"Carrie: Remake"


Chapter Two

It rained that evening. Tommy took Sue Snell home and Billy took Chris home also. No one took Carrie home that evening; she walked herself in the pouring rain.

Passing her through the bullet rain, Tom looked out the window with his hand in Sue's. He noticed that girl and had the deep intention to stop and be somewhat kind to her. She was drenched from head to toe literally speaking and he felt so bad.

He instantly stopped right in the middle of the road, watching Carrie continue on walking with grey skies up ahead.

It bugged him and Sue didn't seem to notice since she was fast asleep with her head against her window. Tommy smiled at her and very slowly removed the keys from the ignition, put them into his back pocket and stepped out of the truck carefully. He barely shut the door and ran skillfully through the cold rain up to Carrie.

She didn't notice right away but as soon as he touched her shoulder, she spun around and dropped her books.

"Please don't hurt me!" she let her words get ahead of her before she even had the time to realize who it was. It was Tommy Ross.

She looked at him; he was soaked but looked good either way.

"What are you doing here?" Tommy coughed before asking a bit hurried he was, trying to speak as fast as he could so he could leave the rain faster. Carrie wasn't letting that happen at all.

"I am walking home." She answered him calm and quietly, holding her wet books against her chest. Tommy breathed in sharply and extended his arm. Carrie was afraid of what his intentions were and moved away. Tommy shook his head and put his arm down.

"I am sorry do you want me to take you home. You look a bit wet?" he smiled at that little joke which Carrie didn't seem to get by the expression on her face and waited for her response.

She hesitated for a while and looked back at his truck sitting behind them against the curb and noticed Sue in the passenger seat. At that moment she shook her head vigorously frightened that she would be teased all over again by Sue and Tommy himself.

"No." she growled quietly as always and turned around way too fast for Tom to even react.

He watched her leave without saying a word. If he were to chase her down she would be more freaked out then she was now.

So he shook his head with a sigh. "Fine…he said to himself in the rain already frozen to the bone. Tommy lost sight of her in the rain and ran back to the truck. Sue didn't wake at all as he jumped back inside; he looked over at her and drove off.


Billy turned the radio off. Chris smiled at him with a devilish aurora glowing around her when she scooted extra close to him, putting her hands delicately on his leather shoulders.

He gave her a deep growl before pushing hard into her mouth and taking her whole, and helping her strip away his leather coat. Chris grunted after Billie's hands moved further and further up her blouse before grabbing each boob and squeezing like hell.

"Be still!" Billy demanded, cooing something softly into her ear with terribly eager hands that Chris started to get fairly tired and afraid of rather quickly.

Chris was still for a little bit until Billy began to get a little bit rough and pinching, and biting. "Stop it Billy that hurts." Chris whined so annoyingly it brought painful chills down Bill's spine. He sat up, still over top of her with all of his weight, and growled at the roof of the car with closed eyes and gritted teeth. "Hurts; it hurts I thought that's why you liked this…pain Christine!" he locked tight onto her eyes, pinning her in the seat of his car, nostrils flaring and heart racing.

Chris tried to swallow in a way that didn't make her look weak and scared but she ended up doing just that. Billy smiled; not smiled smirked.

"I-I have to get home Billy." She attempted once to get out from underneath him, but his grip on her arms was too strong and she could barely move; only wiggle her hips around but that just turned him on even more.

Billy smirked again this time it was more devious than before and what she saw before her eyes was something she never thought he'd do. "B-Billy no-you-I have to get home…please!" Chris kicked her legs and wiggled her hips but nothing worked. She was still tight and secure in his hard grip.

"I just want to do this before I take you home, Chrissie." He leaned into her burying his lips and his face into the pit of her neck and that's when she noticed something about him. He smelled strange. Not the strong cologne he wore and not the strong burning aroma of cigarettes and booze but weed or something of that nature.

"You were smoking dope Billy. I told you to stop that shit!" she managed to break her arms free and beat at his chest then struck him across the face with everything she had. The burning sensation that soaked into his face had left and went to the tips of his toes.

He was totally pissed and the look on his face looked murderous.

"No…NO-NO-NO!" Billy repeated over and over in complete anger and stupidity Chris lay still, with her eyes shut and muscles tense.

"You're a bitch Chrissie. A big fat bitch!" he yelled at her straight on, those deep emerald eyes shining in hers. Looking at him like she did now frightened her to death.

She wanted to cry but right now wasn't such a great time. "Just let me have fun…before I leave tonight." He whispered against her neck, feeling prickly goose bumps poke his tender lips and a hand moving down south this time.

Chris tried to be cool about this but it wasn't right and her jumpy hands smacked his away before he got to the button of her jeans.

He snapped and slapped her ten times harder than she had him seconds before, and kissed her telling her that he didn't mean it. Chris didn't take it seriously but she didn't deny him; not even a little and she let him have her for the rest of the night.


Night ended and morning began.

The last night's rain still glistened in the green grass tips like dew droplets before the first day of snow fall.

Margaret made breakfast; she cooked some maple and brown sugar oatmeal on the stove top for her and her only child who was wide awake already forced into the 'Praying closet' after doing something she knew was not her fault.

"Come and eat Carrie." Margaret called out to her daughter who shortly after appeared leaving the closet with an emotionless look on her face like the life has been drained out of her completely.

She couldn't tell what Momma was cooking but she could feel the heat of it against her skin and it smelled good.

"What is it momma?" Carrie asked as she appeared into the eerie kitchen of their home, finding her usual spot at the table.

Margaret didn't turn her back from Carrie once from the boiling pot of warm oatmeal: "Its oatmeal." She answered her question in a dispossessed tone stirring the hot pan of oatmeal.

Carrie sat there listening to the soft hums of voices in her head.


Another day at Ewen High; Sue sat outside on the stands in her gym uniform. She was busy watching Tommy her hunk-of-a-boyfriend run the track with Roy Evarts and a few other obnoxious kids Tom never got along with.

He stopped after seeing Sue waiting for him and walked up to her; his smile brought her closer towards him and before long they were sucking face and big time.

"You have to shower Tommy. You reek of hard work." Sue smiled at him before kissing his lips one last time and left for the showers. Tommy followed but had gone in the opposite door of her.


Hours went by…and it was lunch time again.

Carrie White was still at her locker putting her books away, when someone came up behind her, knocking her into her locker causing it to shut.

It was Chris Hargensen and Billy.

Chris looked terrified and angry all at the same time while as for Billy he looked pissed and definitely pushed to his limits. "Where are you going Carrie?" Chris asked with a smirk on her rosy lips standing before her and Billy on the right side of her, shoulder against the lockers.

Carrie didn't answer right away.

"I'm going to lunch." She replied noiselessly with her heart beating fast in her chest and her fingers tingling with awful feelings.

Billy stole a look from Chris and she had also:

He nodded his head and out of the blue, Carrie was in the hands of the two worst students ever. She was afraid of what they might do and jerked herself away without warning.

Chris bellowed and Billy cursed after retreating her.

After getting her back, Billy pushed her back into the lockers and held her there for a moment. His grey blue eyes attacked hers with much power that came clearly out of nowhere and he sneered gripping tighter.

Carrie furrowed her brows and moved around. Billy hated that and before he could do anything to hurt her, Chris stepped in the middle and pushed Billy aside.

"Leave her alone Billy; we are not trying to creep you out or hurt you in any way Carrie. We want you to do something with us." She gave Carrie a kind smile that showed so much enjoyment and care Carrie didn't really know what to believe.

Carrie shrugged her shoulders:

"Come on girl; come with us you'll have a fucking good time." Billy blurted out, and this was the very first time Carrie had seen him with a smile.

She didn't feel like doing anything they were planning but there was no way of getting out of this without injuries or pain. "Oh okay." She chirped soundly following the two closely as they snuck their way outside the school and into Billie's black Mercury Cougar Concept parked right outside with terrible scratches and gashes in the sides.

Chris opened the door for Carrie and helped her inside. Billy got into the driver's seat and watched Carrie carefully sit down patting her hands over her knee length skirt.

Afterwards Chris finally got in and sat in the passenger's seat. Carrie wasn't as comfortable as the two of the skippers but at least she had a place to sit. Looking over at Carrie before starting the car, Billy gave her a weird look:

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he asked watching her face distort and nose wiggle.

Carrie snapped a creepy look at Bill which startled him and she whispered softly: "It smells strange in here." Her eyes wondered around the somewhat trashed interior and pointed out the obvious which were empty beer bottles and cigarette butts all over the place.

Billy swallowed and ignored her. He put the keys into the ignition and as soon as it was working the way a car was supposed to he was off in a hurry.


E/N: Another chapter to my story! Sorry for the crazy sexual scene already I usually add those in the middle or end but I couldn't help myself! :D