Been thinking about since the premire of the first episode. I have absolutely no clue where this idea came from since the two of them fight so much but I'm going with my gut on this.

Emma tossed and turned in her bed wildly. Horrible and terrifying images danced around in her head taunting her. Watching a horror movie before bed was a very big mistake. She flew up in bed with her chest and head pounding painfully. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and splashing silently onto her quilt. Realizing she couldn't fall back to sleep with the nightmares still fresh her brain, Emma glanced at her clock. It read 10:37. She quietly got out of bed and opened the door. The door across the hall was cracked slightly, the sound of soft snoring able to be heard. Emma walked over to the blue bed and hesitated before trying to wake up her brother.

Luke groaned at little and shifted his position so he was laying on his side. Emma sighed and shook him again harder then the first time. This time he opened eyes and stared up at sleepily, taking her fuzzy blond hair, wrinkled gray sweatpants, and blue long sleeve shirt. He sat in bed and opened his arms. "Come here", Luke said gently. Emma choked back a sob as she sat next to him. He wrapped his arms tightly around her. She hid her face in the crook of his neck as Luke stroked her hair soothingly.

The two sat in silence for a while, just holding each other. Luke rocked them back and forth. This wasn't new to them. Emma had been having nightmares for a while now and she always went to Luke with them. She wasn't sure why it just felt like he was better than Ravi and Zuri at this kind of stuff. "Do you want to say what it was about?" Luke asked quietly. She shook her head quickly, the images coming back to her again. They made her jump slightly. Her tears dripped off her face and onto her brother's neck. Luke picked up her light body and laid her down on one side of his bed, crawling onto the empty space next to her. "You can sleep in my room tonight," Luke exclaimed when Emma looked at him quizzically. She nodded and twisted herself until she was comfortable.

Her tears had stopped but she looked like she could start again soon. "Thanks," Emma said, her voice raspy. "No problem," Luke responded. The two didn't talk for the rest of the night even though they were still awake for a couple hours. They both finally fell asleep around midnight, maybe even later.


The next morning, Mrs. Ross came up to wake Luke up. She opened the door and was a little startled at what she saw. " Aww," she whispered to herself before going to Jessie's room that was a few doors down. Mrs. Ross knocked quietly on the door and waited. Jessie popped her head. "What ya need?" she asked sleepily. "Come look a this," the woman said as she motioned to her eldest son's door.

The two of them opened the door to see the Luke had slung a arm around Emma's waist in his sleep. His sister's back was to his chest, her head resting on his shoulder. "Aww," the women cooed as they saw the sight. "How cute," Jessie said as she shut the door with Mrs. Ross behind her, the thought of waking them up dissolved.

A few hours later, Luke woke up in a state of grogginess. When he saw a body laying next to him he was majorly confused. After a minute he remembered last night's events. The boy stared down at Emma who was still sleeping. That's six nightmares this week, Luke thought. All way too scary for her to handle alone. She never had nightmares before this so why all of a sudden? He tried to think back to before they all went to bed. They had stayed up with their dad and watched a movie. But what movie? Emma woke up after he thought for a few more minutes. She shivered and hugged herself tightly until someone pulled blankets to her chin.

"Morning," Luke said with a small smile. "Morning," Emma mumbled as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. Luke sat up beside and leaned against the wall, observing his sister carefully. "You okay?" he asked, trying to read her emotions. She nodded with uncertainity. "I guess," she said quietly while looking around the room.

Sun didn't peak in from the window like it usually did on a Saturday morning. Instead the soft sound of rain pelting the glass could be heard. Emma had never been in Luke's room that much but started to more when the nightmares started a few weeks ago. "Why do we fight so much?" she asked randomly, her eyes twinkling with curiosity. Luke looked up and shrugged, not sure either. "Cause it fun?" he suggested half-heartedly.

Emma looked out the window as if it had an answer. It's not like she enjoyed fighting with him. But it's not like he didn't he make fun of her and the things she does either. So what was the answer? She sighed and stared at the city. Some buildings were so tall that the top of them got lost in the fog that had settled in the night. Rain started to pour down harder. New york seemed to match her mood: bittersweet.

The nightmare was still fresh in her brain, like most of the other ones. They were mostly about her family either doind something unmetionably horrible or they were slowly tortured into a very painful death. "You okay?" Luke asked, bringing Emma out of her disturbing train of thought. She nodded numbly, but her eyes were distant. "They aren't real," he continued, sensing the nightmares were bothering her. "They will never be real." Emma nodded again while she stared out the window silently. She knew he was right but still. They were so... Realitsic.

"We should go downstairs now," Emma said finally as she got up from the bed with the blanket still wrapped around her tiny frame. Luke followed her out the door, pulling his long sleeved shirt down until they reached his wrists.

He knew the nightmares weren't going stop any time soon, but he didn't mind.

That's a wrap. I know that the whole sibling comforting thing is way over written but it's my favorite type of one-shot. Updating for this story is going to be spotty but I'll try to make it work for the people who read this story (if they can find it).