But What No One Knew

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Letting out a sigh Sarah walked away from the window. All of her friends from the underground had already left, and like the previous four years "He" did not show. Sarah walked to her couch and flopped down onto her back. It had been four long years since she had her exciting journey through the labyrinth. Four years since she got back to her parents house and found out that she was changed from it. Sure she no longer took things for granted and she no longer complained about her responsibilities, but that wasn't the changes she was currently thinking about. She stretched her long arms and lean legs out along the couch and after feeling a satisfying crack from her back, brought her right hand in front of her face. She expertly twisted her wrist and suddenly she was holding a perfect, clear crystal orb. She let herself smirk a little as she thought back to the day her life had changed.

Sarah sat on her bed utterly exhausted, but otherwise happy. She had gotten Toby back. She defeated the Goblin King at his own game and had just finished celebrating that victory with her new friends. She looked around her room at all the confetti and streamers left behind by the impromptu get together and decided she would clean it in the morning. She reached under her pillow (that had somehow remained on her bed untouched) and pulled out her pajamas. Sarah thought about changing in her room, but after eyeing her mirror suspiciously decided to go change in the bathroom.

"After all", she reasoned with herself, "you never know who might be watching through that mirror."

She chuckled at herself "Yeah right, who would be watching me."

What Sarah didn't know was at that time a certain jilted Goblin King was watching her through one of his crystal bubbles.

Jareth couldn't believe he lost to such a spoiled, irresponsible, selfish girl. He put his gloved hand over his face and exhaled in a dramatic gust. Ok, he wasn't being "fair" (the word itself pulled a small smirk to his lips) to her. That's how Sarah was before she made her wish, but she no longer possessed any of those characteristics. She had grown so much in her time in his Labyrinth that she was a different person. She was resourceful, friendly, courageous, conscientious of others feelings, dependable, protective of her friends, loyal, and careful of the things she said. She had matured. That's all there was to it. Sarah was no longer a 15 year old girl. Of course she was still 15 physically, but she was now so much more.

Jareth slowly lowered his hand from his eyes and gazed at the crystal currently clutched in his other hand. He looked at her and without any doubt in his mind and in perfect clarity he knew she was his equal. She was the only soul worthy of his heart and kingdom… and he had lost her.

With that last crushing thought Jareth allowed the crystal to slip through his fingers and shatter on the hard floor. He cradled his head in his hands, and for the first time in his life Jareth cried.

Coming out of the bathroom feeling even more tired than she realized Sarah made her way to her bedroom. She crawled onto her bed and fell into a deep sleep before her head touched her pillow.

Now the Labyrinth was thought to be a maze designed to test a persons character and teach them lessons that could be applied to their lives. But what any goblin worth his spit would tell you is in the Labyrinth, nothing is what it seems.

The Labyrinth was a living entity. It judged all that came into its borders, if the creature was a corrupt being it was cast out but if it was decent it was allowed refuge within its walls. The Labyrinth had chosen the one to rule over its inhabitants and was satisfied with his results. The Labyrinth knew, however, that its King was suffering and in need of companionship. It was a great sense of relief when the young woman, Sarah, ventured through its gates that the Labyrinth found what it was looking for.

Sarah was an unique being. She craved otherworldly experiences and was nurtured by her journey. She was imaginative and aching inside to put it to use. The Labyrinth desired to keep the girl, but that was the problem. Sarah, while the exact essence the Labyrinth was searching for, was still a child. The Labyrinth knew she would have to go back to her world to grow up. It was imperative that she was brought back however, before the dull and dreary world that created her sucked her dry. If that were to happen the Labyrinth was certain her King would forever remain alone.

During the final confrontation between its king and the young woman the Labyrinth seized its chance. Right before Sarah left it channeled some of the essence of the underground into her body. With a satisfied sense of accomplishment the Labyrinth let the girl go. It knew it would see her again and with her return its domain would flourish.

The Labyrinth however, did not count on the despair the girls parting would bring to its King. Nor did it expect that very girl would come back, in spirit, to comfort the King.

As Sarah slept her mind was swept back to that magical place. She witnessed Jareths' heart wrenching sobs and felt her own soul ache to comfort him. She reached out her hand to touch him, and where her fingers came in contact with his shoulder a shower of sparks and glitter enveloped her. She was overcome in a sensation of warmth and happiness.

A that time Jareth felt the pressure on his shoulder and a feeling of being whole and happy. He looked up and to his amazement he was looking into the green eyes of Sarah. He couldn't believe she was in front of him, or even comprehend how she got back. Then with a sudden understanding he realized she wasn't back, at least not fully, and it was her soul that had returned to him. She smiled encouragingly at him and he knew that one day they would be together again. In that instant the King of the Goblins felt a new emotion stir inside his chest… Hope.

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