A/N: Thanks to my support system saluki168 and EBS

The Twilight Twenty-Five


Prompt: 15, I'm Sorry

Pen Name: Detochkina

Pairing/Main Character(s): Edward/Bella

Rating: M

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The wind tosses her hair around her face—long, tangled chestnut curls. Vanilla and peach. Home.

Her dress clings to her hips and knees. Lucky.

I know every hidden dimple and mark. One—the strawberry-shaped blossom—is right below her right hip. My favorite.

No longer for my eyes. Or for my mouth.

I push the thought away, only for it to come back and eat at me. At the edges of my heart, at the inside of my cheek. Until I can taste it. Loss.

I roll her name off my tongue. Futile.

Her voice floats away. "I'm sorry."