But What No One Knew

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Sarah stretched her arms above her head after waking from the best nights' sleep she could remember having. It wasn't until she rolled on her side that she realized she wasn't alone in the bed. In fact there were a beautiful pair of mischievous mismatched eyes staring at her.

"Good morning Precious" Jareth whispered to her.

Sarah quickly took in his appearance. She noticed that he looked like he did on her first journey into the underground. When she came upon him the night before he still had the glamor he had donned at the hospital. The glamor that made him look similar in age to her. Now, however, he was very much in the form of a fully grown male.

After her fast assessment of his person Sarah was about to greet him in return, but of course her temper had to rear its ugly head.

"Why didn't you come back?" Sarah all but shrieked at him while smacking him with a nearby pillow.

Jareth's face showed nothing but shock at her outburst, but almost instantly he started laughing loudly as feathers fluttered down all around them from the sorely abused pillow.

Sarah couldn't help herself. The moment she heard his deep laughter relief flooded her body and she lunged at Jareth and wrapped her arms around his body.

Jareth's amusement calmed slightly and he returned the gesture and enfolded her in his arms.

"I would have returned to you within the hour if I was able to my dear Sarah." Jareth said.

"Why couldn't you?" Sarah asked. "I thought you had given up on me." She continued her voice almost breaking with emotion.

"I would sooner forfeit my life than give up on you Sarah mine." Jareth consoled her. "It just so happens I was under an enchantment of sorts and couldn't vacate this very bed." Jareth sat up bringing Sarah with him and leaned against the headboard with a smug smile on his lips. "However I find I have no urge to ever leave it again."

It took Sarah a couple of moments to actually process what Jareth had said. Once she did the laughing monarch found himself in a new coat of feathers and the bed was missing another pillow.

Jareth explained to Sarah the power her words spoken in anger held. He went on to tell her about all he had tried to get back to her and how he concluded after waking what the Labyrinth must have done in order to save his sanity.

Sarah profusely apologized for her cruel words. Jareth waved if off saying he held her no ill will.

The couple talked well into the day and cleared up the misunderstanding that caused Jareth's confinement. Sarah told him she never heard anything of his thoughts concerning her unless it was mischievous in nature.

"Well I must say that does put my mind at ease, somewhat." Jareth playfully told her.

"I am relieved to hear that my inner desires were unnoticed and therefore not rejected like I had feared." Jareth unintentionally spoke.

"Although I do find it irritating that I can no longer sneak anything past you any longer… but I do so love a challenge." He playfully added.

Sarah remained quiet after hearing his little admission of having desires for her. It felt kind of nice to know that her feelings were not going to be one sided. Just by looking at Jareth, however, lead her to believe he didn't realize what he had let slip. Sarah debated whether or not to call him on it. She decided it would be more fun to tease him about his slip up instead of letting him come to her on his own terms whenever he decided to clue her in. Sarah let a truly smug smile light up her face.

"Sarah mine, why are you grinning like the goblin that caught the chicken?" Jareth asked without a small amount of worry lacing his voice.

"So your majesty what inner desires were you so concerned about me rejecting?" Sarah questioned.

"I must say anything that would have you crawling with uncertainty certainly piques my interest." Sarah added in her best Goblin King voice.

Jareth's face slightly paled when he realized he had mentioned his relief aloud instead of in his head like it was supposed to remain. He quickly masked his emotions and haughtily replied.

"I haven't the foggiest idea what you are talking about Sarah." Jareth said while crossing his arms and looking up at the ceiling.

Sarah just giggled at his antics and before he could do or say anything else she leaned up and pressed her lips to his.

To say the mighty Goblin King was shocked would be an understatement. He didn't know that she had kissed him while he was still under the enchantment so this was completely new for him. It felt like his entire body was going up in flames and he was slowly burning in pure bliss. It ended all too quickly in his opinion and when Sarah pulled back to give him a smug smile he was ready to pounce on her again.

"Ah ah ah your majesty" Sarah said in a playful tone "I've brought you a gift." She then pulled out the first perfect crystal that she made. She held it up in-between them at eye level.

"But this is not an ordinary gift for a King who denies his feelings for a certain young lady." She continued in a lofty voice.

"Do you want it?" She asked while raising an eyebrow of her own towards him.

He looked at the crystal with pride surging through his chest. It was indeed perfect. He started to lift his hand to touch it when Sarah pulled it slightly back.

"Then admit your feelings." Sarah challenged.

Jareth heard his own words echoing back to him from that one fateful night when Sarah wished away her brother. He looked her straight in the eye before responding.

"I Jareth, ruler of the Goblin Kingdom, want to make it known that I now and have ever been in love with the former mortal turned fae known as Sarah Williams. I would also have it known that said female is my complete equal in power and intelligence. She is the only one whom I would ever take as my Queen." Jareth gently lifted the crystal out of Sarah's slightly shaking hand and put it on the bed. He then took her hand and lowering his eyes brought it up to his lips and gently placed a kiss on her knuckles.

At hearing Sarah's quick intake of breath he looked up and saw her cheeks stained with a bright blush and eyes watering.

"Jareth… that was… I don't… Oh wow, I…" Sarah responded.

"Shhh Sarah love, its ok, you don't have to tell me anything. If you don't feel the same it's…" Jareth didn't get to finish his sentence. He found Sarah's lips eagerly pressed upon his once again.

Sarah pulled back slightly and whispered to the thick skulled King. "You've been around the goblins way too long if you can't see that I am in love with you."

Jareth put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her away from him to get a clear view of her eyes.

"How long?" He urgently asked.

"I think I always have been. If I wasn't so stubborn I would have realized it sooner and saved us both the heartache." Sarah replied while gently caressing Jareth's cheek.

"You have no idea how happy you've made me Sarah." Jareth sincerely stated before enveloping her within his arms.

"You do know that I am never going to let you go." Jareth playfully told her.

"I wouldn't want it any other way." Sarah responded.

Suddenly they both heard a series of loud popping and explosions outside their window. They looked out to see the entire underground sky lit up with beautiful, glittery, and bright fireworks.

"It would seem the Labyrinth is showing her congratulations my dear." Jareth whispered to Sarah.

"It is all thanks to the Labyrinth that we have found each other." Sarah told him with a smile on her face.

They shared another kiss that had both of them smiling in pure joy and lighting up the whole room. If any goblin was to look towards their King's window they would see a light that would put the sun to shame pouring out.

But what everyone in the underground now knew was that their King had finally found his Queen.




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