WOW Bake: additional challenge - brotherly interaction (I didn't bother with the who's who bit of the challenge being as it was pretty obvious!)

Dean's best intentions sometimes go horribly awry; Sam makes his brother a promise ...

Disclaimer: I don't own them, and I'm sure this is good for everyone except me.


Sam sighed as he sat listening to the wheezing of congested breathing.

The heat radiating from the burning body in the bed wasn't helped by the sun-baked Texas summertime or the room's crappy A/C and he cursed Dean's stupidity in failing to mention the Piasa scratch which was now an inflamed, suppurating welt across his spine.

'Didn't wanna worry you ' he'd croaked somewhere between throwing up and passing out.

"Yeah, bang up job there dude!"


The pad of his thumb traced distracted circles around Dean's sweat soaked nape.

"I'm so gonna paste you for this, moron."

"But not yet."