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If the Sheriff wondered why Derek wasn't at the breakfast table for the first time since he found out they were a couple he didn't mention it. Scott told the Sheriff about the awesome day they had planned. Doing what Stiles wasn't sure but he was glad of the company to take his mind off Derek. Stiles kept an eye on the fridge door, sure Scott would notice the photo strip but he didn't. When they finished eating Stiles cleared up the dishes and found Scott waiting in the hall. Apparently Allison was swinging by to collect them.

Stiles sat in the back of the car as they drove out of town towards Lake Tahoe. He was dismayed to find it was a pack outing when they collected Lydia. 'Jackson, Danny and Derek are travelling together.' Allison told him from the driver's seat.

'Whose idea was this?' He asked.

'We talked about it last night when we thought you were in a really good hiding place before we started to freak out about you.' Lydia said. 'About that…' She started but was cut off by Scott.

'Hey, we've had this conversation so drop it.' Scott snarled from the front passenger seat. Stiles sent him a grateful smile.

'I was just going to say I thought him leaving was a good idea.' She pouted. 'Derek did say be resourceful. What better resource to get away from something than a car. '

'Thanks Lydia.' Stiles said nudging her with his elbow.

'Did I say you could touch?' She snapped but she looked pleased. Little brushes like that were important in the pack.

They chatted the rest of the journey until they pulled into the parking lot at Tahoe where they agreed to meet. The others were already there, and by the looks of things they weren't as happy. Derek had a face like thunder while Jackson and Danny were doing their best to keep out of his way.

'You know your face will stay like that if the wind changes.' Lydia said to Derek as she got out of the car. 'Or maybe it's already happened.' She mused ignoring his warning growl and the crimson flash of his eyes.

They unloaded the cars with picnic stuff and picked out what Lydia decreed to be the best view before spreading the blankets. Stiles busied himself helping Scott and keeping out of Derek's way.

'I brought you a few bottles of my dad's beer Derek.' Allison said. 'Figured you could relax and let someone else drive your car home.' She said.

'Thank you.' He said glaring towards her. Scott rolled his eyes at Derek and threw himself down on one of the blankets, his foot catching Stiles. Stiles twisted to land on his butt when Scott dove on him and they rolled off the blanket wrestling. Jackson let out a howl and landed on the pile with Stiles buried at the bottom. The two beta wolves turned on each other and Stiles wriggled at the bottom of the heap to get to safety. He felt a hand on his upper arm giving him a pull and he expected to find Derek helping him but he turned to find Danny.

'Those two are crazy when they get started.' Danny chuckled flopping back on the blanket. Stiles lay back beside him. Derek watched them with dark eyes. Stiles tried not to think too much about it as Lydia stepped over them heading towards Jackson and Scott.

'You're frightening the locals.' Stiles heard Lydia hiss as Allison handed him a sandwich. Derek was chewing his like it was a mortal enemy.

'Hey Danny, come with me to that store over there.' Allison said grabbing the boy by the hand. Danny shot a smile over his shoulder as he was led away. Stiles busied himself with the food, not thinking of the fact he was alone with Derek.

'That was a really stupid stunt last night.' Derek said. His voice was dark and threatening. Stiles hadn't heard that tone since before they were together.

'You said run. What better way to run than in the car.' Stiles shrugged.

'Then you surround yourself with Scott. I respected your wishes about keeping this secret for a while longer but I had every right to come in there and drag him out by the scruff of the neck last night. And to top it all you stink of him. You two lay together. I should rip him apart for touching you.'

'Don't be so dramatic.' Stiles said. 'We're friends.'

'He's a wolf and your pack. You should know better.' Derek said. 'You don't know what it's like, how much I have to hold in, how much I have to hold back. With them, with you.'

'What do you mean?' Stiles asked curious. 'What are you holding back?'

'The wolf.' Derek ground out.

'He wants to kill me? He wants to kill us? It's all that Alpha juice in you isn't it. You want to kill us all and keep Jackson for yourself.'

'What the hell does Jackson have to do with any of this?'

'He's your true pack.' Stiles said.

'You're all my pack.' Derek said. He shut up when Danny and Allison came back. Danny landed beside Stiles and Allison sat crossed legged on the edge of the blanket on the other side of Stiles. She looked down to where Scott and Jackson were still fighting. Lydia was busy scowling at them but Stiles was sure she was giving them fighting tips. The sun burned hot on his face and arms. The sky was cloudless and blue. It was a perfect day for cuddling on a blanket and making out with your boyfriend. Stiles wished it would rain.

'So I was thinking.' Danny said rolling onto his side and looking down at Stiles. 'Allison tells me you're not going to prom.'

'Who told Allison that?' Stiles asked eying Allison.

'He's just concerned.' Allison said.

'Well, I don't have a date yet, so we could go together.' Danny said. Stiles gulped and let his eyes fall closed. He blamed it all on the nipple ring. Before he decided to get his piercing everything had been so simple and his life went in levels of sleep food sex lacrosse homework school sex food sleep. Now he was second best to someone Derek hadn't even met and Danny was asking him out. Clearly Scott couldn't keep a secret for half a day. 'Just as friends.' Danny said reaching out to slap Stiles on the chest. 'Hey what's that?' He asked as Stiles scrambled backwards.

'Go away!' Stiles said reaching the edge of the blanket and looking at Derek in a panic. He was no help, he looked like he was about to rip Danny to shreds.

'Dude, have you got a piercing?' Danny asked.

'What? Where?' Allison asked turning onto her knees.

'It's nothing.' He said willing his blush to go away.

'Well let me see.' Allison said.

'Yes Stiles, let us see.' Derek growled. Stiles looked over at the Alpha. He wasn't sure what they were anymore. Could he still call Derek his boyfriend? Sighing he lifted his blue shirt to reveal his chest. Allison gasped. Not only was Stiles left nipple pierced but there were love bites and hickeys everywhere on his chest.

'You must be really tasty.' She said. 'Can I touch it?'

'What? No way, get lost.' Stiles said pulling his shirt back down over his chest and belly.

'What'd we miss?' Jackson asked throwing down beside Derek. Stiles had a sudden image of Derek as some sort of evil genius stroking Jackson's hair. He would bet anything that Jackson would love the Alpha attention.

'Stiles has a nipple ring.' Allison said.

'No way!' Jackson said straightening up. 'Show me.' He demanded.

'No you missed your chance.' Stiles said. He felt miserable again. He just wanted to go back home and curl up in a ball and mope about his breaking heart. He wasn't prepared for Jackson to launch himself at him and wrestle until he had Stiles arms pinned to his sides with his knees. He reached down and tugged the shirt up. He whistled when he seen the hickeys and bite marks around the ring.

'Someone likes it.' He said giving Derek a quick glance. 'Do you see this Alpha; someone's keeping secrets from the pack.' Jackson crowed ignoring Stiles struggles.

'This is demeaning.' Stiles whined.

'No that's hot.' Lydia said looking over Jacksons shoulder.

'Get off him.' Scott snapped pulling Jackson away from Stiles. 'You ok.'

'Glad someone remembers I'm not some circus freak here.' Stiles whined getting to his feet.

'Oh come on it was just a bit of fun.' Allison said.

'At my expense. I'm not in the mood.' He said. 'I want to go home.'

'Oh come on it took us hours to get here.' Jackson said. 'Don't be a spoil sport Stiles.'

'I'll take him.' Derek said. Stiles shot him a grateful smile before he realised he would have to spend hours in the car with him. 'Will you guys be ok?'

'Sure.' Lydia said with a curious frown on her pretty face.

'Do you want me to come too?' Scott asked Stiles.

'No. Enjoy your day.' Stiles said following Derek to the car. He slipped into the passenger seat as Derek started the engine. The only sound in the car was their breathing and the engine. Stiles sat still and didn't speak. Eventually Derek pulled over and shifted the car into park.

'Spill. What the hell is wrong with you Stiles?' Derek said turning in his seat. This time yesterday everything was perfect and now you won't even look at me. I'm having trouble working out what I've done.'

'Nothing. You've done nothing.' Stiles said looking out the window at the passing cars.

'Stiles look at me.' Derek said. Stiles didn't move and Derek growled reaching out to grab his chin. 'I said look at me.'

'Why are you doing this to me?' Stiles asked suddenly. 'I love you. I love you so much and every day I fall more and more and someday my hearts going to be broken.'

'What do you mean? Who's going to break your heart baby?' Derek asked his voice soft and concerned.

'You are. When you find your mate.' Stiles said letting his eyes fall to his lap.

'My mate?' Derek asked.

'Yes. You told Scott that it's impossible for a wolf not to claim his or her mate once they find them.' Stiles said. 'We've been together a year.'

'Stiles Stilinski what am I going to do with you?' Derek asked. 'Get out of the car.' He said.


'Because I said so.' Derek growled getting out. Stiles did as he was told. He panicked briefly that he would be left behind but Derek was already out before him standing at the front of the car. He pulled Stiles against him not caring that people could see them from the road and pressed a kiss to his lips. 'I had a surprise for you last night. I was supposed to be the one to catch you, to whisk you away into the trees and have my wicked way with you before the others could find us.' Derek said. 'Put your hand in my pocket.' He said.

'Derek here's not the place…'

'Do as you're told for once.' Derek said softly. Stiles obeyed, slipping both hands into the front pocket of Derek's jeans. His fingers wrapped around something small and hard in the left pocket. 'What have you found?' Derek asked his tone full of mock curiosity.

Stiles pulled his hand out and uncurled his fingers. There in the palm of his hand sat a platinum ring. 'What is it?'

'It's a ring dork.' Derek said. 'It's for you.'

'For me?'

'Yes. It's like an engagement ring. Until we get married.'

'Married?' Stiles asked dumbly.

'Yes. I don't want to marry you before you've graduated high school.' Derek said. 'But I want to be with you forever.'

'But what about your mate.'

'You are my mate. It should have been obvious by the big house I bought. It was the wolf showing he can provide a safe lair for you. I thought that might have been a big ass clue. And I can't mark you yet so that rings my mark.'

'But Scott said that…'

'I am going to kill Scott McCall when I get my hands on him. I swear I will skin him alive and hang his pelt over my fireplace.' Derek growled pressing his forehead to Stiles. 'I want to claim you so bad, I want to claim you every second.'

'Why don't you.'

'Because it's a really big commitment. Things change when I claim you. You change. I want you to have a normal college experience before that. I want you to live as normal a life as I can provide for you until that time. I'm holding off and it's hard, especially when you share beds with other wolves and get asked on dates in my presence.'

'We have to tell them.' Stiles said finally looking at the ring in the palm of his hand. It was a plain band but he loved it.

'Definitely.' Derek agreed. 'I asked your Dad you know.'

'Asked him what?'

'If I could propose. Yesterday in the basement. You interrupted us.'

'Oh.' Stiles blushed. 'Was he ok with it?'

'He has some reservations about age but I promised him we wouldn't rush into anything more than engagement. That's why I asked. We need him on our side.'

'So that's good right?'

'That's brilliant.' Derek said. 'Can I take you home and fuck you now? I want to fuck you for hours. I need to wash Scott's scent away. I want to show you how much I love you, how much you mean to me.' Derek murmured in Stiles ear. 'I would do it here but I don't want to get us arrested.'

'I have two conditions.' Stiles said with a grin.

'Go on.' Derek said, moaning when Stiles reached up and nipped his neck.

'Well I really want to take you to prom with me.' Stiles said.

Derek made a big show of sighing and rolling his eyes but he smiled. 'Ok I can deal with that. What's the other one?'

'I get to lose my virginity on prom night.'

'Unless you're missing something that went about a year ago.' Derek said.

'Not…well you see I've…I've never fucked anyone.' Stiles said. Derek watched the blush creeping up his mate's neck. He felt a tingle run up his spine at Stiles words.

'I'll tell you a secret.' Derek whispered pulling Stiles closer against his body. 'No one has ever fucked me.' He whispered, letting go of Stiles hips and moving to get into the car. He paused at the door looking back. 'Looks like it'll be a night of firsts for both of us.'


The letter came on Monday morning. Derek and the Sheriff were in the kitchen sipping coffee when they heard the gentle thud of the mail hitting the mat. Stiles grabbed it on his way into the kitchen.

'Boring, bill, dad stuff, oh…' He paused beside Derek's chair. Derek reached a hand out and rubbed the back of his leg.

'What is it?'

'From Berkley.' Stiles said showing them the envelope. Both men watched Stiles with curious eyes. He slipped a finger under the flap and tore the envelope. There were several sheets of paper inside. He pulled them out and unfolded them.

There was a pause. Somewhere a dog barked. The tap let a drip of water out. Stiles took a deep breath. 'I got in.' He said.

'Yeah you did!' His dad said standing giving him a high five. He reached out and pulled his son into hug. He could feel Derek standing behind him and he pulled him into a hug when his dad let go.

'Knew you'd get in.' Derek said grinning. Stiles let out a whoop and threw the letter into the air. Both men laughed. His dad grabbed the sheets out of the air to study while Stiles prepared himself a bowl of cheerio's. As he ate he studied the two men at the table. He was surprised how quickly his dad and Derek seemed to strike up an accord. They liked the same music, the same movies and they were both experts at getting Stiles out of trouble. It was no wonder they got on. Seeing them eating breakfast together like this was a million times better than going to college. He wondered for the hundredth time if he should tell his dad about the werewolf thing. Derek spent a lot of time here now, as much time as he did at his old house. His dad had a right to know what was living in his house, but would the knowledge serve to protect or endanger him. He would have to discuss it with Derek.

'Want me to drive you to school?' Derek asked.

'How would I get home?' Stiles asked around a mouthful of sugary cereal.

'I'll pick you up.' Derek said.

'Oh. Sweet, my boyfriend's driving me to school dad.' Stiles said.

'Fiancée.' The Sheriff corrected. Stiles grinned; his dad was still looking out for him even though he was absorbed in Stiles acceptance letter.

'Nice one.' Stiles stood up and dumped his plate in the sink. 'See you later.' He said.

'I'm very proud of you son.' His dad said finally tearing his eyes away from the letter.

'Thanks.' Stiles grinned giving him a hug before following Derek to the car.

Stiles' one sided conversation filled the car as he babbled about courses and classes and what he would need to take with him and how far the house was from campus. Derek was exhausted by the time he pulled into the car park and cut the engine. 'Do you want to tell them today?' Derek asked.

'Tell who what? My pack? About Berkley?'

'No that I'm your fiancée.' Derek said.

'Yes. God I have so much news.' Stiles said. Derek smiled and ran his fingers over his hand.

'We can do it one of two ways. We can sit them down and tell them like little kids or I can lean over and give you one of those ball clenching kisses you like so much and it'll save a whole lot of time and energy that could be better used fucking.'

'You are one horny bastard.' Stiles said. He looked out the front window to where the whole pack was watching curiously. 'Ok, kiss away big guy.' Stiles said leaning into Derek.

Derek's hand wrapped around the back of his neck and pulled him closer. He brushed his lips gently against Stiles dry ones before nipping his bottom lip and slipping his tongue into Stiles mouth. The kiss was wet and dirty and there was tongue everywhere. Derek had to keep one hand on Stiles leg to keep him from climbing into his lap. Pulling back Derek let Stiles take a deep breath as he looked into Stiles lust filled eyes. 'Take me home.' Stiles pleaded. Derek chuckled darkly.

'Go to school and I promise you we'll do dirty deeds when I collect you.' Derek said brushing his lips against Stiles one last time before he pulled back. 'Go to school.' He repeated. He was afraid he was going to kidnap Stiles and drag him back to his house to fuck him silly.

'Cock tease.' Stiles muttered but he got out, grabbing his bag and walking towards his friends. He gave Derek a wave as he peeled out of the car park. 'What's up?' He asked walking past the gobsmacked group and into school. He hated Monday mornings, they always started with English.


'Ok so what just happened?' Scott asked catching up to Stiles after first period.

'Chaucer. I know dude's a moron. Who cares about a rooster?' Stiles said waving his arm around his head. Lydia appeared on his other side.

'How long have you been fucking our Alpha?' She asked.

'Who says I'm fucking the Alpha?' Stiles asked stuffing his left hand in his pocket.

'You don't kiss like that unless you're fucking.' She said. 'Scott tell him.'

'She's right.' Scott said.

'Are you two ganging up on me? Again?'

'No of course not.' Scott said. 'It's just Derek was the last person I expected you to go with.'

'Who did you expect me to go with then?' Stiles asked pausing at his locker to stuff his English books inside. Hopefully the school would burn down before he needed them again and he'd never have to look at Middle Age poetry ever again.

'I don't know someone nice and normal like Danny.' Scott said.

'You're only saying that because Danny is the only other gay guy you know.' Stiles said. Scott shrugged. It was true.

'But Derek? I mean you've said it yourself, guys got issues.'

'He has.' Stiles agreed leaning against his locker. 'He's moody and broody and bossy and he's fucking hot and he's amazing in bed.' Stiles said.

'Really. I want details.' Lydia said.

'I don't.' Scott said screwing up his nose. 'It's Derek.'

'Derek is a sexual beast Scott.' Lydia said.


'And that kiss, it turned me on.' Lydia said putting her hand on Stiles arm. 'That's why I want details. I've offered myself to our Alpha several times but he's declined all of my advances. Jackson too.'

'Jackson's declined your advances or Derek's declined Jackson's advances?' Scott asked.

'Derek's declined us both.' Lydia snapped. 'Now we know why. I bet you're a tasty little morsel in bed Stiles.'

'So you're suddenly interested in me now that I'm fucking the Alpha.' Stiles asked narrowing his eyes. He tried not to think of Jackson offering himself to Derek. The warning bell rang for second period and they moved towards chemistry.

'Yes. But I have more sense than to try to fuck you. Derek would have my head on a pike.' She said. 'Scott have you ever offered yourself to our Alpha?'

'What no! That's gross!'

'Hey did you just call my fiancée gross?'

'Fiancée?' Lydia asked but Stiles had already taken his seat at the back of the room.

'This isn't over.' She hissed as she took her seat. Stiles grinned at her and flashed his left hand where Derek had placed the ring. She gaped open mouthed before turning to the front of the room.


At lunch Stiles found out Allison had also been accepted to Berkeley. 'Cool.' Stiles said. 'You can live in the house Derek bought for us.'

'Derek bought you a house?' Allison asked.

'Yes.' Stiles grinned. 'Isn't it awesome? I get my nipple pierced for him and he buys me a house.'

'Wow. You guys really are serious.' Allison said. Scott sat beside her sulking into his spaghetti.

'So serious that they're engaged.' Scott muttered.

'Oh my god when did this happen?' Allison gasped.

'Saturday afternoon.' Stiles said.

'I knew something was off on Saturday!' Allison said. 'Or on!' She flashed a cheeky grin. Scott groaned and Stiles blushed. 'Hey Lydia and I can be your wedding planners.'


The pack got wasted at the prom. Derek couldn't help but bask in his pack's happiness as they danced and laughed and snuck sips of alcohol that he pretended not to see. He danced with both girls a few times and with Stiles the rest of the night, only getting the occasional chance to sit down. He had told his fiancée he wasn't a dancer but Stiles just grinned and said 'shut up Derek' in his best Alpha voice and dragged him onto the dance floor. A lot of the kids had left a wide berth around Derek but the pack surrounded him uncaring of his reputation. He couldn't take his eyes off Stiles; his boy was so hot in his little tux, especially when he danced with the girls. Derek had taken a seat beside Jackson and watched as Allison and Lydia ground and writhed around him. Derek wasn't jealous, Stiles looked good with the girls brushing up against him, just as long as they remembered who Stiles actually belonged to.

There was a lot more fun at the after prom. The pack had decided to have their own private one and Derek being a kind and loving (and tortured) Alpha hired a luxury hotel suite. He allowed them to drink just a little more and they danced to music selected by the girls but eventually they paired off and Derek watched with an amused smile as Scott and Allison disappeared first through one of the doors. He wasn't surprised when Lydia pushed Jackson and Danny towards another door with a smirk leaving the third room for Derek and Stiles. Derek lounged on the sofa as Stiles flopped onto his lap. 'Do you think they'll have a threesome? Do I get to lose my virginity now?' He whispered kissing Derek's neck.

'You go easy on me?' Derek teased kissing Stiles.

'Oh I'm going to be all sorts of rough.' He said standing and pulling Derek to their bedroom with his hand fisted in Derek's half open white shirt. Stiles couldn't get over how hot Derek looked in white.

Derek grinned as he followed him to the bed. 'Will you do as you're told?' Stiles asked. Derek nodded. 'Strip.' Stiles said settling back on the bed and watching with big eyes as his fiancée slowly and methodically removed his clothes revealing the body Stiles loved. He shrugged out of his own clothes in a heartbeat.

'What do you want now?' Derek asked.

'Blow me.' Stiles said. Derek crawled up the bed and settled himself between Stiles creamy thighs. He kissed the crease of each leg before pressing his lips against the head of Stiles cock. He licked a long stripe from the base to the tip before sucking Stiles cock into his mouth. He moved his head gently taking more and more of Stiles in until his nose was buried in Stiles wiry pubes. Stiles pushed his hips up to meet Derek's mouth and Derek allowed him a few thrusts before he pulled off him and crawled over his mate. If they kept this up Stiles would never be able to lose his virginity and Derek didn't want to disappoint Stiles.

'I thought you wanted to fuck me.' Derek said.

'I do.' Stiles said putting his hands on Derek's biceps and twisting them so Derek was on his back and Stiles was lying between his thighs. They kissed and Derek wrapped his arms around Stiles. He knew Stiles was nervous so he ran his hands all over his back and sides to relax him.

Soon Stiles had pulled away from Derek's lips and was kissing his rough jaw then down his neck. Derek groaned when Stiles sucked a hickey into his skin then laughed at the disappointed look as it started to fade almost instantly. 'This isn't even going to be an issue for you is it?' Stiles asked suddenly. 'I mean after our first time I was sore for a couple of days afterwards.' Stiles said. 'But you just heal yourself instantly.'

'You were sore for a couple of days because you kept coming back for more.' Derek pointed out. 'Do it again.'

'No you'll just heal it.' Stiles pouted.

'Hey, I've kept them for ages before.' Derek said. 'I was just teasing you. Come on baby, make me your bitch.' The words had the desired effect. Stiles dove into Derek's neck again all teeth and lips. 'That's it. Go on.' Derek moaned encouragingly. Stiles got a little braver with Derek's words. It wasn't like he hadn't done this before; he had kissed and licked his way down Derek's body to his cock. He'd never gone further other than to squeeze his fiancées ass. Now as he sucked a nipple into his mouth he knew he was going to do more. He pulled off the nipple with a sharp bite and moved lower until his cheek was pressed against Derek's thigh. He pressed a kiss to Derek's balls before he moved his hand lower, finger brushing over Derek's tight entrance.

'Wow.' Stiles said grinning up at Derek. 'You're really going to let me do this.'

'If you don't hurry up I won't.' Derek growled. Stiles reminded him of a new virgin right now and it was driving him insane. His fiancée was so sexy crouched between his legs. He felt Stiles reach over to the bedside table where they left the lube earlier. He spilt some onto his fingers and pressed one forward engrossed as Derek gave way to let him in. Derek groaned when Stiles was buried into the second knuckle. 'More.' Derek said.

'Already?' Stiles asked.

'Yes.' Derek hissed. Stiles looked into his eyes to see them tinged with red. He did as he was told, twisting his finger out then adding a second one before he pushed back in. He twisted and turned and curled his fingers the way he was used to Derek doing but he was disappointed when he didn't find that little bundle of nerves that made everything so good. When he thought Derek was ready he added a third finger and got no protest. He dragged his eyes away from his fingers and looked up at his fiancée. Derek's head was thrown back, his legs were spread and there was a blush on his chest. Stiles didn't think he had ever seen Derek blush before.

'Are you…can I?' Stiles asked twisting his fingers again. Derek jumped and moaned and his eyes locked on Stiles again and Stiles smirked because he had found his little goal. He brushed it a few more times as he watched little pearls of precum dribble down Derek's cock. Stiles leaned forward and licked the head of Derek's cock. He pulled his fingers out and wiped them on the cover.

Stiles crawled closer and poured more lube over his fingers and fisted his cock before he aligned himself with Derek's hole. He felt Derek's hands rubbing up his arms to his shoulders. 'Go on do it.' Derek said. Biting his lip Stiles pushed forward. His eyes almost crossed at the tight heat of Derek surrounding him. He moved as slow as he could, finally bottoming out, his balls pressed against Derek and he collapsed forward kissing Derek with frantic need. He felt Derek's hands gripping the globes of his ass. 'I'm ready.' Derek whispered.

'I'm not. If I move it might be all over.' Stiles admitted. Derek chuckled.

'Yes but I know your recovery rate better than you do, you'll be hard in seconds.' He said kissing Stiles face. 'Come on, we can't stay like this all night baby.'

Stiles started to move then with shallow shaky thrusts. Derek helped guide him with hands on his hips and back. Eventually he built up a steady rhythm and his thrusts got surer. Stiles groaned, feeling more confident. Bracing a fist beside Derek's head he pushed his body up. Derek wrapped a leg around Stiles as he thrust deeper. 'Oh fuck.' He moaned when he felt Stiles fingers brush his cock. 'Yes.' He breathed watching Stiles slim fingers wrap around his raging cock. Stiles twitched his hips and his angle changed slightly hitting Derek's prostrate. Derek moaned loudly and clenched around Stiles cock. Stiles let out a whine feeling his balls pull up close to his body.

Stiles came first to the feeling of Derek's ass clenching and milking around his cock. He collapsed into Derek's arms with his hand around Derek's cock, jerking frantically. Derek fucked into his fist a few times before he spilled over Stiles fingers and their bellies. Derek wrapped an arm around Stiles as he caught his breath. 'That was fantastic.' He murmured into Stiles hair.

'Really? You enjoyed it?' Stiles asked.

'Of course I did.' Derek said petting down Stiles back.

'So we can do it again sometime?' Stiles grinned dropping his lips to Derek's.

'Of course we can.' He said wrapping Stiles in his arms and holding him close.

'I'm sticking to you.' Stiles said after a while. 'And it's icky.' Derek laughed again and they moved off the bed to clean themselves up. Stiles was pleased to see Derek walking with stiff movements. The marks Stiles left on his neck were still red against his skin.

'You can heal yourself if you want.' Stiles said as they settled back under the comforter. Derek pulled Stiles into his arms.

'Why would I want to do that?'

'You're the Alpha.' Stiles said. 'I know you won't want to lose face in front of your pack.'

'Don't be an idiot; I want the pack to know you marked me. That you fucked me. Why wouldn't I? I'm not ashamed. Are you?'

'Of course not.'

'Then lie down and rest because I have a feeling I'll be waking you in a few hours so I can fuck you into this mattress.'

'You'd better.' Stiles warned. Derek laughed and kissed the back of his neck.

'When I claim you this is where I'll bite you.' Derek said brushing his lips over the nape of Stiles neck. 'It'll hurt. A lot. And things will change between us. I'll probably get more possessive.'

'You can be more possessive?' Stiles asked.

'You aint seen nothing yet.' Derek promised kissing his shoulder. 'Go to sleep.'


They graduated high school on a sunny afternoon. Derek was proud of his pack, even Scott had worked hard in the end. He watched as they hugged and mingled, his eyes always going to Stiles again and again. He wondered, not for the first time, if he was being selfish by following his fiancée and the pack to college. They had all decided to go to Berkley, dependent on each other as a new pack. Part of him was pleased that they would be together but he was also concerned because he was sure there would be better places for them and their talents. He had sat down with each of the pack and explained that they weren't obliged to follow him but each of them told him they wanted to and not one of them lied. He had even asked Stiles if he wanted Derek to stay behind and visit occasionally. He had been met with dismay, apparently Stiles was already becoming dependent on his presence. Derek was pleased, his mate wanted him around even though a tiny little part of him worried he was holding him back, but he reasoned it was safer for the pack to be together.

He smiled when he spied Stiles head bobbing above everyone else's to find Derek. They exchanged a soft smile before he was away again in the swarm of teenagers.


This is complete but I'm in the process of writing a sequel complete with wedding and crazy pack shenanigans (I'm thinking hot tubs, parties and canned peaches!). While I've got a pretty good outline and know where I want to go with it I'm open to suggestions of what you guys would like to see.