Mmmm, Apples.

E/O Challenge: Bake - 100 words on the dot!

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"Did you get it?"

"Well, you're still breathing right?"

"So it's over?"

"Yup, done like dinner. Bastard's been fried up black and crispy like, served with a side order of..."

"Okay dude, I get the idea."

"... roasted a-la Winchester, like a greasy pig on a spit man. Huh, remind me to bring an apple next time."

"What? Why?"

"You know, for the bonfire … mmmm…. Love me an apple baked on a fricken stick."

"Are… I mean, are you actually drooling right now?"

"Nah man, but I definitely got a craving for pie. I'm starving, let's go eat."

"You're unbelievable."

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