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Drunk and Drunker

Part Two


Shiemi constantly worried over the incident at Shura's party. She knew something crucial had happened, but had no idea what it could be. No matter how many times she asked Rin, he always told her that nothing had happened. She didn't believe him. She couldn't believe that nothing had occurred.

Intent on discovering the truth, Shiemi decided to turn to other sources.

"Suguro-san!" The blonde called out, running towards the said teen. He turned around before turning slightly florid. Shiemi frowned, wondering why he suddenly looked so flushed.

"Suguro-san, are you feeling okay? You look a bit sickly…" She told him, reaching to touch his forehead. He quickly flinched and backed up a few inches. She blinked in confusion, now even more curious. After noticing that he had backed up, Bon let out a sharp laugh as an excuse.

"Sorry, Moriyama, I uh…have something I need to do. I'll talk to you later," He told her before turning around and fleeing the scene. Shiemi frowned, crossing her arms as she pondered the recent conversation.

Shiemi continued to walk around the school campus, searching for any sign of Shima or Konekomaru. She finally spotted Konekomaru, studying diligently underneath a tree. The girl jogged over towards him eagerly.

"Konekomaru!" She called out, beaming as she stepped in front of him. The boy's eyes quickly widened in surprise.

"S-S-Shiemi-san," He stuttered, glancing around him hopefully. She made to sit next to him, but he stood up abruptly, picking up his bag and notebook.

"Sorry, Shiemi-san. I need to…go to the bathroom right now. I'll see you later," Konekomaru apologized hastily before rapidly walking off. The blonde frowned deeply as she sat down. She thought for a while before she reached a sudden realization.

Bon and Konekomaru wouldn't be avoiding her, would they? But, what reason could they possibly have to avoid her? Then, her mind landed once again on her drunken incident. She didn't…she didn't do anything to them, did she?

Fortunately for her, Shiemi spotted Shima walking across the campus not too far away from her. Determined to find out the truth, she made a mad dash to the pink-haired boy, startling him when she suddenly appeared.

"Whoa, Shiemi. What's up?" He asked brightly. She smiled gratefully. He seemed to be unfazed. She panted lightly as she caught her breath.

"I…I want to ask about last week, when I was…er…drunk," She started, blushing from embarrassment. Shima nodded slowly, as if he had been expecting the statement.

"Well…it was pretty bad. Are you sure you want to know?" He asked her carefully. She nodded, looking prepared and very determined. The pink-haired boy sighed, scratching the back of his head.

"Okay then…well…basically…" He started off, unsure of how to phrase the situation. She stared on patiently.

"Y-You rubbed Bon and Neko against your...ti— I mean…er…breasts," Shima explained as Shiemi's face steadily reddened. She quickly looked away, blushing furiously.

"D-d-did I really…?" She questioned as she brought her hands to her face. Shima gave her a comforting smile.

"It's fine. They know it's not you're fault, so they won't hold it against you forever," He told her, patting her back. The blonde let out a slow sigh of relief, choosing to believe his words.

"A-ano…what happened after that?" She asked reluctantly, yet curiously. Shima let out a simple shrug, much to her dismay.

"I'm not so sure. You left the party with Rin because Yukio-sensei told him to. You don't remember anything at all?" Shima questioned, tilting his head to the side. Shiemi blushed as she remembered the soft feeling she had felt on her lips. She shook her head lightly, deciding not to elaborate.

"N-no, I have no idea," She lied quietly. Shima hummed softly, placing his hands behind his head.

"Hm…that's tough. Why didn't you ask Rin to tell you?" He asked. She pouted.

"I did, but he won't tell me anything," Shiemi whined back. Shima rose an eyebrow, now extremely curious. He smirked as he realized what might have happened between the two.

"I have an idea then. Let's have a study group!" He announced brightly. Shiemi titled her head to the side, confused. He continued.

"You can reconcile with Bon and Neko, and then when we all leave, you and Rin will be alone and you can try asking him again," Shima told her. Shiemi nodded slowly, thinking over the plan.

"It seems…alright," She finally replied. Shima grinned, nodding happily.

"Okay, I'll go tell everyone about it. Be at the Okumura's dorm after school!" He announced before waving her off. Shiemi was still nodding even after Shima had disappeared around the corner. She crossed her arms, sighing heavily.

"Why won't Rin tell me…?" She whispered softly to herself, pondering the thought. There had to be a specific and very important reason if Rin would not tell her what had happened the day. After the incident, he had been treating her normally, as if nothing had happened. However, if she did decide to ask him about what had happened, he would hastily change the subject. She frowned.


The said girl whipped around, surprised to see Yukio there. He was staring at her with an air of perplexity, and carrying a heavy looking stack of books.

"Ah, Yuki-chan!" She exclaimed, slightly startled.

"Break just ended. Shouldn't you be heading over to class now?" He questioned, looking concerned. She looked around and noticed bashfully that no other students were in sight.

"Oops, I didn't notice," Shiemi replied, laughing softly at herself. Yukio curiously rose an eyebrow at her while she gave him a reassuring smile.

"This may not be any of my concern…but are you alright?" He asked, sounding worried.

"Yes! I'm sorry if I worried you, Yuki-chan," She replied bashfully. He gave her an unconvinced look before sighing.

"Well, okay then. If anything comes up, you can see me," Yukio told her, quite strictly. She beamed at him, nodding.

"Okay! Oh! Shima and I just planned a study group at your dorm tonight," Shiemi informed, swinging her hands behind her back. Yukio's eyebrows rose up slightly at the sudden information. She continued.

"Well, ano…I'll get going then! See you later, Yuki-chan!" She exclaimed before turning around and walking away, leaving Yukio mildly confused.


"Yo," Shima greeted as he strolled into the twin's room. Rin jumped up, startled, and dropped his manga book onto the floor. He gave the pink-haired teen an accusing glare as he pointed directly at him.

"What the hell! Why are you here?" He demanded, picking up his book from the floor. Shima smiled apologetically, scratching the back of his head. He held up the backpack he was carrying.

"Last minute study group. I guess you didn't get the memo," He informed him as he took a seat on the floor. Rin frowned as he shelved his manga book away.

"I guess not. Who else is coming over?" He asked curiously, plopping down onto his bed. Shima removed his textbooks and other supplies from his bag as he spoke.

"Bon and Konekomaru. And when Yukio-sensei gets back, we'll ask him to tutor us. I asked Izumo if she wanted to go, but she didn't reply to me at all. Oh, and Shiemi's going too," He replied, purposefully saying Shiemi's name last. As he had anticipated, a dusty pink blush spread out on Rin's cheeks.

"S-S-Shiemi…? Coming here?" He asked, trying not to appear nervous. Shima nodded casually, pretending to seem clueless.

"Yup. She said there were things she wasn't sure of. Why? Is something wrong?" The pink-haired boy questioned, keeping up the act. Rin quickly shrugged.

"Eh…no, not really. I was just a little surprised. Oh, Bon and Konekomaru are coming up," Rin pointed out as he glanced out the window and spotted them on the ground below. Sure enough, a few minutes later, the two predicted boys walked into the room, also sporting backpacks and textbooks.

"Sorry for the sudden intrusion, Okumura-kun," Konekomaru announced as he walked into the room and took a seat next to Shima. Bon nodded towards Rin in acknowledgement as he also sat down.

"So…what should we start discussing?" Bon questioned, opening a textbook. Konekomaru sat up, also opening his textbook.

"I'm a bit confused about chapter three, Bon…" He spoke as he flipped through the pages. Bon nodded.

"Ah, those chants? Those took me a while to memorize," He replied truthfully, turning to the appropriate chapter. He glanced over at Rin, who was absent-mindedly looking out the bedroom window. He scowled.

"Okumura, are you going to study or not?" He demanded, balling one hand into a tight fist. Rin blinked, as if snapped back into reality. Shima hopelessly shook his head.

Suddenly, the door flew open, and Rin turned his head towards it eagerly, hoping to see the small blonde girl. However, he was greeted by Shura, who was holding an armful of sake bottles. He sighed.

"Who invited Shura?" He asked dully. The red head scoffed before plopping down onto the bed and carefully placing the bottles onto the floor. Yukio entered in shortly, looking slightly irritated.

"I thought I would have her tutor too, but maybe that wasn't the best idea," Yukio spoke up, looking disdainfully at the bottles of sake innocently set down on the floor. Shura laughed before ungracefully opening a bottle.

"I brought extras. Anyone want any?" She asked, gesturing towards the bottles. The Kyoto group took turns shaking their heads, looking wary. Rin rolled his eyes.

"We're underage, you old bat. I'm going to get myself a water bottle," Rin said shortly, quickly fleeing the room before Shura could pummel him. She looked over at Yukio, who had taken a seat at his desk.

"So, did you ever find out what happened between him and Shiemi?" She asked before gulping down some of her beverage. The rest of the group also turned towards Yukio, all equally curious. Yukio sighed.

"No. Nii-san won't tell me anything about it," He replied, much to their disappointment. Shima crossed his arms, thinking.

"Was it that embarrassing? Maybe she did something to him," He wondered. Shura grinned, waving around her glass bottle of sake.

"Or maybe he took advantage of her!" She declared, causing the group to pale and blanch.

"Rin's an idiot, but he's not reckless enough to do that," Bon replied, still shuddering at the thought.

Rin finally returned, and the gossiping instantly ceased. He rose an eyebrow as he set down his half finished water bottle next to Shura's sake.

"What were you guys talking about?" He asked as he sat down on his bed. Shima shrugged quickly before glancing out the window.

"Oh, Shiemi's here!" He pointed out. Rin peered over and sure enough, the blonde girl was making her way towards the front door of the dorm. He gulped nervously.

"I'll get the door!" Shura announced, swooning slightly before leaving the room. Yukio cringed.

A few seconds later, Shura reappeared at the door with Shiemi by her side, holding a book bag. She waved timidly at the group of boys. Shima beamed.

"Okay, let's get this studying started!"


Shima rolled over onto his stomach, groaning. A textbook was discarded at his side, along with his notebook and a pen. Bon's eyes strained to keep open, and Konekomaru yawned continuously. Shiemi's head was drooped down.

"I think we should end this studying session," Yukio finally said, calmly closing his book close. Rin, whom was almost asleep on his bed, looked up.

"About time. Geez, what time is it?" He asked, sitting up. Shura glanced over at the clock.

"One in the morning," She shrugged. A total of five empty sake bottles were lying at her feet. There was one more unopened bottle, standing next to Rin's water bottle. She reached over to retrieve it, but suddenly decided against it.

"Ano…Bon-san…Neko-san…I'm sorry about what happened before. Shima explained it to me," Shiemi said, looking over the two boys. They instantly blushed at the remembrance. Bon quickly waved a hand at her.

"It's alright. It wasn't your fault," He replied, glowering over at Shura, who whistled obliviously. Konekomaru offered the blonde a small smile.

"Yes, it's fine with me too. We know you wouldn't do that if you were actually yourself," He said. Shiemi beamed at the two. Bon nodded at her, before letting out a strong yawn.

"Yeah, I think I'll head home now," He announced tiredly, standing up and stretching. Shima and Konekomaru followed suit before cleaning up their supplies on the floor. The pink-haired teen looked over at Shiemi, who was struggling to keep awake.

"Hey, Shiemi. Now's your chance," He nudged her. Her eyes snapped open and she sat up straight. He grinned, patting her back.

"Good luck," He told her before walking out the door with Bon and Konekomaru. Shiemi nodded, looking determined. After witnessing the short conversation between Shima and the blonde, Shura smirked, discovering their plan. She nudged her unopened bottle of sake closer to Rin's water bottle.

"Yukio! Let's go!" She shouted, grabbing onto the said man's arm. He blinked, startled and confused.

"W-What…? Go where?" He demanded as she continued dragging him towards the door. She only grinned and laughed as they exited the room. She slammed the door closed, ignoring Yukio's persistent protests. Shiemi flushed when she glanced over at Rin, who was stubbornly avoiding eye contact with her.

"R-Rin…?" Shiemi started reluctantly. He stiffened.

'Not good, not good, not good…'

"Rin, I really want to know what happened that day," Shiemi said directly, almost whining. Rin sighed heavily. He scratched the back of his head.

"It's not that important, Shiemi," He answered back. She pouted.

"Then why don't you ever want to talk about it?" She asked. Rin frowned.

"How do I say this…?" He sighed, ruffling his locks in slight frustration. She waited patiently.

"What happened…well…it's okay. I won't let it affect our friendship," Rin finally told her. She tilted her side to the side, more confused and curious than ever. He pulled at his collar.

"It's getting hot…" He muttered, hastily grabbing a bottle and gulping down the contents. He froze when he realized that the beverage had not tasted like water. Shiemi also looked on in shock.

"R-Rin…" She started. He cursed loudly.

"Stupid Shura! She left her freaking alcohol in my room!" Rin shouted, resisting the urge to throw the empty glass bottle at the wall. Shiemi gulped nervously, hoping he had a high tolerance for alcohol.

"Crap, crap, crap…" He muttered, leaning his head against the wall. He was already beginning to feel dizzy…

"Rin, are you okay?" Shiemi questioned. He glanced over at her before giving her a tired, reassuring smile.

"Yeah! I'm perfectly…fine…" Rin replied, slurring off his last few words. The blonde widened her eyes at a realization. If Rin got drunk, she could get the answer out of him. Determined with her new plan, she stood up and walked towards him.

"Ano…can you tell me now…?" She questioned cautiously. He opened one eye to look at her.

"Tellyouwhat?" He slurred. She blushed. He was completely drunk already. He sat up on the bed, gazing at her. She fidgeted uncertainly in her spot.

"It's really getting hot in here…" Rin muttered, clutching onto the bottom of his shirt. When it went half way up his chest, Shiemi panicked and grabbed onto his hands to stop him from taking off his shirt.

"R-Rin…! Don't take off your shirt…!" She squeaked. He rose an eyebrow, looking extremely confused.

"Why not? It's hot in here. And this is my room," He told her, brushing away her hands so he could remove the clothing. She blushed and pulled his hands down to stop him once more. He scowled at her.

"What the hell, Shiemi? It's just a shirt," Rin snapped. She frowned, unsure of what to do at the moment. With an annoyed grunt, Rin continued pulling the shirt up. Shiemi made to stop him again, but ended up pushing him backwards onto the bed. He looked up in surprise as she sat on top of him. She nervously bit down on her bottom lip.

"O-okay… you can take your shirt off, but you have to tell me one thing…" Shiemi said carefully. He nodded carelessly. In one swift movement, he pulled the shirt off and tossed it onto the floor. With a small smirk, he flipped them over, so that he loomed over her. She squeaked.

"What's your question?" He asked, attractively raising an eyebrow. A dark, heavy blush spread across her face.

"W-what really happened when I got drunk?" Shiemi asked, trying to sound brave as his shadow loomed over her. Rin smirked. He dipped his head down so he could whisper in her ear.

"Do you really want to know?" He questioned, tickling her ear with his hot breath. She squirmed lightly before shyly nodding at him. He smiled.

"Alright then. This is what happened," He told her. His face moved dangerously close to hers. She opened her mouth to question him, but his lips instantly pressed down onto hers. Her eyes widened in pure shock.

He kissed her more passionately than before, probably due to the fact that he was the drunken one this time. His lips moved over hers in a way that made her heart beat at a wild speed. She soon found herself timidly responding back. Her mouth parted slightly, and he instantly dove his tongue in.


Rin's tongue explored every crevice of her mouth. When her tongue shyly pressed against his, the two shuddered at the warm contact. He broke away from her lips, leaving a thin bridge of saliva between their tongues. He panted harshly as his eyes gazed cloudily into hers. He noticed with great satisfaction that her lips were becoming red and puffy.

"D-did that…really happen?" Shiemi finally asked, breathing heavily. His thumb gingerly moved in slow circles on her soft cheek.

"Did it feel like I was lying?" Rin asked teasingly. She blushed before shaking her head.

His head leaned down to capture her small lips once more. She shyly tilted her head up, giving him a better angle, and more access to her lips. He nibbled gently, making the lip lock seem more passionate than the first. Her hands were anxiously gripping onto the bed sheets. He reluctantly parted so that they could breathe for air.

Rin gazed silently at her face. Shiemi could tell that his eyes were unfocused and cloudy. His head bent down, burying his face against the side of her neck. She stilled uncomfortably, but surprisingly, he did not move.

"R-Rin…I…ano…I'm guessing this means we like each other. Um…well, I like you. But…I don't know if you like me…" Shiemi started, laughing lightly. She smiled warmly as she played with his navy blue locks.

"Shiemi…do you know why I didn't want to tell you what happened that day?" Rin asked, still slightly slurring together his words. The girl tilted her head to the side, puzzled.

"Why?" She questioned. He looked up, his cloudy eyes gazing into her clear, green orbs, nearly captivating her.

"I was afraid that you wouldn't like me," Rin said, quite stubbornly. She stared at him in disbelief before beaming at him. His face was once again buried in the smooth crook of her neck. She could feel his smile against her skin.

"Rin, baka," Shiemi told him before affectionately ruffling his hair. Rin mumbled something against her neck, but she could not understand it. She glanced down at him.

"Rin, did you say something?" Shiemi questioned, softly patting his head. When she heard his slow, deep breathing, she knew he was sound asleep. He moved his hair away from his face.

"Sweet dreams, Rin…" She murmured, beaming at him.

The door creaked open, and Yukio walked in, looking slightly irritated. His eyes widened when he saw the position the two were in. Shiemi laughed nervously.

"What did Nii-san do?" Yukio asked urgently, walking over to help move him off of her small body.

"He accidentally drank an entire bottle of Kirigakure-sensei's sake," The blonde replied, letting out a deep breath as Yukio rolled his brother off of her. He crossed his arms, frowning at his older twin brother.

"So, did you get an answer out of him?" He asked curiously. Shiemi blushed, and he rose an eyebrow. She hastily brushed blonde locks behind her ear.

"I think so," She replied as a smile steadily crept onto her lips. When he realized that he wasn't going to get a detailed explanation, he sighed.

"Great. Now both Nii-san and Shiemi have secrets," Yukio muttered, glancing over at the bashful girl. However, unseen to Yukio, Shiemi turned around, and sadly looked out the window.


When Rin woke up, the sun was glaring into his eyes. It took him a while before he realized that he had an extremely painful headache. Groggily, he sat up and stretched out his arms. The headache persisted.

"Crap…why the hell does my head hurt so much?" He asked himself before letting out a further string of curses.

"Ah. You finally woke up," Yukio said as he entered the bedroom. He picked up a tablet and a glass of water from his desk and handed them to his brother, who looked especially puzzled.

"Here. Hangover medicine," He told him before crossing his arms and making sure he took the medicine. Rin stared at him in disbelief.

"H-Hangover…? Huh, but what"—

"Take the medicine first, Nii-san. Then I'll answer your questions," Yukio said sternly. Rin grumpily mumbled under his breath before gulping down the pill with the water. After drinking down all the contents, he placed the glass down on the bed side table.

"Oh, and put this on," Yukio said, tossing him a shirt. Rin obeyed, quietly throwing the shirt over his head.

"Okay, so…why did I just take hangover medicine?" Rin asked, frowning. Yukio rose an eyebrow.

"Nii-san? Shiemi told me that you only—" He started.

At that moment, Shiemi strolled into the room, looking concerned. She beamed when she saw Rin sitting up on his bed.

"Good morning, Rin! It looks like you're doing well," She greeted him cheerfully. He smiled back at her. Yukio tilted his head to the side, confused.

"When Shiemi told me you got drunk after drinking one bottle of sake, I was surprised, Nii-san. I remember you drinking a bottle of Father's alcohol, and you were perfectly sober. You have a surprisingly high tolerance for drinking," Yukio stated, crossing his arms.

Rin began scowling deeply at him. Shiemi blinked in confusion, processing the information. Yukio realized his mistake.

"Ah…you were pretending, weren't you?" Yukio questioned, sighing. Rin stared at him for a few seconds before leaping off of the bed. Yukio quickly made for the door. His older twin brother grabbed onto the back of his collar. Right before Rin was going to pummel his younger brother, the blonde girl intervened.

"R-Rin…then that means…" Shiemi muttered before blushing a very, very red color. She remembered the way he had taken off his shirt. She remembered the way he had kissed her. And then she had remembered the way he had confessed his feelings. Rin and Yukio watched in surprise as Shiemi burst into tears.

Rin's grip on his brother's collar loosened, and he walked towards Shiemi. Yukio silently watched from the door.

"R-Rin, baka…I-I thought that everything you did yesterday…w-was only because you were drunk…And I was sad because I t-thought that you would forget everything…" Shiemi said through uncontrollable sobs. Rin let out a soft laugh as he wrapped his arms around her.

"No…everything I did was real. But even if I was drunk, don't you know that drunken words and actions are sober thoughts?" He asked her, playfully ruffling her blonde locks. She sniffled against his chest.

"B-baka…then why'd you take your shirt off?" Shiemi asked. Rin blushed lightly. From behind them, Yukio crossed his arms.

"Yes, Nii-san. Why did you take your shirt off?" He asked tensely. Rin let out a stiff, nervous laugh.

"Y-you know…just tried to make the act look more realistic," He said with a short shrug. He blinked in surprise when he felt Shiemi's thin, short arms wrap around his torso.

"I-I don't care why you did any of those things. I…I like you, Rin," She said, sounding slightly determined.

"I already said that I like you too," He casually pointed out to her. She looked up at him, startled. He nodded.


"Rin, baka," Shiemi told him before affectionately ruffling his hair. Rin mumbled something against her neck, but she could not understand it.

"…I like you too," He had mumbled. She glanced down at him.

"Rin, did you say something?" Shiemi questioned, softly patting his head. When she heard his slow, deep breathing, she knew he was sound asleep.

"O-oh…so that's what you said," The blonde stated, looking embarrassed. He sighed, scratching the back of his head.

"So you really didn't hear me say that…hm…I guess I'll just have to say it again," Rin said, grinning down at her. His arms tightened around her petite body, holding her closer to him.

"I like you too, Shiemi," Rin told her before placing his chin on top of her head. Her arms also tightened around him.

"Your head makes a great chin rest, since you're so short," Rin added, grinning. She pouted at him.

"You're always teasing me, Rin…" She muttered as he laughed.

Meanwhile, Yukio was watching the couple with an expression of satisfaction. Suddenly, a shadow loomed over his shadow.

"Ah, so they're finally together? About time! I'm glad I left my sake behind," Shura said deviously, observing the happy couple. Yukio frowned at her.

"You didn't help that much. Nii-san drank the alcohol, but he didn't become drunk," He informed her. Shura scowled at Rin.

"Oi, who gave you the right not to get drunk?" She shouted at the half-demon. Rin immediately glared at her. He moved away from Shiemi to begin a heated argument with Shura.

"Old bat! You tried to get me drunk!"

"Hey, shut up brat! I was just trying to help you out with your stubborn love problem!"

Shiemi walked the scene with an anxious smile. Yukio sighed, crossing his arms.

"Can I entrust him to you?" Yukio questioned, smiling lightly over at the blonde. She beamed back before nodding happily.


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