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The Iceberg…

The Green Hornet stared at the gangster as he gave him a forced smile, "I didn't know that there was a party going on Hishdneveac," he told him, "I just came in here for a quiet lunch…where hopefully I wouldn't be bothered by those nitwit Crusaders!"

'Yes," mused Hishdneveac and then he slapped the Penguin on the back, "Penggy and I…"

"Penguin!" he furiously squawked out and then turned his attention to the Green Hornet, "Heard about it over the radio, whahhh! Batman and Robin chasing you all over the city! If it wasn't for the Black Whip, they would have caught you!"

"Tell me about it!" shouted the Green Hornet in frustration as he sat down at the bar stool and gestured to the bartender, "Shot of Jack Daniels," he looked over at Kato, "You want anything?"

Kato shook his head, "I'm driving, remember? I'll have some saki later."

As they watched the Green Hornet drowned his drink with only gulp, Hishdneveac mused out loud, "Jack Daniels, hmm? Funny that was the Lone Ranger's favorite drink whenever he allowed himself to drink…and he drank rarely!"

The Penguin and Green Hornet rolled their eyes in weariness while Kato gave his boss a knowing look and asked, "Really?"

"Yes," he answered as he took out a cigar from his pocket, "By the way, why did the Black Whip save your hide?"

"I don't know;" he half lied as well as half denied, "And frankly, I don't care!" He looked toward the bartender and gestured towards his glass, "Give me another shot!" He then looked back at Hishdneveac, "If you don't mind me asking, Hishdneveac…why in the world do you as well as the rest of your family…hate the Lone Ranger so much that you're willing to kill his so-called heir? The man has been dead and gone for decades!"

Hishdneveac remained silent for a moment, finally he answered as he smoked his cigar, "Dead for decades…yes, but not gone! That infernal masked man became a legend! What do people today think of the Wild West? Who do they think of ? I'll tell you who! Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill, Geronimo, Wild Bill Hickok, Annie Oakley, and numerous others! But, always…the top four on that legendary list are Zorro, the Black Whip, Tonto, and the Lone Ranger!"

He took a deep breath and continued his rant, "Zorro and the Black Whip, or should I say they're descendents are still active today… Tonto went home and died an old man; but no one knows what happened to the Lone Ranger except those three interfering crime fighters and they never told a soul! My family could have been legends! We could have ruled Texas! We could have brought peace to the West, not that Indian or those masked men!"

Penguin, Kato, and the Green Hornet looked at each other; finally it was Penguin who asked, timidly, "What do you mean?"

Hishdneveac didn't say anything, but he took his Colt 66 from his coat pocket and fired several shots into the ceiling. His entire gang stopped what they were doing, and he shouted at them, "Gather around men! Its story time! These fine gentlemen want to know about the great Butch Cavendish!"

As his men gathered around the bar, a certain spirit was pitching the bridge of his nose, "He had to get the Reid luck for trouble!" he grumbled in disgust. Groaning, he looked up and immediately noticed that the bartender had sneaked off toward the phone booth that was in the corner. The spirit's eyes narrowed in suspicion, he immediately drifted over toward the man and listened in.

"Sarge," whispered the bartender, "You better get who know who over here! The Green Hornet and Hishdneveac are right here in the Iceberg!"

John Reid slapped his face in aggravation as he realized what was happening and muttered, "Oh…for the love of…" He look toward the sky and shouted as he disappeared from sight, "Victoria Gordon, please punch that blasted fool again!"

Meanwhile, Hishdneveac was telling his story, "It begin a century ago, at Vicksburg, Major Buchan "Butch" Cavendish and the soldiers under his command was facing a court marshal with that drunken fool, General Grant, as the head judge. They were charged with murder, rape, and looting following the surrender of Vicksburg."

"The spoils of war," muttered Kato.

"Indeed," agreed Hishdneveac as he puffed on his cigar, "He felt that his men deserved a reward for all of their hard work, unfortunately that fool Grant didn't see it that way and gave them a dishonorable discharged. Major Cavendish, as he left with his men from Vicksburg, swore that he would show Grant and the rest of world that he was destined for greatness! He led his men to Texas, and when first laid eyes on that great land…he decided then and there that he would rule it! He would become the emperor of the New Republic of Texas!"

The Green Hornet, Penguin, and Kato exchange glances at this phrase; the Penguin leaned into the Hornet and whispered, "Whaa, why do I get the feeling that this is a bit too personal for him?"

"It is," softly muttered Hornet, "Hishdneveac is Cavendish spelled backwards."

The Penguin stared at him in shock, as they listened Cavendish say, "Since the war was still going on at this time, he decided it would be a perfect time to establish a foothold in Texas."

"I study villains and heroes in history as a past time," softly spoke the Penguin to the Hornet once again, "In order to make certain I don't make the same mistakes as my predecessors! Butch Cavendish was absolutely insane…on the same level as Hitler! If Hishdneveac is just as insane as his ancestor, we're in a great deal of danger! As much as I hate to say it…we're going to need someone to rescue us!"

The Green Hornet remained silent as he gazed at Hishdneveac whom by now was standing on the bar, finally Kato whispered, "Penguin, 'a great deal of danger' is an understatement!"

"Whaa, what do you mean?" he asked.

Kato didn't reply he merely gave his boss a 'are you still in denial' look; The Green Hornet gave him a dirty look in return and softly hissed out, "Now is not the time for this!"

"Did you say something, Hornet?" asked Hishdneveac in annoyance at being interrupted.

Thinking fast, he replied, "Just thinking about the infamous Texas Rangers, they were around after the Civil War, weren't they?"

Hishdneveac made a face as he replied, "Yes, unfortunately. Led be that former Confederate do-gooder Daniel Reid!"

"Any relation to Britt Reid, the publisher of the Daily Sentinel?" asked the Green Hornet due to the fact if he didn't ask the question, it would make everyone suspicious of him.

"Yes," he replied, "He is Captain Daniel Reid's great-great grandson. Though I have to admit the current Reid is not as annoying as his blasted ancestor!"

'You're right,' thought Kato to himself, 'He is not like the first Daniel Reid, he takes after his great-great uncle.'

"Anyway," continued Hishdneveac, "Major Cavendish was well on his way in ruling Texas, but first he had to get rid of Daniel Reid and his Texas Rangers. He managed to place a spy within the ranks; however it would be months before the spy managed to gain Captain Reid's confidence. In the mean time…"

As the insane criminal talked, the Green Hornet was thinking, 'Uncle John, ghost or not, I could really use your help in getting out of this mess!'

Batgirl's Secret Hideout…

"Just a little more," muttered Juan Del La Vega as he and his son lifted the last robot into the van that Alfred had obtained for the mysterious Zorro.

Watching the two were James Gordon Jr. and Maria Del La Vega, the latter of the two was grumbling under her breath, "No, back-up plan! No, need for one Aunt Maria…I have everything under control…bah!"

"He does, Aunt Maria," muttered Felipe as he struggled with his father to load the last robot, "Stop worrying... everything will be fine!"

"Fine my ass!" she shouted and glared at the current cause of her fury, "How often have I told you, your father has told you, and your grandfather has told you, Juan?! A fox must always have a back-up plan; otherwise things usual go to hell when a fox doesn't have one!"

"Aunt Maria," he said with a huff as he finally sat the robot down, "I didn't have much time to come up with a back-up plan…don't worry! I have everything under control!"

Suddenly a gust of wind swirled around them, and then a small snap could be heard through out the room. They looked toward the noise and near Barbara's Batgirl Make Up Table…a tube of lipstick was floating in mid-air.

"What the fuck?" whispered James Gordon Jr.

"My sentiments exactly," muttered Felipe.

Juan narrowed his eyes as he answered as well as chided his nephew's question, "Mind your language, James! It is the ghost of the Lone Ranger…something must be wrong; this little stunt of his will most likely take a great deal of energy out of him."

As they watched, the lipstick wrote a series of words on the mirror:





The lipstick dropped on to the floor, and dead silence reigned over the room. Juan closed his eyes, and growled out with aggravation, "Do not say a word, Aunt Maria! Not a single word!"

"What did you say Juan?" asked Aunt Maria innocently as she cupped her hand to her ear, "I may actually be losing my hearing, what did you say?"

"Aunt Maria," he growled out, "You know damm well that you're hearing is excellent!"

"Oh!" she said as she pretended that she heard him incorrectly, "You want me to say something? Very well…I told you so!"

Juan pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, cursing under his breath…finally he looked up "Aunt Maria contact Barbara over the cb and tell her to go rescue the Hornet... again!" he ordered, "Felipe, James your coming with me to Gotham Hall!"

"But, Uncle Juan!" protested James Gordon Jr., "I can't do a thing crippled up like this! Also, let's not forget the fact I don't have a mask to hide my identity!"

"All you have to do," he explained patiently as he changed into Zorro, "Is stay in the van and control the robots. Are ready, son?"

"Yes, Papa," said Felipe has finished changing into his costume; it was similar to Zorro's costume with the exception of the color, it was brown instead of black.

"James?" he asked as placed his hat on his head.

James rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, "This is going to be a disaster without a back up plan."

"James! What did you say?" asked Zorro sternly.

"Nothing, Uncle," he replied as he got into the back of the van.

As they drove off into the night, Maria Del La Vega rolled her eyes in annoyance, "Everything will be all right, Aunt Maria," she repeated in sarcasm as she hobbled over to the cb, "I have everything under control, Aunt Maria. Under control! Bah! If he has everything under control, then I am a cabaret dancer!"

Picking up the microphone, she called out, "Old Fox to Fox Girl…"

Meanwhile back at the Iceberg…

The Penguin didn't like this…he did like this situation one bit! And he couldn't think of a way to get out of it without asking a huge favor from one of fellow criminal comrades! He looked over at his companions and quietly asked, "Do you either of you enjoy this mad man's tale?"

The Green Hornet and his masked companion looked at each other for a moment, finally the Green Hornet softly growled out, "No."

"Neither do I," confessed the Penguin, "Do either of you have any idea how we are going to get out of this?"

The Green Hornet gave him a furious glare and hissed out, "Penguin, if you have an idea…I am listening!"

The Penguin remain silent for a moment as he mentally went thru his list of his comrades who were sane enough and out of prison to help them, finally he sighed and whispered, "I do, but I will need you to keep Hishdneveac …Cavendish…whatever he calls himself distracted while I make a phone call!"

The Green Hornet sighed deeply in aggravation, finally he replied, "Fine!"

"Good, oh and Hornet…I fear we are both going to be in debt to the person I am calling," he told him.

The masked criminal pinched the bridge of his nose, and growled out, "As long as it's not Batman or someone who can make this situation even worse…."

"Not Batman," softly protested Penguin, "You met her last night…the Queen of Gotham's Underworld."

"Catwoman…fine!" he muttered in disgust, He then turned his attention to the insane outlaw, "Hishdneveac is it true that Cavendish was the one who murdered thirty Texas Rangers in Bryan's Gap?"

"Why…yes!" he with pride, "It was one of Major Cavendish's finest moments! Of course, it's merely behind the time he captured President Grant…"

"How did he do it?" interrupted the Green Hornet as tried not to throw up in asking the revolting question, he remembered his visions of the massacre quite vividly.

"Well, first his spy told Captain Reid about a possible hideout for Butch Cavendish," he replied and then started to go into great detail on the events that led up to the massacre.

Meanwhile no one noticed, other than the Green Hornet and his masked companion, the Penguin as he quickly crawled from the bar to his private office.

Catwoman's secret hideout at the old Gotham Yarn Factory…

Catwoman was currently reading 'Gotham during the Second World War' by Martha Wayne. "Fascinating," she purred out loud, "Absolutely fascinating!"

"What is so fascinating Catwoman?" asked Catnip nervously as he dusted her giant, golden, Bastet statue.

"The Black Whip," replied Catwoman, "Like his predecessors, he should have continued protecting Gotham even when the Second World War was over with! But there has been no sign of him until today when he broke up that car chase between Batman and the Green Hornet."

"Which means?"

"It means that something must have happened to him, according to this book…he wasn't killed, merely disappeared! He was old enough to have children!"


"So?" she hissed out as she slammed the book closed, "So? Haven't you been paying attention to what I have been saying?"

"No," he replied in fear.

Catwoman growled in fury, and was about to rip her henchman a new one when the phone rang. Growling and spitting underneath her breath, she answered, "Hello?"

"Catwoman, this Penguin," he replied.

"Penguin," she purred out, "What can I do for you?"

"Whaa," he said, "I am here at the Iceberg with the Green Hornet and his masked accomplice…we need you to come rescue us."

"Rescue?" she shouted, "Who do you take me for... Batgirl?!"

"Please," he begged her, "its Hishdneveac! He's real name is Cavendish and he is more insane than the Joker! We have good chance at being slaughtered!"

As he continued to plead, Catwoman's mind was racing, 'If I am right and that Batgirl is really the current Black Whip,' she thought, 'then the reason for that act last night and rescuing the Hornet this morning is because…' Quickly she interrupted the Penguin's begging, "Fine! But I want my claws on the Green Hornet! And you're going to help me capture him!"

"What?" shouted Penguin, "Didn't you say last night you thought he had a girlfriend?! Besides he is a fellow criminal!"

'Fellow criminal my pussy willow, he is just using his ancestor's old trick!' she thought to herself while at the same time she asked, "Penguin, do you enjoy living?"

"Yes," he squawked out.

"Then do what I say!" she shouted, "I'll be there shortly, until then…do not do anything rash!" As she hung up the phone, she yelled out, "Catnip! Wake up Catnap and the others from their catnap! We're going to have to play the some what Bat trio at the Iceberg!"

"Right away, Catwoman!" he said as raced into another room.

As she impatiently waited for her henchmen, she thought, 'If this doesn't bring Batgirl, or should I say the Black Whip, to our final showdown…nothing will!'

At the same time...Batgirl otherwise known as the Black Whip…

was sitting outside the Gotham Yarn Factory…

'Finally found that blasted cat!' she thought to herself, and was about to sneak in when her cb on her bike called out, "Old Fox to Fox Girl…"

Rolling her eyes at her aunt's sarcasm, she picked up her mike and said, "Batgirl here, Old Fox. What's wrong now?"

"Young Ranger as well as his companion," she replied, "are cornered by Cavendish and his men at the Iceberg. The dimwit Bats are on they're way there as well."

"Oh, for the love of St. Peter!" she exclaimed she slammed her hand on her thigh, "Can't those two stay out of…" Her eyes widen as she immediately noticed Catwoman with her men leaving her hideout on motorbikes and heading in the same direction as the Iceberg. Cursing under her breath, she spoke into her mike, "You can add Catwoman and her men to the list!"

Batgirl's Secret Hideout…

Maria Del La Vega slapped her face in aggravation; "He had to inherit the Reid luck when it comes to trouble!" she ranted and then spoke into the mike, "Stay there! I'll go to the Iceberg and see what I can do!"

"Stay here!" she shouted in aggravation, "Why? The action is at the Iceberg and have you forgotten that you're an old woman now! Plus, you haven't done any crime fighting in decades!"

"I maybe old, but in Brazil, I go into the Amazon for months at a time…and I can still kick anyone's ass, missy!" she bellowed in fury; "Besides we don't have much of a choice! I have a hunch that Catwoman has figured out that your not a bat, but a fox! And you have the same hunch; otherwise you wouldn't have tracked her down to her hideout!"

"Yes," she reluctantly agreed, "But that still doesn't explain why I have to stay here?"

Maria closed her eyes for a moment and prayed for patience, finally she replied, "My little make-believe bat…think! If she has figured out that you're a fox…she has also most likely figured out that the Green Hornet is the heir of the Lone Ranger!"

Silence came over the speaker, finally Batgirl said in misery, "She's going to use him as a bargaining chip against me or make some deal with Cavendish by using him."

"Exactly!" her aunt yelled out in passion, "So, stay there! Fortunately, Alfred is upstairs making us dinner! He can take me to Iceberg as well as help out! Old Fox out!"

Quickly Maria Del Vega hobbled toward the stairs, "Alfred!" she yelled, "Get my black hat, widow clothing, as well as the heavy black veil from my suitcase! I hope you have something to disguise yourself, we got to go rescue the Green Hornet and Kato!" She glanced at the black Harley; suddenly…she paused before she put one foot on the step. Shouting up, "Alfred, I'll be up in a moment!" Quickly, she went toward Barbara dressing area, "If this doesn't snap some sense into her," she muttered, "I don't know what will!"

Back to Batgirl

Batgirl placed her microphone up, closed her eyes, and prayed, "Holy Mary, Mother of God, please pray for us!" She got off her bike, sat down, and leaned against a nearby tree. 'How did you do it, Mama?' she thought to herself, 'How did you fought as the Black Whip with Daddy so far away? I know I am a fox! However, I am not comfortable in Los Angelus or Gotham! I know Batman and Robin can protect the city, even before I showed up as Batgirl!' "Aggah!" she shouted out loud, "What am I going to do?

As if in answer to her question, a cold blast of wind swirled around her…leaves blew into her face and when her vision cleared…she gasped in astonishment. Standing before her was her mother! Victoria Gordon, she stood proud and strong in her Black Whip attire minus her mask. Her mother calmly gazed at her and asked, "The question is Barbara, what are you afraid of?"

Barbara opened and closed her mouth in shock for a few moments, finally she asked, "Mama?"

Victoria Gordon smiled sadly at her daughter, "Oh, Barbara…you were just a toddler when I died and when your father abandoned you in his grief. But, we are not talking about the past…what are you afraid of my little fox?"

She was silent for a moment, finally she replied, "Leaving Daddy alone in Gotham…Jamie won't speak with him at all, and Uncle Juan barely tolerates him!"

Victoria sighed sadly, and said, "Barbara...he is a grown man, he doesn't need a babysitter! And even though I am dead, I am always with him! Also, no matter where you are in the world; you can still stay in touch with him by letter or telephone, Barbara!" She came up to her daughter, and brushed her hand on her check while she softly told her, "If you're happy, he is happy."

Barbara shivered at the cold hand on her check, "Even in Los Angelus?"

"Well," said her mother with a tiny smirk, "That will be stretching it, but he will bear with it… if it makes you happy." She cocked her head in thought, "But, Felipe really doesn't need any help; James will be helping him in the background."

Batgirl snorted in agreement, "I would feel like a third wheel, that's what I am feeling now whenever I deal with Batman and Robin." She looked at her mother and asked, "What would you do, Mama?"

Her mother arched an eyebrow and told her, "I am not the one who is making the decision between two cities as well as two costumed identities, am I?"

"Mama," she implored.

Her mother sighed with weariness as she answered, "Between Gotham and Los Angelus? Neither one of them, I would go where I was most needed."

Batgirl nodded her head in thought, "And my other question, Mama?"

Victoria Gordon chuckled darkly, "What else, child?" she replied as she placed on her mask, "I am, what I am. Just as what you are, you are." As she disappeared from sight, she asked, "What are you, Barbara?"

Batgirl frowned in confusion, when she heard the sound of a motorbike…she gasped as she woke up. Shaking her head, she muttered, "I was dreaming…wasn't I?" She looked up and stared in shock as her new, black Harley came up beside her Batgirl Cycle to a slow stop. "How?" she asked as she got up to inspect the Harley, she immediately noticed a package with a note tied to the seat. Picking up the note, she read:

Amazing what technology, particularly remote control technology, can do today!

Are you going to fight the cat as a make-believe bat?

Or as what you truly are… a fox?


The Old Fox Who Is Still Kicking Ass!

Batgirl stared at the note, and then slowly unwrapped the package…within the package was the Black Whip's costume and weapons. Carefully, she picked up the hat and caresses the gold braiding around the rim. The cold wind blew around her again, and once again she heard her mother voice, "I am, what I am. What are you, Barbara?"

Her eyes narrowed in fury as she shouted out, "I am a fox!" Her eyes widen in shock as she realized what she had just said, and she repeated herself, "I am a fox!" She turned her head toward Catwoman's hideout; once again a furious look crossed her face. "If Catwoman wants my true self," she growled out as she took off her Batgirl mask, "She's going to get it!"

Meanwhile at the Iceberg…

Hishdneveac's mad man's tale had turned into a mad man's rant, "That blasted Ranger and his Indian friend! They used he's own dynamite!"

It took everything the Green Hornet had to keep up a good poker face…however his Uncle John was making the task extremely difficult with his sarcastic comments! "Not my fault he kept President Grant more secure than the dynamite!" said the spirit of his Uncle John within his head.

'Why haven't you shown up and talk to me face to face?' the Green Hornet asked via his mind.

He could actually feel the spirit sigh wearily, and then he heard his reply, "Britt…I had to use a great deal of energy to get you some help…help that has more life than I do!"

"What help?"

"What did you say, Hornet?" asked Hishdneveac menacingly.

"I said, how did the Lone Ranger and Tonto rescue Grant without any help?" he asked trying to keep the gangster distracted until some type of rescue arrived, "Sure the dynamite helped…but Cavendish and men overwhelmed the duo even with Grant's help."

Hishdneveac made a disgusted face as he replied, "Believe it or not, somehow their horses brought an entire cavalry!"

Penguin raised an eyebrow as he challenged the mad man, "Really? I find that hard to believe…horses aren't that smart! Birds on the other hand…"

As the two villains began argued over birds and horses, Kato noticed two familiar faces gazing into the window; he leaned forward and muttered in the Hornet's ear, "Batman and Robin are here."

"Great," muttered Hornet in aggravation, he then noticed a certain female criminall near the doorway, "And here is the cat to the rescue."

Kato raised a brow, as commented, "I assume we will have to be ready for a brawl?"

"Yes," he replied, "Despite what the Penguin says, I really don't trust Catwoman."

"Wonderful," grumbled Kato, "Where is the Batgirl…Black Whip…Zorro…whoever?! When you need them?!"

As if someone was answering Kato's question…outside of the Iceberg…

Alfred who was disguised as a monk and Maria Del Vega who was also in disguised, but as a widow in heavy black veils just got off of the Gotham City bus.

"Are you sure you want to get off here, Father?" asked the bus driver, "This is the Penguin's place!"

"I know, my son," calmly said Alfred, who had his hood up and it was masking his face, "But, this dear widow lost her husband during the Great War, and this was the last place she saw him."

"Ah," said the bus driver, "But, ya see..."

"My son," interrupted Alfred, "She is finally ready for closure, please leave us in peace."

"But," the bus driver started to say, and then he noticed the Batmobile, "Hey, Batman is here! Well, since the dynamic duo is here, they should keep you and your companion safe... Father!"

"Thank you," replied Alfred as he glanced at Maria Vega whom was leaning heavily on her cane. As the bus driver left them on the street, he asked, "Are you all right, madam?"

"Yes," she replied wearily, "I am just trying to gather my strength; Barbara wasn't lying when she said I haven't been crime fighting in decades!"

"Then why didn't you send her here, instead of having her stay at Catwoman's hideout?"

She snorted in disgust as she replied, "I would, but this is going to be one massive brawl! And in my experience, four things are going to happen!"

"And they are?" asked Alfred.

Once again she sighed wearily as she held up a black gloved hand and answered, "One," she held up a finger, "Cavendish captures the Green Hornet and most likely heads with him to Gotham Hall. In that case Zorro as well the boys are in perfect position to rescue him!" She held up a second finger, "Two, Catwoman captures the Green Hornet. In that case, she heads for her hideout…"

"And Ms. Barbara is in excellent position to rescue him," he interrupted her.

"Precisely," she agreed and help up two more fingers, "Three: By some miracle he gets away, and finally four…Batman captures the Green Hornet! In which case, you are the best person to help me rescue our young Ranger."

"Me?" he asked in both confusion and fear.

"Alfred," she griped to him, "I may be old…but I am far from blind! I knew Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson were Batman and Robin long before I got to Gotham!"

Alfred gaped at her in shock and asked, "How?"

She smirked beneath her veil, "In either identities, they are wearing rose colored glasses! And if Juan wasn't so anger at Henry Reid amd Barbara with Catwoman as well as her identity crisis…they would have seen it too!"

"I see," he drawled out, "Are you going to…"

"Say anything?" she interrupted, "No…even if you don't help me rescue the Green Hornet and Kato."

Alfred stared at her for a moment, finally he said, "Thank you, madam." He took a deep breath and let it out, "How are we going to rescue them in this coming madness?"

She smiled thru her veil, "Not easily, and thank you for helping me."

They stared at the Iceberg for a moment, finally Alfred asked, "What is the plan, madam?"

Tapping her fingers on the cane, she replied, "First things, first…We need to find the Black Beauty! We're going to need a fast getaway when…if…we grab them!"

Alfred frowned as he questioned her, "The Black Beauty? They most assuredly have it heavily locked up and how will one of us drive it if we are both in a colossal scuffle?"

She chuckled as she reached into her enormous black bag, and pulled at a portable remote control device, "Got this from my godchildren in Florida, I can call the Black Beauty to us with it! As for getting the car doors to open, Alfred…that will be the easy part!"