WOW: Bake. Additional challenge ... brotherly interaction, make your readers guess which brother is which; so here goes ...

Baking a cake is a relatively simple exercise; just add two Winchesters and it becomes a whole lot more challenging!

Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I would baste them in a light chilli sauce and simmer them over a low heat if I did.



"Will you quit squirming, already?"



"That's the whole point!"


"Whose idiot idea was it to bake a freakin' cake?"

*sigh* "Don't you ever listen to me?"

"Yeah, sometimes, but it kinda washes over me."

"We're bakin' an acorn cake to draw the Kobold out; an' I've no idea how you managed to char-broil your hand doing it."

*flinch* "Sonofabitch!"

"Stop whinin', you've gotta run burns under cool water for twenty minutes."


"It must be twenty minutes now; I'm gettin' friggin' frostbite."

"It's been two minutes; stay there."


"Stupid Kobold. Stupid cake. Stupid oven."

*snicker* "Stupid jerk!"




AN: a Kobold is a house sprite of German legends, which must be kept well fed in order to maintain it's favour.