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Drunk and Drunker

Part One


It seemed to be another typical day. Yukio was up bright and early, as per usual. He was filling his pockets with magazines, in case of any unexpected battles, for an exorcist must always be prepared. He reloaded all of his guns and quickly fitted them into his holster. He adjusted the pair of glasses resting on his face and briefly looked at the mirror to tidy his hair.

He turned with a manner of professionalism towards his brother, whom was curled up in his blankets, and knocked out on his bed. Kuro was also soundly asleep, bundled up against his master's shoulder. Yukio heaved out a long sigh. Often times, he forgot that Rin was his older brother.

He walked over with long strides towards the bed, and firmly shook his brother. When he did not awaken, he persisted further.

"Nii-san. Nii-san," He said sternly, grabbing tightly onto his shoulder and shaking him. Rin's eyes blinked open and he groaned, turning over on his side and squishing Kuro. The black cat yelled unhappily and bounded off onto the floor.

"Nii-san, it's morning," Yukio told him dully. Rin grunted back in response, rolling over onto his stomach and promptly stuffing his face into his pillow.

"Nii-san, today is Shura's birthday. She told us to meet at the school at eight, or else she'd kill us," His younger twin brother slowly reminded, causing the elder brother to sit up in a flash.

"C-crap! Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Rin yelped, hastily searching through his drawers for a fresh change of casual clothes. Yukio rolled his eyes before a shirt landed ungracefully on top of his head. Disdainfully, he removed the item of clothing and folded it before throwing it onto his brother's bed.

"Hurry up, Nii-san. We have to go pick up Shiemi too. Don't keep her waiting," He continued before exiting the room and going downstairs to wait for his brother. Rin gulped at the thought of the said blonde girl.

Self-consciously, he held up two shirts and put them in front of his chest, debating whether a red shirt or a black shirt would suit him for the day. Shrugging, he tossed the bright red shirt aside and threw on the black shirt, carefully adjusting it in front of the mirror. He slipped on a pair of jeans and ruffled his hair before dashing out the door of the room.

Yukio was coolly leaning against the wall beside the front door, checking his watch and tapping his foot. Upon seeing his brother nearly tripping over the last few steps of the stairs, he sighed before smirking lightly.

"Let's go, Nii-san," Yukio announced, opening the front door as his older brother followed eagerly behind him.


"Ah! Yuki-chan! Rin!" Shiemi exclaimed, sending the two bright smiles as they appeared in front of her door. The two twins beamed back simultaneously. Then, upon seeing Shiemi's clothes, the younger one frowned.

"Shiemi, are you sure you're okay going in your school uniform?" He questioned, looking concerned. Rin also nodded hastily, supporting his brother's question. Shiemi glanced away, looking embarrassed.

"I…don't have anything else to wear besides a kimono…and I thought this would be more fun, so…" She trailed off, nervously fingering the bottom of her skirt. Rin grinned.

"Then it's fine! Let's get going!" He called out as she sent him a grateful glance. Yukio smirked lightly as the blonde bouncily walked towards the two.

"Okaa-san! I'm off!" She called out before gently shutting the door. She walked in between Rin and Yukio as they went ahead.

"I wonder what Kirigakure-sensei likes doing at parties…?" Shiemi wondered, crossing her arms. Yukio coughed lightly into his hand.

"I'm sure it won't be very…productive," He admitted, sighing. The blonde giggled softly.

"Oh, I'm sure it will still be very fun! Kirigakure-sensei is an interesting person!" She pointed out cheerfully. Yukio and Rin both exchanged looks, cringing lightly.

"I…guess," Rin reluctantly replied back when his brother said nothing. Shiemi held up the bundle she was holding, which appeared to be some sort of clump hastily wrapped in green wrapping paper.

"I…I hope sensei likes what I got her. The appearance isn't that great though…since my fingers are so clumsy…" She frowned, poking the mass of green paper and tape. Yukio cursed lightly.

"Ah…we forgot to get her a present," He muttered. Rin ungracefully choked on his spit before gasping for air. He groaned.

"Crap…Shura's going to kill us…" He sighed while Shiemi sent them looks of worry. Deciding to raise their spirits, she tried going for a different topic, hiding the present behind her back.

"Rin! Yuki-chan! When you two have your birthday, are you going to have a party?" Shiemi asked eagerly as her small hands grew into loose fists of excitement. Yukio looked up in thought.

"Probably. We've never had an actual party before…you know, with um…close friends and stuff," Rin told her uncomfortably. Sensing his disposition, the blonde grasped onto his hand. He whipped his head towards her, surprised and florid.

"I-if you guys have a birthday party, I'll definitely go to it!" She announced, looking determined. Yukio rolled his eyes as his brother's cheeks reddened even more. By impulse, he yanked his hand away, startling the girl.

"That is…if I'm invited…" She added, now looking uncertain as Rin avoided eye contact with her. Yukio offered her a pleasant smile, to give a feeling of reassurance.

"Of course you will, Shiemi. Nii-san's just being an idiot right now," He told her. Rin glared at him and opened his mouth to retort, but was quickly cut off.

"Ah! We got here at the same time!"

The three turned around, all looking equally curious, until they spotted Shima, Konekomaru and Bon standing behind them, all casually dressed and holding presents.

"Oh! Hello!" Shiemi called out brightly as they walked closer to them. They all exchanged smiles and casual nods of the head in greeting.

"I wonder if Kirigakure-sensei is here already," Konekomaru stated, looking towards the large school building. Bon shrugged.

"She probably isn't. Knowing sensei, she'll most likely show up late," He replied carelessly. Nonetheless, the group advanced and walked into the school.

"Hey…at least she set it up already," Shima commented as they walked into the classroom, which was surprisingly decorated with red streamers and balloons. Shiemi's eyes lit up excitedly.

"I wonder when she did this. Perhaps last night?" Yukio wondered, apparently also astonished with the work. Rin scoffed.

"She's probably just trying to impress us. Anyway, I think I'll just sleep until she gets here," He yawned, stretching his arms out. He plopped down onto a chair, tilting his head down and keeping quiet.

"Rin! You're not supposed to fall asleep at parties!" Shiemi pouted, repeatedly tapping his shoulder. He groaned, opening an eye to look at her. She blushed lightly, for a reason she did not know.

"It's okay, Shiemi-chan! I'll just beat him down a few pegs," Shura announced as she strode into the room proudly. Rin's eyes widened before he hastily stood up, brushing off his pants. Shura grinned mischievously.

"Brat. Who gave you permission to try to take a nap at my party?" She demanded playfully as she grabbed onto the front of his shirt. He glared mockingly at her before pushing himself away.

"Old bat," He retorted daringly. Yukio paled as Shura made a move to take out her sword.

"Nii-san! Don't talk about her age," He hissed, pulling him back. Rin only stared at him doubtfully. Meanwhile, Shiemi was behind them, beaming optimistically all the while.

"Are birthday parties always like this? It's fun!" She commented. Bon awkwardly pulled at his collar.

"Not…really. They're supposed to be a bit more peaceful than this," He replied back, gesturing to the scene. Yukio was desperately restraining Shura from reaching his brother, who was taunting her from behind Yukio. Shima laughed, placing his hands behind his head.

"What did you expect? We're not all ordinary people," He pointed out happily. Bon nodded, instantly agreeing with his statement. Meanwhile, Shiemi was looking around the room curiously, frowning.

"I hope Izumo-chan gets here soon," She said, pouting. Shima also looked around the room before speaking.

"Knowing her, she probably won't even show up," He answered back before looking slightly disappointed. Shiemi nodded quietly, looking solemn.

"Gah, whatever! Forget you, brat!" Shura bellowed, glaring at Rin. She whipped around, landing her hands on her hips, ignoring him.

"Let's eat cake!" She announced enthusiastically, pumping a fist into the air. Yukio sweat dropped.

"Aren't we supposed to do other activities before eating cake?" He dared to question. The red head rolled her eyes.

"Says the guy who's never been to an actual birthday party. It's fine. We can eat cake and then do games," She said, flapping her hand at him. Yukio wasn't quite sure what was going on, but decided to comply nonetheless.

"So…having fun?" Rin questioned, stepping next to the Shiemi. She looked up at him, beaming.

"Yes! Being with everyone makes me happy, especially with you, Rin," She said, unintentionally causing him to blush. He loudly cleared his throat, uncomfortably avoiding eye contact with her.

"That's…um…nice to know," Rin replied as she continued to grace him with her smiles.

"Oi! Brat! Light these candles up with your flames!" Shura called out, also gesturing for everyone to crowd around the table. Rin scowled before looking over to see that the blonde girl had happily skipped over to the group.

"I don't think it would be safe to use demon flames, Shura," Yukio advised, crossing his arms. The Kyoto group also shared expressions of uncertainty.

"Well, we don't have a lighter, so we don't have any other choice," Shura persisted, sending Yukio a stubborn glare. He sighed, shaking his head.

"Alright then…Nii-san, be really careful," Yukio told him. His twin brother nodded eagerly, excited to use his demon powers for such a simple task. He stood in front of cake before concentrating. The rest of the group watched on intently.

"…you're not seventeen," Rin commented, causing the red head to smack his head. She scowled deeply at him while Yukio sighed.

"Shut it, brat. Just light up those candles," Shura demanded, smugly crossing her arms. Rin grumpily rubbed his temporarily throbbing head, muttering incoherent words. Nonetheless, he complied with her rough request, and proceeded to concentrate on the birthday candles.

He quietly closed his eyes as he memorized the exact positions of the candles. He took a deep breath in, and as he exhaled, he released some of his energy. When he heard whispers of awe, he knew that his flames had been perfectly controlled.

He opened his eyes to see Yukio giving him praising looks, and Shiemi smiling brightly at him. Shura nodded slowly and silently, satisfied. The Kyoto group grinned at him. His heart swelled with pride.

"Alright! Everyone, sing me the birthday song!" Shura announced, throwing her arms up. The group all looked at each other uncertainly, except for Shiemi, who was smiling cheerfully throughout the events.

A dull chorus of Happy Birthday followed, save for Shiemi's bright and high pitched singing. Surprisingly, Shura accepted the sarcastic singing and blew out the candles as if they had sung the best version of the song.

Rin couldn't help but smirk at the bubbly blonde girl next to him, who was currently cheering and beaming.

Cake was distributed among the group and everyone sat down at the table, eating and conversing.

"I could've baked a better cake," Rin muttered before blandly stuffing the vanilla cake into his mouth. He chewed shortly before loudly swallowing it down.

"For once, I agree with Okumura," Bon proclaimed. Shima also nodded in agreement.

"That cake you made for that one birthday party was really good, I have to admit," The pink-haired boy complimented.

"Oh…this cake isn't that terrible. But Rin does have better baking skills," Shiemi supplied. She glanced over at Rin before giggling softly.

"Rin, you're such a messy eater," She told him, reaching over and using her finger to wipe off a smudge of icing on the corner of his mouth. A dark blush instantly spread out along the boy's cheeks as Shiemi offered him a clueless smile.

"Ah! I'm really thirsty all of a sudden," She said, glancing around to see if there were any drinks.

"There's a fruit punch bowl across the room," Konekomaru told her after hearing her sentence. She turned to him gratefully.

"Thank you! Do any of you guys want a drink?" Shiemi questioned as she slid off of her chair. The group shook their heads, taking turns to say "no, thank you." Nodding, Shiemi walked off towards the drinks, with Rin's eyes steadily following her.

"Rin, stop being a creep," Shima snapped teasingly. Rin's cheeks flushed from embarrassment, immediately knowing what he was talking about.

"I'm not! I'm just making sure she's okay," He hastily explained. Bon scoffed.

"She looks just fine to me. And nothing's going to happen. We're in a classroom," He pointed out dully, further embarrassing Rin.

"If you like her, why don't you tell her?" Konekomaru questioned, looking especially confused. Rin thought he was going to die from the heat he was feeling.

"I-I don't like her. She's just a good friend to me," He lied, crossing his arms. Yukio sighed, rolling his eyes at his childish older brother.

"Well…not that I'm foreshadowing anything, but…good luck, Rin," Shura cut in, giving the boy a sharp salute. Everyone rose an eyebrow, perplexed with her words.

"Uh…what're you talking about?"

Shiemi came back shortly, holding a fairly large cup of fruit punch. She seated herself next to Rin again before gulping down the beverage.

"Mm, that was refreshing!" The blonde girl exclaimed as she placed the newly emptied cup on the table. Shura smirked, which Yukio noticed suspiciously. Then, his eyes widened at the realization.

"…Moriyama, are you feeling okay?" Bon questioned hesitantly as the said girl began swaying from side to side. Shima rose an eyebrow.

"Maybe she's just…really happy right now," He stated. However, the next move she made shocked everyone. She stood up and grabbed onto Bon's face, holding his cheeks. She gave him a dazed smile.

"Suguro-kun's hair always reminds me of a chicken…I think chickens are adorable!" Shiemi exclaimed as she began nuzzling Bon's head against her breasts. The group let out yells of mortification as Bon struggled not to faint. Yukio whipped around, facing Shura with a look of alertness.

"You spiked the punch, didn't you?" He demanded. Shura grinned before letting out her cat-like laugh. Rin continued to watch the scene in horror before shoving Bon and Shiemi apart.

"W-w-what's wrong with Shiemi?" He shouted, looking at Yukio and Shura for an explanation. Shura scoffed, rolling her eyes.

"It's simple, isn't it? Moriyama drank the spiked punch, and therefore she is now drunk. She's such a light drinker though," The red head explained, crossing her arms as she watched Shiemi rubbing Konekomaru's head.

"Neko-chan has a smooth head! It's like a gum ball!" Shiemi announced before giggling and pressing Konekomaru's head against her chest. The boy cried out helplessly. Rin could only gape at the scene.

"H-h-h-help…!" He shouted, wiggling in the girl's grasp. Bon was currently lying down on the floor, mortified and possibly scarred for life. Shima dashed over to help, splitting the two apart. Konekomaru collapsed shakily to the floor.

Still dazed, she moved onto the closest victim, which just happened to be Shima. Beaming, she grabbed onto his head and ruffled his hair. The boy tensed nervously.

"Cotton candy! Your hair is soft and pink like cotton candy!" Shiemi sang. Rin rushed over when he realized where this was going. Before the girl could use her finishing move, Rin clutched onto her and pulled her backwards, forcing her to release Shima, who seemed slightly disappointed.

"What. Do. We. Do. Now?" Rin asked stiffly as he clung onto Shiemi. Yukio crossed his arms in thought.

"Well…Shiemi's mother would be furious if we brought her back like that. And we can't leave her here with her acting like this…" He pondered, frowning. Sighing, he looked up at Rin, his last resort.

"Nii-san, you're going to have to bring her to our place and stay with her until she's sober again," He declared, causing Rin to choke on oxygen. He nervously looked back at the girl who was squirming as he held onto her arms.

"Um, are you sure"—

"I think you can handle it, Nii-san. I trust you," Yukio told him, nodding firmly. Shura laughed, obviously entertained with the turn of events.

"Don't take of advantage of her," She told him, winking suggestively. Yukio cringed while Rin flushed.

"I-I won't!" He snapped as he hoisted the girl onto his shoulder. Shiemi cheered.

"Whee! This is fun!" She exclaimed, flailing her arms around as they approached the door.

"Be careful, Nii-san," Yukio said weakly, suddenly feeling unsure if he had made the right decision. Rin rose a hand in farewell before he exited the room.

"…Are you guys okay?" Yukio questioned, turning to the Kyoto group huddled in the corner of the room. Bon quickly cleared his throat, stood up, and dusted off his pants.

"Yeah. I'm, uh, perfectly fine," He spoke quite calmly. Konekomaru stood up shakily, with the help of the still disappointed Shima. Yukio sighed, turning back to Shura.

"I almost can't believe you. Almost," He told her as she laughed.


"Crash landing! Bring us to safety, Rin!" Shiemi yelled childishly as she pretended to steer an airplane. She was still currently tossed over Rin's shoulder. He walked stiffly, unsure of how to treat the situation.

He walked upstairs to his room. He vaguely noticed Kuro asleep in the hallway.

"Kitty! Rin, I love kitties!" The blonde exclaimed excitedly. Rin groaned.

"Good for you," He muttered back. Sighing, he placed Shiemi down on the floor. He walked across the room and sat down on his bed, which proved to be a very bad mistake. Like a puppy, she trotted over to him and sat down beside him, smiling innocently. He rose an eyebrow, suddenly feeling very tense.

"You're like a kitty because you have a tail," She stated, poking the tip of his tail. He flinched as she giggled.

"Is it fun to have a tail, Rin? I wish I had a tail," Shiemi said, swaying from side to side. He suddenly felt very tired.

"It's convenient sometimes," He replied, although he knew it would be absolutely pointless for him to converse with her at the moment. When was she going to go back to normal?

"Rin, what does it feel like to be kissed?" She questioned out of the blue, causing him to widen his eyes in surprise. She continued to gaze at him obliviously, swinging her legs back and forth. He gulped.

"I wouldn't know," Rin replied honestly. She titled her head to the side, pouting.

"Aw, you've never had your first kiss yet? Well, me neither!" Shiemi exclaimed, flopping backwards onto the bed so that she was lying down. He refused to look at her. However, she quickly sat back up and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Let's lose our first kisses to each other!" She proposed. He gaped at her and then shook his head at the bad thoughts his mind had conjured up. She was still holding onto his shoulder, looking eager. He brushed her off.

"Shiemi, that's not a good idea. You're…not yourself right now, so just sit down and keep quiet," Rin urged. She frowned, unsure of why he was being so serious.

"Rin…doesn't like me…?" The blonde asked, looking down. He grew frantic.

"N-no! That's not it! It's just not a good time right now!" Rin explained, hoping to raise her spirits. She looked up, eyes sparkling with tears. He cursed under his breath. She frowned angrily, crossing her arms.

"Okay then! I'll just go kiss Bon-chan, Neko-chan and Shi-chan!" The girl declared, pumping a fist into the air. Rin gaped at her in disblief. She continued on, annoying him further.

"I bet Bon-chan is a good kisser since he has cool hair! And Shi-chan looks like he's kissed a lot of girls!" She tormented him. Rin gritted his teeth, becoming very annoyed with her assertions.

"Actually...I think I'll make out with Yuki-chan!"

Okay. That was his breaking point.

"Shiemi…" He murmured, causing her to look up at him. Her eyes widened in shock as he firmly pressed his lips onto hers. Rin had leaned in too much, and the two fell upon the bed, with Shiemi comfortably lying beneath him. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he nuzzled her face with his hand. He nibbled and kissed her lips gently.

His tongue slid in on impulse, and the girl beneath him shuddered and moaned. Warning bells rang throughout Rin's head, and he sat up, panting and hastily wiping his mouth. Shiemi was still lying down, breathing heavily and gazing at him through cloudy eyes.

"G-go to sleep," He finally told her, tossing a blanket into her face. She peeked from behind the blanket and sat up. When he made to stand up, she clutched onto his hand.

"Can you stay here too?" She asked, eyes big. Rin sighed heavily before plopping back down.

"Alright, but"—

She kissed him again. And he eagerly responded back, but only for a few seconds. He gently broke the lip lock.

"Okay, okay. Go to sleep now. I'll be sitting right here," Rin told her, brushing her blonde hair back behind her ear. She smiled, obviously ready to comply.

"Good night Kuro-chan!" Shiemi yelled out before lying down and snuggling into the sheets. Once her breathing had become steady, Rin stood up from the bed, ruffling his hair. He glanced back at the sleeping girl before blushing furiously.


When Shiemi woke up, she was extremely confused. Firstly, she had a striking headache. Secondly, she was sleeping in Rin's bed. She sat up before moaning from the pain of her headache. A soft knock came from the door.

"It's good to see that you're finally awake," Yukio said, smiling at her. She nodded, beaming back.

"My head really hurts though…" She muttered. He sighed, scratching the back of his head.

"About that. Shura spiked the drinks from yesterday, so you were drunk," He explained, causing the blonde girl to blush deeply.

"D-d-drunk…?" She questioned. Now that it was mentioned…she didn't remember anything from after the time she drank the beverage. However, she was able to recall a few hazy images.

There was Bon, Konekomaru and Shima…looking scared for some reason. Shura was laughing. And then Rin was in front of her…and something…something soft was on her lips. She frowned as she struggled to remember.

"Shura told your mom an alternative story, so everything should be okay," Yukio continued.

"Yuki-chan, did I do anything…weird yesterday?" Shiemi asked, pouting. Yukio rose an eyebrow.

"I'm not so sure. Rin was the one taking care of you. Did something happen?" He asked.

"Ah…I see. Um. No. Maybe I was just dreaming…" She replied, confusing Yukio even further. Rin suddenly appeared next to his younger twin brother, peering over at Shiemi.

"Good morning, Shiemi," He greeted, raising up a hand.

"Oh, good morning, Rin! Um…did anything strange happen yesterday? T-this is going to sound really embarrassing, but I think I kissed someone on accident yesterday…" Shiemi said as her face reddened. Yukio instantly turned towards his brother, looking especially suspicious.

"Huh? Oh, no, nothing much happened. You said weird stuff, but you didn't do anything weird. I just brought you here and you fell asleep," Rin lied, appearing casual. Shiemi frowned deeply before lightly shaking her head.

"Mm…maybe it was just a dream then…okay. Well, I guess I'll freshen up before going home," She told them as she got out of the bed and exited the room. Once she had entered the bathroom, Yukio looked over at his brother, eyebrow raised.

"What did you do yesterday?" He demanded strictly. Rin only grinned back in response.

He would tell Shiemi the truth, someday. For now, it would be his little secret.

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