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My name is Roxas; I'm sixteen years old. I finished all my studies at the age of fourteen and have been working as a teacher since I turned fifteen. I have just started working at a school for misfits and rebels.

This building I was standing in front of certainly did not look like a school. It looked like an old abandoned building where there would be rats and rodents hiding in every corner. I hated rats. I shuddered at the thought of a rat, scurrying around under one of the desks in a classroom with its long whiskers and beady eyes. Urgh they are just gross. Leave me in a room full of spiders, I'll be fine, put me in a tank with sharks, I'll be fine, but if there's a rat near by I will run away, screaming for my life.

Right, I'm making myself seem like a complete wuss, now would be a good time to change the subject. By now you're probably wondering, how on earth can a kid get a proper job? And a teacher at that! Well let's just say I have my ways, there really is no need for an explanation, not yet anyway. Patient is a virtue and all that jazz.

I made my way towards this so-called 'building', it looked dark and gloomy, it had that haunted feeling. There was litter absolutely everywhere; I was going to have to tell the cleaners here to do a better job. I mean seriously what is the point of paying for cleaners when they don't even do their job properly? The building itself was a mess, smashed windows, broken down doors and mold. Christ there was mold growing up the sides, was this place even safe? I inwardly cringed at the thought of actually having to go in. I mean I knew the place wasn't going to be paved with gold and have chandeliers in every room, but still I hadn't expected it to be this bad.

I walked up the gravelled path to the entrance. Looking around, there was a small forest that looked like it lead up to the back of the school. I wonder if it went all the way round? When I got to the door it opened by itself, letting out a very loud creaking noise. I stepped inside; letting myself in. I was sure I had got the right address. But why would a school be so …unsafe? I mean anyone from a harmless old lady to a paedophile could waltz right in. Not to mention this place seemed very dark, the only light was emanating from a very dim light bulb.

"Hello there, you must be the new teacher," A tall man with spiky blonde hair and piercing blue eyes stepped out of the shadows to face me.

"Yes, my name is Roxas. And who might you be?" The inside was ten times worse than I thought it would be. The stairs didn't look stable; the ceiling looked like it was going to cave in at any moment, and what on earth was that ungodly smell? It kind of smelt like a mix between something rotting and something burning. If you think I'm just being whiney and annoying then you should see this place for yourself.

"I would mind your mouth if I was you. My name is Cloud Strife, I'm a maths teacher." Jeez what was his problem? Someone was obviously on their man-period.

"Well I better get going. I do have a class to teach."

"Hmph, have fun finding your way around." Having fun was the last thing I had in mind. And with that Cloud turned on his heel and strode off. Wow talk about being a drama queen. I had already made an enemy and I had been in this school for what five minutes? Ha I think that's a new record time.

Be there at 8:45 sharp. You will be tutoring class 7R. The classroom is the 3rd room to the right in the English corridor.

That's what the letter had said. I had given myself twenty minutes to have a look around the place. I spent fifteen minutes aimlessly walking around before I had found the right class. This school looks small from the outside but once you're in, it's massive. I felt like a mouse stuck in a maze, trying to find my way out. Outside the classroom the students were all waiting to be let in. I examined them; they didn't exactly look like brutes that caused trouble.

Everyone was huddled around, in a circle, sniggering at something. I walked straight past them towards the door to the class. They were all so …tall! Then again most people were taller than me, I will grow ok!

"Hey look there's a new kid! I didn't know we would have someone new in our class this year. What's sup short ass!" Short… ass? I turned my head around to look over my shoulder. The person who had dared to call me short ass was grinning like an idiot. His red hair spiked out in all different directions and his emerald green eyes sparkled with mischief. Oh that redhead was so in for it. I coughed into my hand loudly so I could get everyone's attention.

"Ahem, could I have everyone's attention please. I am your new teacher. My name is Roxas." The redhead's eyes widened and people gaped at me, "I am not a 'new kid' and I am certainly not a 'short ass'. You redhead detention lunch time in my room." I pointed at the stunned redhead and smirked as I watched his jaw drop to the floor.

"Oh well done Axe! First day back and you've already landed yourself a detention. Smooth move." His mullet headed friend laughed and clapped as his friend got in trouble.

"Shut it Dem. This shrimp isn't even old enough to be our teacher!" The redhead exclaimed, a small scowl appeared on his face. Sure I wasn't old enough to be their teacher, but calling me shrimp? That was totally uncalled for. Although it doesn't seem like it, I do have emotions too you know! I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Do you want another detention after school? And yes I am aware I'm not old enough to be your teacher, but that's none of your business. And you mullet head will also be having a detention at lunch." I glared at both of them.

"What! That is so not fair!" The one called Dem threw his hands up in the air and stomped his feet. This was going to be an amusing day after all.

"Serves you right." The redhead rolled his eyes.

"All right enough of your chitter chatter, hurry up and get inside." I opened the door to the classroom and let the students in.

There was a scurry of people walking into the classroom; I could hear some muttering about my age. But I wouldn't let that get to me, seeing as I had heard it all before.

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