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Harry POV

"Careful...careful..." Draco muttered as I carefully tipped a bottle of glowing blue liquid over the potion we had been brewing in our dorm bathroom.

"Draco, shut up, I know what I'm doing! You're going to make me mess up if you keep that up!" I hissed, pausing to glare at my brother.

"I can't help it, I don't want to have to start all over again, Pansy nearly got caught by your dad stealing the ingredients for this batch, and Uncle Severus isn't stupid if more ingredients go missing he is going to come knocking on our door!" he grimaced before adding "Or come knocking our door down."

"Would you like do it then?" I snapped, offering him the bottle. Draco's eyes went wide, going from the bottle to me and then back again. I stared back, challenging him with my eyes. When he didn't move I smirked and turned back around. "Thats what I thought. Now hush and let me work!" carefully allowing four drops of the glowing liquid to escape into the potion before screwing the cap back on.

"So assuming you don't mess this up, the potion will be done by tonight right?" Draco pressed, hovering over my shoulder to look at the now green concoction in the cauldron.

"Yes Draco." I said, ignoring the jab at my abilities. "Tonight we will all be able to take the animagus potion- but don't get all excited, it just helps us find our animal so we can start focusing on our transformations."

"How is that not something to be excited about?! I hope I'm something awesome, like Uncle Sev! I mean, how cool would it be to turn into a panther? If I'm something lame like a cat or something I'm going to be soooo mad..."

Shaking my head, I tuned out my ranting brother in favor of re-reading the final instructions of the potion. This potion has taken us nearly a month to finish, and after starting later than we had intended due to our new years resolution. A smile spread across my face. Tonight, we would all finally figure out our spirit animals!

Severus POV

"Remus. Its been awhile." I said, looking at my haggard friend who had collapsed in one of my chairs. I had not seen the werewolf since Dumbledore had forced him from his Hogwarts post with the threat of exposing his condition to the ministry.

"It feels longer than it was Severus, believe me." Remus said drily.

"You look positively dreadful." I sneered. I wasn't exaggerating at all. Remus clothes were dirty and torn, his skin a completely different tone then I remember due to the grime and dirt, hair greasy and limp and starting to grey. His face was sunken in, and the bags under his eyes nearly black. Remus was so much thinner than when I last saw him- he truly looked as if he'd been to hell and back.

"Why thank you Severus. Dumbledores people ran me out of most places I tried to go you know. I had a long journey getting to where I could floo here. I'm sick of this Severus." Remus said, eyes flashing gold. I frowned as I leaned forward on my desk, pushing aside my essays I needed to grade.

"Where are you going that you thought it such a big move you needed to tell me? When you left you said you wanted to keep what I knew to a minimum Remus, what changed?" I inquired, worried for my friend though I would not admit so.

"Greybacks pack." Remus answered quietly. I froze, forcing my eyes not to widen.

"You think that wise?" I asked him slowly studying his face.

"I don't have much of a choice, with werewolves is the only place I can be where I won't be run off for being one. It occurred to me that everything I know of my...sire...is what Dumbledore has told me. Maybe the pack isn't so bad, maybe all those Greyback stories are just stories."

"And if they aren't?"

"Guess I'll find out the hard way. You'll fix me up if it ends too badly." Neither of us said anything after that, knowing the chances of him getting away if it ended badly were very slim.

"You could live in my house."

"And give Dumbledore a reason to declare your home unsafe for Harry? I think not Severus."

"You could live with Lucius, he wouldn't mind."

"The Malfoy family is labeled dark for a number of reasons, no need to increase those and give them further trouble."

"The Potters family home."

"That can be traced back to you."

"The Weasleys."

"Honestly Severus, the last thing they need is another mouth to feed."

"You could leave the country."

"And you and I both know that I would never make it out. Grasping at the straws is not a good look on you Severus, you should cease such behavior as soon as possible or you'll be giving out good grades and not detentions." Remus teased, attempting to lighten my mood.

"Remus, its hard to hold up reputations when a friend of yours is casually thinking of walking to their potential death." I forced my mouth into a smirk. "I suppose thats what I get for daring to befriend another gryffindor." 'especially with what happened to the first one' I added silently in my mind.

"Relax Severus. I'll be fine."

"You'll be taking this." I opened my desk drawer, pulling out a simple silver pocket watch and tossing it to the werewolf. "So if you aren't fine its because of your own stupidity...more so than putting yourself in this situation is."

"What is it?" Remus asked as he caught it, flipping it over in his hands.

"A cloaked portkey. Magic cannot be sensed on it, but it's extremely powerful. It is from my spying days, but it was also a gift from my mother, so I trust you'll treat it with care?" I said stiffly, looking away from Remus. "The password is my house elves name followed by my last name. I can't say it or off you go. As I said, very powerful. It will take you to my study, Willow will help you recover from there."

"Severus, I can't take this." Remus protested, attempting to give the watch back.

"You will take it or I will lock you in Lucius's cellar with the excuse that I was testing potions with werewolf blood or hair in them. Or trying to find a cure. Or another believable reason I'm sure I could come up with. If you go to the pack, you will be taking that with you."

"...Alright Severus. I'll send word as soon as I'm able, alright?" Remus said with a sigh, standing up and slipping the watch into his pocket.

"Its rude to leave before having tea. And looking at the time we might as well have sandwhiches as well." I said before he could make it to the fire place. He turned, giving me an odd look before shaking his head with a laugh.

"Fine Severus. I wouldn't want to be rude." He chuckled, walking back over to his chair and sitting down with a smile. "I'll stay for tea, and then I'll be on my way."

Sorry its so short, I'm still choosing some of the animagus forms. :P