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Chapter 1

Prologue and meeting pink

(Konoha October 10)

Konoha, the village hidden in the leaf, located in the Fire Country, the biggest of the entire elemental nation. Responsible for producing some of the most powerful and famous shinobi's in history was having one of its worst days in all its history. That was because today it was been attack by the Kyuubi no Yoko, the most powerful of all Bijuus capable of leveling mountains and splitting oceans with one swipe of its tails.

"HOLD YOUR GROUND!" shouted a random jounin while dodging one of the beat's tails. "We got to keep it out of Konoha until the Yondaime arrives!" shouted the former Sandaime while launching a barrage of shurikens at the beast.

(At the Battlefield)

The Kyuubi keeps its advances until Gamabunta jumps in front of it. "It's the Yondaime!" shouted a jounin, "The Yondaime's here!" shouted a kunoichi; "We're saved!" stated a chunnin.

"Farewell, my son. I'm sure you'll grow one day to surpass me." he then grins at his son, "make me proud." he ends at a ram seal, "Fuuinjutsu: Shiki Fuujin!"

When those words escaped the Hokage's mouth a blinding light engulfs the battlefield then silence.

(13 years later – forest night time)

It has been thirteen years since the Kyuubi attacked and was sealed into little Naruto and now we find our hero running out of the Hokage's Tower with a large scroll strapped to his back as fast as he could to get to the spot where his sensei Mizuki told him to go and learn one technique from the scroll in order to pass the *make up exam*.

When he got to the clearing with a shad he stopped and immediately opened the scroll "now lets see what the first jutsu is" he said when he saw what it was "aw man a bunshin jutsu they are my worst technique to learn but I guess I have to" he said.

He finished and learned the jutsu an hour as well as the secret of the technique and found it to be useful.

Before he was to be given the *make up test* so he can graduate and become a ninja like his jiji. Naruto decide he would look the scroll over again to see if he can find a better jutsu so he can pass the test more faster when he was looking he saw a seal "hmm why is there a seal here in this scroll, could this also be part of the test as well?" he ask himself thinking if he should see what was sealed away in the scroll "well might as well see what's in this scroll" he said putting his hand on the seal and channeled chakra into the seal when he did a bright flash of light and a small puff of smoke came from the scroll.

To his surprise he saw a sword that looked like it was six sword that made a big heavy looking one and a letter beside it that had his name on it "why is there a letter for me in here?, I'll just have to ask jiji about it later anyway this sword looks kick-ass",

As he was admiring the sword and swung it around a few time he looked into the scroll again and saw a small scroll was with it as well. When he looked into the small scroll he found that it was on how to wield the sword and how it was used.

He then used the shadow clones to learn the stances and forms, while he read the letter that was addressed to him when he read it he was hurting on the inside for finding out why the villagers hated him so much and he decided to use the dimensional technique his father wanted to use on him if the villagers were to ever hurt him but before he could use it the Sandaime showed up "Naruto why did you steal the scroll and where did you got that sword from?" he asked "I know everything now".

This confused the old leader "know what?, what do you know?" he was afraid Naruto found the letter his dad left for him, "I know why the village hates me now but why, why didn't you tell me about the Kyuubi being inside of me, why did you tell me that you didn't know who my parents were when I ask you about them when I was 6 years old, do you know how hard of a life I had because of every single one of the villagers did to me, they made me feel like I shouldn't be alive, like I should be dead" Naruto said letting his true feelings out in front of the old man.

When Hiruzen heard Naruto say those words coming from the child that he saw as a grandson he felt guiltier then he was from when Naruto was born till now "Naruto I know you must hate me for keeping your heritage from you but I did it because both of your parents had many enemies from other villages that would love to kill the son of their most hated enemy so I kept it from you and this village and I was going to tell you of your parents when you were strong enough to defend yourself but now that you know I guess now would be the proper time to set things right" Hiruzen said walking over to Naruto "can you give me the seal on that small piece of paper" to which Naruto did and watched his jiji began to etch something into the ground.

When Hiruzen was done he then told Naruto to stand in the middle and gave Naruto both of his parents scrolls and other worldly possessing "Naruto I'm sorry I didn't try to protect you more I know I don't have the right for your forgiveness but I want to make things right and give you the life you should have had so I'm going to send you away from this village and this world so you can at least have a normal life then you already have here and Naruto I'm truly sorry for not telling you everything but I wanted to make sure you had a normal life" the old leader said then begun doing the hand-signs for the technique when he was done he slammed his hand on the ground and shouted "dimensional gate jutsu".


When Naruto regain conciseness he felt like he was falling he opened his eyes and saw that he was falling looking towards the ground he saw he was over a forest that had a cliff he quickly thought of taking out a kunai and tied some wire on it and just as he past the cliff he tossed the kunai at the cliff wall hoping for it to stick to it but the kunai just bounced off "damn it" he said.

He then pulled the wire and grabbed the kunai then decided to use the kunai to dig into a tree to try and slow down. As he was getting closer to the ground he saw his chance and begun to dig the kunai into the tree but a second after he did the kunai broke and he hit a branch which caused the branch to snap Naruto then hit another and another then hit the ground hard. He felt that a few of his ribs were broken, his knee was popped out of place and he dislocated his right shoulder on the landing.

He felt like he was in hell but it didn't feel as bad as when he gets beaten by the villagers and do to those experience he knew how to pop his knee and shoulder back into place and he felt that that his ribs were healing on their own and chalked that up as the fox's chakra healing him.

He then remembered that he saw a village close by as he was falling all he needed to do was remembered which direction to go. He felt something was watching him so he looked around and didn't see anyone around but still felt someone was watching him he then heard movement coming from his left and looked towards the noise and saw something hiding behind a small red flower.

He saw a fairy with orange hair that reached its mid-back and antenna's, full blue eyes, (AN:includingthepupil) had light green skin and had leaves covering its breast and small green panties with a leaf skirt. It was looking at Naruto in fear and curiosity. Naruto looked at it for a few moments and reached his hands out towards the fairy "It's alright Iwon't hurt you, I swear" he said to the fairy hoping for it to trust him. It was looking at him for a few minutes wondering if it should trust him. It begun to come out from behind the flower and slowly moved towards our hero when it reach him it slowly landed in his hands but was still on guard ready to fly away fast. Naruto looked at it for a few minutes and asked "what are you? And do you have a name?" hoping that it could understand him. It looked at him with its head tilted to the right like if it's trying to figure out what to say he then heard a feminine voice in his head saying to him "my name is Luna and I would be a honeymoon fairy do you not know that wanderer?" he looked around wondering where that voice came from and looked towards the fairy "was that you?" he ask.

Luna nodded her head "yes it was but now I wonder what is your name young man?" Luna said/ask Naruto looked at Luna and said "oh sorry about that, my name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and no I haven't heard of a honeymoon fairy where I come from fairies are just make belief stories parents tell their children to put them to sleep" Naruto told her "really where are you from if fairies are just stories?" Luna ask wanting to know where he came from "well you're not going to believe me if I told you but here I go" and so he begun to explain that he was from another world where ninja exist and about chakra and how it was used in all ninja's careers so after explaining he was waiting for what Luna was going to say "so you are from another world ran by ninjas and you were sent here by your jiji because he wanted to right his mistake and you have a demon fox sealed inside you" she said summing up his story and getting a nod from our hero before she can say anything else they heard a shout coming from the east and decided to go that direction to see what was happening and toked off jumping into the trees towards the commotion leaving Luna hovering looking at where Naruto disappeared and thought to herself "fast" then flow after him.

after a few moments of jumping from tree to tree he came upon three grown men chasing a pink haired girl that looked to be about Naruto's age.

"Over there she's over there don't let her get away" a man said trying to catch the young girl that stole some food from his stand.

A young girl that was fourteen years old was running from a few angry vendors whose food she stole from and was now running so she doesn't get hurt or punished by them. As she jumped over a huge tree root she tripped and fall face first into the dirt.

She just lied there for a few seconds trying to get her bearings back but just as she was about to get back on her feet to run again a big hand grasped her shoulder and jerk her back on her back "so you think that you can just steal our food huh you little slave" he said as he picked her up and throw her at a tree that was nearby. When she hit the tree she let out a silent scream all she can feel at that moment was just pain "well why don't we have our fun with her since she is just a little slave" one of the men said to the others to which they nodded their heads she then began to back up but she back up into the tree she hit earlier she looked on in horror and closed her eyes.

Just as they were about to have their fun with her a foot was met in one of their faces breaking his jaw and a fist hitting the other two in the gut hard making them spit out blood, now they lay on the ground holding their guts and head in pain.

When she heard them groan she opened her eyes slightly and all she saw was orange then she opened her eyes fully and saw a kid that looked to be about the same age as her then looked to the guys that was on the ground and heard the kid that saved her shouted "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING TO THIS GIRL YOU FUCKING SICK FREAKS GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE OR I'LL CUT YOUR HEADS OFF AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASSES" in a deathly tone when the men got back up ready to kill the person for ruining their fun but when they heard that and looked at the kid that said it. They saw that the kid's eyes were blood red with a slit pupil and saw a red shroud around him making him look like a fox they got frighten and ran off screaming like little bitches screaming demon.

When they were gone the young girl looked towards her savior she saw that he had tan-skin, blond spiky hair, an orange jacket and pants with blue sandals. when he turned around she saw whisker marks on his cheeks that made her think that it was cute and blushed a little when she thought that, she saw that he had ocean blue eyes, when she saw them she just couldn't look away and kept staring at them.

When Naruto looked at her he saw she had pink hair with curly bangs framing her cute face, light dark-skin, light greenish-yellow eyes, a tattered shirt that covered herc-cup breast and a pair of pink colored panties that he can see though one of the holes in her tattered shirt which he looked away quickly and to his surprised she had cat-ears and a tail. He found her to be cute when her ears and tail twitched slightly he notice she was on the ground still so he lent his hand to her to get her off the ground "Hello my name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikazeand what is your name" Naruto said smiling at her to which she blushed but then remembered his name 'Maelstrom' she thought "my name is pink and thank you for saving me" she said then hug him.

While she was hugging him Naruto was a little stunned because he has never been hug before but then notice she was crying "hey are you ok? Are you hurt?" he asked in a caring voice Pink just nodded her head and looked at him with a few tears in her eyes which made her savior blush more looking at her but then just as she was about to thank him again when an orange haired fairy appeared beside them having seen what Naruto did for pink from behind a tree "that was amazing Naruto-san you went two miles flats within one and a half minutes is that what chakra does when you use it?" Luna said then the ground around them lit up and a circle with strange symbols surrounded them but for Naruto he knew what the symbols were and in a bright flash of light they disappeared.

(Konoha forest)

Sarutobi just finished sending his surrogate grandson away to a better world and now he just stands there with a few tears in his eyes 'Naruto I wish you good luck in the world your going to be sent to' he thought to himself just as he turned around to leave Mizuki jumping out of the trees and said "Alright Naruto it's time to hand over the scroll I told you to get" he said but then notices the Sandaime standing in the clearing where Naruto should have been "h-ho-Hokage-sama" he stuttered shock to see the Hokage standing there and not Naruto.

"So Mizuki you were the one to tell Naruto to steal the scroll of sealing" the Sandaime said with a lot of anger in his voice but just as he was about to alert his Anbu to arrest him an explosion of light came from the spot where Hiruzen just sent Naruto away and they both look to see what it was "what, no it can't be" said the old leader

(End Chapter)

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