I stared up at the clouds moving lazily in the azure sky. They rolled along, not a care in the world. They took their time getting to wherever it was they needed to, and sometimes, they paused to enjoy it all around themselves.

It was sweet. Everything was righteous and content, and life was simple. As simple as it gets for a homeless teenager, anyways.

I sat up, brushing a few stray pieces of grass from my shoulder length hair. I sneezed, the smells of winter bothering my sensitive nose. Rubbing it, I wiped the back of my hand on my long sleeved, striped jacket.

Standing slowly, as not to get dizzy, I looked around. I was on top of a grassy hill, in the middle of a park. Though it wasn't crowded, the few people that were there bothered me.

It wasn't like they were too close, or bothering me, but they just seemed, suspicious. But hey, maybe I'm just paranoid.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, I decided to leave. Jamming my somewhat frost bitten fingers into my threadbare pockets. I bent down, retying my shoelaces and brushing off my pants before standing up straight.

I swear, they got closer. The people, that is.

Fear creeping up into my throat, I ran my fingers over my Ninja headband, which remained tied around my neck loosely. Zipping up my jacket, which wound up covering my band, I started to walk the path down the hill.

I kept my head down as I passed a person on a bench, I didn't intend to be rude, if that's how I came off to him. But I was just being precautionary. It's never really 100% safe in these parts.

But hey, it's hell of a lot safer than where I'm from.

Suna, my beloved village.

How I missed it so; I ached to be back there, sitting in front of a group of friends, catching up on where I've been the past months. But I just couldn't, not after what had happened.


I had just stepped out of one of the local hotspots. I was with the one of the Sand Siblings, and my much loved boyfriend, Kankuro.

Despite being underage, we were a bit…tipsy. And we had left the bar in a cloud of drunken laughter. He had his arm around my waist as we walked down the streets, cackling like madmen.

I remember that he had pulled me into a alley next, his arm above my head and the other on my cheek. We were kissing, rather sloppily, which I believe was on his part. But kissing, none the less.

His hand began to gradually move lower, until he had a firm grasp on something I didn't want him to. I knew I didn't want that, but even though I protested, I didn't put up much of a fight. So he assumed I wasn't serious.

It wasn't until I shoved him that he figured out I was. He had gotten angry, not backing down. We were both drunk, but I could tell that his behavior wasn't just the alcohol.

I got more upset as he continued, I struggled, squirmed, tried anything to get him off. He was persistant, kept saying things like, 'You'll love it' and 'Just relax'. Trying to coax me into letting him have his way.

But I wouldn't, and he didn't like that.

He started getting more aggressive, and I remember him hitting me. And I remember that it had hurt real bad.

I can't exactly remember what happen next, though I knew he had won. He had gotten his way. He was much stronger, after all.

The next thing I do remember was laying down, crying and blubbering like a child as he ran off. I had several forming bruises and was bleeding.

I was mortified at who found me, though. The Kazekage, of all people, my offender's brother found me.

After physical recovery, which took a total of a week, there was the shame. It hit full force and every time I walked the streets, I felt people's eyes on me. I could hear their hushed conversations, 'That's her?' or 'I heard that she whored herself out..'

It was just too painful, so I left. I dropped out of the academy, right before I became a jounin. Forever freed of having to deal with Kankuro's sly, sleezy looks he shot at me after that.

-end flashback-

I took a shaky breath, not realizing that I had stopped. I wiped a lonesome tear away, and looked around.

I didn't get to see much, however, because as I craned my neck, I saw that the gentleman on the bench was gone. When I turned back, he was in front of me.

I took a surpised, half-step back, "Can I help you, sir?" I spoke, hiding the slight tremor in my voice.

"Actually, you can, heathen." He smirked, and if I wasn't so suspicious, I would've even said it was sexy.

I slowly moved my hand to my pants pocket, feeling around for a kunai or anything that could've been helpful.

Without warning, a firm hand seized my small wrist, "Tsk, now, now, are you trying to pick a fight with us?" I turned as best I could to see a man, much taller than myself, grin down at me.

"I don't want any trouble, sir." I spoke, eyes locked on his. He laughed, and his friend joined in.
"But you see," The first man, with white hair said as his partner finished the sentence, "We do, un."