Hello again! This is the second of my 'Little One' series. If you have not read 'Little One' this story will make little to no sense to you. Just a warning. Now, on with my tale!

Harry POV

"Have fun, check in with Severus after the welcoming feast, even if you aren't in Slytherin you hear? And do try to be careful-" Draco tried to bat his mother's hands away as she fussed over the two of us. Lucius rolled his eyes and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"They'll be fine love. Once they are sorted-"

"Owl us which house you are sorted into! Remember, it doesn't matter to us which house you get, we will be proud of both of you not matter what, even if you are in Hufflepuff, who knows, it might be a nice house- " Draco and Lucius both looked horrified by this.

"Narcissa, they need to go." Lucius said when she opened her mouth to continue. She nodded and hugged us both tightly before tearfully stepping back. Lucius wrapped an arm around each of us and whispered "Make your escape before the tears come."

"Come on Harry!" Draco exclaimed as he dragged me towards the train as fast as he could, ignoring all of the reminders his mother was calling after us. "We need to get a good compartment! Gred and Forge already got our trunks on board, good work remembering to lock the trunks; we would have some nasty surprises waiting for us tonight if you hadn't remembered that…"

I followed my older brother silently, smiling as I looked upon the Hogwarts Express. Dad had sneered about how it was nothing special, just like 'any other blasted train', but I thought it was magnificent.

"Here we are!" Draco pulled me into one of the compartments in the second car, flopping down onto the seat on the right side. I sat across from him, looking at him in amusement.

"And here I was, under the impression that Malfoys were far more dignified that the rest of us lowly life forms." I teased.

"Oh quiet you; I may sit how I like." Draco said, smirking smugly as he kicked his feet up onto the seat to prove his point. "And no one will tell me differently!"

"Budge over." George said as he and Fred barged in, shoving Draco's feet off the seat and plopping down on either side of him. "Aww, our little Blondie and Squirt, all grown up and going to Hogwarts!"

"I'm not ready for them to grow up Forge!" Fred wailed.

"Nor am I Gred!" George cried back before they both threw up their arms up in the air and then collapsed into hugging Draco, fake sobbing on his shoulders while the blonde glared at them in annoyance.

"Don't you two have friends?" he sneered, trying to shake off the twins unsuccessfully.

"Of course, Lee will be looking for us." Said Fred, the two simultaneously standing up.

"Don't think-"

"-that if you don't make-"

"-it into the lion's den-"

"-we won't-"

"-still check up on you!"

"Good luck-"

"-at the sorting!"

And with that, they were gone. Draco rolled his eyes and closed the compartment door after them, muttering under his breath about the twins being unnatural, just as he always did when the twins spoke together.

"What house do you think we will make?" I asked, knowing that this would get Draco talking again.

"If I get Hufflepuff I am just going home, it's not worth the humiliation. If you get Hufflepuff I will cry and then never acknowledge what house you are in, ever. My little brother, in Hufflepuff? The horror!" Draco instantly began, not noticing when I sat back and just smiled at him as he ranted. "Ravenclaw would be alright, I suppose. Won't be surprised if you get in Ravenclaw, with how much time you spend with your nose in a book…"

"Reading is fun!" I protested. Draco responded by raising one pale eyebrow.

"Do you hear yourself?" I rolled my eyes.

"You like reading and you know it Draco." I snorted.

"And you'll never hear me admit it, especially never referring to it as 'fun'." My older brother snorted. "Which is why I won't end up in Ravenclaw. As for Gryffindor, I would rather die than be in a house with such obnoxious colors."

"You just don't want to be with the twins."

"Yes, well, the colors are also obnoxious. You can be in Gryffindor all you want, I'll pass thank you very much. Now Slytherin… that's where I hope we are sorted. Also Blaise and Pansy will be in Slytherin, the five of us would have a wonderful time together. Now, there's also no guarantee that we-" he gestured to the two of us. "-will be in the same house. So we will need to use the passages on that weird map the twins showed us."

I nodded, giving Draco a smile while inside I was beginning to panic a bit. If Draco and I weren't in the same house, and I wasn't in Gryffindor…then I would be alone.

"Hey, calm down, you're going to get yourself all worked up over nothing." Draco snorted, ruffling my hair. I batted his hands away, scowling at him while he snickered.

"Dray, what was that for?" I complained, trying to smooth down my hair. "It never stays down anyway! If I did that to your hair, you would murder me."

"This is correct." Draco said, smirking at me. Before I could make a leap for him to mess up his hair, our compartment door opened.

"Have you seen a toad? A boy named Neville has lost one." a girl with bushy brown hair asked, looking between us expectantly.

"No, sorry, we haven't." Draco replied. I shook my head in agreement. "Who buys a toad as a pet? Disgusting creatures…" the girl rolled her eyes at Draco's comment.

"Well, if you see one, could you bring it to compartment four in car three? That's where Neville is."

"You think I would pick up a toad? And get warts? You're clearly insane." Draco said his upper lip curling in disgust. The girl's eyes narrowed and she seemed to puff up, so I decided that Draco wouldn't be the one to finish the talking. Before she could do more than open her mouth, I broke in.

"If we see one, we will bring it by." I promised quietly, smiling at her softly. The girls gaze turned to me, and she studied me for a second before she smiled back.

"Thank you…?"

"Harry Potter. This is my older brother Draco Malfoy." I said.

"But your surname is Potter and his is Malfoy, and you're both first years…how is he your older brother?" she asked, looking between us. "And you look nothing alike."

This was true. I was just under four feet tall, while Draco was already nearly four and a half. My hair is pitch black and messy, while his is almost white and always perfect. His eyes are silver, mine a weirdly bright green. My skin is tan, while his is extremely pale, and I still weigh a good twenty pounds less than Draco.

"He is my God brother." Draco said coldly, sneering at the girl.

"Wizards have God parents to?" she exclaimed excitedly.

"We are magical, not a different species." Draco sneered, obviously reaching the end of his tolerance for the girl.

"I know that." She snapped. "My name is Hermione Granger." This seemed more directed at me than at Draco.

"How would you know that? Your obviously muggle born. For all you know, all of us pure blood and half-blood wizards could have two hearts, or six toes a foot, or we could have gills, or grow to be over seven feet tall. You'd have no way of knowing, so don't take such a tone with me." Draco hissed, ignoring Hermione's introduction.

She gaped at Draco a second before huffing and stalking out of the compartment, but I saw the flash of pain in her eyes before she turned to leave. The door slammed shut behind her, and Draco sat back, smirking.

"That was mean Draco." I said, frowning at my older brother.

"She was being irritating." Draco snorted, waving off my concerns. "Common, we should get changed, we'll be there soon."


My eyes searched the head table as Professor McGonagall led all of us first years through the Great Hall. Finally I spotted my dad, sitting at the far left side of the table, eyes glued on Draco and me. I beamed at him and waved, and he nodded in return.

"Harry, look, its Remus!" Draco whispered excitedly, pointing to the far right side of the head table. I followed his gaze and sure enough, Remus was sitting there giving us a small smile and a little wave. "What do you think he is teaching?"

"Percy said that he replaced Professor Bins, ghost only realized he was dead over the summer." Ron Weasley whispered to us before going back to his conversation with the Irish boy next to him.

"Wonder why he and Dad aren't sitting next to each other…" I commented, looking between the two adults.

"Dumbledore." Draco sneered. "I'll bet he put them as far away from each other as he possibly could. He didn't even want to hire them back, but he didn't have much choice did he? Not with the school board all congratulating Uncle Sev on the job when we turned ten, a year before he was actually coming back to teach."

"I suppose…" I trailed off as Professor McGonagall moved to stand next to the stool with the sorting hat on it, staring down at all of us with pursed lips. The entire hall fell silent almost instantly, and she cleared her throat as the last of the noise died down.

"Abbot, Hannah." A small girl scurried up to the stool and sat down shakily, eyes flicking all around the room before they were covered by the sorting hat covering her head.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" the hat yelled out.

"No surprise there, the girl looked ready to pee herself." Draco muttered to me. I slapped my hand over my mouth so I wouldn't laugh, and elbowed him in the side. "Ow! You know it's true Potter, don't try to silence me!"

Draco and I bickered quietly until I heard Professor McGonagall call out "Ganger, Hermione." I shushed Draco, wanting to hear where the girl went. The hat sat on her heads for a few moments, longer than anyone else who had gone at this point, before calling out "GRYFFINDOR!"

"Well that's a surprise." Draco said to me as the table next to us erupted in cheers. "Thought she would have been a Ravenclaw, she is more than snotty enough to be in the book worm house…"

"Be nice!" I scolded.

"Yes mother." Draco said mockingly.

Professor McGonagall went down the list, and Draco would comment on nearly every sorting. 'So many Hufflepuffs this year, far more than there should be.' 'Greengrass got Slytherin? How? That girl hasn't got anything between her ears, much less a brain!' 'Longbottom got Gryffindor? He looks ready to be sick!'

"Malfoy, Draco!" Draco grinned.

"Wish me luck little brother!" he whispered before straightening and strutting up to the stool and sitting down, head held high.

The hat had hardly touched his head when it yelled out "SLYTHERIN!" Draco smirked, but his eyes were nearly glowing when they met mine. Slytherin how was clapping, while the twins were standing on top of their chairs whooping loudly to the confusion of the other houses.

"Yeah Blondie!"

"We knew you would get in the snake pit!"

Draco ignored them and walked towards the Slytherin table, sitting down next to Gregory Goyle instead of Daphne Greengrass, who looked disappointed.

"Parkinson, Pansy." I grinned at Pansy as she passed to me go up to the stool, and she gave me a little wave and smile before leaving the crowd and walking up towards the hat. When the hat was placed on her head, she jumped a bit then relaxed, though her knuckles were still white where she was gripping the stool.

"SLYTHERIN!" Pansy grinned and handed the hat back to Professor McGonagall before nearly running over to Draco, who had moved over a seat so that there were two seats free next to him. She sat down between him and Goyle, sitting as far away from Goyle as she possibly could without sitting on Draco.

"Potter, Harry."

My heart nearly stopped as my name was called.

This was it.