Ripple Effect

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Chapter One

Relena Peacecraft was not amused.

Currently said Vice Foreign Minister [1] was sitting in her office waiting on a client who was not only late, but insistent that she had to see him immediately causing her to shift around her schedule and piss off a few very important diplomats. To say she was not amused was an understatement.

Relena puffed out a breath, making her bangs flutter on the momentary breeze. She leaned back in her chair and gazed at her ceiling, wishing she'd just given this job to someone else, someone more qualified to deal with all this nonsense. She'd acknowledged the idiocy of her 'Heero worshiping' faze and had apologized to all the pilots but she couldn't undue the trust the people had somehow developed in her. Unfortunately that meant that she was now needed to help instill confidence in the new government and keep the fragile peace they'd all worked so hard for. She didn't mind the work she just knew that there were many more qualified people out there who deserved the job that had been basically handed to her on a silver platter.


Relena instantly whipped out the gun she'd stuck to the underside of her desk and in one fluid motion clicked the safety off and leveled it at the speaker before her. Once she did, however, her arm wavered slightly, mostly due to shock. Before her stood an elderly gentlemen with a long white beard that neared his knees in length. What caused her pause was that this was the most normal thing about him. He was dressed very oddly in red flannel pants and a bright orange button up shirt. He held up his hands in surrender and raised an eyebrow at her.

"My name is Albus Dumbledore and I believe I had an appointment…?" he stated bemusedly as if a loaded weapon wasn't aimed directly at his forehead.

"Ah yes, I must apologize Mr. Dumbledore but you quite startled me, I didn't hear you come in." Relena said in a rush, an embarrassed flush coloring her cheeks as she lowered her weapon and clicked on the safety. Heero had insisted she learn how to properly use a firearm and had purchased her the Beretta for the same reason. [2] "Please sit down, would you like some tea?"

"No, no that's quite alright though I must apologize for keeping you waiting so long Minister. Something came up and delayed me and I'm sorry if I've caused you any inconvenience with meeting on such short notice." Dumbledore said, sitting down. Relena shook her head.

"I must admit it was a bit of trouble but you said you had something urgent you needed to discuss with me…?" She raised a delicate eyebrow, sitting back down behind her desk and replacing the gun.

"Yes, I do. In light of the recent war and upheaval I haven't been able to properly introduce myself to you. Usually the previous Minister would have alerted you to our existence but it seems that duty must now fall to me." Dumbledore explained pleasantly. "My name, as you know, is Albus Dumbledore and I am the Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Relena blinked. "Pardon me but did you just say witchcraft and wizardry?" Dumbledore nodded, smiling as if this was the reaction he was expecting. Relena nodded and leaned over, holding down the button on her intercom. "Cynthia, contact Lady Une and send her to my office ASAP please."

"Yes ma'm." the secretaries voice crackled back and Relena released the button turning back to her guest. [3]

"I hope you don't mind but Lady Une will need to hear this as well."

"Not at all, I assumed I would need to meet with her as well, she is the head of the Preventers correct?" Dumbledore responded. Relena nodded.

Lady Une glared at the agents gathered in her office. "You did what?" she hissed, fully prepared to throttle the braid totting lunatic smiling at her from behind his stoic partner.

"I swear it was an accident! I only meant to block the exit and prevent the terrorists from escaping! I didn't know the building was that shoddily built!" Duo pleaded, ducking behind Heero as a heavy paperweight whizzed by him crashing into the door behind him and shattering into a thousand little pieces.

Une sucked in a breath, fully prepared to lash Maxwell for once again causing excessive property damage, when a knock sounded at the door behind the two agents. "Come in!" she yelled and waved the agents to stand aside. Cynthia, Relena's aid, carefully poked her head around the door.

"Ma'm the Minister needs you in her office ASAP." She said meekly, eyeing the dent in the door and mess on the floor left by the paperweight. Une actually growled at the poor woman.

"Alright, Maxwell, Yuy, come with me I'm not letting you off that easy." She said, glaring at Duo who was still standing slightly behind Heero. Both nodded their understanding and filed out after her heading toward Relena's office. Months ago they had decided it was best to keep her office in the Preventer building so it would be easier to protect her if the need ever arose.

Relena, however, was currently staring gob smacked at Dumbledore as he happily demonstrated his magic and levitated various objects in her office. "Seriously?" was the only intelligent response she could give. Before Dumbledore could reply her intercom came to life.

"Ma'm, Lady Une is here with Agents Yuy and Maxwell, shall I send them in?" Relena blinked and stared at her intercom for a moment before pressing down the answer button.

"Yes, yes send them in."

"Right away ma'm." Immediately after that there was a knock at her door and then, without waiting for a response, it swung open revealing a smiling Duo Maxwell.

"Heya' Lena what's-" Duo froze eyes glued to Dumbledore who was still hovering the items on Relena's desk with his wand. "-the fuck?"

"Language Maxwell!" Une snapped from behind him. He meekly stepped to the side to allow Heero and Une into the room. Both entered and immediately stared at the random objects floating about the office.

Smiling Dumbledore stood and gestured with his wand, shutting the door behind the newcomers. Instantly he was faced with three loaded firearms backed by very serious expressions.

"Stop!" Relena shouted quickly, not surprised at the rapid reflexes of her friends. "He means us no harm, please lower your weapons."

Surprisingly it was Heero who answered her. "He is not a threat?"

"No, no he's just… well he was about to explain it so please, hear him out." Relena rushed relieved when the agents nodded and holstered their weapons, though they still eyed Dumbledore uneasily.

"Alright, explain yourself Mr…?" Une said, sitting herself in the other chair next to Dumbledore's. Duo and Heero moved and stood behind her, watching the man cautiously.

"Ah yes, my name is Albus Dumbledore and, as I was just telling the Minister here, I am the Headmaster at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

There was a collective blink and a moment of silence before…

"Well, that explains everything." Duo deadpanned, sending the man an incredulous look. "You expect us to just accept something like magic at face value?" He snorted derisively.

"No of course not my good sir, I would be rather shocked if you did." Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling. Duo had a sneaking suspicion that meant trouble, and smirked to himself recognizing a fellow mischief-maker.

"That doesn't matter right now, what I want to know is why you're here right now. I doubt you came here just to attempt to shock and awe us with your magic." Une's voice almost hissed when she said the word, obviously not pleased to have to say it at all.

"Quite right ma'm, I am here to make the wizarding world known to the Minister," he nodded to Relena who gave him a tight smile, "and yourself, but there is another reason as well." He smiled brightly at her and she nodded, urging him to continue. "I've also been made aware of a small problem with our way of locating students. We normally have a book that lists down student's names when they are born and we send them letters at the age of eleven to join the school so we can teach them how to control their magic. Recently we found out that people born on the colonies are overlooked because they are out of reach of the spell."

"I see." Une said after taking a moment to process the information. "I understand this could be an issue, but what does it have to do with us?" She asked, gesturing to herself, the agents, and Relena. They all nodded, wondering the same thing.

"The reason I bring this to you is because of your organization's reach." He nodded to Une at this. "I need someone who can easily access personal records of people born on the colonies so that I can let our Ministry know and they can search out any people who may have innate magic."

"I see, that would include thousands of people. It would take years to sort all of those records, you realize this correct?" Une said raising an eyebrow at him as she tapped her chin in thought. "It would be doable, but the gathering of records alone would take a couple months. Plus I'm not sure if I'm convinced of the validity of this school or these wizards." She narrowed her eyes as she came to the end of her statement and both agents teased behind her, understanding her silent message.

Dumbledore just smiled benignly. "Fear not Madame Une, I did not come here unprepared for such suspicions." He reached a hand into his robes and, for the third time today, was faced with guns trained on him. He just smiled. "I'm just getting some paperwork I brought with me to validate my claims." Une and Relena lowered their guns while both agents didn't even waver, Dumbledore slowly pulled out a manila folder and held it out for Une who took it after holstering her weapon and making sure the other two had as well.

"I see." Une said already pulling out the documents inside and setting them on the desk in front of her so that everyone in the office could see them.

Relena sighed and reached over and pushed the intercom button. "Cynthia, could you please bring us some refreshments?"

"Yes ma'm, right away." Cynthia's voice crackled back and Relena released the button and smiled at her guests.

"Duo, Heero, please sit down. I'm getting the feeling this is going to be a long meeting."


[1] I'm not sure what Relena's actual title is after Endless Waltz, so this is a guess.

[2] Okay, I actually researched guns for this one sentence. Yeah, I'm that sad.

[3] Yes, it is an intercom. I think they might use vid-phones in Gundam Wing, but I can't remember so for the sake of this story the office building they're using uses intercoms instead. (holds up artistic license and smiles)

AN: Okay, it's a start, more like a teaser really. It got in my head and I just HAD to write it. Now it's off to bed seeing at its 4 in the morning. . Why can't my muse work during the day? :grumbles darkly as she stumbles off to bed: