A/N: This is my first Carrie Remake story! I fell in love with the actors for Tommy also Billy and Carrie. The others are still little bitches. But anyway, this story mainly focuses around Tommy/Sue/Carrie!

"Carrie: Remake"


Chapter One

The library at Ewen High school was drafty and very cold. Carrie sat at the far table in the back of the library doodling in her journal.

She didn't notice but a table far alongside her to her left were whispering sounds and looking over their shoulders at her; no one else but Carrie White. She did notice the table of boys talking about her after the door opened and Tommy Ross, the most popular jock in the school walked in.

He wore a red Ewen High school hoody and a pair of nice blue jeans with his planner and a few other miscellaneous books under his arm.

The few guys at the table stared over at Tommy and then looked back at Carrie.

One of them whispered something to the other and their eyes shot over their shoulders again. Carrie noticed and stopped twirling her hair after finding their eyes upon her.

She looked back down at the face of her journal before staring back up at the cute jock boy.

A boy from the table stood up and smiled at Tommy before he sat down. Carrie didn't recognize him but she swore she saw him around school with Helen. "Hey Ross, I think you have a little watcher." The teen told him and with that, Tommy turned and looked over at the table the kid had pointed at and Carrie White sat there.

Tommy squinted and furrowed his brows.

"She's practically drooling over you dude." The dirty blond kid reassured, hoping Tommy would listen and tell the creepy girl to stop looking over at him like he's some sort of sugary desert. But he didn't; "Shut up Evarts." Tommy hollered eyeing Carrie as so, setting his books down on the table he was ready to sit down at.

Carrie swallowed and her heart began to beat so rapidly her body trembled and her hands glistened with warm sweat.

A strange feeling began to wonder into her mind and her body. It felt weird but also very exciting; no wonder all the girls like Tommy; Carrie thought inside her head, staring at Tommy without him realizing it.

Roy Evarts, the blond kid at the table that had once stood up and blurted out to Tommy stood up again, only to see what little Carrie was busy doing.

She wasn't doing anything at the moment just sitting there staring at Tommy-still. "Fine Tom don't listen to me, but once you get some crazy stalker, that's when I get to say I told you so!" Roy stated aloud to the entire library which gave the librarians a chance to tell Roy and his table to 'knock it off'.

Tom looked over his shoulder but went back to what he was previously doing which was reading. Carrie smiled to herself and the bell rang; that gave Roy and his friends to tease Carrie a little bit.

"Hey Carrie what are you doing?" Roy appeared quite quickly by her side with his arms behind his back and a slight grin on his face. Carrie frowned at him in an angry manner, holding her books with each arm against her chest.

"Going to my next class?" She answered quietly, nearly getting knocked out by the door as she walked out of the library; but Roy held it open for her surprisingly.

"Me too!" He smiled big at her and left so suddenly like a ghost or something. It somewhat freaked her out but it wasn't much of a bother. He didn't do too much damage—yet and right as she was walking down the hall to her next class which was literature, she had bumped into Tommy.

At first he was totally pissed off and ready to beat the shit out of whoever did that, but after realizing it was that girl he had just saw in the library, he smiled small and apologized.

He didn't stay too long at all and left right after he apologized very sympathetically. Carrie didn't say anything back and watched him leave. She smiled small then left going the opposite way of Tommy.


Lunch time was finally here. Everyone who was everyone stormed out of the classes and into the cafeteria in no time at all.

After arriving herself, Carrie noticed all the kids busy catching their breath or sitting down at their tables. She wasn't trying to look for anyone in particular but she did see Tommy Ross and he was already in front of everyone else walking to his table with his tray.

Carrie breathed in softly so no one would notice and she walked herself over to the far end table, surely sitting alone like she has always.

She usually waited for the line to go down a bit then went up:

As she sat at her table, she took her journal out of her arms and set it on the table and someone she barely knew at all came to her table and gave her the most hateful stare. She didn't understand why this guy was at her table, glaring right at her for no apparent reason, but on the opposite of her Chris Hargensen appeared and she had a grin on her face.

"So Carrie I hear you have a little crush on Tommy Ross; how cute. All the girls do but he has a girlfriend so keep your feelings under control White!" she slammed her hands out in front of Carrie upon the table in such a strong tone of voice that it caught as much as attention as Carrie thought.

Billy snickered somewhat and crossed his arms; to Carrie Billy looked like a complete reject and a druggy just by the way the light shown on his eyes revealing those dark circles, and he looked slightly skinnier than Chris herself but he had way more muscle than Chris would ever have.

"Why are you doing this?" Carrie shook slightly after the way Chris and her boyfriend just showed up and decided to tease her for no reason at all like they always did and she swallowed dryly.

Chris smiled and crossed her arms. Billy looked at Chris and whispered something into her ear. Carrie couldn't hear but she turned her head down so they couldn't see the fear and anger she was feeling. "Oh I don't know I just wanted you to know that Tommy already has a girlfriend and she is not you." She flipped her hair as she left and Billy glared at her once again, following his girl like a puppy dog.

Carrie breathed through her nose and back out through her nose all the same. She bit her bottom lip and she shut her eyes for a moment.

She didn't get it why they were always so hurtful to her; so mean…she just wanted to be like everyone else; she wanted to belong and have friends like the rest. But it was so hard to when you don't even know where to begin.


E/N: Sorry if this first starting chapter was suckish cause I thought it was so its okay if you readers think so too. I didn't have a great idea and so this happened.