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.: Regret :.

~ This hollowness welled up and created a scar ~

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Larxene stretched her arms to the ceiling before yawning against her palm. She was a little peeved that she had to wake up so freakishly early for the operation at Castle Oblivion, but it would be worth it. The plan with Marluxia was going to take full effect once they reached the second stronghold. They would run the show: no more ragtag missions; no more sucking up to high-and-mighty ranks… Playtime was over.

Humming in mock satisfaction, Larxene continued down to the rendezvous point until something blue caught her interest. At the top of Twilight's View stood Saïx. He appeared thoughtful while staring across the bleak surrounding, but Larxene simply thought he looked like a waste of space. Without even willing it, she began ascending the staircase to approach him.

Now, she made a point ever since their destructive 'break-up' (if you could even call it that) to ignore him at every possible turn—sans receiving her missions from him—but Larxene couldn't help it when her eyes unconsciously drifted to his back. It was an oddity even to her…yet sometimes, it didn't bother the blonde in the slightest.

"What do you want?"

Ugh. That monotonous voice, however, was something she would gladly forget. Scowling, Larxene glared into his amber orbs before smirking. "Aren't you 'excited'? I'll finally be out of your hair!"

He shot back; face deadpan. "You and Axel. I'll finally have time to finish my reports in peace."

"About that…why does Axel have to go?" Larxene pouted; crossing her arms and approaching Saïx's side. "I was hoping for a fresh start at C.O., but then you went dumped Fireball on my lap. Again."

"For your information, members were selected based on…ability." Saix's expression never changed as he kept his eyes trained on her face. However, she caught the slightly intonation of pointed amusement in his voice. "It's unfortunate, but the worlds do not revolve around you, Number XII."

"Ranks again? That's getting so old." She leaned against the rail before continuously jabbing his chest and stressing each word. "It's my last day here. At least try to make me happy—"

Saïx's hand immediately caught hers and Larxene quirked an even eyebrow. He simply glanced back suspiciously. "Your actions confound me."

"Hmph." Looking away—not bothering to pull back her hand—Larxene treaded carefully. "Your point?"

"You have regrets."

"Haha… You're stepping on dangerous territory, Number VII."

For extra effect, Larxene built up electricity between her fingers the longer Saïx held her hand. She continued to glower whereas he remained numb to pain. The only reaction she coaxed out of him was when Saïx squeezed her hand firmly; his voice a low murmur and foreign. "We shared many regrets. Our biggest one…"

Larxene frowned weakly, dragging her free hand to his collar. "…was playing 'house'." Without warning, she forcefully pulled Saïx downward and pressed her lips fiercely against his; but as quick as it began, Larxene abruptly ended it. Shoving Saïx aside, the blonde began her departure. "My goodbye present to you."

"…Larxene—" She silenced him by pressing a finger to his lips in finality.

There were words on her tongue—confessions that wanted release—but Larxene reminded herself that false feelings were a Nobody's dreaded characteristic. Perhaps that was the real regret that lingered between them: they wanted affection…but that was a fruitless pursuit when neither of them could genuinely feel. It was better to let the memories burn to ashes.

Smirking with imitated fondness, Larxene waved him off as she entered a summoned corridor. "I'm done, Isa."

Saïx's responded after she disappeared. "…Farewell, Arlene."