47. Thank You Uzukage

Naruto floated in and out of consciousness, he was sinking beneath the surface, he could see the faces of his precious people, the people he swore to protect, his grandfathers words of wisdom, Anko and Ibiki, for making him who he was. Hinata, she was taken because of him, and he wasn't strong enough to protect her. He had all of this power, and all he had done was needlessly destroy hundreds of ninja.

"So weak, but you boy have made a big mistake" growled Kurama, Naruto felt his blood freeze at the malice in the foxes voice, Naruto knew at the moment, an apology would probably not be accepted.

"I am sorry Kurama, I was stupid" said Naruto, Kurama snorted.

"You know how I feel about the sharingan and you…" started Kurama, Naruto nodded; he drifted in the mental black.

"I am eternally sorry, it doesn't matter now, I am dead" said Naruto, Kurama sighed.

"I understand brat, don't think I am going to forgive you that easily, but if you let me have some fun, I may be able to overlook your little indiscretion" said Kurama, Naruto frowned slightly.

"What do you know" said Naruto, Kurama chuckled deeply.

"Being stuck in a sharingan inside a Jinchuuriki is a first, especially by the Jinchuuriki, I was able to step out of my body, I studied that little jutsu, and I wish to get out for a little while, I promise your little girlfriend won't be harmed" said Kurama, Naruto felt the coldness creeping on him.

"But I am dying" said Naruto, Kurama laughed.

"I am a chakra being, combine my healing with the Uzumaki healing, I am sure a few punctures are easy, do we have a deal?" questioned Kurama, Naruto nodded, he watched three red tomoes spin, and before the confusion could hit, his world went dark. In the real world, Naruto's body was still sinking, then the Kyuubi's uncondensed chakra erupted, Orochimaru and Kabuto, who was carrying the now awake Hinata and stumbling Sasuke walked back to the edge of cliff. The water was rippling.

"Hohoho, this boy is tenacious" said Orochimaru, Hinata couldn't move her body, but she knew who was there, she could feel Naruto's energy.

"Lord Orochimaru, should we just leave, we are not ready to fight him in that state" said Kabuto, Orochimaru laughed.

"Kimimaro, come fight" said Orochimaru, Kabuto turned and watched a young man step out of the tree line. He had pale skin, vivid green eyes, masculine facial features, two dots on his forehead and shoulder-length white hair. Which he wore divided down the middle on his head with two separate partings on either side of his face.

"You should have let me fight him sooner" said Kimimaro, Orochimaru just chuckled.

"I needed to weaken him" said Orochimaru, he was about to talk when the chakra doubled.

"To think the brat could train his body to the extent quarter my power output doesn't affect his body" thought Kurama; he finally took control of Naruto's body, he raised his hand towards the surface, his hand was surrounded by a glowing red orb.

"Let's welcome chaos" said Kurama, and he clenched his fist. Orochimaru and team watched as the blood red water erupted, Naruto's floating body in the epicentre, an evil smile on his face; the water was pushed up the side of the cliff in a giant orb.Orochimaru watched as Naruto's eyes opened, and then he was gone. In an instant, Kabuto went flying across the valley, slamming into the side, Kimimaro dashed forward to strike, but his arm was snapped easily, and then tossed into the forestry uncaringly, Orochimaru froze as Naruto's pupil expanded, filling his eyes completely, the sclera turning black, then three small red orbs formed, making three red tomoes, a red pupil in the centre.

"H…how" muttered Orochimaru, but a foot was planted in the side of his head. He rocketed over the valley, he looked up as Naruto slammed his feet into his stomach, Orochimaru coughed out as he was thrown downwards; before he could stand he saw two feet floating on the red surface, the red water falling like rain. Naruto kicked Orochimaru in the side of the head, sending him spinning towards the bank at Madara's feet, Orochimaru felt a hand wrap around his ankle, and in a super fast spin he was rocketed into the mountain wall.

"So strong" thought Orochimaru, he looked up and saw Naruto stood in front of him, Orochimaru struck out at his fastest, Naruto simply side stepped, catching one of his fists, Naruto slammed a fist into Orochimaru's stomach, then did a high kick as Orochimaru doubled over, kicking him in the jaw. Sasuke sat looking shocked, Naruto was moving faster than he ever had before, he was destroying Orochimaru and Kabuto, Hinata was looking calm, her eyes worried, but Sasuke could tell they were worried for Naruto. Orochimaru managed to get a lucky shot in, but his fist just cracked against Naruto's jaw, Naruto stood as if the strike did not affect him. He grabbed Orochimaru's arm and snapped harshly, Orochimaru gritted his teeth, Naruto spun, pulling Orochimaru by his broken arm, Naruto then ran up Orochimaru's body, and once he was at Orochimaru's head height, he kicked with both feet, Orochimaru was rocketed backwards, Naruto's hand flashed through seals at break neck speeds, three massive dragons were fired with frightening speed towards Orochimaru, as Orochimaru's back hit the wall, the dragons hit one after the other. Sasuke was wide eyed; Kabuto had climbed out of the rubble and looked slightly frightened. Kimimaro limped forward, his leg twisted at a horrible angle.

"LORD OROCHIMARU" cried out Kimimaro, he blurred, he was in midair behind Naruto, but Naruto spun, his hand grabbing Kimimaro's neck and snapping instantly. Sasuke winced and Hinata just looked shocked.

"Well he didn't last as long as I hoped" said Orochimaru, Naruto let out an animalistic growl and Orochimaru's eyes lit up.

"Ah so I have the honour of fighting the Kyuubi, you are doing well considering you are sealed within a human" said Orochimaru, he blurred and hit Naruto twice, rocketing Naruto backwards, Naruto flipped and landed on all fours, he tensed and the water exploded as he disappeared. Shikamaru and Jiraiya broke through the tree line first; the first thing that hit them was the stench, the smell of death. Kiba, Shino and Sakura came through next, they too gagged at the stench, the jonin sensei came next; each had a grim look on their face. The leaf ninja looked over the cliff and felt their eyes widen, the carnage, the bloody water, Naruto causing Orochimaru of the sannin to play defensive and failing at it.

"That is not Naruto" said Jiraiya, Sakura looked shocked.

"How can you tell" questioned Kiba, Jiraiya looked tense.

"I just can" said Jiraiya, the jonin moved forward.

"Come on, let's do what we came here for" said Kurenai, the other jonin nodded, Kakashi looked sad slightly.

"What are you going to do?" questioned Sakura, her voice panicked.

"We are going to stop Naruto" said Asuma, the jonin all moved. Orochimaru laughed, Naruto growled as he sensed the others joining the fight.

"Looks like I win this time Kyuubi" said Orochimaru, he disappeared and landed next to Sasuke, he took one look at Hinata and sighed.

"It's a shame, but if I try to take you, I fear I wouldn't get us away fast enough" said Orochimaru, his voice sounded upset. Hinata shivered slightly, control of her body hadn't returned properly yet. The jonin landed and watched as Kabuto blurred, and Orochimaru, Sasuke and Kabuto disappeared in spirals of fire. Jiraiya and Shikamaru landed too late, but they saw Hinata sat on her knees frozen.

"Naruto, I do not wish to fight you" said Kakashi, Naruto was stood looking at them; Kakashi was shocked to see Naruto's eyes, as were the other jonin. Naruto gave them a nod and the black and red receded leaving Naruto's normal sharingan, before that too faded into silver.

"I…have to see her" stuttered Naruto, exhausted, the jonin looked speculative, but Kakashi simply grabbed Naruto and leapt up to where Hinata was now led.

"Here she is, she can hear you but can't respond" said Shikamaru, Naruto looked at them.

"Leave us please" said Naruto, Jiraiya was about to say something, but Shikamaru shook his head.

"Okay Naruto, but five minutes okay, you can push yourself more than that" said Kakashi, Naruto nodded exhaustedly. It was then just Hinata and himself.

"Hinata, I know you can hear me, I just want to tell you…I really like you…I will tell you why…" said Naruto, but he felt the darkness take hold of him, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.


Naruto awoke with a pounding headache, his eyes hurt, when he opened them he was met with nothing but black, he sat up his hands moving to his eyes. He felt two soft hands touch his hands.

"Naruto-kun, you have to leave it on" said Hinata softly, Naruto frowned fearing the worse.

"Am I okay" questioned Naruto, He felt Hinata's hand travelled to his cheek.

"Yeah, Lady Tsunade just wanted to be sure, you had some serious eyestrain" said Hinata, Naruto felt tears leave his eyes, his hands shakily moving to cup Hinata's hands that had covered his cheeks.

"You are okay" said Naruto in relief, Hinata moved and pressed her lips to Naruto's forehead.

"Thanks to you" said Hinata, Naruto sighed and shook his head.

"Where are we?" questioned Naruto, Hinata smiled though Naruto couldn't see it, he could feel it.

"We are in the leaf village, have been for two weeks." Said Hinata, Naruto raised an eyebrow in shock.

"Really, god, I didn't know I was that hurt" said Naruto, Hinata giggled softly. Naruto smiled at her.

"What is it?" questioned Naruto with a smile.

"Naruto-kun, you were hardly hurt at all, people are talking about you, your name has already travelled all over the world; you are the Leafs Burning Flash, the destroyer of Oto forces" said Hinata, Naruto smiled at her.

"You are so beautiful" said Naruto, Hinata flushed. Naruto had bandages wrapped around his eyes, his short hair was unstyled.

"Did you mean what you said…" questioned Hinata, Naruto smiled and nodded.

"I really like you Hinata Hyuga" said Naruto, he heard a small suck of air and then heard a loud thud.

"HINATA-CHAN" called out Naruto; he attempted to get off of the bed, but heard his door open.

"Naruto, what happened to Miss Hyuga" questioned a stern Tsunade, Naruto sighed.

"I told her I liked her and she just collapsed on me" said Naruto, Tsunade sighed and lifted Hinata up and placed her in the hospital bed with Naruto.

"You are lucky Naruto, your eyes took a severe damaging from the Kyuubi's chakra, how do you feel" questioned Tsunade, Naruto frowned.

"I feel perfectly fine, except I can't see" said Naruto, Tsunade sighed.

"I know Naruto, but it is a precaution, now Jiraiya wants to talk to you" said Tsunade, Naruto nodded and heard his sensei walk in.

"Naruto, how are you?" questioned Jiraiya, Naruto shrugged, he felt Tsunade start checking on his bandages and equipment.

"Fine sensei, a bit tired" said Naruto, Jiraiya chuckled.

"Don't worry, that will where off, now I won't keep you, so I was wondering, if after your training and ANBU course, would you like to come train with me, I can teach you your fathers technique, and help tighten up that which you need to tighten" said Jiraiya, Naruto nodded quickly, though it caused him a head rush.

"I would be crazy to deny such a request" said Naruto, Jiraiya laughed and patted Naruto on the head.

"Get some rest, Burning Flash" said Jiraiya, Naruto flushed and Jiraiya laughed.


Naruto was awoken by someone shaking him; he sat up quickly and heard a small eep. Naruto's arms expertly caught Hinata's small frame.

"Hinata, are you okay" questioned Naruto, Hinata squeezed Naruto's hands.

"I am fine Naruto-kun, I heard you were going training" said Hinata, Naruto sighed and pulled Hinata onto the bed, his cheeks blushing, he was sure Hinata was as well.

"Yeah, five years, I really meant what I said" said Naruto, Hinata giggled slightly.

"I know, I do too, like you that is" said Hinata, Naruto swore he could feel her blush. Naruto ducked his head, using chakra to help him sense. He placed his lips against Hinata's, a sweet caress against her lips.

"Wait for me" said Naruto softly, Hinata giggled, pressing her lips to Naruto's.

"Always will" said Hinata, both smiled at eachother, and though Naruto couldn't see, the moment was still sweet. Both knew the future was going to be dangerous, but they knew, together they could face it.

"Thank you grandfather, Daisuke Uzumaki, Third Uzukage" thought Naruto, knowing his grandfather had made the difference in Naruto's life, he had helped shape Naruto into the person he was; he gave Naruto the power to protect.


And that is the end, a little anti-climatic to say the least, but I felt that it finished the right way, there are no fillers, no long explanation ruining any secrets, Naruto admitted he liked Hinata, and the future looks bright.

Or does it…


"I am going to enjoy ripping off your limbs." said Kisame, Naruto chuckled and blurred. Kisame ducked backwards, an ethereal katana passed over his head. Naruto had his metal bar in his hand; Kisame looked at it in awe.

"What?" questioned Naruto, Kisame smirked.

"When I kill you, I want that blade." said Kisame, Naruto spun the blade in his hand, his finger in the loop. Kisame lunged with a speed Naruto hadn't expected; Naruto ducked, and dodged all of Kisame's strikes. Naruto rolled over Kisame's shoulders, spinning, blades clashed together, Kisame smirked and Naruto watched as his blade disappeared.

"Shit!" thought Naruto, he backward flipped as Kisame swung wildly; Naruto landed on his feet and twisted his body to the side.

"So that's the weakness to that blade." Said Kisame, Naruto's eyes quickly darted around the battlefield, he saw his friends holding their own, but they were being pushed back, Itachi doing most of the pushing. Naruto flipped to the side Kisame's blade slamming into the ground, Naruto ran up the side of the blade, feeling his chakra get sucked into the sword briefly. Naruto spun the hilt in his hand, using the ring on the side of the bar, holding it in a reverse grip, Naruto moved to slice Kisame's head off. Kisame ducked backward, Naruto elegantly flipped over Kisame, Naruto landed on his feet, spun and stabbed his sword upwards, still in reverse grip, the sword piercing Kisame's head. Kisame's body changed to water, Naruto cursed, spinning his body, the metal in his hand spinning into a normal grip, Naruto slashed across, his sword colliding with Kisame's, before his sword shimmered out. Naruto cursed, rolling his body to the left, Kisame's sword hitting the floor once again. Naruto spun his foot, kicking the side of the sword, the sword swung wide, leaving Kisame wide open, Naruto smirked, the silver bar once again spinning into reverse grip, Naruto blurred, appearing behind Kisame, a blue line followed Naruto, through Kisame, Naruto blurred back, another line appearing at a different angle, Naruto repeated this a couple of times. Neji watched as Kisame was stood, with six different angled blue lines through him, Naruto blurred, a line appeared through Kisame's neck, Naruto appeared in midair, Naruto slid the metal bar in its holster, Naruto crouched his knees, his hand reaching down to feet level. Kakashi and Neji watched as a strange blue alchemic circle appeared out of nowhere, Naruto stretched out his other hand; chakra began to spin, forming an orb in his hand. Naruto dived down, using the blue alchemic circle as a spring board, the alchemic circle disappeared; Naruto slammed the spiralling orb into Kisame's frozen body, Kisame thrashed slightly, before he was thrown away, spiralling into a tree. Naruto rolled onto his feet, swinging his arm out, his bright blue Katana extended, the Akatsuki troopers began to shift uncomfortably. Naruto felt Kisame's chakra pulse, Naruto looked around, his teammates were looking worse for wear; Itachi was doing an expert job of weakening them, and combined with the troopers; they wouldn't last long.

"I am sorry Jiraiya-sensei." thought Naruto.

"Careful Brat." said Kurama, Naruto nodded mentally, he stood; Kisame was moving towards him quickly. Naruto was stood with his eyes closed.

"NARUTO MOVE!" yelled Kakashi, Kisame was right behind Naruto. Naruto was stood, his hair blowing in the breeze, Naruto opened his left eye.


I am evil, but that was a little preview into the next chapter of The Third Uzukage, Naruto returns after five years, the world has changed drastically and Naruto and his friends must fight the growing Akatsuki threat.

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