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"Stiles, what the hell are we doing in the Mall?" Scott snarled glaring around him. He hated the Mall, and Stiles knew that, yet here they stood. Scott shrugged his shoulders, his chin on his chest trying to make himself smaller. Stiles on the other hand was rubbing his hands in glee, a big smile pasted across his youthful face. He was completely comfortable in this place. His brown eyes shone in anticipation. "Stiles!" Scott snapped.

"Dude, this is the Mall! This is a goldmine, a treasure trove of awesomness full of delicious bounties just waiting to be discovered by Captain Stiles and his First Mate McCall!" Stiles grinned making his way towards the escalators. Overhead Linkin Park was blaring over the sound system. People shoved and pushed, not looking where they were going. Yes, this is a great place for Stiles to bring me too, to help me control my temper Scott thought to himself. He followed his friend, feet dragging across the floor.

"So why are we here again?" He asked catching up with Stiles on the first floor.

"I need a gift for a friend." Stiles said. "I don't know if they're a friend or not, I'm sure they are, but sometimes I'm not so sure. You know what I mean? Of course you know what I mean. Heel!" He snapped making his way to a soft furniture store. He paused at the door with an offended look on his face. "No gifts in here." He said, twisting and slipping his way around Scott. "Why don't you get Allison a gift or something? Girls like presents and stuff. "

Scott ignored him. "Who are you getting a gift for?"

"Nobody. Well, actually it's somebody, but it's nobody if you know what I mean. You know what I mean? Hey look, Team Jacob mugs. I'm so getting one of those!" Stiles wandered into the store. Scott just stared wide eyed at his best friend. Sometimes he wanted to strangle Stiles, and he was still no wiser as to why he was standing in the Mall on a Friday night. He wondered if it was somebody's birthday, but that didn't make sense. Stiles barley knew what day of the week it was never mind someone's birthday. He stood at the door of the store looking at a display of their wares. There was a pink cuddly toy horse thing that Scott was sure was appealing to girls. He didn't think Allison would appreciate it. Stiles appeared back at the door, thrust a small brown paper bag into Scott's hand and started making his way across the floor towards the Apple store. Scott trailed behind, stuffing the brown bag into his hoodie pocket. After exploring the gadgets for a half hour they wandered back out. Stiles was shaking his head in disgust.

"What's wrong Stiles? Who's this gift for?"

"Nothing, nobody." Stiles said, leaning on the railing looking at the floor below. Scott joined him, looking down at the tattoo parlour below. There was a piercing shop beside it and as Scott watched a dark haired Goth stepped outside in steel rimmed boots with her hands on her hips. She looked around the Mall, glaring angrily at the normal people passing by. Scott turned to Stiles to comment on her but his best friend was away. He straightened his back, eyes wide looking around him. How could he have missed Stiles and his erratic heartbeat disappearing from his side? He was on the verge of panic; they were in Stiles' jeep after all when he looked back down and caught sight of the back of Stiles' bright green hoodie disappearing into the piercing studio. What was that boy up to?


"I can't believe you got your nipple pierced!" Scott shook his head.

"Yes well try having my nipple. It HURTS!" Stiles screamed as headlights dove past them.

"What do you expect? You have a piece of metal forced through your nipple man!"

"She offered to pierce my…well…I almost didn't go through with it when she offered that!" Stiles said, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

"Dude, please, no way!" Scott said covering his ears. When he was sure Stiles would stay quiet he took his hands away. "And you didn't get anything for whoever you were buying a gift for." Scott said sticking his hands into his pockets again. His finders touched something soft and smooth and he realised it was the folded brown paper bag from earlier. He pulled it from his pocket now and opened it. Inside was a keying. Scott pulled it out then huffed a sigh of annoyance, head hitting back onto the headrest. He could hear Stiles giggling beside him. Then with a grin he reached up and attached it to the air freshener dangling from the rear view mirror. Stiles shot him a glare but didn't remove it. Scott grinned as Stiles pulled into the drive way. The two of them stared at the Save The Wolves keying until it stilled.

"Are you seeing Allison tomorrow?" Stiles asked.

"Yes, we're going to do something." Scott grinned.

"Ah, involving the removing of underwear and contacting of flesh I would imagine." Stiles said.

"Don't imagine." Scott snarled. Stiles grinned. "Are you coming in?" Scott asked changing the subject.

"Nah, I've got this thing to do." Stiles said tapping the steering wheel along to the music on the radio.

"What thing?" Scott asked.

"Homework dude. Dad said if I do homework he'll not take my stolen police scanner away that he doesn't know that I have that I have." Stiles said.

Scott nodded; a bit confused but Stiles was a confusing guy. He hopped out of the car and made his way inside, waving goodbye to his friend.


Stiles pressed onto the brake as his jeep rolled to a soft halt over the rough ground. It had started to rain outside. He hopped out of the jeep, bringing his bags with him and making his way up the dilapidated steps. The door was ajar and Stiles poked his head around it before creeping inside and putting his heel to it to close it with a soft thud. It was a bit of a waste of time, because half the house was exposed but there was something about a closed front door that made Stiles feel a little safer. He made his way past the staircase to the room which was currently mascaraing as a kitchen. Stiles supposed the room had running water and electricity from a diesel powered generator so half the battle had been won. There was a fridge with some meat and milk in it. Stiles had added cheese, he liked cheese. His gallon tub of ice cream was all that lived in the freezer. He pulled his Team Jacob mug from the bag and grabbed a permanent marker from the table before scoring Jacob out and writing Derek over the top of it. He set it in the mostly empty cupboard. Now he has his own mug. Next step, his own drawer! Chuckling at the image of his own drawer, Stiles made his way around the big old house, talking to bits of furniture he encountered on his journey.

Derek was out, it would seem. His car was parked outside so Stiles surmised he must be out chasing kitties somewhere. He decided he would scold him when he got back. He walked to the bedroom at the back of the house and threw himself onto the big bed. It was one of those old brass framed beds Stiles had seen in hundreds of Westerns, complete with nobs on the four corners. The metal looked more grey and worn than shiny brass now and the sheets were some sort of grey black colour. The walls were flaking paint and the wooden floor was full of dust. There was a wardrobe that listed slightly, and Stiles suspected the wall was doing a good job of keeping it upright. The chest of drawers were home to various black, white and grey t-shirts. Reaching to the floor beside the bed Stiles turned Derek's iPod on. Theory of a Deadman blasted from the speakers. Stiles liked Derek's music so he rolled onto his back and looked at one of the best views in the house. The bedroom ceiling. Grinning he kicked off his trainers and pulled his cell from his pocket. He was determined to beat his last scone on Angry Birds!

As Derek made his way closer to his house he could hear the distinct sounds of Stiles. With Stiles came chaos and mayhem, in any form. Here it came in the shape of music, cell phone games and at the minute, frustration. Stiles was shifting about the way he usually did, and Derek knew the bed would be tossed up and Stiles would be spitting at his phone. Stiles didn't notice Derek in the room until a warm hand took hold of his foot. Stiles jumped at the contact, his attention having been so focused on the twisted birds trying to make him break his phone. Stiles dropped the phone and started to believe it was out to get him when it landed on his most tender, metal pierced nipple. Stiles cried out a second time, shooting up to a sitting position on the bed, eyes wide, glaring at Derek.

Derek, for his part, laughed. He shook his head and grabbed the phone, setting it on the floor beside the iPod. Stiles glared at Derek for laughing, narrowing his chocolate eyes and baring his teeth. He couldn't growl like Derek and he daren't try because he knew Derek would make fun of him. Getting himself under control, Derek flopped himself onto the bed beside Stiles reaching over and kissing his neck. Stiles tried to huff but when a sexy guy taps into an eighteen year old boy's libido it's kind of hard to do. No pun intended. Stiles turned his head and looked at Derek. "Were you out chasing kitties?" He wondered aloud. Derek ignored him and ran his hand under the bright green hoodie and along Stiles' smooth belly. With just his fingertips he scratched from hip to hip, and then circled upwards, catching his bellybutton as he moved. Stiles moved suddenly, twisting so he straddled Derek's strong hips.

"What are you doing up there?" Derek asked. Stiles grinned; Derek was in a playful mood. This was new, Stiles decided; Derek was rarely playful.

"Just checking out the view." Stiles mused looking around the room.

"Like what you see?" Derek asked running his hands up and down Stiles firm thighs.

"Mostly." Stiles said.

Derek frowned. "What's that supposed to mean?" He growled.

"You're no Jacob." Stiles nodded decidedly.

"Who the fuck is Jacob?" Derek snarled. Aha, here was the possessive Derek. "Because I'll tear his fucking head off!"

"Language Derek, I am but a mere boy!" Stiles cried slapping his chest. He winced when he caught his tender nipple again. "And I'm only teasing. Jacob has nothing on you. The proof is in the cupboard!"

"You talk nonsense." Derek said, sitting up and wrapping a strong arm around his boyfriends back. He pressed his lips to Stiles' neck again, then up to his lips. He nipped Stiles' full bottom lip and the boy moaned, which was enough of an invitation to Derek. He slipped his tongue inside Stiles' warm mouth. Stiles moaned again, louder this time and Derek chuckled before he moved onto his knees, laying his boyfriend on his back. He covered Stiles smaller body with his own and ground his hips. Stiles responded immediately thrusting his hips up to meet Derek's.

"So, how's your day been dear?" Stiles asked.

"It's looking up." Derek teased.

"Not the only thing." Stiles pointed out. Derek chuckled again. "You're in a good mood tonight." Stiles said.

"I am." Derek confirmed. Sucking a hickey onto Stiles shoulder, grinning around his mouthful when Stiles huffed impatiently because Derek didn't elaborate on the source of his good mood.

"Tell me why you're in a good mood." Stiles demanded, trying and failing to push Derek off him.

"No." Derek teased. He ran his fingers down Stiles' ribs to catch the hem of the hoodie but suddenly Stiles hands were there holding the material down. "What's wrong?" Derek growled.

"You can't strip me until you tell me what's making you so happy." Stiles said sitting up a little.

"Are you telling me what to do now?" Derek growled. He wasn't really angry, just amused. It wasn't like Stiles to refuse sex. "Because Pammy and her sisters can deal with the problem in my trousers adequately."

"It's to your advantage to take my shirt off because I have a surprise for you. But I won't let you take it off because you're up to something and until I know what that something is then no shirtless Stiles." Stiles said poking Derek in the chest. Derek looked down to where he'd been poked then back at Stiles. Stiles gulped, he was getting the intense gaze.

"It's supposed to be a surprise." Derek said.

"For the pack. I can keep secrets."

"No for you dumbass." Derek said. He sighed and rolled onto his back beside Stiles. Looking at Derek's face Stiles felt a little guilty but the dude was withholding information and Stiles natural nosiness had kicked into overdrive. "I decided to invest some of my money." Derek said. "So I bought a house."

"Oh. Dude how much money do you have?" Stiles asked getting onto his knees.

"Enough. The house is in Berkley." Derek said.

"Berkley. But that's where I'm…"

"Yeah." Derek said.

"Are we going to live there?" Stiles asked. "When we…when I graduate? If I don't get killed by crazy werewolf business first."

"You won't get killed by crazy werewolf business. You can live there. It's your house for as long as you need it."

"Wow." Stiles said. "I…I don't know what to say." Stiles said.

"I've finally found a way to shut you up eh baby?" Derek said. Stiles shivered, he loved it when Derek called him baby. Instead he gripped the hem of his hoodie and shirt under it and swung his leg over Derek's hips. The blur of movement distracted Derek for a moment before he noticed the light catch on the ring pierced through Stiles' left nipple.

"You like?" Stiles asked nervously. Derek didn't speak instead he touched it gently with his finger. Stiles hissed.

"It still hurts. Apparently it takes a while to heal so you can't play with it." Stiles said looking at his boyfriend. Suddenly he was on his back again.

"Have I taught you nothing? Wolves have healing powers."

"On yourselves sure but oh my god your licking me and hey it's working!" Stiles said as Derek settled over the nipple ring. His tongue was gentle at first, getting as much of his healing saliva around it as possible but soon he could tell it was almost perfect and Stiles was arching and writhing into Derek's tongue. Derek caught the tiny ring in his teeth and gave a gentle tug. Stiles gasped and Derek chuckled, repeating the action.

"You like that?" Derek murmured into Stiles chest.

"Yes." Stiles said grinding his evidence into Derek's thigh. Derek grinned, tugging the hoop again then licking to sooth the pain. He left the ring then for a moment to kiss down Stiles ribs and nibble his hipbone. "Please Derek, please."

"Please what?" Derek asked. "You have to tell me I'm too busy to think right now."

"I want you to fuck me!" Stiles said.


"Oh my god are you for real. I want you to put me on my knees and fuck me silly." Stiles said. Derek grunted and started to remove their clothes. When they were naked Derek flipped Stiles and buried his face in Stiles ass, tongue fucking into the tight ring of muscle. He could feel Derek groping about beside the pillow and Stiles stuffed his hands under it finally coming into contact with the tiny bottle of lube and shoving it back into Derek's hand.

Derek lifted his hips and buried a pillow below them before spreading Stiles thighs and leaning forward to brush his lips against Stiles balls. Flicking the lid of the lube he sunk his teeth into the fleshy ass before he straightened up and coated two fingers before easing them into Stiles. Stiles raised his hips to meet Derek's fingers immediately. "I don't want to fuck you on your knees. I want you impaled on my lap." Derek said voice heavy with lust. Stile groaned at the image. Derek added a third finger and curled them finding his boyfriends prostate immediately. Stiles cried out and pushed his ass back to those fingers. Derek chuckled but pulled his fingers out. Stiles whined.

Derek pulled Stiles onto his hands and knees and moved behind him, lining his cock up and easing in with one gentle thrust. Stiles puffed out a breath of air and Derek waited until he relaxed. Wrapping his arms around Stiles waist he leaned back bringing Stiles with him until his knees were either side of Derek's thighs. They shifted around until they were both comfortable.

Derek gripped Stiles around the waist and lifted him slightly before setting him back down. Stiles groaned. "Come on baby, ride me." Derek husked nipping Stiles shoulder. Stiles squeezed his butt muscles. Derek groaned and bit Stiles again before Stiles started a shaky rhythm of lift and sit but it was awkward because Derek was holding him so close.

"Possessive wolf." Stiles said reaching an arm behind him to hook around Derek's neck. He lifted his hips as much as Derek allowed before dropping himself back onto Derek's cock. Derek's hand snuck back to the nipple ring, twisting and pulling.

"You like that?" Derek asked looking over Stiles shoulder. Stiles chest was flushed and his nipple looked a little red from the attention Derek was giving it. His cock was dribbling little pearls of pre cum. "Look at you. I'm going to buy the biggest mirror I can find so you can see yourself. See how beautiful you are." Derek said leaving the abused nipple and trailing his fingers down to Stiles cock. He wrapped a fist around it. "Do you want to cum for me?" Derek asked.

"Yes." Stiles wined mouthing at Derek's jaw. "Please."

"Good boy." Derek said moving his fist over Stiles cock. It only took a few stroked before white stripes landed on Stiles chest, the rest dribbling over Derek's first. Stiles moaned and twisted and clinched and his movements drove Derek over the edge. He sunk his teeth into Stiles neck as he fucked his juice into Stiles ass.

They stayed like that until Derek lifted Stiles off his cock and grabbed a handful to tissues to clean them both off. Then they arranged themselves on the bed and Derek tugged the comforter over them both. Stiles lay with his head on Derek's chest. He hadn't thought too much about the future away from Beacon Hills and Derek and away from the pack but Derek mentioning the house suddenly had all these thoughts and questions crashing through his brain like a tsunami. "Will you visit me when I go to college?" Stiles asked.

"I might come with you." Derek admitted. Truth was he didn't want to be away from Stiles any longer than he had to

"What about Scott?" Stiles asked. "And Jackson and Lydia?"

"Allison is definitely going there. That's where her father went. Scott will follow her anywhere." Derek said. Stiles moved and Derek curled himself around his boyfriends back. "The pack can come and go at will."

"It would be cool if we all went to Berkley. So you bought a big house for me and your pack?" Stiles asked around a yawn.

"Go to sleep Stiles." Derek said tugging the ring one last time. Stiles jerked but he Derek could see his eyelids drooping. He tried not to think of the chaos of the whole pack living together, or of the little flips his tummy was doing at the thought of his whole pack under one roof. He decided not to get too ahead of himself though; the pack didn't even know that Stiles was his mate. Hell Stiles didn't know he was Derek's mate. Yet.

Derek fell asleep to the thought of claiming his mate as his once and for all.


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