This silly author was having too much fun writing Maddie/Danny banter last chapter that she forgot to really flesh out the reason why this story has its title in the first place! So, good news for you readers, it's now a two-shot instead of the one-shot I had originally planned. Thank you for your comments, I enjoyed reading them :)

Danny was hiding in a tree. He had invisibility powers, yes, but right now he was tired and clearly not thinking enough to actually use them. He had battled Skulker not once, not twice, not even three but four times already today and he had yet to capture the ghost in the thermos. The ghost wasn't normally this elusive, but Danny was at his wit's end today. Skulker's ability to escape had vastly improved since their last encounter last week.

Now, he was sitting in a rotting tree, trying to stay on the lookout for the ghost and recharge at the same time. It had to be past seven o'clock by now, judging by the purple sky above. Danny yawned.

"You never did explain how ghosts are like onions," a voice sudden came from down below. Startled, Danny jumped up and hit his head on a branch. Gasping in pain, he fell ten feet and hit one of the tree's roots that had been poking through the grass on impact.

When his vision started to clear, he saw none other than his mom, leaning against the tree trunk, smirking at him.

"How did you find me?" Danny asked as he pulled himself to his feet and visually searched her for hidden weapons.

Maddie held up her Ecto Tracking Device in response then frowned at him. "How can you fall out of a tree if you're not bound by gravity?"

"You scared me," Danny said defensively. Then, realizing how ridiculous that must have sounded- Maddie looked quite amused herself- he added, "I'm just clumsy-"

He trailed off. Get a hold of yourself, Fenton! Danny Phantom is not clumsy!

"Why are you here?" he asked irritably. He didn't like feeling a lack of confidence while in ghost mode, and allowing his mom to see him stuttering like this wasn't going to do him any favors.

"The onions," Maddie said simply.

"I'm not a gardener."

Maddie put her hands on her hips indignantly. "Phantom, last time I saw you, you mentioned something about how ghosts were like onions. I don't understand the connection, to be honest."

Danny eyed her warily. "Is this a trap?"

"Do you see any weapons?"

"I don't. That's what worries me."

Maddie smirked again. "No weapons here except for your Fenton thermos, which, by the way, I'd like to know how you came to acquire it."

"I found it…in the garbage?"

Maddie didn't look convinced, so Danny hurried along. "So you want to know why I think ghosts aren't so bad?"

"Besides from the fact that you are one," Maddie added for him.

"Of course. Well, for one, we have emotions."

"Vegetables don't have emotions."

"I meant different sides then!" Danny growled, sick of his mom interrupting him every few seconds. "On the outface, we seem scary and evil, but the deeper you go…well, maybe we're not so bad."

"I'm still not seeing the connection."

"Then stop interrupting me and maybe you'll get it," Danny cringed, knowing if Danny Fenton had said that to his mom, he would have been toast. But his ghost half's relationship with his mom was the complete opposite of the mother/son relationship he had, so it was hard to define what was disrespectful and what was not.

"Some people like me and support me-"

"Like who?" Maddie asked, unable to help herself. She closed her mouth at the ghost boy's annoyed look, but he remained relatively calm.

"I have friends. Some human, some not. Then there are people like you, who hate my guts. I guess it's all a matter of what your 'tastes' are," Danny finished lamely. He knew he was becoming more incoherent by the minute, but he was determined to finally tell his mom how he felt about being cast as the town's evil monster.

"And you know how cutting up onions make you cry?" Danny asked before hastily adding, "I mean, if you c-cook because it-it's not like I watch you while you're in the kitchen or anything…"

Maddie looked bewildered. Laughing nervously, Danny continued. "Well, same for me. Sorta. You and Jack want nothing more than to cut me up, molecule by molecule, but you know, I don't think that would end too happily for anyone. Especially me," Danny muttered under his breath.

Maddie stared at him. Danny looked away, not liking the feeling of being observed so closely.

"So uh, that's it. Sorry I'm not making much sense," he said, rubbing the back of his neck like he always did when he was in an awkward spot.

"You're not, but I think I understand anyway," Maddie said evenly. "I still don't have much sympathy for a ghost."

"And I'm not asking for any. I just wanted you to, I don't know, hear me out."

"Though if my husband and I were to stop hunting you- hypothetically speaking, of course-"

"Of course," Danny echoed.

"-what ghost do you think ought to be tracked down? One that's more evil than you?" Maddie said, almost winking as she said it.

Danny grinned. "Easy. His name's Plasmius. Vlad-" he let the name hang in the air for a few seconds before continuing, "Plasmius."

Maddie frowned in concentration. "The Wisconsin Ghost, correct?"

"Yes, but for no apparent reason, he showed up in Amity Park exactly three weeks ago and has been here ever since," Danny replied slyly.

Maddie noted this down in a notepad than looked back up to Danny. "Interesting information, Phantom." Then her serious expression gave way to a soft smile. "If you'd like, you should come over for dinner so we can discuss this Plasmius ghost further. My husband isn't home, Jazz is probably studying, and my son is so clueless that he'd probably not even notice your presence."

Danny glared at her. I would too! he wanted to say, though that led down all sorts of bad paths, so instead he replied, "That sounds nice, uh, Maddie, but I really have to go track down Skulker, so…"

Danny floated up into the air, above her head. The invite was nice, but he wasn't ready to reveal this much yet. Oh sure, he'd slip her as much information as he possibly could about Vlad, but not directly.

"Thanks though!"

An hour later after flying away from her at the park, Danny walked into the kitchen and over to his mom, who was attempting to make hamburgers. He came up from behind her and hugged her around her waist.

"What was that for?" she asked, ruffling his messy black hair. Her baby boy could be so random at times!

"Just…felt like it, I guess," Danny said, grinning. He turned to take the glasses of water over to the table but suddenly tripped on one of his untied shoelaces, spewing the contents everywhere and shattering the cups.

"Danny! Are you okay?" Maddie rushed over to pick her son up before the glass shards could splinter his delicate skin.

Seeing the mess in front of him, Danny sighed. "Just clumsy."

Maddie stared at him as he went down the steps to the lab in search of a broom and pan. A feeling of déjà vu was coming over her, but she couldn't pinpoint the source. Shrugging to herself, she went back to cutting the onions for the burgers. Hopefully someday, her son would gain a little sturdiness and self-confidence.

Seeing Danny trip up the stairs out of the corner of her eyes, Maddie chuckled quietly. Ha, that'll be the day!

Okay, I think that ends the story. Not sure if I should do a 'sequel' (in the form of a revelation one-shot maybe?) but I'll definitely be writing more Maddie/Danny drabbles in the future, guaranteed. And, as always, reviews of all kinds are greatly appreciated and adored :)