany was the same way.

"He seems really..different, doesn't he?" The boy muttered after a moment of silence.

She nodded, tears misting the corners of her eyes. "I..I think he's changed forever.."

It was Alvin's turn to put his hand on her shoulder. "It's only the first night." The voice he managed, if anything, was a feat for Alvin Seville. Comforting as it was, it didn't make Jeanette feel any better.

The two children's worry increased when they looked over to the clock and realized Simon had been upstairs for over an hour. The both of them gaped at the clock, their eyes wide. There was absolutely no reason for Simon to be in the shower, it was assumed that's where he was, for an hour.

Without a word, Alvin, taking a responsible step for once, shot up the stairs to check on his slightly younger brother. He banged as hard as he could on the bathroom door.

Merely seconds after his banging started the door opened to reveal Simon, looking much unlike his normally organized self.

He appeared to have barely even dried off before putting his clothes on. The fur on his head practically dripped, and his sky blue pajamas were wrinkled and disorderly. his glasses, fogged up from being in a steamy room for so long, shielded his bloodshot eyes from his brother's view. He had one hand on the doorknob, while the other hung to his side like dead weight. The bespectacled chipmunk had always had bad posture, but he was even more slumped over than usual.

"What is it, Alvin?" He asked in a voice so tired and full of despair that one would think its owner had his entire life torn away from him.

"Just making sure you weren't dead." Alvin tried to smile, but it came out as a pathetic half-smile.

"Well I'm not, thank you." Simon muttered as he tried to push past his older yet shorter brother.

Alvin blocked him with ease. "Why are you shutting me out?" He asked abruptly, looking his distraught sibling straight in the eyes. "How am I supposed to help you if you shut me out? I want to help you!" His voice was growing desperate.

Simon laughed. It wasn't cheerful, nor was it even real. It was a cold, dead laughter erupting from the darkened depths of his soul. "You? Help?" His laughter grew louder, the disturbing cackle practically echoing off the walls. "Since when are you interested in anyone but yourself? Why on earth would you want to help me?"

Alvin stared at him, his mouth agape and his mind struggling to form words. He finally clenched his jaw. "Because you're my brother and I love you." His face hardened. "I do know how to be caring, you know."

Simon's expression fell and sorrow overcame his features. He felt guilty for being mean to Alvin. He sighed and tried, although not very hard, to get by his brother once more.

"Alvin," The taller boy said, his voice cracking. "I feel empty and broken and talking about it won't help." He tried hiding the tears that rolled down his cheeks again, but failed to shield them from his brother's eyes.

Alvin's face softened again as he pulled his brother into a hug. Simon stiffened and pushed him away.

"I don't need your comfort, Alvin." He swallowed back a sob. "I'm fine. I just need you to leave me alone."

"You were alone in there for an hour." The boy with the red baseball cap gestured toward the bathroom.

At this point something in Simon snapped. He pushed his brother away so he could get past him and glared at him. "I. Don't. Need. Your. Help." The chipmunk said through gritted teeth.

"Why? Because I wouldn't understand?"

Simon thought for a moment. "Exactly."

"Simon, I'm not that stupid. I am capable of mature thoughts. I know what you're doing. You're trying to be strong and shutting us out. You've been through too much not to cry." Alvin had an uncharacteristically serious air about him. It was almost as if he were a completely different person than his trouble-making self.

Simon sighed and sunk into the floor against the hallway wall. Alvin sat beside him and put his arm around him. At that moment their brotherly bond couldn't be broken. If only that silent comfort would make everything alright.

It had been thirty minutes since Alvin had gone upstairs to check on Simon, and to Jeanette time was passing as slow as it possibly could. It felt, to her, that time was taunting her.

She knew it was a ridiculous thought, but it sure did feel like it.

The girl stared at the half-eaten cookie that had been sitting in her lap for over an hour now. She was so bored and worried, all at once. She thought about going upstairs herself, but quickly changed her mind. Simon told her to wait, so she would.

She was relieved when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She turned to see Simon, dressed in his pajamas, slowly slinking down the stairs. The way he walked made it seem as if every step he took was carefully calculated, and this made her wonder if her companion was in any pain.

When the boy finally reached the bottom of the stairs the children were called to dinner. The whole meal was incredibly awkward. Every time anyone tried to start a conversation it ended rather abruptly.

Simon, despite not having eaten in over 24 hours, barely touched his food. Dave kept trying to convince him to eat even just a little, but Simon insisted that he wasn't hungry.

Eventually Dave gave up. He'd have to give him a bit of time and talk to him later.

After supper Simon and Jeanette made their way back to the living room and sat side by side on the couch. After a few minutes of awkward silence Simon finally spoke.

"Thank you." he practically whispered.

"For what?" She asked, turning to look into his tired gray-blue eyes.

"For being here for me. you know me better than Dave and my brothers do. I really don't feel like talking, I just wanted you to be here." He looked away. "Sorry for making you wait so long for nothing."

Jeanette almost smiled. "It wasn't for nothing." She put her hand on his and gave it a squeeze. "I'll always be here for you."

Another hour passed, and the two friends did nothing but talk. They talked about everything that popped into their heads, everything that would keep their minds off of the events of the day.

No matter what they talked about, Jeanette was glad for one thing: Simon was talking. He wasn't secluding himself in a shell like he had been all day. He even smiled a few times. He almost laughed.

It was getting quite later, however, and Jeanette could see exhaustion making its presence known in her best friend. She was sure last night hadn't been too peaceful for him, and he'd looked tired all day.

"Simon?" She said after another topic of discussion came to an end. "It's late. I need to go home and you need to get to bed."

If she didn't know any better she would have thought she saw fear on his face when she said that. He tried to pretend He wasn't scared. "..Can you sing to me before you leave?" He asked quietly.

The Chipette was baffled at his odd request. It didn't sound like something that would come from Simon. "Uh..sure...w-what would you like me to sing?"

He looked up from where his head lay in her lap. They had somehow ended up like that while talking. "It doesn't matter." He said, looking at her with pleading eyes.

Jeanette took a breath and sang the first song that popped into her head.

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart,

Without saying a word you can light up the dark.

The boy almost smiled. Jeanette was the one that was able to light up his darkness.

Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing.

Jeanette stroked Simon's hair lovingly. He smiled, and for the first time that day his eyes lit up.

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me,
There's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave me.
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall,
You say it best when you say nothing at all.

She grabbed his hand and gave it another gentle squeeze.

All day long I can hear people talking out loud,
But when you hold me near, you drown out the crowd.

When the girl looked down again she saw that her companion was drifting off into a deep slumber. She smiled as she continued to sing.

Old Mr. Webster could never define
What's being said between your heart and mine.

She put her hand on his heart, and he placed his on top of hers, right before falling asleep, the last peaceful sleep he would get in a long, long time. She wasn't far behind him.

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me,
There's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave me.
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall.
You say it best when you say nothing at all. was it? I was honestly worried about keeping Alvin in character more than anything. He seemed rather off in this chapter. I'm not used to trying to make him serious. Anyway. Yeah. Sequel. There will be one. Soon.
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