WARNING: 1) i don't own Naruto 2) LOTS of cussing in this chapter. Thought I'd let you know(: -James

I took a deep breath, mentally planning out the next events.

Both men were taller, larger, and obviously stronger than me. Physical attacks are my best, I'm no long-range fighter. Judging by their size, despite their preference, they could both fight close. Not to mention there's two of 'em, meaning I have double-disadvantage.

I frowned inwardly. Based on my previous analysis, I have a thirty percent chance of winning. And considering the guy with white hair is getting closer and the other man's grip is getting tighter on my wrist, my chances are dwindling into the single digits.

It was now or never, and being raised a ninja, I wasn't going to be taken down without a fight. Taking a wild shot, and hoping to take him by surprise, I rocketed my fist towards the white-haired's nose.

To my disappointment, he caught it effortlessly, and I bit my lip when his larger hand began to squeeze my captured fist.

Looking nonchalant, he dug around in his pocket for a moment, and finally retrieved a…bingo book?

Flipping through it with his thumb, he showed a page to me, with a single face on it, his, and a name, Hidan. I quirked an eyebrow, and he spoke, "Listen, girly, this is my picture, thus, even if you did manage to get away, we couldn't let you, because we're both wanted."

He flipped a couple more pages and showed me the next picture, the tall blonde behind me. I gulped, hoping I didn't appear as frightened as I was.

Taking a bold move, I spat at him, narrowly missing his shoe. "You don't scare me, you're just thugs." That was my first mistake.

I watched as his face transformed from one of neutral to rage. He looked down at the ground, where my spit lay, and back at me, his grip tightening.

I squeeled as he stepped closer, hand closing around mine as I heard several pops. I shrunk underneath him, as he towered over me, glaring, "Bitch, you have no idea what a mistake you made." He whispered venomously.

The blonde seemed slightly nervous, but let go of my wrist and quickly plucked the bingo book from the other's hand.

Before I had a chance, Hidan twisted my arm into an unbelievable position, forcing me to turn and grabbing my other wrist. He moved up, shoving his knee and foreleg into my mid-back, causing me to fall on the ground painfully.

"Gah!" I half-shouted, unintelligibly. Resulting in laughter, "Who's defiant now, heathen?" More laughter.

After a moment or so, there was a voice filled with indecision, "I can't be certain if it's her, Hidan."

Rage not concealed very well, he shouted, "Well, why the hell not?"

"You're sitting on her, and I can't see her face, yeah." He spoke lamely.

I let out a breath just as the bastard behind me grabbed a fistful of my hair, and yanked my head up.

Growling lowly and scowling, I came face to face with the blonde. Litterally only centimeters from mine, his brow furrowed, obviously concentrating with the one visible eye.

He pulled a picture out of the book, something that had been stuck between the pages.

After a moment of impatient silence and looking from the picture to me, he spoke, "It's her. No doubt about it, un." Throwing the book back at Hidan, who caught it with one hand, while pinning mine with the other.

I struggled, trying to get my hands free, but only resulting in more pain. I still didn't give up though, I mean, I am a ninja after all, failure isn't in the job description.

I heard an exasperated sigh, and was pinned to the ground, my face rubbing into the dirt. "Get offa' me!" I yelled to the best of my ability.

Turning me around so I was on my back, Hidan sat on my stomach.

I gasped, lacking air.

He grabbed my cheeks, getting close to my face, "Listen, you stupid bitch, shut up. I don't want to hear you whine, or cry, or have to deal with your hyperactive ass. Okay? If you start bitching again, I will not heisitate to cut off some limb that you don't really need. Got it?"

He let go of me, and I scowled, spitting again. It landed directly on his cheek. This was where I made my second mistake, by the way.

At this, he completley freaked out. It was like a lioness leaping on her prey, only more feral. If that's even possible.

Grabbing me around the neck, his other hand grabbed whatever was sharp and in his pocket at the time. He placed it against my right cheekbone and spoke, obviously trying hard not to break my neck right there, "What did I tell you? I should carve your face right now, you stupid cu—"


He looked up, animosity on his features, "What you sorry bastar—Kakuzu? Where the hell did you come from you bag of old?" He shouted, as I uneffectivley tried to pry at the fingers around my neck. I was lightheaded, and my vision became spotty.

"Let her go, you preaching disphit!" The man, apparently Kakuzu, shouted back.

Turning back to me, Hidan snarled, digging the knife into my cheek, drawing a quick line from my cheekbone to a bit above my lip. I tried to yelp, but couldn't.

My head was swimming, if it wasn't for Kakuzu, I would've passed out right now.

Suddenly, there was no pressure on my throat or chest. I coughed, choking. I quickly turned over onto all fears, coughing up nothing and gulping down precious air.

While my mouth was open, I felt a drop of something bitter fall into my mouth. I reached up, dabbing my fingers at my cheek, pulling it back to see the blood covering them.

I weakly got on my knees, then continued onto standing. I was wobbly from lack of oxygen to my brain, but I managed.

"You son of a bitch!" I screamed, walking towards Hidan. "You were going to kill me!" I pulled my fist back, about to punch him in the back.

He spun around, and shoved his knife in my face, "And I still am you stupid bitch!" He hadn't even taken a full step towards me when tendrils, of some sort, pulled us both apart.

I squirmed against them, cussing under my breath. Kakuzu, who I know realize is an even taller, dark man, stood between us, obviously being the cause of the 'tendrils'.

"Stop acting like children. It's annoying." He said with a bit of a twitch.

I shouted out, "Then let me go! I haven't done anything wrong!"

His head swiveled to me, and I felt a bit intimidated, especially by his eyes.

"You might not have done anything wrong, but you're still coming with us. We have to bring you in, regardless of whether or not you have a criminal record."

I scrunched my nose in confusion, "Us?" I asked informally.

He nodded, and the blonde spoke, "Yeah, the Akatsuki, un."

I cussed, not caring if they heard, "Well this is justlovely!" I screamed in rage.