Disclaimer: "Digimon Savers" and all related characters and terms are the property of Bandai and Toei Animation. This is merely produced for fun and the entertainment of its fans. Original characters and concepts are my own creation.

For over two decades, the fate of this world has been tied closely to the events of another.

Twenty one years ago, a man among men disappeared into this other world, not knowing that his actions would guide and inspire a whole other generation.

Ten years later, that same generation would save both worlds from certain destruction. Then, when all was said and done, it was another young man's turn to journey to that other world, like the one who came before him.

This young man, with the burning blood that flowing through his veins, bearing unrelenting strength and willpower... he would inspire his own legacy

A legacy would become the stuff of legends.

The Digital World.

To be specific, a part of the Digital World that was a lush and flourishing forest, teeming with life. Once long ago, it had been watched over by a digimon of great power, and guarded first hand by a boy of unyielding will. However, that was then, and this was now. With the death of Mercurimon, and the return of Noguchi Ikuto to his home world, a power vacuum had formed in the Zanzaga Forest.

Such things had become commonplace in the Digital World after the carnage triggered by a certain mad man. Mercurimon was not the only one to fall to this chaos. The holy city of ElDoradimon and even the world's very god and ruler, Yggdrasil, were no longer present in this world...

Yushima Hiroshi was already an old man eleven years ago, when that whole conflict reached its peak. Now, walking along a small path with his dutiful yet quiet partner digimon, Kamemon, he couldn't let himself be concerned about the past. Both Mercurimon's Infinite Ice Ridge and the Zanzaga Forest had been secured for some time since then. In fact, that was why he had come to this place.

Eventually, a shout from up ahead caught his attention, causing Yushima to give a small smile and increase the pace of his stride. Kamemon waddled hurriedly behind him, and they soon came upon the source of the voice at the path's end - a small, humanoid creature made of rocks with big, yellow eyes.

"Ah, good, you finally made it!" the creature exclaimed.

"Well hello there, Gotsumon!" Yushima greeted, while Kamemon tipped his helmet in quiet greeting. "Say, seeing you does remind you of that drink I promised last time..."

As Yushima approached, Gotsumon had been standing at full attention. At the mention of that drink however, his eyes lit up and he clasped his hands together excitedly. "Oh, that'd be, that'd be great! I-"

He paused abruptly, coughing into his hand and going back to attention. "Ahem. I mean. I have come to escort you, as your presence has been requested by-"

"That is quite all right, Gotsumon," another voice cut the rocky digimon off.

The path Yushima had been walking down led out into a large clearing. Approaching from that clearing were two massive figures who dwarfed the three already present in size by several stories. One was a knight digimon clad in white armor, whose right and left arms both ended in what looked like the head of a blue wolf and an armored dragon, respectively. The other was a knight in purple armor, with a helmet that looked much like a skull. He had two glowing red eyes made him look like a much more sinister force than Yushima knew him to be.

Their names were Omegamon and Craniummon and they were two of the Royal Knights, the former guardians and soldiers of Yggdrasil. With their lord and master gone, they stood as the first line of defense against threats to the harmony between both worlds, just as DATS did in the Human World.

"There is no need to be so formal, Gotsumon" Omegamon continued, motioning towards Yushima and Kamemon. "Least of all, among friends."

Gotsumon sighed and rubbed the back of his head, which subsequently made a loud scratching noise. Yushima just smiled and went on speaking. "Omegamon! Craniummon. It's been awhile."

Omegamon stepped ahead of his fellow knight, while Craniummon held back. Yushima noted that even with his heavy armor, there was something uneasy about Craniummon's body motion. The purple knight crossed his arms and looked away, saying nothing.

Omegamon knelt down, the sheer weight of his body causing a heavy breeze to blow out in all directions. "That it has, Yushima. Although, from what I have heard, you have been here for a very long time..."

Yushima gave a hearty chuckle and shook his head. "No, I've been alive a very long time... By comparison, the gate between worlds has been only open again for six years. Not very long when you consider that. After all the time I've been around, I think I deserved a lengthy vacation."

Omegamon studied the old man for several moments. "Somehow, I think 'vacation' is a poor way of describing what you've been doing here for the past few years, my friend."

Yushima chuckled again, looking down, thinking for a moment. However, when he looked back up he had a gravely serious look on his face. "Yes, well. You understand why that is," the man said, his eyes darting briefly to the purple knight. "Craniummon especially."

Omegamon closed his eyes, nodding. "Craniummon is much like you. He wouldn't rest until he had turned over every stone in this world."

Yushima cast a hard look towards Craniummon. "I don't expect that you would have called upon me unless you had turned over a particular stone..."

Craniummon gave a heavy sigh, looking at Yushima. He stared for several long moments, before he started to walk over. "You have searched the very last place we know he headed, haven't you, Yushima?"

"Of course, and I've seen just how much destruction was wrought there... Do not beat around the bush, Craniummon."

The glow of Craniummon's red eyes faded out for a moment, and he too knelt before Yushima. "Omegamon was right, I left no stone unturned. With what that demon did to the area, it was a lot of ground to cover thoroughly... and that devastation almost made it very easy to overlook something so simple..."

Yushima noticed that one of Craniummon's fists was clenched, and his eyes were still shut. In fact, though the Royal Knight looked to be desperate to hide the fact, Yushima could swear his body was slightly shaking. Saying nothing more, Craniummon extended his clenched hand to the old man, opening it.

Yushima's eyes widened in a rare moment of shock, finding himself (just as rarely) completely speechless. There was but a tiny object in Craniummon's palm; something that would normally be like a spec of dust to the Royal Knight. Still, he had somehow spotted this and recognized it in the midst of the ruins and devastation...

The man's hand snatched the tiny object up, clenching it in both of his fist and as he held it against his chest. "And this was all you found...?"

Craniummon's eyes finally began glowing again, and he nodded. "It is. After so long, it is the only thing I could find... I'm sorry, Yushima. I..."

"No," Yushima said quickly, shaking his head. He could tell that now he was visibly shaking, but he tried to ignore it. "You have done more than enough..."

Omegamon sighed, and rose back to his feet. He the began to turn around, his cape sweeping around with him. "You have great faith, Yushima Hiroshi. Faith in your kind, in our kind, and both of our worlds... and most importantly, you have great faith in your men. Were it not for that same faith, and instilling it into people like that man, we would not be standing here today. There is a time to hope for the best, my friend, but there is also a time to move on. I do not think he would want you to make yourself suffer, especially not after you searched for so long."

The white knight looked to Craniummon, and patted his wolf hand on his comrade's shoulder. "The same applies to you, Craniummon."

Craniummon nodded slowly, but it was a motion that seemed somehow defeated. He stood back up, but kept his gaze on Yushima. "I cannot do much for you, except for what I have given you. Understand that just as we would not be standing here without you, it is also true we wouldn't be here without him."

He rose and turned in the same direction as Omegamon. "I will never forget the potential of humans that he showed me. Farewell, my friends."

Saying nothing more, obviously understanding there wasn't much else to be said, the Royal Knights began to take their leave.

Yushima gave a heavy sigh, his shoulders sagging. If what he held in his hand was any indication, perhaps it was time his 'vacation' really did end...

"Hiroshi..." Kamemon said quietly, placing his hand atop Yushima's.

Smiling sadly, he nodded and looked at Gotsumon. "I think I'll have to offer you that drink some other time..."

Gotsumon just nodded silently, now looking quite distressed. Turning his eyes up towards the blue sky, Yushima did his best to keep his smile. "Just remember, Gotsumon. It is better to remember than it is to mourn, especially in a world as uncertain as this. In the meantime..."

Yushima turned, he and Kamemon beginning to return the way they came. "I suppose it's finally time to go home..."

Digimon Savers: LEGACY
Episode One – "The One Who Bears The Strongest Name!"
By Mugen no Ken


In many ways, it was just as any other large city did. People came and went about their daily lives just as any other. Whether to work or play, it was the same sort of hustle and bustle one would see in any other metropolitan area.

Just as there was normal, everyday life, there was also crime in this city, and those that were charged with dealing with the criminals responsible. That, however, was where similarities ended between this and other places.

Yokohama was not an ordinary city. It was ground zero for a very particular sort of crime – in fact, a very particular sort of phenomenon - and a very particular sort of law enforcement.

Evidence of this could be seen on the streets within the heart of the city. A trio of young people were running through it as fast as their legs could carry them. For some, this was faster than others.

Trailing behind the other two was the youngest of the trio, a nineteen year old girl with long blonde hair tied back into a ponytail to keep it out of her face. She and the others wore a distinct uniform that set them well apart from average law enforcement. They were bold and bright, each color coded to its wearer, with this girl in question's outfit being a light blue.

The girl named Relena Norstein was many years past overcoming the crippling illness of her younger years, and was generally in pretty good shape. In fact, she was in very good shape when compared to most people. However, the veteran members of DATS were very different from "most people."

Regardless, Relena pressed ahead, attempting to keep up in spite of being red faced and looking very exhausted. Backing down would show weakness, and that was the last thing she wanted to display to her friends.

"Our perps could have split up ahead of us!" shouted one of those comrades, the next up ahead of Relena, another young woman clad in a red uniform. Her long brown hair was similarly tied up in a ponytail, though set lower than Relena's. She either hadn't caught that Relena was falling behind, or was holding off on calling her out on it.

Her name was Daimon Chika.

"I'll go high!" shouted the last of the three: a tall young man Chika's age with blue hair and an athletic build, wearing a purple uniform, and a tribal necklace. On his back there was a large boomerang connected to his belt.

As soon as the words left Noguchi Ikuto's mouth, he had jumped up to grab the bottom of a fire escape ladder. What resulted was him scaling the side of the building in seconds by jumping and flipping up through the side of the fire escape. It was an act that most humans would balk at in amazement, because it was a feat one would expect out of some sort of animal, not a human.

Relena had no time to be amazed though, as she found herself nearly running into Chika. The older woman had abruptly stopped at an intersection, and those few seconds of watching Ikuto climb had given Relena the time to catch up to her.

The blonde girl drew in a deep breath, and clutched her chest. "Chika-san," Relena said. She had to mentally remind herself to add in proper honorifics when speaking Japanese, for it was only polite. "Did we lose them...?"

Chika didn't say anything for a few moments, her eyes scanning the street ahead of them. "I think..." she started, and then her eyes widened. "No! There!"

She pointed abruptly to the fenced in area of a nearby construction yard, where a building was in the process of being erected. No workers were currently there, as it was an off day, so there shouldn't have been anyone there at all. However, Relena caught sight of a teenaged girl with long black hair in rather grungy looking clothes.

Without another word, Chika took off again. In fact, she jumped onto the nearest moving car and proceeded to almost casually jump from vehicle to vehicle - ignoring blaring horns of irritated drivers - to cross the way. Relena frowned and sighed dejectedly. She moved cautiously and gingerly between cars, bowing and apologizing to the impeded commuters as she went.

Needless to say, Chika's method was faster.

As Relena rounded the fence that Chika had jumped clean over moments before, she caught a bright flash of light. Two flashes of light, to be precise, as two separate energies clashed. One a blazing orange, the other a light purple. As Relena adjusted her eyes, she saw that it was the power of both girls' Digi-Souls.

Chika was caught mid way through trying to throw a punch at the other female, their target having surged Digi-Soul around her body to defend herself. Chika jumped back, boots sliding across the dirt of the construction yard as she skidded to a stop. Her orange Digi-Soul flickered out as Relena caught up.

Chika held out a hand to indicate for Relena not to advance further, while keeping her gaze on the dark haired girl. "Sakurai Hana! You and your brother are to come quietly with us, for questioning regarding your connections to the Black Dragon Gang!"

The girl, who Relena noted was even younger than she was, gave a haughty snort. She flipped her hair back over her shoulder and placed a hand on her hip. "Come off it, you wannabe cop," Hana said with a sneer. "You can't honestly think I'm going to sell my boys out that easily, do ya? 'Sides that, do you even see my brother around here?"

Relena cast a worried look to Chika as she saw the older woman give an irritated twitch. She wasn't sure precisely why, but it was notable and obviously due to something this Hana girl said...

Clearing her throat, Relena took a step forward. "Sakurai-san, we are not trying to hurt you or your friends. There are merely concerns about their activities that could be as much of a danger to them, and yourself, as to anyone else. We are only here to help..."

Hana gawked at Relena as if she were crazy for a few seconds, before throwing her head back with a sharp laugh. "Yeah, whatever, blondie. You want me?" she asked, and reached into her pants pocket. What she retrieved was unmistakably a Digivice.

A device no one outside of DATS should legally have.

"Psychemon, Realize!"

Light burst from the device, and something began to materialize before her. It was creature - a digimon. It was a stumpy little lizard, with bright pink skin and green markings and the pelt of a purple striped wolf worn over his body.

"Keh, these bitches givin' you a hard time, Hana?!" Psychemon snapped, flashing a toothy grin. "I'll show 'em what happens to losers who screw with the Black Dragons!"

Relena was immediately taken aback by the digimon's choice of language. "How uncouth," she murmured, before the Digivice clipped to her belt lit up as a voice shrieked from it.

"What did he just call you?!" the voice cried. "Release me, Relena-sama, and I will show this scoundrel no quarter!"

Relena squeaked, and snatched up her light-blue and white Digivice. "N- now, now... let us not be hasty..." she said nervously, while trying to also sound calming.

"No, I'd say he's about right," Chika said, unhooking her red and black Digivice, which was distinctively different looking from Hana or Relena's, thrusting it out. "Talking time's over."

"...o- oh," Relena stammered, frowning a bit as she mimicked Chika's action. "If you say so, Chika-san..."

"Piyomon, Realize!"

"Kotemon, Realize!"

A large pink feathered bird appeared alongside a smaller, humanoid creature in kendo gear that looked like it was a couple sizes too big for him. The Kotemon immediately and angrily thrust his wooden sword out in Psychemon's direction.

"You ruffian!" Kotemon growled. "I will have you know my partner is a lady of class and dignity, and you will speak to her as such!"

Relena suddenly wanted to sink back into a hole at that moment out of embarrassment. "K- Kotemon, let us not get carried away..."

"Oh, I'll get carried away all right!" Psychemon roared, before charging forward.

"We gave you every chance you could ask for!" Piyomon snapped as he ran up to meet their opponent.

Psychemon jabbed a claw out for the bird, but he took to the air in order to dodge it. Flipping over above Psychemon, Piyomon came straight down, aiming a talon for his head. The reptile digimon side stepped, swinging around with a kick. Piyomon brought up one wing to block as he hit the ground, and was sent sliding back, although he did not fall.

Kotemon, meanwhile, had not engaged... because Relena had opted to pat his head in a vain attempt to calm him down.

Across the distance, Hana was covering her mouth in order to smother her laughter. "Aw man... seriously? This is what DATS is calling help nowadays?"

"That's none of your concern," Chika said, holding out a hand as fire-like orange Digi-Soul began to swirl around it. "Your opponent right now is us!"

"Oh-ho..." Hana said, almost cooing as she held out her hand. The light purple color of her Digi-Soul also sprung up around it. "You wanna play that way? Then lets dance, honey!"

Both Digi-Soul infused hands flashed out to their Digivices, slapping down on top of them. "DIGI-SOUL CHARGE!"

Ikuto ran along the edge of the rooftops. While he caught flashes of light out of the corner of his eye that indicated Chika had found her prey, he was certain that it was only one of them. As he leaped cleanly from one building to the roof of another that was all the way across the street, he was certain his hunch had been proven right.

He caught sight of a young man with dark, spiked hair in biker gear pushing his way roughly through a crowd crossing the street. He was Sakurai Tetsuya, the OTHER person that DATS was hunting. A slight smirk adorning his face, Ikuto jumped straight off the edge of the building.

He landed on the other side of the sidewalk, crossing his arms. People around him were startled at his sudden appearance from the sky, and scattered. Tetsuya, on the other hand, pushed his way out of the crowd only to come face-to-face with Ikuto.

"Hiya!" Ikuto greeted merrily.

Tetsuya responded with a growl and an attempted punch to the face. Ikuto dodged and hopped further down the sidewalk, motioning eagerly with both hands.

"Bring it, if you think you have it in you!"

Tetsuya gave an irritated snort. "Punk," he muttered, reaching in his jacket. "I am so sick of DATS butting into our business."

"Maybe if you didn't give us a reason to, we wouldn't!" a voice echoed from the Digivice Burst on Ikuto's hip.

"We'll see about that," Tetsuya said, and pulled out what Ikuto recognized to be a Digivice much like the one his Burst had evolved from.

Ikuto's eyes narrowed. "We know you guys have been running with digimon for awhile," the DATS agent said aloud. "But that's a new toy, there..."

Tetsuya just grinned. "Bearmon, Realize!" There was a flash of light, and a bear cub digimon in a baseball cap appeared between the thug and Ikuto. The digimon promptly gave a yawn, while people around them stared for a short while before several of them started to clear the area. Digimon may not have been much of a secret any longer, but they were still well known to be extremely dangerous creatures.

"You called me out for this?" Bearmon whined, frowning at Ikuto. "Geez, Tetsuya. Can't you ever handle your own fights...?"

Tetsuya sighed, palming his face. "Seriously? SERIOUSLY? You're going to give me this crap now?"

Bearmon rolled his eyes, and walked forward, swinging his arms half-heartedly. "Fine, fine..." he said, lazily. "I guess I can handle this one... 'Sides, this guy don't look so tough..." Ikuto was actually surprised, then, when Bearmon became a literal blur. The digimon bounded across the distance between them in a flash, and Ikuto barely brought his boomerang around in time to brace for the coming impact.

"Koguma Seikendzuki!" Bearmon roared, pulling his fist back as energy gathered around it. He thrust it out, but only a heavy thud was heard as it slammed into Ikuto's weapon.

Ikuto was able to hold his ground, only sliding back a couple inches. Bearmon looked up, and rolled his head to the side a bit. "Pretty tough... for a human weapon..."

Ikuto grinned. "That's because it's not a human weapon!"

He swung the boomerang out, knocking Bearmon back. The digimon flipped over and landed on his feet, a look in his eye saying that he was much more interested in the situation now. As Ikuto hefted the boomerang up, resting the large weapon on his shoulder, his Digivice flashed.

"Ikuto! Shall I?"

Ikuto pondered that for a moment, and then shook his head. "Actually, Falcomon..." he said, and pointed at Tetsuya. "I kind of want to see the look on the face of this 'tough guy' when a human kicks his digimon's ass."

"Heh, heh... alright! Go for it!" Ikuto didn't take any further prompting, and within the next moment, both he and Bearmon were rushing to meet one another's blows.

DATS Headquarters. Though people would come and go over time and equipment would be upgraded, it largely retained the same look it had since Fujieda Yoshino was first brought into the organization. However, it had been awhile since she stood on the other side of the desk where she now sat.

"Captain Fujieda! We've got a situation!"

The excited and somewhat frantic shout caught Yoshino's attention, and she sat upright in her chair. The pink & green plant digimon known as Lalamon was sitting on the edge of her partner's desk, and also turned in the direction of the voice.

The call came from a young woman sitting in one of the main operations management areas. She had long, straight red hair and wore a female operator's uniform. A Patamon sat beside her. Across from her sat a man. He had dark hair that was graying, and looked every day of fifty years old. He typed calmly, while the PicoDevimon beside him rolled his eyes.

"Oh, don't squawk like its a big deal," PicoDevimon snorted. "You yell so loud sometimes, it rings my ears. They're sensitive, y'know!"

"Hey! Takahashi!" Patamon piped up, peeking up over his and the redhead's console in order to glare daggers at the PicoDevimon. "You wanna tell your partner not to be such a sour puss?"

Takahashi Naoyuki spoke calmly, not taking his eyes off his work. "With all considerations made, it is nothing for Chiba-kun to be frantic over."

Naoyuki provided a short look towards Yoshino.

"Agents have engaged the rogue Black Dragon elements," he paused, looking back briefly to the redheaded girl before adjust his glasses and returning to work. "All is simply going as it needs to, Captain Fujieda."

Chiba Mariko frowned, looking back down at her station, while Patamon slumped down beside her, grumbling.

Yoshino lightly pinched the bridge of her nose. Everyone here knows what they're doing, she thought to herself. But so help me if I can't be afraid of everyone in this room trying to kill each other...

"I still say you should just let Patamon and PicoDevimon fight it out," Lalamon offered in a small voice so as only Yoshino heard her, swinging her stubby little legs back and forth off the desk's edge.

Yoshino tilted her head to one side. "No, Lalamon. I am not going to let Patamon and PicoDevimon go at it. The last thing we need is a Digi-Egg where an Agent's partner used to be."

"Hey! It worked for..." the plant digimon suddenly trailed off, and Yoshino just stared at her. Lalamon immediately turned away, and began to float off. She then said, short and quickly, "I think I'll go see if I can get some of the other Agents ready, just in case these guys get back up."

Yoshino watched her partner for a few moments, before looking ahead aimlessly. She then abruptly shook her head, and focused back on the tasks at hand. There wasn't room in this line of work for personal distractions in the middle of a mission.

At least, that was what Yoshino liked to tell herself. In truth, she knew better. She knew that those 'personal distractions' were as much the strength of DATS as they were one of its weaknesses. It was all simply a matter of learning how to balance them, for better or worse.

She realized she had one hand clenched into a fist, and relaxed it, taking in a breath. This is just a routine mission, Yoshino... she told herself. Why are you acting so apprehensive...? She looked up at the various screens that were monitoring the status of their agents and the mission at hand. Frowning a bit, she spoke up. "Mariko? Bring up audio links to all field Agents. I want to hear everything that's going on."

While Yoshino may not have been able to explain why she was feeling this way, she COULD at least follow everything step by step. It had been many years since the digimon had returned to the Human World, but she had long since before learned one important lesson...

When your gut instinct tells you not to let someone out of your sight, one should really follow it.

A bright flash of Digi-Soul and an earth shattering roar signaled Bearmon's evolution into his Adult form, Grizzmon. Ikuto fell back across the sidewalk, holding his boomerang defensively as Grizzmon loomed beside his partner.

Tetsuya sneered, glaring at Ikuto. "Just what the hell are you trying to prove, anyway? You seriously think you're going to get away with not calling your digimon out?"

"He doesn't know us very well, does he?" Falcomon's voice laughed from Ikuto's Digivice, while the young man continued to grin.

"Better question is what you're trying to prove," Ikuto shot back.

Grizzmon cocked his head to one side, and gave a toothy grin. "Heh, heh... I like this kid, Tetsuya!" Then, the Adult digimon ran forward.

A brief moment of surprise flashed in Ikuto's eyes as he quickly realized that, despite the increase in his size, Grizzmon's speed had not been decreased. In fact, he burst towards Ikuto with even more speed than he possessed as Bearmon. Realizing the boomerang wouldn't be enough to shield himself this time, he held it up just as purple Digi-Soul exploded out from his body.

Grizzmon slammed a claw right into the boomerang, and Ikuto found himself lifted off his feet, flying out over the middle of the street. As the DATS agent righted himself in the air, he looked up to find that Grizzmon had jumped after him. With the digimon just about on top of him, Ikuto didn't have the time to dodge. Instead, Grizzmon slammed right into the human, and their combined weight went plowing into an abandoned car.

The vehicle was crushed instantly under Grizzmon's weight, its tires exploding as metal crunched and bent when the human slammed into the car's roof. For almost any other person in the world, that would have been it; they would have just been a squishy mess beneath Grizzmon's claws.

But not only was Noguchi Ikuto perfectly okay, he was smirking. He was pinned between Grizzmon and the demolished car, the glow of his Digi-Soul aura still pulsing lightly around his body, holding the bear digimon's claws at bay with his boomerang. However, he didn't look like he was in any sort of pain.

"You're pretty fast, for a big guy," Ikuto said, looking Grizzmon in the eye.

"And you're pretty durable, for a human," Grizzmon said with a half chuckle.

Ikuto suddenly slammed his feet against Grizzmon's gut, kicking him off and back towards the sidewalk. As the Adult digimon landed, his forward claws slammed into the concrete, shattering it.

"Okay, I'll give you some credit, Sakurai," Ikuto said as he pulled himself out of the wreckage, rolling one of his shoulders and rubbing it. "Your digimon partner's an okay guy, compared to you. Just for that, I'm not going to embarrass him completely..."

Ikuto pulled his Digivice off his belt, thrusting it forward. "Falcomon, Realize!" As the black feathered bird digimon materialized before Ikuto, he was at the same time channeling Digi-Soul into his fist. "Ready?"

Falcomon laughed, spreading out his wings. "Always! It was beginning to get cramped in there, anyhow."

"DIGI-SOUL CHARGE!" Light burst forth from the device, enveloping Falcomon.

"Falcomon, evolve!" the Child digimon cried out, energy swirling around his body. He changed and grew, becoming a yellow feathered, ostrich-like creature clad in ninja gear. "PECKMON!"

Without a word of warning, Peckmon dashed straight for Grizzmon. The bear gave a mixture of a snarl and a grin, lunging at the bird digimon at the same time. One set of claws met a kick from Peckmon's powerful legs, and not a second after their blows impacted one another, the bird bounded back, landing gracefully on top of a car.

"Heh... you're quicker than the human!" Grizzmon shouted, appraising Peckmon carefully.

Peckmon smirked and held out a wing, brandishing a kunai between his feathers. "I don't believe we're here to talk."

Grizzmon laughed, slapping one of his front paws on the ground. "I guess not! BRING IT, THEN!"

Peckmon said nothing, only giving a shout as he and Grizzmon rushed to meet one another once again.


There was the sound of a deafening explosion as Hana's partner, evolved now into the gun-shaped digimon Revolmon, fired a massive bullet from the barrel on his chest at Chika's Aquilamon. The brown-feathered bird digimon rolled in the air, deftly avoiding the Justice Bullet as it streaked past him into the air.

Relena squinted at the sight, cocking her head to one side, while she held Kotemon back from charging into the fight by keeping a gentle hold on one of his sleeves. Something about this seemed ... odd to her.

"For crying out loud!" Hana snapped, glaring at her partner. "You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!"

Aquilamon swooped down, power welling up in his mouth. "BLAST LASER!" Rings of energy burst from the airborne digimon's maw, causing both Hana and Revolmon to shriek as they dove out of the way. As the Blast Laser slammed into the dirt, the resulting explosion causing a cloud of dust to rise into the air, Relena finally looked back towards Chika.

"Um, Chika-san," Relena spoke up. "I don't understand."

Chika paused and blinked, looking back away from the "fight." It wasn't actually much of one, to be truthful, as Revolmon was currently running away screaming as Aquilamon gave chase, attempting to jab at him with his talons.

Relena tapped her fingers together, tilting her head to the other side. "How does Sakurai-san's partner evolve into, well... that? I mean, most other evolutions tend to make sense..."

Chika looked like she was about to fall over, and she put a hand to her forehead. "...this is what you come up with? Relena-chan, really..."

Another shrill cry brought their attention back to matters at hand. Namely, that Aquilamon was now standing squarely on the ground... with Revolmon pinned underneath his foot.

"You idiot!" Hana shrieked, stomping a foot into the dirt. "It's bad enough your evolution line is so retarded!"

"See!" Relena piped up, raising a finger. "Even Sakurai-san thinks it's odd! ...Although that is very well not a nice way to put it..." She spoke louder, then. "Sakurai-san! You should really speak nicer to your partner! That sort of name calling is quite uncalled for!"

Hana gave Relena a look of disdain, while Chika just gave a heavy sigh.

"Every freaking time, Psychemon, I swear..." Hana growled.

"LOOK!" Revolmon shouted, flailing beneath Aquilamon's talon. "I'm sorry, but he is much, much bigger than me...!"

"Enough!" Chika snapped, stepping forward. "Sakurai Hana, will you please come peacefully? We don't want this to be any nastier than it has to be."

"You cannot honestly think you can best the four of us at once on your own, I hope," Kotemon added.

Hana stared at all of them, deadpan "I'd be willing to bet I could take the prissy foreigner pretty easily, actually."

There was a beat of silence before Kotemon suddenly started to charge towards Hana... while he obviously forgot Relena had been holding onto his sleeve. He was brought to an abrupt stop by this, falling flat onto his back in the process.

"Oh no!" Relena exclaimed, kneeling down beside her partner. "I'm sorry, Kotemon!"

"Really, I have to ask you again," Hana said, waving a hand. "This is the best you guys can offer?"

Chika glared, clenching her fists. "I'm not going to ask you again, Sakurai."

"That's fine!" Hana shouted, pounding her fist into her palm, cracking her knuckles. "I'll take all of you on! No way I'm just going to roll over like a dog for you bastards...!"

Chika didn't say another word. Instead, she began to rush towards Hana, pulling back one fist. The black-haired girl growled and looked ready to take whatever was thrown at her... When suddenly, there came the rumbling of thunder. Chika stopped dead in her tracks, several feet from Hana. Thunder on a day like that day was a very strange occurrence, given the sky was completely clear...

"THUNDER STORM!" Chika spun around, crossing her arms as something came flying at her from above. It was a concentrated whirlwind that carried wild bolts of electricity. The attack slammed right into the young woman, lifting her up off the ground, the bolts surging through her body and eliciting screams of pain from her.

"Chika!" Aquilamon shouted, releasing Revolmon and rushing to catch his partner before she slammed into the ground. Aquilamon, instead, slammed himself into the ground, allowing Chika to land on his feathery back.

"Wh- who...?" Relena stammered, looking around wildly. Her question was very quickly answered as a shadow fell over them, and another bird digimon descended. This one was blue feathered, with a helmet that had a lightning bolt shaped horn.

What was more interesting, however, was the person standing on this digimon's back. It was a man who had to be in his mid-twenties, with bleached blonde hair. He wore a dark blue trench coat, a black shirt, and jeans, in addition to a metal stud on his bottom lip. He jumped off the digimon's back, and once his boots hit the ground, he grinned and rose up.

"Nice shot, Thunderbirmon," the blonde man said with a chuckle, and crossed his arms. "You DATS assholes have been such a pain in the ass for my gang since we rolled into town a couple months back, I figured its time I paid you all a visit!"

"Boss!" Hana shouted as she helped Revolmon back to his feet. She gave a sadistic grin in Relena's direction. "Oh, you guys are screwed now."

"Boss...?" Relena asked absently.

"That was a cheap shot," Chika's voice growled, and Relena looked to see the other woman sliding off Aquilamon's back, rubbing her side. She was glaring right at this new arrival. "But then, I guess we should expect that out of one of Kurata's old flunkies, shouldn't we, Kouki?"

"Looks like your rep's preceded you, man," Thunderbirmon said, looking down at the blonde man.

Kouki just stood there, shrugging. "Heh, heh... I guess so! But geez, you guys sure are living in the past, aren't you? Kurata's old news." He pointed out at Chika. "That bastard just left us to rot after we were beaten. It's a different world now, baby - everyone's gotta make their own way, am I right?"

"Yeah..." Chika said, slowly stepping forward. Her fingers rolled back up into fists. "I guess we can agree on that much."

Relena gulped, finding herself backing up. Kotemon looked up at his partner, squinting a bit. "Relena-sama? Is something the matter...?"

Relena Norstein had known Daimon Chika for years. She knew that the older woman was a very dedicated, driven person. Chika was also one of the kindest people Relena had ever met. However, what Relena was seeing right now was a look in Chika's eyes that unnerved her. The look was angry and seething with something that could only be described as absolute hatred.

"Aquilamon, take out his partner!" Chika snapped, and Aquilamon gave a fierce nod. He shot into the air, and Thunderbirmon did the same. As both collided in the air, Chika surged forward, raising her fist high.

Kouki gave sharp laugh. "Well, if you insist, babe!" He raced up to meet her, and both threw out their fists.

As they collided, there was a flash of energy. Orange Digi-Soul erupted around Chika's body, while blue Digi-Soul formed around Kouki's. Both auras flared larger and larger, whipping up a sizable amount of wind around them. Both the fists and auras struggled to overcome one another, but neither could... at least, that is, until an unsettled look flashed over Kouki's face.

Chika gave a shout and pushed forward, shoving Kouki's arm back as her other fist came around to his face. Her burning aura cut right through his, and her fist plowed right into his head with hardly any resistance. Kouki flew back several feet, barely catching himself and landing on one knee. For several moments, he just stayed there, holding his face and breathing heavily.

Hana ran over to his side with Revolmon following after her, an absolutely perplexed look on her face. "Boss! Boss, what the hell was that?"

Meanwhile, Thunderbirmon broke away from grappling with Aquilamon in mid-air to swoop down to his partner's side. "Kouki! Get your shit together!"

Kouki said nothing. Chika just stood in the same place the whole while, breathing heavily. As her Digi-Soul died down, the band holding her hair in a ponytail came apart, causing her long brown hair to fall down across her back.

"Chika-san..." Relena murmured worriedly, but didn't dare to step anywhere close to the other woman.

"That Digi-Soul..." Kouki growled, finally, looking up at Chika. "You have that Digi-Soul... Who the hell are you, woman?!"

"My name is Daimon Chika!" the brown-haired woman snapped back at him, holding up a fist that quickly re-lit with her Digi-Soul. "Do you want to try again, or are you going to be smarter than your old boss?"

"Daimon," Kouki growled, picking himself up. "Where is he...?"

Chika only stared furiously at him.

"Don't give me the silent treatment!" Kouki yelled. "You know exactly what I mean! He's the only thing that didn't come back from that world four years ago! If he had, he would be here, not you!"

When Chika didn't answer him again, Kouki let out another scream. Blue energy burst out around him violently, causing Hana, Revolmon, and even Thunderbirmon to be tossed back through the air. Kouki paid them no mind, and only charged straight towards Chika.


-To Be Continued

AUTHOR'S NOTES: SO! This series here has been in pre-planning for ... a very, very long time. Between a lot of personal distractions and restarting other projects, it's taken a good couple of years to finally get this off the ground and rolling. There is a LOT planned for it.

This series acts effectively as a sequel to Digimon Savers, but it is quite thematically removed from the other Savers continuation project I am working on with my friend Razorsaw, "Balance of Power." (And yes, for the record, that series is ALSO coming back after its overly long hiatus.) For the most part, the entire TV Series of Savers is completely canon, but there are a couple of key differences for things that would have happened behind the scenes of the show's events. They are things that never would have happened IN the show, but I'm also striving to make sure nothing key in the show is really contradicted. For the most part.

Just what is that key difference? In a couple chapters, it should become very, VERY obvious.

For now, we have a world eleven years after the TV Series, with Yoshino having taken over Satsuma's role, and Chika & Ikuto having become the number one aces of DATS. While I will note that there will be a presence of some original characters throughout the story – because the core story would be absolutely impossible otherwise – EVERY major character from Savers has a role to play in some capacity throughout the series. Part of taking so long to get it rolling was figuring out just what all those roles WERE.

There are many things about this series I want to ramble about, but doing so would spoil a lot of what I have planned. So I'll wait, and merely leave things at Kouki's question at the end of this chapter.

Believe me; that is ONE question I am going to have a lot of fun answering...

(Lastly, but not leastly, many thanks to Razorsaw for being my sounding board and editor on this mess. Few other people would have been able to put up with my insanity this long. XD )