The Twilight Twenty-Five


Prompt: #1

Pen Name: Mina Rivera

Pairing/Main Character(s): Edward/Jasper

Rating: M

Word count: 1051

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I was pacing outside the hotel.

Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy.

I didn't care.

They could watch me pace a hole in the sidewalk.

They could hear me mutter to myself all they wanted.

They could probably feel the desperation rolling off me.

I didn't care, love.

I was finally here and completely desperate in my all-consuming need for you.

Every second that ticked by was another second I didn't have you by my side.

I wanted to hold you in my arms again and kiss your soft lips for hours, touch every inch of your skin and make love to you until we were a tired, sweaty heap amongst the sheets.

I had missed you so much during these months apart.

If I had known it would be this hard, I probably would have never let you go, as selfish as that sounds, but deep down I know that's a lie.

You were always the unselfish one and always cared for everyone else.

I had fallen in love with you because of that.

I had seen you at your best.

I had seen you at your worst.

We had met in the middle.

And I was a goner with just one wink from you.

I had been waiting for you without knowing, and you just swooped in and took my breath away.

I had lost family and friends, but you had always been there for me.

Caring for me.

Guiding me.

Comforting me.

Loving me.

I was so blind, almost stupidly so.

But now, everything was different.

You showed me that there was more to life than what I'd known back then.

You taught me how to live again.

You made me a better person.

You became the missing link.

I finally understood what our friends had been talking about all this time, and I couldn't wait to tell you all about it.

How it hit me one morning I'd awoken without you by my side, and how I'd quickly prepared for what I wanted to do today.

I wanted to make it right.


I needed to make it right.

Not just for you, but for me as well.

I was not afraid anymore and now I knew.

You were exactly what I wanted, and I felt so raw in my love for you.

I no longer cared what everyone else thought about us.

All I cared about was you.

All I saw was you.

All I felt was you.

All I needed was you.

All I loved, more than my own life, was you.

And I couldn't wait to see your face when I asked you that important question, because I was certain of the answer.

There was no doubt in us, there never had been.

Even at the beginning.

I always knew that you were the one I wanted.

The confusion I had felt back then never masked what you had awakened in me.

And I had been afraid, so afraid.

These feelings erupted so quickly.

They had changed me forever.

They had taken me by surprise.

You literally knocked the wind out of me, love.

I still felt overwhelmed by these feelings I had for you.

But you had shown me that it was okay to be scared.

That it was okay to be confused, because you'd been confused as well.

That it was okay not to know everything, because we were to share that worry together.

That it was okay to cry when feeling down, because we were there for each other to dry our tears.

That it was okay to feel like needing space, because, no matter what, we still loved each other.

Because no matter what, you would always be there for me and I would always be there for you.

I wanted that.


With you.

No one else.

I couldn't wait to tell you.


How I wanted to wake up in your arms every morning.

How I wanted to fall asleep next to you every night.

How I wanted to make you laugh every day.

How I wanted to surf with you every weekend.

How I wanted to escape with you every summer.

How I wanted to keep you warm every winter.

How I wanted to celebrate our birthdays every year.

How I wanted to grow old with you.

How I wanted forever with you.

I was so in love with you, Jasper.

And I needed you.

I heard a car approaching and I snapped my head back to the road.

I couldn't see anything at first.

But I knew that it was you.

I felt it in my fingers.

I felt it in my chest.

I felt it in my soul.

And there you were, driving that small blue beetle car.

Your surfboard strapped to the roof.

Your arm waving outside the driver's window.

Your smile shining like the sun.

Your clear blue eyes sparkling like the water behind your back.

Your face mirroring the same feelings bubbling in my chest.






That was what you mean to me, love.

I fingered the box in my pocket with a secret smile on my lips.

I saw you park the car and I walked to you.

You rushed to me, looking like an angel.

I ran to you, because I couldn't wait any longer.

You jumped.

I caught you.

We met in the middle.

I was finally complete.

I couldn't hold it back any longer.

The words spilled from my mouth without permission.

"Marry me, Jasper."

I showed you the ring.

You cried, but I knew it was from joy.

I waited for your answer, though I didn't really need it.

Your face said it all, love.

You could barely talk, so you simply nodded.

And I cried with you.

I cupped your face and wiped the tears away.

Your smiled brilliantly, love.

And I knew my smile mirrored yours.

I slid the ring on your finger, dropping a kiss on it.

It felt so good to see it there.

You chuckled, knowing how possessive I am of you.

You didn't really mind, because you were equally possessive of me.

So I kissed you to shut you up.

And you kissed me back tenfold.

No more waiting, love.

We were finally complete.

Thanks to LaMomo and Eifeltwr for proofreading.