Walk Out Alive

Peter whipped his coat tail aside pulling out his own make shift gun of stakes, smaller in comparison to hers and fired it at one of the approaching vampires, hitting her body, but missing her heart.

At least he hit something Miranda thought as she ripped a stake from the belt on her chest and plunged it into another one. Peter fired again, this time he managed to hit his target dead on and she promptly dissolved into a burst of ash.

"Ha, ha!" he laughed, giving Miranda a pride seeking nod.

"Congratulations," she lulled, rolling her eyes, shooting off another round into a male that was bearing down onto her from above. She missed his heart by only a little the blast threw her on her back and she quickly rolled over and covered her face in an attempt to avoid any of the splatter.

She looked back to Peter, who now had his weapon raised at an approaching Jerry. He pulled the trigger and the barrel sparked and then did nothing. Peter smacked the side of the gun in frustration.

"Fucking eBay!" he groaned.

"Paperweight," Miranda sneered, hopping to her feet and killing off another one approaching him from behind. She handed him one of her hand guns, tossing the now empty stake and bake aside. "Make them count," she breathed, pulling her shotgun from her back and giving it a pump.

Her back was to him and they made a small circle, firing off shots in all directions trying to put off the inevitable. Hurry the fuck up, Charlie Miranda thought to herself, knocking Peter out of the way to shove a stake through one of the younger ones. Damn, they were fast, no wonder he was plucking up kids.

Peter was getting better, but still missing more often than not, and already out of bullets; Miranda tossed him a magazine. "I'd really like to come out of this alive, Peter!" She shouted, dashing up the steps, heading over to where Dimitri had been thrown.

She stepped over his body and gave the side of his face a good slap. He groaned and his head rolled slightly but other than that he didn't respond. She groaned and pulled her other gun from her holster and pressed in into his shoulder, wincing as she pulled the trigger.

His eyes flew open and he pinned her on the ground beneath her, bearing his fangs and breathing heavy.

"Oh good you're awake," she quipped.

"You shot me!" he snarled, "Why the fuck did you shoot me!"

"Desperate times, desperate measures, all that shit. Now do you mind? I have a little problem."

"Yeah…well…so do I," he sneered, motioning his head towards the hole in his shoulder. She should of known he was going to react like this, but it was a chance she had to take.

Miranda scoffed and Dimitri raised his eyebrows.

"Really? Holy water laced bullets. That hole isn't going to fix itself, Miranda." The corner of his mouth twitched up.

"You've got to be kidding me, absolutely not!" Miranda struggled beneath him. "I left Peter out there alone, to come get your ass; I suggest you let me up."

"Do you want my help or not," he asked. "I can't help if I'm not one hundred percent, you knew that before coming over here."

Miranda sighed, "I need my arm."

Dimitri smiled and released one of her wrists so she could grab her knife from her belt. She placed the blade on the outside of her forearm and froze.

"You bite me and I swear to god I'll kill you," she hissed.

"I promise," he grinned, "Just a taste."

Miranda took a breath and pulled the blade across her arm, wincing as the heat of the knife sliced through her skin. The change in him was instantaneous. He breathed her in; the color in his eyes remained but his look intensified and she swore she could hear his undead heart beating rapidly in his chest.

His hand came up and stroked her cheek gently. "Thank you," he whispered, gingerly bringing his head down to her wound and carefully sucking the blood that was seeping from her arm. The pain was instantly gone and her body was filled with an indescribable warmth. She couldn't help but gasp and fist a hand in his shirt as he drank. He was resisting, that much she could tell. He did his best to keep his lips pressed hard against her skin and his teeth away from her. His body stiffened and he pulled away, breathing ragged and eyes closed. When he opened them to look at them they were as green as emeralds and he flashed her smile that was a mile wide before bending back down and sealing the gash with his tongue, placing a small kiss to the scar it would leave behind.

"Wow," she whispered "That uh…that was-"

"Mmm, I have mentioned how much I hate that Peter guy right?" Dimitri smirked with hopeful eyes.

"Yeah, no. Still not gonna happen, sorry," she scoffed with a shake of her head. "I'm not going to…change….am I?"

"No," Dimitri shook his head with a smile and got up, helping her to her feet. "I'd never break a promise to you, Miranda. Now let's go save your boyfriend."

The onslaught continued as soon as they were back within sight; Miranda held them off with more bullets as Dimitri was effortlessly twisting off heads as they approached. Peter was held up in the corner, by the grace of god still holding his own.

"You again," Peter snarled as he caught sight of Dimitri.

"Peter-" Miranda warned, "He's here for both of us."

"And you?" he snapped, shooting off another round. He was actually getting good now. Leave someone alone with a gun and a room full of thirsty vampires and it'll do wonders for their aim. "Who are you here for?"

Miranda fired off the last round in her shot gun, used the butt of it to bash one in the head to disorient it before driving a stake home. She then spun around to confront Peter.

"Are you serious? You want to do this now?" She heard a growl behind her but Dimitri was already on it, giving his neck a twist and Miranda flinched at the sight. "At least you were honest when you said you were shit at relationships," she huffed, shooting one that was creeping up on Peter's side; he turned just in time to pull a stake from the strap on his chest and finish him off.

Miranda marched over to him and extended her arm, showing him the fresh white line that now ran down her forearm.

"You see that, that could have went terribly wrong. But I took my chances, because more than anything, Peter I want to walk out of here. Alive. With you. Yes I am bound to Dimitri, but it is strictly one sided." She ducked around him and fired off a shot at an older victim lurking in the corner.

"You let him-"

"Yes," she groaned firing off another shot.

"And he didn't-" he rammed a stake through a vampire that was withering at his feet.

"Nope!" she turned to face him and flashed a smile.

"But why?" he asked softly.

"Because she loves you, you fucking git!" Dimitri shouted from across the room, plunging his arm through the chest of a middle aged male. "Fucking disgusting, the pair of you," he grunted, kicking the body away from him.

Peter giggled and captured her lips in a kiss. "Not bad, this. Thought it'd be worse."

Miranda laughed, "I've created a monster." She held her gun out straight out at arm's length and pulled the trigger, bouncing her eyebrows as she grinned at him.

"Do you mind, I feel like I'm going to be sick over here," Dimitri groaned coming to stand behind her. His chest was heaving and she couldn't help but notice the glare he was sending Peter. "I think we managed to slow them down for the time being. We should find your friend."

"Charlie," Peter nodded, "Where is that little bast- shit!"

They watched as Peter had his legs ripped from under him and was dragged backward, disappearing into the dark.

"Peter!" Miranda started to go after him.

"Wait!" Dimitri's hand shot out and wrapped around her wrist.

She shook her head, "No, he's out of ammo; and they certainly won't wait to rip his throat out."

"We don't know how many more there are, Miranda."

"I don't fucking care!" She pulled hard and he released her with a huff of air.

"Stay close," he warned.

She unclipped the light from her belt and saw them hovered around him near the edge of the pit. At least four of them all growling feverishly and underneath it all she could see Peter writhing in pain and hear him crying out.

"No!" She pulled back the hammer on her pistol and pulled the trigger only to hear a click, her heart stopping in her chest. She ejected the clip; empty. She frantically searched her slots for another finding nothing. "Dimitri," she whispered reaching back and grabbing hold of his arm, tears spilling down her cheeks. "I can't lose him, Dimitri."

His arm came across her chest and he held her close. "Miranda look around, do you see their eyes?"

She lifted her light and did a sweep of the room, big black beady eyes glistening like marbles everywhere, all around them, all fixated on Peter.

"For each one I pull off there will only be another to take its place. I can only fight for so long. Charlie is your best bet now," he said remorsefully and she tried to pull against him again.

"I am sorry, Miranda."

Her arms came up and gripped his, watching as they tore at Peter's clothes finding new patches of skin to rip into. In that moment she wished that he would have left, he would have been better off somewhere else, somewhere far away. She could always find him again, hell this time she had a damn phone number to track him down by. This was her fault, she guilted him into this.

The door in the hall burst open and Charlie came running out; crossbow in hand, shining his light over the room.

"What the?" he breathed panic settling in his eyes. The beam of light reached Peter's discarded shot gun and he hopped down the steps to grab it, pointing it at the pile of vampires that were feasting on his groaning body.

"Charlie no!" Miranda cried out. That would certainly only piss them off even more.

Charlie looked her way and shrugged his shoulders not knowing any other way out of this. Miranda closed her eyes and began to think, rattling her brain for any type of solution.

Dimitri released her and pointed to the ceiling, backing away and giving her a reassuring nod. She glanced back at Charlie who still held the gun with hesitation. "The floorboards! Shoot out the floorboards," she called. "Fry 'em."

He fired one round above them and sure enough the sunlight from above flooded into the hole, but not where Peter was. He stepped forward and fired again, making a large hole directly above Peter's body and sending one of the vampires up in flames. Charlie shot off a few more rounds, sending several beams of light around his body and they quickly joined him in the safety of the sun; but not before one of them snatched the gun from Charlie's hands.

"How ya holding up?" Charlie nodded to Peter.

"Ah, fucking great," he groaned. "I take it back, Randi, this is bloody awful."

"Jesus, Peter you're a mess," she breathed, gingerly touching the exposed skin near his shoulder where several large claw marks were drawn down the length of his chest.

Peter flinched at her touch, "Good thing I'll have you to kiss and make it all better then," he joked, trying miserably to hide his pain.

Miranda frowned and pushed the hair from his eyes, "Whatever you'd like," she whispered.

"Hmm," he let out a high pitched hum. "Those are dangerous words, Cooper," he quipped.

"Don't I know it," she said with a coy smile.

Charlie had turned his attention on a young vampire that was hissing and growling in front of them, puffing out his chest at the beams of light but not daring to move any closer.

"Mark?" His face twisted up in confusion.

"You're dead now asshole," the kid replied with a feral growl.

"Ba ba bada ba," Jerry's sing song voice came from somewhere across from them; his body casually propped up against the wall of the pit, simply watching the events that were unfolding before him. Showing up when it was beneficial to him.

"What were you thinking Charlie? That you were just going to walk in here with your little cross bow and put to bed four hundred years of survival?" he drug a nail down the side of a metal pole as he moved closer to them. "No, Charlie, not likely."

"What's that, cross bow didn't work?" Miranda smirked quietly.

Charlie scoffed.

"Tried to tell you."

"And you, sweet little Miranda Cooper," Jerry hummed with a smile. "I remember when I first saw you, coddling that boy so many years ago, cleaning up my mess. So young, so innocent," he took a deep breath, "So full of life. And then he left, and you became a killing machine. That's why he survived; I stopped watching him and turned my eyes on you. I created my own monster.

Jerry ran his hands up the side of his head and grabbed a fist full of hair. "But this thing with my brother is messing with my head, I'm done playing. At least you'll have gotten most of what you wanted in the end; you found him and me, you'll just be dead," he leaned up against a beam and gave her a one sided smirk.

"You know if you kill me, Dimitri probably won't survive. He's had too much blood," Miranda stated soundly, holding out her arm.

Jerry cocked his head. "Well now, how did he manage to convince you of that," he chuckled. "No matter, we were never that close, and I don't see him here now to save you."

Miranda's heart beat sped up and she did a quick once over of where they were. He was right, Dimitri had disappeared from sight, and if Jerry couldn't tell he was there that wasn't good news.

"You smell that," Jerry inhaled with a grin, "That's your fear." He stepped around a beam of light, hissing at it as he passed by. "It's intoxicating; it's a very specific scent." He stepped around one of his victims, rubbing his hand through their hair as he came around them full circle.

"So is he," Miranda uttered under her breath, earning a light poke from Peter in the ribs.

Jerry crouched down in front of Charlie, chuckling darkly while placing a clawed nail into the sunlight, watching in amusement as it began to smoke and eventually flame up before blowing it out.

"Amy's scent," he said while beaming, "Now that was exquisite. It's all gone now, Charlie."

Amy's figure began fluttering down the hallway in a bloodied white dress, swaying down the steps towards them like some sort of misfortunate soulless figurine.

"She's something isn't she," he continued. "I have to thank you for bringing her to me," Jerry paused to let out a laugh, "Well she, she makes me feel young again."

Peter winced and let out a small groan. Miranda turned, the all too familiar scent of burning flesh already beginning to settle in around her.

"Peter," she whispered to him, her brown eyes wide; full of fear and concern. They had to hurry.

"I'm smoking," he muttered, holding up his hand, which was doing just that; the sunbeams hissing at his skin and the smoke rising off of his fingertips.

"Yeah, you're turning," Jerry quipped while getting to his feet. "You can't stay there forever, the suns got to go down, but we can wait," Jerry said approaching Amy, brushing the hair off her shoulders before bringing his mouth down on hers.

Peter already had a flask out and was gulping down the fluid inside. "That's rough," he said gruffly shaking his head.

Charlie inhaled sharply and scooted back.

Miranda patted Peter's arm with the back of her hand and motioned for him to hand over his bottle. Peter scowled and did so with hesitation.

"You don't even like the stuff," he groaned.

"Yeah well, beggars can't be choosers," she replied taking a long pull before handing it back to him.

A tear trekked down Charlie's cheek when Jerry pulled away and used a clawed nail to slice a cut on his chest and poor Charlie was forced to watch as Amy fed greedily from his wound, lapping up the seeping blood without hesitation. When she stopped it was to return to his lips and Charlie turned his head away.

"I ever turn into that, I give you full permission to stake me," Miranda said quietly into Peter's side.

"Looks like we just might be finding out before the day is through," he muttered, placing a cigarette in his mouth and fumbling in his pocket for a lighter.

Miranda grinned, "You just might be surprised," she grinned turning to pat Charlie on the back.

The kid was already pulling the mask over his head by the time she touched him. "Got a light?" he asked Peter straight forward.

Peter's eyebrows popped up. "That's your plan?"

"Actually it's your plan," Charlie replied with a slight cock of the head, slipping his goggles on.

"Fuck," Peter whispered, smoke puffing out between his teeth. He gave Miranda a questioning look. "You knew?"

She nodded in response. "It's our best shot." She held his gaze with a one sided smile and shrugged. "It was a good idea, Pete."

He turned back to Charlie, flicking the light to the zippo and slowly lowering his arm until it touched the leg of Charlie's pants and he went up in a fiery blaze.

Charlie quickly got to his feet and launched himself at Jerry, wrapping the climbing hook from his waist around both of them and sending them flying around the room in a scorching mess. They knocked out beams, flew up to the top of the room taking out floor boards, slammed into the walls.

"What the fuck do we do now?!" Peter's panicked voiced called over the screams and growls.

Miranda held up her hands and shrugged, her mouth falling open. "He has the damned stake, it's up to him!"

Or he had the stake; it had slipped from Charlie's hands and was now lying on the ground being about as useful as a toothpick.

The other vampires were getting braver and attempting to close in on their little circle of light. Miranda moved in tighter on Peter's back, her eyes catching a glimpse of his gun not far off from where they were sitting.

"Gun, Peter, get the gun," she said tapping repeatedly on his leg.

"You do it," he snapped.

"For fuck's sake, Pete, just go!" she pushed his shoulder, "You can do this."

He scurried to the gun and began blowing holes above them. One of the female vampires had attempted to move up on him from behind but Peter knocked her back with the business end of his gun and a big, "Fuck you!" He fired off more shots and more beams of sunlight poured into the room, clouds of ash began to fill the room.

There was an unearthly scream as Charlie rolled himself into one of the beams and Jerry's body began to burn above him, the skin slowly melting from his body.

"No, no, no, it won't fix anything," Miranda muttered to herself, her hand instantly going over her mouth and glancing over at Peter.

Peter's eyes had already found the stake lying in the dirt and he began to crawl over to it. His fingers wrapped around the base.

"Charlie!" he yelled, "In the heart!" He chucked the weapon hard in Charlie's direction and the kid drove it home, right into Jerry's exposed organ as he let out another beastly scream. His body immediately starting to turn to ash and pieces began to drift away with each jerking motion.

The room began to fill with dark shadows being pulled from all of Jerry's victims. Miranda watched as Peter's body twisted in pain and his body too emitted such a shadow and she breathed a sigh of relief. The darkness swirled around Charlie and Jerry's bodies until some force drove them inside of Jerry himself and then forced their way out with one giant push. He was everywhere now; blood, goo, ash and bone, bits of Jerry rained down on them from above for a moment or two and then the air was suddenly cleared, as if it were all a dream.

Miranda ran a hand down her face and quickly hopped to her feet, rushing over to Charlie. Peter was already over him; swinging off his jacket and patting what was left of the flames out.

"Charlie! Charlie, come on!" Peter was frantically patting the side of his face, looking up at Miranda briefly in desperation. "Come on, Charlie, come on," he kept on, pulling the goggles off his face. "Come on, come on, come on, wake up, wake up. Charlie!" he continued slapping the side of his face as Amy came around and watched with tears in her eyes.

"Peter-" Miranda voiced with concern.

"Come on you little prick, come on! Charlie!" Peter stopped hitting his face and sat back, after a few moments, Charlie's eyes slowly began to open.

"Hey," he whispered, looking up at Amy with a small smile.

"Hey," she breathed, smiling back.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," she shrugged, "Are you?"

Charlie smirked, "Yeah, I'm all right."

Peter smiled, grabbing Charlie's chin in his hand and leaning over and planting a kiss right on him. "You little shit," he grumbled. He took out his flask and waved it over him, spilling a few drops. "Next time you're going to use my plan, give me a heads up first, yeah?" he requested before taking a drink.

Charlie and Amy looked at each other and shared a laugh.

"Agghhh whoo!" Peter fell back into the dirt and Miranda couldn't help but grin. She crawled over to his side and beamed down at him.

"Sooo," she drawled out sucking in her bottom lip. "I was thinking about maybe taking some time off. See I've got this great guy; he's got a great place, shit job though. Never the less, I'd really like to-"

Peter quickly pulled her down by one of the belts on her chest, closing his mouth over hers and flipping her over on her back. He smiled against her lips when she let out a small yelp just before melting into him. Her hands roamed through his hair and came back around to settle on his chest.

"I've got you. You're not going anywhere, Cooper."

"Well, who am I to argue," she whispered, kissing him again.

Peter rolled off of her and helped her to her feet, taking her hands in his. His eyes fell on the scar on the inside of her arm and he traced it with his thumb and looked down at her with slightly worry-some eyes.

"Dimitri," she whispered. Turning away from Peter but he held his grip on her other hand.

"Peter...he didn't just disappear in broad daylight, and I'd know if he was…dead."

Peter scowled.

Miranda took his other hand and pulled them up between them, kissing his fingertips. "I know you don't …like him."

"That's an understatement," he scoffed.

"And the feeling is mutual, believe me. But he still helped you. Please, Pete."

Charlie came up and patted Peter on the shoulder.

"You know man, all those girls that have been knocking down your door. Well if she can forgive you for that you can surely help find this one measly guy."

"Vampire," Peter snarled, "And thank you, Charlie for bringing that up."

"Vampire?" Amy backed up, pulling Charlie with her.

"He's…different," Miranda shrugged. "In a matter of speaking, perfectly harmless, unless you happen to smell like me."

Peter's eyebrows shot up.

"Joking," she huffed, "Now let's get a move on shall we."

Miranda and Peter took one end of the room while Amy and Charlie took the other; searching through piles of rubble and shooing the other kids off to their homes. The building committee was going to have one hell of a time cleaning this place up; they might as well bulldoze and start all over again. They checked down the hall and in the room that Amy was being held in, they even ventured back into the upper section of the house just in case he would have risked it. Miranda sighed and ran a hand through her hair while Peter rubbed her shoulders.

"He can't have gotten far, Randi," he said gently, kissing her temple.

"Miranda, Peter!" Charlie's voice called from below, and she bolted down the stairs.

Amy and Charlie were standing next to a pile of beams, groaning beams with a pair of boots sticking out.

"Move them!" Miranda demanded, grabbing one side while Peter automatically went to another. They moved one by one, piece by piece until the pile was clear and all that was left was a body with a heaving chest. Miranda knelt down, placed a hand on his shoulder and swallowed hard.

"Dimitri," she coaxed, shaking gently.

He smiled and a hand came up to cover hers. "Hello, Miranda," he said quietly; green eyes fluttering open.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fantastic," he grinned.

"What happened?"

"You…well and your friends here, but without you I wouldn't be here in the first place. So… mostly you. Come, help me up." He grabbed hold her hand and wiggled his other hand for her to take while pulling himself up to a sitting position.

"Dimitri, I can't-"

"Trust me," he whispered, gesturing for her to stand and help pull him to his feet.

"What the hell is going on," Charlie murmured to Peter out the corner of his mouth.

"I have no fucking clue," Peter replied. "I'm not quite sure that I like it either."

Dimitri coughed once he was up, and dusted off his hands on his jeans before tousling his hair. "Okay," he breathed, turning back to look at Miranda. "Here goes nothing." He took a step towards one of the gaping holes in the floor above into the sunlight.




Miranda, Charlie and Peter all yelled at the same time. Dimitri only glanced at them and kept walking; the corners of his lips twitching upward as the sun light slowly crawled over his body. He spread his arms wide and turned full circle with a smile.

Miranda held a hand over her mouth and bit back a laugh. "You gotta be kidding me!" She ran over to where he was standing, carefully circling him. She ran a hand down his arm, his warm arm, and broke into a wide smile.

"Oh, oh, ho, ho, oh, boy," she laughed.

Dimitri nodded back with a grin and she found herself pushing the sides of his mouth up, running her fingers along the bottoms of his upper teeth.

"Yo…Your own brother-"

"Mmm hmm," he hummed.

"But now you're a-"

"Yup," he said loudly popping the p and flashing her a wide smile.

"But what about us, I mean I didn't feel anything. I don't think this circumstance has ever happened before."

Dimitri shrugged, "Nope, don't think it has. I will say this Miranda; I am still ridiculously attracted to you. But just to be sure."

Dimitri grabbed her face and pressed his lips to hers, breathing her in as he kissed her. Miranda's eyes popped open wide and her hands went up to his chest pressing back slightly. He pulled away just in time for Peter to come stomping up to them.

"What in fucking hell do you think you're doing?" He barked out, pushing Dimitri backward.

"Pete, stop," Miranda grabbed his arm and pulled him off.

"Anything?" Dimitri smirked with a cocked eyebrow.

Miranda ran a hand down her face and laughed. "No, not at all."

"Shame, that," he said with a head tilt sucking his teeth.

"Nah, you're quite the looker Dimitri. You won't have a problem picking up a normal girl; and I'm far from normal anyhow."

"Thank you, Miranda. I've been trapped for so long… and now..." he looked up at the hole above him and smiled at the light coming through. "Now I feel like I can start living."

Miranda let go of Peter and went over to wrap her arms around Dimitri's neck, placing a chaste kiss on his cheek. "You be careful. I'd stay away from Romania."

"Yeah," he chuckled, "Maybe I'll see you around."

"Possibly. Now go on," Miranda nodded towards the outside and with one final grin and a wave Dimitri turned and left.

"Do you mind explaining, Miranda, because that most certainly looked like more than a kiss between friends!" Peter barked, grabbing her hand and pulling her off into the shade.

Miranda smiled up at him and shook her head.

"Oh so you're happy about it, then. I'm glad one of us is," he scoffed turning away from her.

"Peter," she laughed once, running a hand down his face, forcing him to look at her. "When Charlie killed Jerry, it fixed you, and Amy…and Dimitri. We're not connected anymore." She gestured down at the mark on her arm. "It's nothing but a battle wound now, much like your own."

"But you're both..."

"Fine, yeah. I suppose the rules change once you go human," she shrugged.

He tugged her into him and wrapped his arms around her, pressing his lips to her forehead. "Can we go home now, I could do with a good bath, followed by some sleep," he murmured against her skin.

"I thought you'd never ask," she sighed, nuzzling into his chest, breathing in the scent of ashes and cloves.

Miranda wasn't sure if she could give it up forever, she honestly didn't know if she wanted to; the hunt had been such a big part of her life. But so had Peter, it had all boiled down to Peter. And then she found him; drunk out of his mind, sleeping with half the city, and hiding behind an impregnable wall. Well…almost impregnable, she had always been his one link back to the real world. But this was the real world. The real world was filled with invisible monsters that took out unseeing victims when they were least expecting it.

Unless you had someone who knew where to look.



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