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Severus POV

My eyes flicked to the fireplace again, and the back to the stack of essays I was grading. With a growl, I failed the paper, shoving it to the side. Idiotic children couldn't even pick up a book, why should I grade leniently?!

Remus had not checked in yet. Two days, he had not used the portkey, had not floo called me, nothing. He could have been accepted into the pack, or they could have killed him before he even had time to react.

Dumbledore kept mentioning Remus's disappearance at every meal, looking to pry something out of me. As the days passed my assumptions grew worse and worse, my mask of irritation with Albus's questioning become less and less forced as worry clawed at my stomach.

Harry and his friends were up to something, that much I knew, but I could not find the energy within myself to question them. Every moment I had out of meals and classes was spent in my quarters, waiting for a floo call or an owl. Neither had come.

"Blasted werewolf."

"How rude Severus. I thought we were past this." I whirled around, my ink pot clambering to the floor and spilling the blood red ink all over my carpet. But there was no face in the fire. "I'm injured Severus, I can't put my face in the fire. You can hear me though, correct?"

"Yes Mutt, I can hear you. Be thankful I cannot see your miserable hide, or I would be cursing you into next year, then back to infanthood!"

Remus POV

I chuckled at Severus's threat, while Greyback- no, Fenrir- looked at the fire in surprise. Severus continued without pause.

"Three days, and I hear nothing from you! No owl, no floo call, you did not use the portkey. What was I to think? Albus, constantly commenting on your disappearance, you know, part of me starting to assume that his people had gotten to you before you made it anywhere near the bloody werewolves! Remus Lupin, I am going to END YOU."

"Remus, I thought you said this call was to a trusted friend." Fenrir said gruffly, eyeing the fire place in suspicion.

"Lupin, is that who I think it is?"

"If you think its Fenrir Greyback then-"

"Thats it. I'm coming through. You have six seconds to get out of my way."

Six was an overestimate, as Severus came stalking out of the fire place nearly instantly. Wand out, famous scowl in place, he crossed his arms over his chest and glared down his nose at me.

"Explain." Fenrir growled at his tone, but Severus didn't even look over. I waved off the Alpha werewolf.

"When I arrived at the border, a rival pack was trying to kill a border patrol to start a war. The patrol was two boys, both young. Luckily, none of the werewolves had ever met a wizard, and I was injured making sure none made it across the border while the boys ran for the pack. Unsurprisingly, everything we know about the pack is wrong." my gaze flicked to Fenrir, and Severus followed, looking over the tense werewolf. Then the black haired man's shoulders dropped, and he sighed, uncrossing his arms.

"Of course the border was being raided the day you came to the pack. Because when are situations not as stressful as possible for us?" Severus moved towards my side, wand still in hand. "What wounds have you sustained? Need they further treatment?"

"Well, I wouldn't say no to a pain potion-" before I had finished speaking, a small bottle had been thrust into my hand. I blinked at it in shock, before raising an eyebrow at Severus.

"Have you met my son and his hologians? Of course I carry pain potions on hand. It would be ridiculous not to at this point." the potions master sniffed, looking at me in annoyance. I grinned before flicking off the cork with my thumb and tossing the disgusting mixture back, proceeding to level a glare at the smirking Severus.

"I know you make these taste far better than that Master Snape." I growled.

"As I said, the children are often getting hurt." was his only response.

"What was that?" Fenrir demanded. "Your scent changed, very drastically, before going back to normal. I don't like that."

"The magical properties of the pain tonic causes a fluctuation of-"

"It was a healing potion, you just smelled that magic that makes it work. I'm fine Fenrir." I cut in, unwilling to allow Severus to dive into explaining the art of his craft, a rant at the end of which I'm sure he would have insulted the alpha werewolf in front of us. Fenrir gave a sharp nod at my answer, still looking at Severus through narrowed eyes. Apparently I didn't try hard enough to hide my smile at that, because soon my friends sharp tongue was targeting me once again.

"Refrain from relaxing just yet Remus; there is still much we have to speak of."


Harry POV

"Marcus should be here by now." Balise muttered, narrowed eyes looking down each end of the corridor while he and Draco stood protectively in front of Pansy and I. Theo stood next to Pansy, clutching his books tightly to his chest. "Perhaps we should have gone with Nev and Monie when Percy walked by for them."

A sinking feeling in my stomach told me that Marcus wasn't just late. Something had happened, but moving away from the classroom was just too much of a risk. Even if the attitude towards Slytherins had improved drastically, nowhere was safe. My eyes widened as realization hit me.

"Pansy or Theo. They are the only ones small enough." I hissed, my friends all twitching a bit at the sudden noise. Draco turned back and raised an eyebrow, while Theo's eyes widened as mine just had.

"Pansy should go. If the group has to run for it, my stuff added on to anyone else would not end well." Theo whispered apologetically. The other threes eyes widened as what I meant finally got through to them, and then everyone looked at Pansy, whose expression went from shocked to determined.

"Who am I looking for?" she asked while handing her bag to Blaise. The tallest of our group took it, slinging it over his shoulder to rest on top of his own book bag.

"Anyone we trust. I have a very bad feeling, leaving this corridor isn't safe and Binns has already melted through some wall so we can't just go back into the classroom." I replied. "The first person you see that we trust, but-"

"Don't let them see me shift; I'm not stupid Harry." Pansy growled before hunching her shoulders.

Slowly black hair spread over her entire body as she shrunk, smaller and smaller as her hands and feet curled into paws and a long tail sprouted from the end of her spine. The second the transformation was over the small black cat was bounding down the corridor, headed in the direction of the Great Hall.

"Shes gotten very good at that. Wish my transformation was that flawless." Blaise commented. I grinned while Theo patted the Italians arm.

"Don't worry Blaise, you and Neville will get there. Draco still glitches sometimes, and so do I."

"Shhh! Did you guys hear that?" Draco snapped, eyes glancing towards us with a soft glare before turning back down the opposite end of the hallway that Pansy ran down. Instantly our group fell silent and backed against the wall, straining our ears to hear whatever sounds alarmed Draco.

Footstep were getting louder and louder, making all four of us tense as we waiting for whomever it was to emerge. The steps were fast and heavy, even. So either an upper year or a Professor.

But whoever it was, as they rounded the corner, a sharp pain in my forehead made me gasp, my eyes squeezing shut and I put my head in my hands and tried to control the pain. I felt Theo's arm go around me, but the searing pain in my head kept me from looking up. I sagged against my friend, trying and failing to stand back up.

"Professor Quirrell." I hazely heard Draco greet.

"Mr. M-m-m-malfoy. Are y-y-y-ou all a-l-l-lright?" I heard Theo hiss something before Blaise loudly said "We're fine sir, just waiting for a couple friends before going down to lunch. We'll see you in defense tomorrow?"

"O-o-o-of course." as the man's foot falls faded, so did the pain in my head until it was gone completely. I blinked and looked up, seeing three concerned faces the second I opened my eyes.

"What was that Harry? The second he showed up you just collapsed against me!" Theo whispered yelled. "Are you ok?"

"My...scar hurt..." I muttered, confused. Draco's expression darkened.

"You need to tell your dad about that, as soon as you can. Curse scars aren't simple things Harry, this could be something very bad." Weakly, I managed a glare at Draco. He wasn't just like my older brother because of how protective he was of me, he was always with Dad and I and he had been in all of the lessons; he knew that I knew what to do about my curse scar. Why wouldn't I tell Dad? We'd been keeping too many secrets from Dad lately anyway.

"Harry? Draco?" all four of us whirled around to face the corridor where Pansy had gone for help, and were slightly surprised to see Oliver Wood standing there. "Oh, Theo and Blaise are here as well. Just as well, Pansy says to bring all of you to the hospital wing."

"What for?" Draco demanded.

"Marcus." Oliver said grimly.

Remus POV

"I know I should have contacted you sooner Severus, but I just couldn't." I said quietly, putting my hand on the man's forearm. "But something is finally working out. Dumbledore wouldn't dare follow me here, and even if he did, do you know how many werewolves are here? And how many of those were's are wizards and witches? Here, I'm safe, and you're not put in danger because you're protecting me."

"We both know I'm a selfish man Remus. I'm upset because now I have one less pair of eyes to keep watch of Dumbledore, and-"

"And one more safe place to flee with the children if everything goes south. Severus, Dumbledore is dangerous, and the peoples trust in him makes him lethal. Having another spot he cannot get to for Harry to come to is something you need."

"Are you worried your son won't be safe among us?" Fenrir growled at Severus, eyes flashing. I opened my mouth to protest, but stopped when Severus held up a hand to stop me. The potions master turned towards the alpha- my alpha I suppose now- and spoke with that infuriatingly even tone of his.

"My son, personally, would absolutely love to live among werewolves. And he would be perfectly safe from everything but himself and his mischievous plethora of family and friends as per usual. In fact, he might be safer here, seeing as Dumbledore would never think to look here, not after all of those horror stories hes spread about the bloodthirsty 'Greyback'. No, my worry is simply paranoia. Paranoia has kept my son alive all these years, and me for even longer. I cannot allow myself to think of anywhere as perfectly safe, less I let my guard down. Are you still offended Alpha Greyback?"

"Sounds exhausting." Fenrir muttered, settling back into his chair.

"One day life will not be like this. I eagerly await that day." was the only agreement Severus offered. "I must be getting back now. Who knows what has happened in my absence..."