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The day was cloudy. Mist clung to the ground, refusing to admit that the autumn sun was high in the sky, even though the clouds hid it well.

A group of people huddled together; although all of them would deny it for the warmth or comfort derived from the other's presence.

The tallest was a broad shouldered man who wore the cape and cowl of the Bat clan. Damian Wayne was starting to age, silver clipping his temples and wrinkles starting to mar his handsome face, but the scowl and glower he wore as part of the ensemble hid it well. Beside him, tall and elegant and dark haired, stood Mari Grayson, although she went by Nightwing now. Long purple stripes went down her arms, and merged in the center to form the logo that had been worn by her father and Stephanie Brown before her. On Damian's other side stood Lian Harper, AKA Red Arrow. Her hair was steely grey, although she held her age gracefully, like her mother before her. A quiver was slung over her shoulder, and her hand was placed on Damian's shoulder. Nell Little, Batwoman, stood to the side, smiling. Her face was covered in laugh lines, and although the purple of Batgirl might have suited her better, the red of Batwoman gave her an aura of power that was undeniable.

The group of Gotham dwellers were flanked by Jai and Irey West. Irey, her red hair cropped short and her green eyes surrounded by thin lines that she denied the existence of, was brilliant and colorful in her Flash uniform. Jai, his hair the same shade as hers, although there was a pink tinge in his eyes that was undeniable, was comfortable in his suit. Jai was the sorcerer in the family. Christopher Kent, Superman, had a hand on Jai's shoulder in a comforting gesture.

They eyed the group that stood apart from them. The younglings did not understand the solemnity of the occasion, but they did their best to keep their faces straight and not talk too loudly, despite their excitement.

Dani, the new Kid Flash, was talking excitedly to Nissa, the candidate for Batgirl. Terry McGinnis had an arm tossed casually over Arthur Jr., Aqualad, and was conversing cheerfully with his friend Max, the Oracle.

There were others too, of course. New Green Lanterns and a few Atlanteans, a Blue Beetle and a Question. A few Martians were scattered among the crowd as well, along with many new heroes.

Lian's mouth twitched up. "They don't understand," she said softly. "What today means."

"Can't expect them too," Nell said frankly. "They never knew them. Never knew any of them. Only the legends, and what's a legend they've never met to kids who fly with Superman?"

"None of them can fly," scoffed Damian. Lian gave him a look.

"The new Wonder Girl can," pointed out Irey. "She couldn't make it?"

"Diana sends her apologies," Chris said. "But she could not get away."

"A lot couldn't make it," Jai said softly. His eyes were sorrowful.

"They'll pay their respects in their own time," Irey reassured her twin. "There's no time limit on mourning."

The garden they were standing in was littered with statues. In the center stood a statue of the original Justice League, although Diana was still alive, despite her retirement as Wonder Woman.

The original five Titans had a statue as well, captured in their youthful beginnings. Most of the other teams did too.

Today, another group was being completed.

Irey and Jai looked at each other.

"It's time," Irey said quietly. It was unnatural, for her to be this reserved. Jai put his hand in hers.

"Together," he said.

"Don't you start quoting Dad at me, Jai."

"Hey, there aren't roses involved, it ain't Dad talking."

"Oh, come on. Now you're going to pull out a cornball line and—"

"Oh will you to just give the speech? I'm pretty sure Dani's this close to kidnapping my protégé," Nell said. "Stop your sidekick, Irey."

"Ugh, fine. Bully." Irey rolled her eyes. She stepped onto a platform made of Green Lantern energy.

"Thank you all," she said quietly, in the microphone, "For coming here today."

"Not all of you knew our parents," Jai continued. "But many of you did."

"Dad always said," Irey said softly, "That there seemed to be more heroes every year. More of us, standing up to fight the good fight."

"And there are, it seems," Jai said, slightly stronger, "More and more legacies are created every day. Every action we take, every life we save, creates our legacies."

"Legacies are important," Irey said, louder now. "Legacies are who we are. Legacies are what we leave behind. Legacies are what the world will remember us by, after we are gone."

"Some of you know the story of our mother. How Jinx, a member of the HIVE Crime Syndicate, ended up as a Titan."

"And from her position as head of the initial Titans Europe branch," Irey said, spreading her arms out wide, "She joined the Justice League, recruited dozens of new heroes."

"Saved the world a few times too," Jai said, smiling. "She left behind a legacy of her own."

"She and Dad left us a hell of a legacy to live up to," Irey said strongly. "They all do. Those heroes, their generation, they left us the blueprint for the world we live in today. We grew up hearing about them. We live in a world where we see that anyone can be a hero."

"People have come from everywhere," Jai continued, "And have made themselves heroes. Some have found a legacy to fit themselves into. Others made their own way."

"But even they create a legacy. A legacy of strength and heroism that will last for generations yet to come!"

"Today we bury the last of the Titans who fought the Brotherhood of Evil. That group that changed the way heroics work for teens everywhere."

"Today we remember them. Their legacy. Their battles."

"Today, we remember why we took up the mantles we did."

Jai raised his hand into the air, rose colored energy seeping from his fingers. His eyes flashed pink.

Behind them, a form began to emerge.

Five figures stood on a platform, all made with black marble.

There was Jinx, arms thrown out, as if to cast a hex. Her mouth was a determined line, but her eyes were kind and her stance protective.

Kid Flash was beside her, laughing. He was running, feet caught midstride.

Hot Spot was on Jinx's other side, his face visible beneath the flames in a way it never was in real life. Argent stood next to him, hands glowing with plasma. Jericho was next to Kid Flash, eyes caught in the state of about to possess someone.

The Titans Europe stood tall and bold, resting among their colleagues.

"Today we remember, that as heroes," Irey said, "That every action we take matters."

Jai looked up at the statue of his parents, and smiled.

"Even something as simple as saying, 'Come with me.'"

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