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"You have got to be kidding me." I looked at the red and black motorbike that was in front of me.

"Oh I'm not kidding." Axel grinned as he passed me a bag we had got from his locker before coming out here. "In the bag there's a crash helmet, you don't want you to get hurt if we crash." How on earth he had managed to fit the helmet in his tiny locker was beyond me.

"Wait, are you implying we are going to crash? And what about you, aren't you going to wear a helmet?" I nervously played with the handles of the white plastic bag. I looked down into the bag and saw the jet-black shining helmet.

"Well isn't someone full of questions today? Look of course there's a slight percentage we could crash but I highly doubt we will. Have a little faith in me would ya?" He sat on the motorbike and motioned me to come forwards.

"What about your helmet then?" I took the helmet out of the bag and stuffed the plastic bag deep into my pocket. Putting on the helmet, which was a bit too big for me, I walked towards the bike.

"Psh, I don't wear one. I keep that helmet in my locker to make the safety nazi's believe I wear one." He chuckled softly. "Now hurry up and get on the back"

"Just be careful. If we do crash you're screwed." I had wanted to take the helmet off and put it on him, but I'm sure Axel would've gone against me.

"Aw getting worried about me? Don't worry, I'll be fine, now get on the bike!" he patted the seat. I got onto the bike; hesitantly I wrapped my arms around his thin waist and shuffled forward. I put my feet onto the footrests that were on either side of the bike and squeezed myself as close as possible to Axel. I wasn't scared that I would fall off or anything… "Alright! Lets go, hold on tight." He revved up the engine and we shot out of the car park like a bullet.

Thud thud thud.

Even after I had got off the motorbike, the thrumming in my chest wouldn't stop.

"Mppff" I took off the helmet and shook my head about, the cool wind felt good against my hot skin. Inside the helmet I had felt like a chicken being roasted. No surprise though, the colour black is a good absorber of heat. Urgh why did that idiot have to go and choose a black helmet. Then again he doesn't actually wear the helmet so I guess he doesn't know what it feels like to be roasted alive. No joke, that helmet is like a mini-microwave.

"You alright there?" Axel asked as he pushed the bike up to the garage.

"Yeah, I'm fine just a bit hot." I passed over the helmet to Axel and followed behind him to the door. Luckily I had managed to keep my posture and not fall to the floor, even though my legs felt like jelly.

"Good good," Axel mumbled as he got his door keys out from his bag. Just as he was about to unlock and push the door open, it opened from the inside.

"Good to see you brother," A tall redhead stood by the door, one hand holding the door open, the other holding a beer can. He had red hair like Axel's only except his was tied back into a ponytail, with a few loose strands covering his forehead. He also had tattoos under his blue-ish green eyes; only they were curved lines instead of teardrops. Guess getting odd yet cool looking tattoos runs in the family.

"Whatever. Reno did you have to open a beer already?" Axel grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me past him. "Oh and bro, we have a guest so you might want to put a shirt on." Did I forget to mention he wasn't wearing any type of top of shirt what so ever? He was wearing a pair of black jeans that were ripped at the knee and they stopped just below his hipbone. Oh and just to mention there was a lovely small trail of red hair from his belly button that travelled to his jeans. You can guess where the hair leads to. Mmn lovely snail trail of pubes, brilliant. Ew gross even my sarcasm gets me sometimes.

"But I like being half naked!" Reno kicked at the floor with his bare foot. His gaze slowly went from the floor to me, realising I was this so-called 'guest'. "Axel I didn't know you were into jailbait." Jailbait?! "Not into jailbait myself, but this one's a cutie." I can't believe he was just saying this straight out.

"Be quiet." I growled. So this is what Kairi meant when she had said 'You need to spend some more time in town, he's one creep out of the lot!' Kairi, I have found another creep.

"A bit feisty are we? Hey Axe, what does this kid mean to you? I might take him for myself." Two things were very wrong with that sentence. One he had called me a 'kid' I'm sixteen not seven! And the second point was that he had said 'I might take him for myself.' Touch me and I will murder you, weird drunk redhead. I am so getting bad vibes off this guy.

"He's my uh…" Axel bit down on his tongue and frowned. He can't say that I'm his teacher and he knew that. He could say something like I'm his classmate, who was working on a project with him, at least that way I wouldn't get harassed. Or maybe he could just say I'm a frie-.

"He's my boyfriend." Axel said quickly, grabbing me by the waist and hugging me close to his chest, dropping the forgotten crash helmet on the floor. I almost choked on the air; don't you just hate it when life does that? Reno raised an eyebrow suspiciously, not buying the story. Oh god what was I supposed to do? Either disagree with Axel and have a high chance of being molested or agree with Axel and just be absolutely embarrassed. Time is ticking, ah well….

"Y-yeah I'm his boyfriend." I forced a fake smile. If my heart had been thudding fast against my chest when we had been on the bike, it was pounding against my chest a thousand times quicker now.

"Aw damn it , I need to get myself a new boy-toy." Reno snapped his fingers. "But ya know how I can get bro, I might not be able to stop myself from touching your boyfriend." I swear down I just saw Reno lick his lips as he closed the door.

"Reno, if you even dare lay a single finger on my Roxy, I will break your pretty little face in two." Axel smiled innocently.

"What do you mean 'my Roxy'? I'm not some sort of slave you know." I let out a small snort. Might as well play along, seeing as I'm stuck in this mess already.

"Oh really?" Uh oh was all that I could think. Before I knew it I felt something warm and wet move up against my cheek.

"Ew ew ew EW! Axel that's gross!" I pushed him away and scrubbed the side of my cheek with the palm of my hand. "You don't just lick someone's cheek!"

"Yeah well I do." He chuckled and winked at me.

"Well then." Reno coughed loudly into his hand, obviously annoyed that he was being ignored. "I'll leave you two love birds to it, I'm going to try and find another beer."

"Oh no you don't," Axel grabbed Reno by his red mess of a ponytail and dragged him along into one of the other rooms. I followed behind them, looking around.

We went into a room, which I guessed was the sitting room. It had a medium size TV propped up against the wall, with some kind of game console next to it. Other than that the room felt kind of empty. A plain sofa with cushions, two tables, the walls were a light blue colour and….

"Hey spaceman, having fun zoning out?" Reno glanced over at me.

"Huh?" Three points for zoning out and making yourself look like a doofus. Well done Roxas. If it didn't make me seem like even more of a doofus I would have started to clap sarcastically.

Axel had managed to push his older sibling onto the sofa and had thrown a blanket over his brother's bare torso.

"I'll go and get some drinks, something that isn't beer." Axel looked at Reno when he mentioned beer. "Then we can sort out the paper work and money." It was only then it hit me. Why was I here? Conclusion… I had thought of the first thing that had come to mind.

As I was off in a world of my own, I hadn't noticed that Reno had got off the couch and had moved behind me. Before I knew it I had felt a pair of hands wrapped around my waist.

"Well hey there kitten."

"Get of me." Again seriously with the touching, people need to back the fuck off.

"Aww don't be like that, c'mon lets have some fun together." Reno whispered into my ear causing me to shiver.

"You know I'm Axel's so stop touching me." I had to keep my voice from cracking, I needed to sound convincing. "Plus you don't even know me, so stop being all touchy-feely it's weird." I squirmed out of his grip and took a large step forward away from him.

"Oh but my little brother just needs to learn to share his toys. And me being all touchy-feely means we get to know each other better. Don't you think?" He grabbed me by the hips and once again pulled me closer to him. Damn him and his long arms.

"No I don't think that by you touching me it makes us 'get to know each other better'." I tried to move away but this time his grip was tighter. "Now let me g- , a-ah! What do y-you think you're doing?!" He was slowly moving his hands up my shirt.

"I'm getting to know you better kitten," He purred.

"Get off me you drunk!" I could feel his warm chest against my back. He made small circular motions with his thumbs causing me to shiver some more. "S-Stop…"

"Oh kitten you like that don't you?" He slid his hands further up, I couldn't help but let out a small mewl as his rough fingers trailed up my chest, touching my skin.

"S-Stop it now," I let out a pathetic whimper as he carried on touching me. I needed to think of a plan to get out of this, and I needed to think of one fast.

"Why should his I stop? You seem to be enjoying this." He pinched one of my nipples, causing me to moan involuntary. Oh god this cannot be happening! Wait…I have arms! Yes well done Roxas you have arms that you aren't even using! Nice going.

"Take this!" I shoved my elbow into his stomach and flung myself forwards.

"I hope you like lemona- woah!" No Axel, stupid Axel getting in my way! I stumbled right into Axel falling forward on top of him making him drop the drinks. I closed my eyes and groaned in pain as my forehead hit Axel's. "H-Hey Rox, you ok?" I instantly opened my eyes and stared at Axel as I felt something warm brush against my lips.

"A-Ah," I continued to stare down at Axel. His cheeks were turning slightly pink and I too could feel myself blushing slightly. Our lips were only just touching, not a kiss but very close to one. There was a short awkward silence before Axel decided to break it.

"So," I could feel his lips softly brushing against my own again. "Do you want to stay like this, gazing at me like that or do you want to get up?" He smirked. Straight after he said that I jolted upright, I so was not gazing at him!

"Oh do shut up!" I looked away avoiding any eye contact. I shifted to get up and realised the awkward position we were in….I was straddling the him. You shared a bed with him, this is nothing. Why must my brain betray me like this?

"C'mon, we need to get this mess cleaned up." Axel picked himself up off the floor and helped me up. I let out a small huff and walked into what was the kitchen to let myself calm down.

I wonder what time I'm going home…I don't think I can take anymore of this embarrassment.

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