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Anyway, Remus centric chapter...enjoy! (oh, and to everyone who said something about the watch being silver, werewolves in Harry Potter aren't affected, I looked it up)

Remus POV
I'm insane. Severus is right, I've finally lost it. Scrubbing a hand over my face, I looked out into the forest. One more step, and I was officially on pack territory. The scent of the border surrounded me like a warning, every instinct I had was telling me to turn back.

But I can't turn back. What did I have to turn back to? I couldn't allow Severus to help me, not when he had Harry to think about. Werewolves have no place in this world, except for out in the wilderness with their own kind. I'd been run from every town, Dumbledores followers tailing me to make sure that ' the good people of this land know exactly what they are dealing with when you come into town Lupin!', as if the article on my furry little problem hadn't been enough.

What am I even worried about? I know nothing of werewolves that wasn't told to me by Dumbledore or written by wizards. Which also meant that I have no idea what their reaction to a lone wolf, even if my sire is the alpha. Actually, would that make it worse? A wolf that had forsaken the alpha...bollocks.

Whirling around I moved away from the border, running my hands through my hair.

"What are you so nervous about Remus, you're only walking to your death. No big deal. Call yourself a Gryffindor? Lion up and walk to the camp!" I muttered, turning to look at the tree line that was now about twenty feet away.

Maybe I should just wait for a border patrol. Did werewolf packs have those? Of course they did, werewolves are very territorial. Would it be an enormous waste of time to wait for one? Probably. But then I wouldn't be trespassing when they found me, and that would be only help my case wouldn't it?

But- wait, what is that?

Tilting my head up, I took a deep breath. Wolves. Not Greyback's wolves either. These ones smelt different. Was I in another territory? They smelled far off...bloody hell, I don't know enough about wolves to know if I should be worried or not. I should have tried to research more before I came out here, or done something. Ah, but that scent there, that was Greybacks wolves! ...shit, Greybacks wolves.

Moving behind a tree, I stared at the border in apprehension. Should I go towards them? As them to take me to Greyback? Did I really come all this way to cringe behind a tree while opportunity after opportunity passed me by?

A young man with short dark brown hair and tan skin emerged from the trees, wearing only a pair of cargo pants. He was laughing and looking behind him. A nearly identical boy of maybe twelve stumbled out after him giggling.

"Watch yourself pup!" the young man snickered, a large arm going around the boy's waist to steady him. When the boy had straightened himself up the young man moved away, huge smiles covering both of their faces.

"I'm not a pup anymore Devon!" the boy protested, shoving the bigger man who didn't move at all, only laughed before gently shoving the boy back and watching in amusement as he stumbled a few feet away.

"Course you are Jay, as Pat would say 'You're a wee lad yet my boy!'" he ruffled the pouting boys hair. "Oi, don't give me that look, I brought you out here didn't I?"

"This is really the border?"

"Aye, safest one we have of course. Only pack is nearly fifty miles from here-"

My eyes widened. If the only pack that was close to this border was fifty miles out, then why could I smell wolves. Now that I thought about it, the smell was stronger now to. A lot stronger. The young mans head shot up suddenly, eyes widening as he took in the scent of the other wolves. But it was too late.

As soon as the first wolf broke out of the bushes, half transformed my instincts took over. Leaping from my own hiding spot, it took me seconds to head off the first wolf, my suddenly clawed hand connecting hard with the side of his head. He stumbled to the side with a yelp as I landed in front of the two younger wolves with a snarl.

Never had I felt anything like this. It felt like fire was flowing through my veins, like nothing could touch me. Everything was sharper, colors brighter, and I was able to pinpoint every sound. My canines had lengthened, and my fingertips transformed into claws. I hadn't known it was possible to shift at all past the full moon. My magic felt released and stronger than ever, whipping around me wildly. Was this what it truly meant to be a werewolf? I had never felt so...exhilarated.

Wolves, half transformed as I was, emerged from the bushes, growling. But unlike them, the air around me was crackling with magic. I felt a feral grin spread across my face. I have considered myself an adult for many years, but never before have I felt so alive.

I glanced behind me, only to see that 'Devon' had simply shoved 'Jay' behind him, half transformed himself as he looked with wide eyes at myself and the invaders.

"What are you doing?" I growled. "Run!"

At my order his eyes refocused and he straightened up. Sweeping the boy into his arms he bolted, not looking back. I turned back to the wolves that were starting to spread out, obviously planning to overwhelm me.

"More like what are you doing. You smell of humans, yet you defend the Greyback border? Just what chance do you think you have?" sneered a large man with mangy black hair, the wolf he had struck on the head standing next to him, glaring at me heatedly.

"Not just any humans." I said smoothly. My own confidence was surprising to me. Perhaps Severus had finally wore off on me. It took everything I had to push down the smirk that wanted to follow my comment.

"All humans smell the same to us loner." the same wolf snarled.

"Oh do they now?" Thats it Remus, no more hanging around Severus. At all. Ever. "And just how many humans have you met?"

"Enough to know any wolf who resides with them isn't one of us anymore."

"Interesting. Have you met humans who could do this?" flicking my wrist towards the wolf farthest to my left, a flash of blue light shot from my fingers and slammed into his chest. My wandless and wordless magic had always been dodgy at best, but now I felt as if I could easily best Dumbledore himself. Perhaps this was why he truly feared werewolves. With a yelp the wolf fell to the ground motionless. Taking in their shocked expressions, I smirked. "I'll take that as a no."

Even with the advantage of my magic, I was heinously outnumbered. I only took out about six before the first blow landed on me, slicing deep into my upper arm. I howled before dealing a swift blow to the head knocking the offender out. Using magic as much as I could, I continued fighting, having no idea how much time the boys needed to get back to their village, camp, whatever those settlements were called.

When someones claws tore at my left thigh I hissed, stumbling back a few steps and bracing myself on a tree. The remaining eight wolves closed in on me. I let my hand glow blue in warning, glaring at all of them.

"I thought we could just knock you out and be done with it, as dealing with you was not my plan for today...but obviously we cannot let you make it to Greybacks people. You are to much of a threat." how had I not managed to hit the black haired leader?! I glared at the man, my glowing hand distracting them from the hand inching into my pocket to my portkey. Severus would forgive the blood on his carpet.

"What exactly was your plan for today, hmm?" The deep rumbling voice had every werewolf in front of me tensing, while I just turned and looked my left wearily.

A man with a frame the looked nearly half giant that was all muscle and a scar over his right cheek was walking up, followed by about fifteen wolves, the young man Devon directly behind him. His long hair was nearly silver, his eyes a chillingly light blue. His scent hit my nose and my brain supplied a name- Greyback.

"Well Trevor, I'm waiting." Greybacks lips curled up, showing off pearly white perfectly straight teeth.

With a snarl the black haired man tossed his head, backing up a few steps. Greyback smirked.

"Thats what I thought. Attacking our border, hoping to just kill a patrol? Just so I'll come barreling in and kill your uncle? Not very smart. I'm not the type to fall for your simple tricks child. Go home to your pack, and wait in fear- I might be there soon to warn Falling Star of this uprising against him. And nearly killing my pup? That will be brought up as well. Drag your pack back to your lands- or we'll deal with them."

Then he turned towards me, expression softening. I couldn't stop my flinch and he moved towards me, but he didn't stop until he was right next to me. "This will hurt a bit pup, but its better than you trying to walk back to camp." Before I had the chance to open my mouth he had swooped me up into his arms. All of my injuries screamed out in protest and I let out a soft cry before biting my tongue to cut it off.

"Dad, hes actually one of us?" Devon was next to Greyback and I as the alpha turned and walked across the border. "I thought he was just a loner passing through!"

"Remus is your oldest brother." Greyback replied.

"We arent family..." I muttered, confused. Greyback just chuckled.

"In the pack we are pup. You were the second I sired, making you my responsibility. And if your father and Dumbledore hadn't whisked you away to the unknown you would have grown up here, with us. Which leads me to ask...why are you here?" I knew Greyback was looking down at me, but I refused to look up, instead keeping my eyes glued to his shirt.

"I don't know."

"You don't know. You came all this way, defended two of my young pack and my border from a hostile invading force, and you don't know what you're doing here? Must be going through a lot pup."

"Stop calling me that." I snapped.

"Pup" he emphasized the word. "You are barely over thirty years old, yet you'll live to two hundred or so. You are very much a pup." I growled lowly, hating to feel so belittled by this man. "Hush now, we'll get you healed up and then you can tell me what's going on."

I blinked, shaking my head to clear it before actually opening my eyes. Squinting, I looked around Greybacks cabin. I had been a bit surprised when I saw 'camp' was actually a small town of log cabins and buildings, where I had been expecting tents or huts or maybe even just a large cave.

"Remus." Greyback was sitting beside my bed, looking completely relaxed. I looked over at him wearily, still not sure what to think. All my life I had been warned of his bloodthirsty hunger for flesh and death, and while I had been doubting that image of him I never expected him to be so...welcoming. "Tell me what has driven you here. I know you would have never come if you had another choice, with all that the great Albus Dumbledore has told you about your kind-"

"The great Albus Dumbledore is finding it much harder to keep up his mask." I hissed, fists clenching in the blanket that was thrown over me. Greyback raised an eyebrow. "I listened to him, all through school, after my parents died, without question. But he tried to hurt my...Godson of sorts. Put him in an abusive household, then attempted to put him back there by arresting his real Godfather!"

"And did he?" Greyback asked.

"Yes. For a short time he managed it, before Lucius Malfoy got Severus out." I admitted, frowning as I remembered how Dumbledore had betrayed us completely in doing so.

"I see." Greyback made a gesture for me to continue, so I pressed on.

So we left." I took a deep breath, unwilling to stop long enough to analyze why I was telling the stranger that ruined my life when I was six all of this. "But Harry started school this year. I was going to be a teacher, but because I was helping Severus protect Harry he outed me as a werewolf to the wizarding world. So I ran. I mean, Severus is already on the rocks with custody of Harry, one little thing that the ministry finds that they don't like and hes back in Dumbledores care, just like that. How could I let that happen? I moved, going to a small town to get a simple job, where I could floo to see Harry and Severus during holidays...but Dumbledores people followed me, warning people of what I am no matter where I was, telling the muggles I was a convicted killer and wizards that I'm a werewolf. They made life impossible! So...I thought I'd come to the one place where being a werewolf wouldn't be a problem."

"This...Severus, just left you on your own?" Greyback asked, expressionless. Bollocks, what had I done? I shouldn't have said anything.

"Not at all, he was furious I planned to come here when we weren't sure what I would find. Gave me a portkey in case it went very badly, and tried to convince me that he could hide me or that our friends the Malfoys could do it. I didn't want to get anyone in trouble for housing someone like here I am."

"You mean to tell me that you thought you were going to get here and be ripped to pieces, and yet you still defending my land and Devon and Jayden?" Greyback asked, staring at me in disbelief. I met his gaze and didn't answer. After a moment of silence, he stood. "Well, Dumbledore has done many things against my pack before, but this takes the cake. Pups are not to be messed with."

"I'm sorry?" What the hell was he talking about.

"Harry. If he is your pup, which he is by how you talk about him, he is part of your pack, which makes him part of my pack. As well as whoever else you have made your pack with. Pack is not to be messed with. I want a list of names Remus, by tomorrow."

"...What?" I squeaked, unable to process what was happening.

"Tomorrow. We still have much to talk about, but you need to rest, you've lost a lot of blood. Oh, and Callie says that if you step a foot out of that bed she'll strap you to it. I'd listen if I were you, woman is far scarier than I ever hope to be..." the alpha muttered as he left the room, closing the door softly behind him.

For a few seconds, I just stared dumbly at the door.

"Severus is never going to believe this."