Gluttony: Spain x Romano.

Warnings: Yaoi. Food play,with tomatoes you'll see~M rated for sex and~ Lovi's Language. Idea kind of stolen from another story. Here is the link

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That bastard

I thought, adjusting the apron to cover myself.

Him and his weird fetishes, always asking me to do strange things.

I stood in the kitchen, making pasta naked, only an apron covering my cold body. I frowned and continued cutting the tomatoes, the grape-sized fruit sliced and thrown an empty bowl. I heard the bastard walk into the kitchen, his bare feet tapping along the tile floor. I immediately tensed.

Bastard, I can practically feel your eyes on my ass

I struggled to not turn around. This was all part of his game; I begged my hands to stop their trembling, and I could feel my…regions...twitch in excitement. I shivered as I felt the Spaniard's breath on my neck, his hand on my goose-bumped arms, the other traveling on my side.

"You look so sexy, Lovino." He whispered, the hand on my arm coming back up to dance on my neck before traveling down to play with my naked, uncovered cheeks. I gasp, and dropped the knife.

Otherwise I'd stab the bastard. Shi-...I groaned, turning around to face him, thrusting my hips forward to display the slowly growing erection underneath the thin, pink apron. He smirked at me, and hoisted me onto the counter, knocking away the sharp knife into the sink, his green eyes hazed with lust as he lifted the apron up to peek at my arousal.

"Yes, very pretty," Antonio whispered, his large hand coming to close around my half-hard shaft, pumping it into its standing pride, his other hand lifting me up and tilting me against the cupboards behind me, displaying my entrance to his perverted stare.

"Chigii! Bastard! Don't look at me like th-" I was silenced by his glare.

Dammit, I need to be nice, or he'll stop.

He continued pumping me, looking directly at my face, my mouth parting in pleasure as my cheeks heated up. Grinning at my speechless-ness, the bast- the Spaniard bent down to lick at my entrance, dipping his wet muscle into my tight flesh.

"AH, ah Jesus!" His tongue stilled.

Right, more desperate or I won't get any..of what I need.

"Oh, Antonio~" I moaned out, pushing my buttocks closer to his face. Antonio licked at my hole approvingly, I could practically feel his smug smile. I was about to kick him away, and just forget the entire plan, but then his head came slowly up, tongue trailing across my balls then up my shaft.

Oh god.

Then flicked at my tip. I shuddered, suppressing my moan.

"I want to hear you beg for me, my little tomato lover." The tan bastard said, prodding my opening with a thick finger, his head swooping down to cover my erection in his hot mouth.

"Agh! More!" I gasped out, arching into him, causing me to smack my head against the cabinet door behind me. "OW! " I cried out, wincing at the pain.

"Oh, poor Lovino! I know what you'd like to have. Tomatoes make you feel good, don't they?" He smiled and grabbed a cherry tomato from the bowl that I had been keeping them in, his other hand leaving my erection to grab an already cut half from the other bowl. I eyed them hungrily.

This is what I've been waiting for.

I gasped softly as he pressed the cut fruit against one of my nipples, the red juice running down my body. Antonio took the fruit carcass and smeared it towards the other nipple, already erect in excitement, the pink nub seemingly drinking up the flavorful run-off. I moaned as Antonio licked from my navel, where the juice had taken to collecting, then up to my pectorals to nibble on my tomato-flavored nubs. "I absolutely love tomatoes, don't you, little one?" He asked me, my dazed eyes and leaking erection answering for me. I knew what he wanted for an answer.

"One just isn't enough though. Can I have more?" My pride stung to be begging, but I knew logically.

I'm sitting here in an apron and nothing else, letting myself be pleasured by a man in my own home, and his infuriating tomatoes. I might as well enjoy it.

He nodded, his dark brown hair rumpled from our activities. Antonio brought the other tomato, this one whole, and rolled it down my body, the action making me pant. He continued rolling until the tiny orb reached my erection, the organ practically begging for attention, then he passed it, but not to my dismay. I was anticipating the real destination. I shuddered when the fruit reached my opening, Antonio lightly rolling it against the puckered muscle until it loosened and accepted the red food.

"Gah! -hah-mm." I contorted on top of the counter, my lithe body fighting with itself on if it should except this small package or return it immediately. Before it could reject the intrusion, Antonio slid a finger in, the appendage wet with tomato juice.

He must've crushed the cut tomatoes and is using it as lube.

The thought drove me insane, causing my body to tense up, although neither my prostate, nor my erection had been touched enough to do so. I arched into his touch, willing his finger deeper, my ass sliding off the counter slightly. I heard a zipper being undone, Antonio's hand gripping onto my hips shortly afterward.

Wait, I want.."I want to be filled more with..with tomatoes!" I cried desperately, causing the Spaniard to laugh, but his hand retreated from my hip, the fingers in my ass escaping slowly.

"I absolutely love tomatoes, don't you, little one?"

You're a fucking tomato!

I wanted to yell at him, but the thought of those ruby pearls rubbing all sorts of delicious spots in me..

"One...Just isn't enough though." I moaned, reaching for the bowl beside me, fingers clenching onto the air. "Can I have more?" He nodded, his face slightly red from pleasure.

He is beginning to look like a tomato..Maybe it wouldn't be too bad to have him inside me right now.

But the thought was chased away as the bastard held the little tomato in front of my face, taunting me with its shiny red skin before guiding it down to my epicenter. I couldn't quite see, and the anticipation almost made me scream in frustration.

"AH. mph, more!" I begged as that one slid in, the skin breaking inside of me, I could feel its fruit blood leaking inside of my walls. Antonio grinned at me, and grabbed a handful of the small fruit, and one by one pushed them in. Their little spherical bodies sliding into me, gliding and tugging deeper into my well, and by the fifth tomato, I was full. Every movement knocked the deeper ones straight into my prostate.

"Mmph, god, Antonio. I'm ready. God! Get. mph Get inside me!" I moaned, practically leaping off the counter in an attempt to get my needy hole closer for the Spaniard's reach.

"Shit, you're so beautiful, needing me like this." He groaned, and slid me off the counter just a bit, aiming at my stretched opening. He positioned himself then slid me off the counter all the way, piercing me on his dick in one stroke, his massive organ bringing tears to my eyes. I cried out in pain, but bounced against him eagerly. His cock breaking the fruit inside me, their juice lubricating our every stroke. He thrust into me, banging me into the counter, my legs wrapped around his waist in an effort to stay perched in our precarious position.

"Ah, ah- Hah!" I ground down into him, my prostate being assaulted at every turn by his member and the multitude of cherry tomatoes in my body. His thrusting sped up, getting erratic and sloppy, his hand closing around my length. He pumped and tried to slam into me on beat with each thrust. But he was too far gone, and I was right behind him. He came inside me, jostling the fruit inside me, pushing me over the edge, a splash of white clinging to the tomato bastard's shirt. He pulled out of me, depositing me on the ground, my weak legs not allowing me to stand.

"Let's go on to the room, Lovi. You need your rest." He said scooping me up. I growled at him, the stupid tomato was a good lover, but damn annoying. "Ah, I absolutely love tomatoes, don't you, little one?" Sighing I rested my head against his chest.

Fucking tomato bastard...

"Yea, they're okay.."


=D did you catch that Lovi kinda says he loves Antonio? xD -shot by mafioso!Lovi- Hope you like it!