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18 Glogauer Stra├če,



Dear Martin

It has been a few weeks since my family and I arrived here at Out-With. I've been missing you guys loads; there's no-one here to play with and I fear if I am left alone I might go as mad as Herr Roller, and start asking animals to come and have Tea and biscuits with me.

On Saturday, to keep myself entertained in order not to go mad like Herr Roller, I decided to make a tyre swing, like the ones we used to make when I was in Berlin. Outside Gretel's window, there is this huge oak tree. I think it must have been planted in the Middle Ages.

It was actually quite easy to make the swing. First I had to find some rope which was in the basement and I cut a few lengths with a knife. I had looked everywhere for a tyre but I couldn't find one. Eventually I had to ask Lieutenant Kotler if he could find one for me; he asked Pavel, our waiter, to get me one. When I got the tyre, I created the swing on the big oak.

As soon as I made it; I started swinging on it straight away. I got higher and higher and eventually fell off. Pavel who was chopping the vegetables by the window came and fixed me up. I had an enormous cut just by my knee.

He told me that before he was out waiter, he used to be a doctor. When Mother came home she had asked who fixed my leg. I answered her truthfully telling her that I had fallen off of the swing. I noticed that once I was out of the room she thanked Pavel but soon after I heard her day to him "...but if anyone asks I fixed him up."

I wonder why she would want to take credit for something that Pavel did. Right, Mother is calling me down for dinner, I must go.

I hope to get a letter back. See you soon hopefully.



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