Ripple Effect

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Chapter 10

Harry and Ron hadn't actually expected Hermione to be serious about researching a translator spell but she was apparently serious as she proceeded to stuff food in her mouth so fast both boys stopped to stare at her. Before either could think of anything to say she was standing and declaring she was going to the library and rushing away.

"…We really are a bad influence Harry," Ron muttered in awe. Turning to Harry he gave him a worried look. "You think we should really try to eavesdrop on them?"

Harry paused, considering Ron's question. It wasn't very nice, for all they knew the two agents had just been catching up or discussing personal matters, nothing to do with them or the school. Harry went to answer his friend but was cut off again by the Great Hall's door swinging open again. 'I'm starting to think this is going to become a thing,' Harry sighed, glancing up to see the subjects of their conversation walk in. Duo gave him a jaunty wave, now in his uniform with braided hair. Heero was at his side, eye once again scanning the room before focusing on Duo again as the braided boy spoke to him.

"I don't know," Harry finally confessed to Ron. "I mean, we really don't know them and for all we know they're plotting but Duo seems nice… then again people aren't always what they seem…" Harry trailed off, his thoughts going to his godfather who they had saved the previous year. The man had been framed for murder and the real killer had been Ron's pet rat which had been a rather nasty surprise for the red head.

"So how exactly can you be here?" Duo asked, turning his head a little to see Heero over his shoulder before Heero swatted him. Duo pouted, once back at the rooms he's changed and he had asked Heero to help him brush out the tangled mess his hair had turned into.

Heero shrugged dismissively. "I'm a squib," he said as if it was obvious. [1]

"Okay… let's just assume this is all new to me, what's a squib?" Duo asked with a raised eyebrow.

Heero resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "A squib is a person with no magic who is involved in the magical world," he explained, expertly tying of Duo's braid before tossing it over his shoulder for inspection.

Duo ran his hands over his braid absently as he answered. "So basically, a normal person? What a boring explanation…"

Heero did roll his eyes this time as he tossed Duo his uniform jacket. "Hn."

Duo waved him off, pulling on his jacket as he headed for the door, pausing to hold it open for Heero. "I know, I know. The simplest explanation and all that jazz…" he muttered mostly to himself.

Harry sighed as they approached the trapdoor to Divination. The class wouldn't be so bad if the professor didn't constantly predict his untimely demise. Understanding his hesitation Ron just patted his shoulder and climbed up first. Harry paused for a bit longer, still staring dejectedly at the ladder.

"She doesn't like you either eh?" Duo asked, suddenly standing next to Harry.

"Ah!" Harry squeaked, almost falling over as he jumped away from him.

Duo chuckled, holding up his hands in a non-threatening way. "Sorry, didn't mean to sneak up on you," he said, smiling apologetically. A snort came from behind them and Harry noticed the new guy had also joined them.

"Unsurprising, let's move," Heero said in his quiet monotone. Harry blinked, realizing this was the first time he'd heard the man speak English.

Duo gave Heero an apologetic look as well. "Um, actually… I'm not allowed up there so you're on your own Hee-chan."

Harry blinked, wondering if 'Hee-chan' was the man's name or if that was another nickname Duo had come up with. The braided man seemed to like calling people butchered version of their names as nicknames.

"Welp, see you guys after class," Duo said with a jaunty wave. Turning Duo started away before pausing and turning back. "Oh, and Heero, don't shoot anybody, 'kay?"

"Hn," Heero responded, climbing the ladder into the classroom. Harry hesitated a moment, staring between the two retreating people before following Heero up the ladder.

Heero folded his arms as he leaned back against the back wall of the classroom. Trust Duo to already be banned from certain classes. The idiot really needed to learn to just be quiet and observe sometimes.

"Heero is like the night to Duo's day," Ron mumbled, watching the man as they sat at their customary table – the one farthest from the front.

Harry tossed a look back. "Yeah, kind of makes you wonder how two opposites like them got to be friends," he confessed having already noticed the difference himself.

Duo sneezed. Stopping he rubbed his nose, taking a napkin from the angry looking librarian. "Dumb drafty castle…"

Harry sighed as their teacher finally 'appeared.' He wasn't really looking forward to another year of death omens and predictions.

Heero rolled his eyes as some students jumped and a few actually screamed at the teacher's sudden appearance. He had spotted the woman the minute he had entered the room, apparently her students were not very observant. She wasn't through though, as she meandered over to him, her large spectacles glittering in the dim lighting.

"And who do we have here?" she asked in a wispy voice.

Heero stood up from his lean and gave her a small bow. "Heero Yuy, Preventer agent on security detail," he answered succinctly, watching the teacher's face.

"Oh, another one… just don't interfere with my lesson young man," Trelawny replied in a suddenly normal voice, sticking her nose in the air as she walked away from him.

"Whoa, I take it Duo left a really poor impression with our professor. Wonder what he did?" Ron whispered to Harry as they watched Trelawny return to the class.

"Guess so…" Harry muttered back, not really feeling any pity for the woman as her attention focused on her favorite distraction: predicting Harry's imminent death.



[1] I'm kinda' surprised no one guessed this… I tossed this idea around with my fiancé and he think Heero is epic enough to take down a gundam by hand so he doesn't need magic. . I go to agree.

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