(Chapter 8)

(Team Placement)

It was a beautiful sunny morning with the birds singing and chirping.

We find our blond hero beginning to stir from his sleep, he felt something soft and warm on both of his sides and enjoyed it. He then open his eyes slowly to see what it was and blushed at seeing both Ouka and Pink heads on his shoulders and he felt their developing breasts against his chest, their soft smooth legs entangled with his.

He lightly shrug his shoulders and figured to himself 'I guess I'll stay like this for a bit' then closed his eyes wanting to bask in the warmth of two beautiful girls laying on both sides of him 'this feels nice' he thought to himself. A few seconds after Pink was the second to stir after he closed his eyes.

When Pink opened her eyes she saw Ouka lying on Naruto's left side still asleep and gave a little glare at the wolf-girl. Glancing up to see Naruto still sleeping, (as far as she knew) she looks back at Ouka and saw one of her eyes open staring at her teasingly with a bit of mischief, as well as a smirk making Pink glare at her once again. Ouka lifts her head off Naruto's shoulder and turn towards Naruto to give him a kiss on the cheek.

While laying down Naruto felt Ouka shift a little, he lifts his head to see what Ouka was doing then felt something warm against his lips and noticed Ouka was kissing him. They both stared at each other still lipped lock. Ouka gains a small smile and deepens the kiss as Pink was staring at them. She then got really pissed at seeing the wolf-girl kissing Naruto.

She was about to pull them apart until they both pulled back, Ouka looked at Pink and smirked at her, this just served to tick her off a tad bit more.

As Ouka pulled away from Naruto leaving him with a dazed look on his face for a few seconds then snaps out of it and a blush appeared on his face, he looks to her and saw her smiling at him "good morning Naruto-kun" she said with a hint of a flirtatious in her tone "if that's how you want me to wake you up every morning then I don't mind" she added giving him a wink which made his blush darken.

Ouka then turns her head towards Pink who was still glaring at her "I don't think Kitty-chan, also wouldn't mind waking you up that way as well" she said making Naruto snap his head towards the cat-eared girl and saw her blush up a storm at the thought of waking him up that way.

Pink then twiddled her two index fingers together looking away with a shy look "w-we-well i-I wo-wouldn't m-mi-mind doing t-that" she stuttered out making her blush darken a little bit as well as Naruto's who looked at her wide-eyed in surprise that she would say that, after she said that Ouka smirk grow larger and decided to see if Pink was really willing to go that far "then prove it" she said getting both Pink and Naruto to look at her.

"w-wah" Pink stuttered out

"You heard me prove it, kiss him like I just did" Ouka said with a teasing smile on her face then Pink face got a little redder same as Naruto.

When they tried to look at each other and make eye contact they looked away immediate finding something else more interesting. Naruto was the first to get over his embarrassment used his left hand and cupped Pink's cheek into his hand turn her head towards him and stared into each other's eyes and kissed her gently on the lips. As that happen Pink's blush darken a little more than lessen as she kissed back. They were liked that for the same amount of time as he and Ouka kissed.

They pulled apart a few seconds later staring at each other then looked away unable to look at one another Ouka looked at the both of them as a small smile appeared on her face "so...how was the morning kiss" she ask getting blushes in return making her chuckle, getting out of bed brought the attention of the blushing duo towards her.

Ouka saw that they were looking at her, a thought crossed her mind and begun to walk towards her clothes that were lying on the ground and bent down to pick them up.

When she bent down Naruto's face lit up like a Christmas tree at seeing her nice heart shape rear Ouka looked back and caught him staring. She smirks at him then at Pink which only got her ticked as Ouka begun to put on her clothes, as that was happening Pink looked at Naruto and saw his head was turn away this made her a little happy then got out of bed as well and went to the bathroom to get changed as well. A few seconds later Naruto got up to grab his clothes and waited for Pink to get out so he can get in the shower.

After taking his shower Naruto begun to think of what his ancestor told him last night about Pink being a Cetra the oldest race in the entire world's history and the last 'I can't believe Pink-chan is an ancient' he thought to himself wondering what to do with this information 'should I tell jiji about Pink being part of a race more older then the Bijuu's, but how do I go about telling him how I found out about it' he wondered then just decided to think on it later. Naruto went up to the fridge to see what there was to eat and saw he forgot to buy food yesterday.

He groaned in annoyance at that.

Closing the fridge door Naruto then went into the living room and saw Ouka was lying on the back of the couch while Pink was sitting on said couch.

Looking up in his direction Ouka hops off the couch and walks up to him "so what's for breakfast?" she ask feeling a little hungry.

"we're gonna have to eat out today, I forgot to buy food yesterday when we went shopping" Naruto told them getting nods they begun to walk to the door but stopped as Naruto was looking at the gift wrap box from yesterday still unopened "oh yeah I forgot about that too, well better open it now" he said walking to the table grabbing the box and unwraps it.

Upon opening the box he saw a new set of Kunai's and Shuriken's, a scroll on jutsu's and a trench knife. When he saw them he was shocked at getting it "who gave these things to me" Naruto ask himself not getting an answer he grabbed the trench knife and puts it on one of his belts and then grabs his sword and put it on his back. Looking towards the two ladies and nods "let's get something to eat" he said to them then walk to the door. Before he can open it he stopped and thought about the box that had the earrings and thought for a minute 'wait if that came from Iruka-sensei then why did he give me a few coupons for Ichiraku ramen? And why would he ask Kira to give it to me when he came by last night' he thought to himself but decided to find Kira later and open the door.

He opens the door to see Neko Anbu was standing there "Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze the Sandaime would like you and your two guest to come to his office right away" the Neko Anbu told them then disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

After the Anbu left Naruto looked behind him to see Pink and Ouka stepping out the door "well guess we better get this over with then eat" he said closing the door and dig in his pocket then notice he had too much space "oh crap I almost forgot about Luna-chan" he shouts running back inside to his room going towards his dresser, peering inside the top drawer he saw Luna still sleeping. He didn't want to wake her but he still couldn't leave her alone so he lightly nudges her getting her to stir.

Luna slowly opens her eyes and saw Naruto looking at her "what's going on Naruto-kun? why did you wake me up" the little fairy ask rubbing the sleep out of her eyes "sorry Luna-chan, I would have let you sleep longer but we're going out to eat and I didn't want to leave you here by yourself" Naruto said giving her an apologetic look.

"alright but first I need to change my clothes" she said grabbing her small green leaf clothes getting a nod from Naruto walking out the bedroom letting the fairy change her clothes.

A few minutes later Luna came flying out of the room "ok I'm ready to go" she told him flying up to him "ok Pink and Ouka are waiting for us" he said walking out the door with Luna sitting on his right shoulder. When he got out the door he saw the Anbu from earlier standing next to Pink and Ouka "you need to hurry now" the female Anbu said

"Alright, alright we're going" he said grabbing both Pink and Ouka on the shoulder then shunshin to the Hokage's office.

(Hokage Office)

They appeared outside the office and the Anbu knocked on the door then they heard "enter" they went inside and saw Sarutobi reading a document then he looked up and saw the person he wanted to talk to "thank you Neko, you may go back to your post" he said to her getting a nod in return and left in a swirl of leaves leaving Naruto and the group of girls' with the Sandaime "so what did you want to talk with me about jiji?" Naruto ask wanting to get this done and get something to eat.

"Ah yes I wanted to talk to you about something in private, if you don't mind" he said looking at the other third people in the room Naruto then looked at the girls and said "sure you three can go get something to eat while we talk ok" getting nods from them and they left "so what did you want to talk about jiji" he ask getting straight to the point.

(With The Girls)

Pink, Ouka and Luna are seen leaving the Hokage tower and was going towards the diner Pink and Luna were at yesterday. When they walked in the cook turns around and said "well if it isn't the cat eared girl and the little fairy how are yo..." was all he could say before his eyes landed on Ouka "well if it isn't Naruto's old friend, how have you been since you were last here" the cook ask looking towards the wolf eared girl.

"I've been doing fine since I left" she said sitting down on a stool with Pink sitting next to her "you know her" she ask him getting a nod as he turn towards the stove "yeah I know her well she was Naruto's first friend" he said getting a nod from the grey haired girl "now what well you three be having" he said.

After placing their orders and one for Naruto when he gets to the diner they waited for a while but then they heard someone come in they turn around and saw the Inuzuka heiress walking in. Looking around her attention turns towards Pink and walks up to her "where's Uzumaki-baka" she said disappointed at not seeing him at the diner "he's with the Hokage and will you stop calling Naruto-kun a Baka" Pink says sternly a little pissed she would call him an idiot.

Kira then sits down on one of the stools next to Ouka "well I guess I'll just wait for him then" she said then looks over at Ouka and a familiar scent hit her nose making her narrow her eyes at the wolf-girl 'why is Naruto-kun scent on her' she thought to herself.

"I can't believe how many women Naruto-kun knows" Ouka said lightly giggling making the Inuzuka heiress look at her with a curious glance "how do you know that Baka?" she ask the grey haired girl making her look at the heiress with a smile on her face.

"Would you really like to know how he and I met?" Ouka ask getting a nod from the Inuzuka making Ouka smirk hearing Naruto step in the diner but the two girls didn't notice him while Luna flow up to him and sat on his shoulder giving him a smile which he return then look towards the group and saw the tomboy sitting next to Ouka and heard her say "me and Naruto met in a forest when we were kids" she said telling her how they met then Kira decided to ask her another question "are you and the Baka together" wanting to know if she lost him already "why the hell would you want to know tomboy" Naruto said loudly startling Kira and Pink making them turn their heads towards Naruto standing there with a bit of a blush on his face.

A few seconds later Kira finally came up with a comeback "to make sure that she knows what kind of idiot you are and her as well" then got up and walked in front of him "and well you stop calling me tomboy" she added looking a little pissed about the insult .

Scoffing "not until you stop calling me a baka" he argued back then went to sit in between Ouka and Pink just as he did he turn his attention back at Kira "what did you come here for anyways tomboy" he ask her wondering why she was here.

When Kira heard his question she took a few minutes for the reason she was here to come back to mind "oh right Iruka-sensei said for me to find you and Pink bring you two to get your photos taken for your profiles" she said.

This earned a confused look from the blond then a look of understanding "oh right I forgot jiji told me it was today, tell Iruka-sensei we'll be there as soon as we're done eatin.." was all he was able to say before the chef spoke up "here take your orders and eat it on the way now get going" the chef said giving them a bag of their food, Pink grabs the bag and they left waving bye to the chef.

Just as they left an Anbu appeared in front of them "Miss Ouka, Hokage-sama has requested you to come to his office" the Anbu said and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"Well I guess I'll see you after your photo takes Naruto-kun" she said giving him a kiss on the cheek and left swaying her hips leaving Naruto with a red face at what she did and seeing her hips sway with each step, while Pink and Kira got pissed at what she was doing. Pink then grabs his wrist and started to pull him towards a random direction "Pink-chan we have to go towards the Hokage tower" Naruto said point at the big red building then she pulled him in that direction with Kira in toll.

(Hokage Tower - Roof)

As they got to the tower Kira left the duo and went home leaving both Naruto and Pink on their own and went up the stairs to the roof. When they reached the top they saw a camera with an old man putting a new film in, then looks to them "so which one of you is going first?" he ask them looking at both of them.

Naruto and Pink look at one another then back at the old man with Pink walking towards the mat that was on the ground in front of the camera "I'll go first" she said sitting down on the mat and smiled the old man then press the button and a second later the flash went off blinding Pink for a few seconds.

As she was getting up she notice Naruto was thinking about something "what are you thinking about Naruto-kun?" she ask walking up next to him bringing him out of his thoughts "huh oh um I was just thinking about what I should do now, that I know who my parents are" he said rubbing the back of his head.

"I mean now that I know them and I know I'm going to be put in the CRA, I'm thinking If should move into my parents' house, that way we have a bigger place to live, but I'm also thinking how maybe I should buy my apartment complex and continue living there" he added giving her a smile and went to go sit in front of the camera.

Just as the camera man was about to push the button to take the picture Ouka appeared right behind Naruto and rests her head on his right shoulder, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek making Naruto blush a deep red from the feeling of her breast on his back and her lips on his cheek.

"That takes care of the photo for my profile" she said when the picture was done. Hugging him for a few minutes she then walks over to where Pink was and sat beside her with the bag of food they bought earlier in her hands. She grabs her container of food with chopsticks and begun to eat "so what did jiji have to say Ouka-chan?" Naruto ask walking up to her and Pink. Ouka looked up from her food for a second with her chopsticks in her mouth then finish chewing the food in her mouth.

"He just wanted to know about my skills and set up a few matches for me to fight in a day or two" she said going back to eating her meal.

Naruto nods his head sitting down between the wolf and cat girls, also digging into his food as well, Pink also grabbed her food and started eating. They ate in a comfortable silence for a few minutes "so what are we going to do today Naruto-kun?" Pink ask looking up from her food wondering what the plan for today was. Wanting to have fun before she begins her chakra training to become a ninja like her friend "well I was thinking maybe, we can do some food shopping, so that way we don't always have to eat out all the time" said the blond finishing his meal putting the empty container back into the bag.

The photographer then walks up to the trio carrying his camera "I'll have your pictures done in about an hour" and walks towards the stairs to get to his shop. Watching him leave they decided to leave as well and gathered all their garbage from their meals.

(Scene Break)

Arriving back home Kira Inuzuka felt a bit miffed at something "damn that wolf bitch" she said aloud kicking a random bucket that was in front of her and walks into the kitchen wanting to get something to snack on. Walking in the kitchen she looks up and saw her mother, Tsume Inuzuka was sitting on a chair at the breakfast table drinking a glass of juice "what's going on? Why are you trying to destroy the house dear?" Tsume ask wanting an answer for the all banging.


Kira not wanting to talk about it at that time just want to the fridge to get something to drink and go to her room "Chicken out on telling Naruto your feelings for him huh" said her mother with a smirk on her face hitting the nail on the head, making her youngest daughter stop mid-step and blush heavily "w-wh-what ar-are y-you ta-talking about" she stuttered out nervously like a certain Hyuuga, not looking at her mother.

Tsume giggled at her daughter's reaction, standing to her feet she walk up to her youngest daughter and patted her shoulder "it's quite obvious that you have feelings for the pup...well you and a few others but that's not the point, now tell me, what happened?" she ask hoping she could help her little girl get her man.

Signing in defeat Kira then sat at the table with her mother sitting across from her, taking a deep breath to calm herself she then explained what happen "well it happen like this..." and told Tsume what happen when she went to talk to the blond knucklehead.

(Back with Naruto and the others)

We now find Pink and Ouka walking out of a grocery store with a couple of bags in each hands, walking for a few minutes they saw Naruto sitting at a bench a few stores away from where they walked out of, since most of the stores in Konoha wouldn't give him proper food at reasonable prices. "We bought everything we need and a few other things Naruto-kun" Pink called out getting Naruto's attention.

Standing up Naruto nods his head and off they went home to stock his cupboards and fridge with good food for once. After they were done putting the food away both Pink and Ouka got Naruto to clean the apartment with them.

(Time Skip - Team Selections)

"AAHHH WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE" shouted someone early in the morning and a couple of seconds later a door being kicked open followed with scrambling of feet, then a bam and thud. Walking out of the apartment in their clothes both Pink and Ouka stared at the state their friend was in, a giggle escape the both of them as they saw Naruto with rope tide around his waist, a lump on his head from a pan that was tied to a tripwire.

After waking Naruto up again they told him what they did with Ouka teasing him about it, Pink just giggled and they sat down at the table with three plates full of food "so who do you think is going to be on our team Naruto-kun?" she ask him wanting to see who he would like to have on their team.

While chewing on a piece of bacon Naruto thought about who he would like to have on his team "umm I don't know Pink-chan, anyone would do but I don't want Satsuki on our team" Naruto said not wanting to be on the same team as the Uchiha. "What about you Ouka-chan, whose team are you going to be on" Naruto ask his wolf-eared friend wanting to continue the conversation.

"I won't know until I show up at the tower" she answered chewing on a piece of bacon.

"What about you Pink-chan, who would you like on our team?" Naruto asked her since she was the one who ask first.

Thinking on it for a minute Pink gave her answer "I wouldn't mind it if Hinata-chan was on our team, she was fun to talk to" having already met Hinata when she was training with Kurenai and Yugao for the last week getting a hold of using chakra.

After the brief conversation they finished their meals, cleaned their plates and begun to get everything set for team placement "well let's get going, see you after team selection Ouka-chan" Naruto shouted as he and Pink ran out the door heading towards the academy. Walking out the apartment Ouka stared at the both of them then shut and locked the door then left shunshin with a smile on her face.

(Academy Classroom)

Arriving to the class before everyone else Naruto and Pink sat in his usual spot on the window side middle row "are you feeling nervous Pink-chan" Naruto ask feeling a little bored having to wait for fifteen minutes for class to start. She slightly nodded her head with her ears down and a nervous smile "I get a little nervous when I'm around so many people, I hope I can make some more friends with our new teammates" she said fiddling with her thumbs a little.

"Don't worry Pink-chan you defiantly will make some friends" Naruto assured her hoping that calmed her nerve. The door open to some kids walking in and took they seats most of them tried to even notice either Naruto or Pink were already there, the door open again to show two boys walking in one was a Nara, while the other was an Akimichi.

Noticing Naruto he walk up to him "hey Naruto this room is for graduates, what are you doing here" the Nara ask him with a bored tone wondering why his friend was here since he failed.

"Actually Shikamaru I did pass, I just had to get an extra credit" he answered him grabbing his forehead protector from his pocket showing it to him. Seeing he was telling the truth he then notice Naruto's clothes and the pink haired girl sitting next to him "who is this" he ask him wanting to know why she was here 'did that cat ear twitch' he ask himself.

"This here is Pink-chan and she moved here from a village on another continent" he answered again telling the Nara the story Sarutobi told him to tell everyone if ask about her. Pink stood up and bowed to him slight "it's a pleasure to meet you Shikamaru-san, it's nice to meet a friend of Naruto's" she said with a smile and lent out a hand. Shaking her hand Shikamaru then notice the forehead protector with the leaf symbol on it around her waist "it's nice to meet you as well" he said and walked back to his seat next to his the Akimichi.

Sitting back down Pink has a smile on her face "he seems nice" she said to Naruto getting a nod in return "yeah he is but he's really lazy about doing anything" Naruto answered snickering a little at the lazy Nara. The door slid open to show Kira Inuzuka walking in with a light smile adoring her lips, glancing around the room she saw the person she was looking and walked up to the blond 'now just ask him to meet you at the park alone like mom told you' she said to herself.

Standing next to him Kira's heart was beating fast in her chest taking a breath she look at him as he was staring at her with a curious expression "what is it dog breath" he ask with a light grin on his face. Hearing him say that little jab Kira took another breath "canyoupleasemeetmeattheparkafterteamselections?" she said in one word then felt a little embarrass about asking him.

Raising an eyebrow at the question Naruto just stared at her for a few minutes as well as most of the gathered class in shock, feeling lots of eyes on her she stood there shaking a little "meet you at the park for what" he said to her with a confuse expression on his face.

Upon hearing him say he would Kira was mentally dancing while she nods her head and walks towards her seat with a sway in her steps 'sorry Hinata-chan but I want him as bad as you do' Kira thought to herself sitting down, glancing over to the shy Hyuuga heiress she saw Hinata was just walking in the class to her seat next to Kira 'but maybe I can share him with you...maybe'.

The door open again to show the Uchiha heiress walking in with the whole room going silent at seeing Satsuki, everyone started complimenting her, some boys gave whistle as she walked by them and sat down in her seat which was next to Pink. Glancing next to herself by the corner of her eye she thought the loud Sakura Haruno was sitting there only to see that it was the girl she saw last week with Naruto, glancing over to him she saw he was happily conversing with Pink about something.

"...when is Iruka-sensei going to get here" Naruto ask looking towards the door wanting to meet their new sensei that will be training them. Pink lightly giggled then turn to the Uchiha heiress sitting next to her, she saw for a brief second that Satsuki was glancing at them but went back to staring out the window with a bored expression.

Tilting her head slightly she and everyone turn their attentions towards the door hearing rapid footsteps coming closer to the door and saw it being flung open "MADE IT FIRST" shouted two loud girls both of them with an arm in front of the other.

The two started to bicker with each other calling one another their nicknames they gave to each other, until they were bonked on the top of their heads making them wince and look back to see who it was to yell at them but stopped as they saw it was Iruka and quickly went to their seats.

Their teacher walked in with a smile "morning class, this will be our last time together and I want to say congratulation and good luck on you career as shinobi's" Iruka said with a tiny tear on the side of his eye. Seeing Naruto in his seat Iruka remembered what the Hokage told him earlier "and class I would like to introduce a new face that is graduating with you today" he announce getting a few murmurs from the class.

"Pink-san would you please come up here and introduce yourself" Iruka ask her kindly, tensing a little Pink look to Naruto and saw him smiling at her. Seeing him smile Pink felt a little more assured, standing up Pink turn to the class with a smile "h-hello my name is Pink Nekonome, it's a pleasure to meet you and hopefully the team I'm going to be on are friendly" she said meekly still getting used to being treated like the normal girls from her world.

The class begun clapping at the catgirl while a few boys dog called her a few times "that was great Pink-san, now please be seated and we can begin" Iruka said getting a nod in return. Seeing that everyone was seated Iruka begun roll call then started to call team selections "alright now team 1 is..."

"…team 7 will be Naruto Uzumaki, Pink Nekonome, Satsuki Uchiha and Hinata Hyuuga" Iruka called out getting a few groans from a select few or squeal from a certain blue haired heiress.

(You know the rest with Hinata and Sakura switching places)

Everyone in the room glanced over to Hinata upon hearing her squeal for a few seconds before Iruka gained their attention again "Now everyone be sure to be back here to meet your new sensei's after lunch and good luck" he said wishing his former students luck in their career. When he left everyone begun to leave as well "come on Pink, let's go tell Ayame-née and chef-jiji about making it on the team" Naruto said getting up from his seat, getting a nod from the catgirl they left to get something to eat.

"Hey" as they were leaving, they were approach by Kira who had a light blush on her face "don't forget what I said" she said and quickly left.

(End Chapter)

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