The Third Uzukage

AU: Naruto's history, opened for all to see, he is born from legends. His potential is more than that of Sasuke Uchiha, but from a life of being ignored he wasn't what was expected, but underneath any fake smile, is a real person who hides due to fear. Watch as Naruto Uzumaki becomes the prodigy he was born as, watch as he unravels his heritage, both from his father and his Uzumaki lineage.

This story is based upon information from many other manga and anime to list a few;


Ao No Exorcist


Also Devil May Cry (Though it isn't a manga or anime)

This is an AU of Naruto so no crossovers as such, but ideas are taken from the others mentioned

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~Silent Communication~

Chapter one: For What It's worth

The night sky was calm; the stars twinkled with the promise of change, one boy, who, even in the night could be spotted as if he was a neon sign, dashed through the large ninja village of Konohagakure, an overly large scroll attached to his back. His orange jumpsuit and bright blonde hair seemed to merge together as he ran, unbeknownst to him, ninja gathered in front of the villages' strongest ninja, voicing their displeasure of what was happening.

"Hokage-sama, he has the forbidden scroll, he could use it to destroy Konoha" called one of the ninja, many others voiced their similar views.

"What if he harms himself" called one of the few ninja who actually cared about the young boy. Said ninja received scowls from of the few avid haters of the boy.

"I know you are all concerned, I want you all to track him down and bring him to me unharmed are we clear" said the old Hokage, the ninja all nodded, some begrudgingly, the old leader stretched out and arm and in a blur of speed the ninja vanished making the old man's robes blow in the short gust of wind. The young boy in orange landed in a small clearing outside the village of Konoha, he panted lightly, a light flush dusting his face. He collapsed onto his rear as his breath calmed slightly, he smiled up at the sky, and pleasure surged through him.

"Ha, Sasuke Uchiha go and eat your heart out" he thought to himself, he was able to steal an important item right from the Hokage's nose, the strongest ninja in the village. Of course he had been caught, but with a simple anti-pervert jutsu and the rest was easy, pulling the large scroll from his back, he chuckled in glee as he fingered the folded scroll opening.

"What technique should I learn, maybe I can learn a few" he thought to himself, he unfurled the scroll slowly; a sense of secrecy and excitement filled the air. He shivered as the scroll gave a brief glow before it unrolled. The young boys' eyes widened as they roamed over the intricate explanations, hand seals, artistic pictures of many different jutsu, he felt a drop of drool hit the side of his mouth

"I could learn anything" he thought to himself with joy, he stopped and read through one of the shorter instructions, a single hand seal, and a clone would present itself.

"Shadow clones, Gah, I can't do a normal clone let alone a stronger one, but wait, this one is for higher level ninja, those who have a lot of chakra" he thought to himself, but still the thought of training for a clone seemed to irk him

"I don't have the patience to learn the shadow clone jutsu….wait what is this" he thought in confusion, what started out as a black ink spot, became an elaborate drawing, seals wove in-between each other, and as he unfurled the scroll, he laid the scroll across the soft grass of the clearing. He stood back with wide eyes; the large seal was a mixture of strange fuuinjutsu language, alchemic circles, and large black rings with kanji in the middle, the space in the centre was large enough for someone to place two palms face down. Naruto frowned as his eyes roamed over the seal, his eyes zoning on the writing at the end of the seal, the writing was still hidden under the scroll, moving slowly; his hand unrolled the scroll more to read the passage next to large seal.

"Kushina Uzumaki would have made the Uzumaki clan proud, and her father. It pains me to write these instructions in their place, but I am only writing what they instructed me to write, should they not have enough time to do it themselves, they had to do something that made them feel terrible, Minato and Kushina suffered enough, only for them to have to place one of the strongest fuuinjutsu seals on their own son. Naruto was born with his mothers red hair, and a face almost identical to his fathers, and yet in it all his eyes echoed his grandfather, those piercing silver orbs, but what drove Kushina and Minato to their decision, is the way his eyes changed with a cry and blue flames erupted from the fire braziers, of course, due to the Kyuubi, they were not able to calm him, he almost burnt the cavern he was born in, his flames were that strong, this seal is the key to unlocking the seal placed upon him, I hope whoever is reading this, be it my successor, or Naruto himself. Use this seal with caution, Naruto if it is you reading this, and I am not around to tell you, know that your parents were over the moon that you were able to continue on your grandfather's bloodline. To activate the seal, place both hands in the centre, and with your chakra, pulse it through until you can feel the ends of the seal, then let the seal do the rest. I am not sure what will happen. Hiruzen Sarutobi, Third Hokage" Naruto read and found the detailed instructions of his supposed seal.

"I…Is…Is this a joke" he whispered out, his eyes tearing up slightly.

"How do I know they are talking about me, it could just be another Naruto" Naruto thought sadly, but he couldn't help re-read the message. His heart thumped, he wouldn't be missed; he convinced himself.

"If this seal is not for me, no doubt it will kill me, I just, I hope it was about me" the young boy in orange thought to himself, he shuffled on his knees, his heart pounding in his ears, his hands landing lightly on the parchment of the scroll, he took a steadying breath. And without so much as a second thought Naruto pushed chakra through the seal, he closed his eyes in concentration, he felt the seal on the parchment suck his chakra network dry, he felt his arms wobble as the last of his chakra left his body, he frowned slightly as he felt something, hidden deep within himself, the lack of his chakra helped him notice, there was a presence there, menacing and destructive. But before he had a chance to investigate further, the chakra slammed back into him, he opened his eyes as pain racked through his body, he looked down as the seal began to draw up his body, the burning ink seared his skin, he noticed the ghostly alchemic circles seemed to be hovering over the drew circles, Naruto felt the seals penetrate his body, his scalp felt itchy, his eyes were aching, his whole face felt horrible, in fact his mind as well seemed to be expanding, he could think clearly, even as the pain racked through his body, causing shivers to float through his spine, his hands were shaking, his forearms were covered in black lines and fuuinjutsu kanji, he felt a choke fly through his chest, yet when he tried to cough, it seemed to stay lodged in his throat. He felt a wetness escape from his ears, some trickled down from his nose. That was when he felt it, it felt like someone had burst open a locked door; he could practically feel the click of the lock, as a fire tore through his body. Hiruzen Sarutobi stood on the roof of the hokage building, a pipe hung in his mouth, ninja would occasionally drop behind him to give their reports; he sighed wearily as another jonin dropped behind him, in a low bow.

"We still haven't found him hokage-sama; we don't know where he could have gone" said the jonin, Hiruzen sighed and nodded

"Call all of the jonin back, I need to speak with them" said Hiruzen, the jonin bowed silently, the sound of him leaving was the only thing alerting Hiruzen that the ninja had listened, he blew out a plume of smoke and looked at the hokage monument, the past hokage's faces carved into the mountain face.

"Where are you Naruto" thought the old man, disapproval echoed in his thoughts.

"All the jonin are here hokage-sama" said the previous nameless jonin, Hiruzen turned to address them

"Everyone, I have sent a close friend of Naruto's to go fetch him, he seems to know where Naruto could have gone" said Hiruzen, he was about to continue when a bright blue light lit up all the jonin's faces, turning sharply, he felt the pipe fall from his mouth.

"Oh no" he thought to himself, over the large hokage monument, and the trees lined behind it, a giant blue dragon flew high into the sky, its blue light lit the whole of Konoha, the dragons eyes were a piercing silver, nobody could hear the painful cry of a child, but the simultaneous giant roar of the large dragon echoed over the entire village. Sasuke looked at the dragon with a frown; he watched as a large gust of wind followed the roar, a couple of trees flew off of the mountain; the other trees from a distance seemed to be vibrating. Hiruzen shielded his eyes as debris from the large gust of wind, he watched as uprooted trees flew into the village.

"Jonin, damage control" said Hiruzen quickly, they all nodded and began disappearing to prevent damage.

"Come on Iruka, why didn't you find him as you said" thought Hiruzen, he watched as the dragon was about to roar once more, when it suddenly began to disperse, it let out a low growl, almost moan like in its tone, it seemed to shrink and disappear.

"Hokage-sama, are you okay" asked the concerned anbu, Hiruzen waved an arm

"I am fine, please go see if Naruto is okay" said Hiruzen, the anbu nodded slightly, some even looked surprised though their faces were hidden. Iruka sighed and wiped the sweat off of his brow, the wind that had torn through the woodland area had all but burned his skin off, and as he moved through the tree line and coughed; he took in the image that greeted his deep brown eyes. The clearing that had started off small had been extended, the grass no longer green, but instead a crisp black, the trees that hadn't been torn up, were scorched black. His eyes widened as he noticed there was someone led face down in the centre of the clearing, Iruka coughed as a gust of wind tore up some loose charred grass, moving towards the centre, he tried to ignore the crunch under his feet, instead of the usual soft footings of grass, as Iruka got closer he felt himself sigh in relief, the forbidden scroll seemed completely intact, a few scorch marks along the side, but other than that the scroll was fine, he watched as the person led in the centre of the clearing was actually led across the scroll, Iruka noticed how his body was steaming, his clothes had become nonexistent, Iruka noticed that the scraps of clothes that were left were bright orange, gasping Iruka looked at the person closely. He frowned at the hair first, some of the roots were a bright red, stretching out right to the end; a few strands were still blonde, whilst other parts were still completely blonde. He frowned slightly as he got closer, he tilted the persons head towards him and he gasped, whisker marks.

"Naruto, Naruto are you okay" asked Iruka in a panic, Naruto wheezed out a cough

"Not so loud….Iruka-sensei" coughed Naruto, Iruka sighed and felt a relieved smile grace his face, Naruto cracked open an eye and smiled through the pain.

"Are…Are you okay Naruto" asked Iruka, his eyes wide with panic, he realised belatedly that Naruto's eyes had changed colour, the once azure gaze had changed to a shocking silver, black and blue slashes through his eyes, making the silver seem to shine, the molten pools of metal stared at him with a frown

"Is something on my face Iruka-sensei" asked Naruto with another cough, Iruka blinked slightly and smiled

"Your eye colour is different, silver, I like it" said Iruka with a brotherly smile, Naruto chuckled, but winced in pain.

"That means the seal worked, Iruka-sensei, who was Minato" asked Naruto seemingly out of nowhere, Iruka thought for a second before smiling

"The fourth hokage if I remember correctly, why" asked Iruka, he watched as tears grew in Naruto's eyes, they fell down his face easily, pooling on the scroll, Naruto shook his head minutely

"No reason" said Naruto simply, Iruka sighed and looked at the scroll

"Naruto…" sighed Iruka, Naruto felt more tears form

"I guess I fail yeah" asked Naruto, Iruka frowned slightly

"What do you mean fail" asked Iruka softly, Naruto just shook his head and cried, Iruka watched as the dark seals lining Naruto's body begin to fade away, but judging by the seals everywhere, it would take some more time.

"Take me to the old man" said Naruto, Iruka frowned slightly, Naruto noticed and sighed "I can't move sensei" said Naruto, Iruka sighed and nodded, after rolling up the scroll and hoisting Naruto up onto his shoulder, once Iruka got a closer look at Naruto it was then he realised Naruto had changed slightly, his face was more angular, his eyes shape was slightly different, and above all his hair was still changing, and eyes that seemed to capture his attention every time, slowly he carried a stumbling Naruto through the forest.

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